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Collective Worship

We hold daily acts of Collective Worship, which are underpinned by our Christians Values and Jesus' teaching of the city on a hill shining it's light in the world. Matthew 5:14-16.


The pattern of Collective Worship is:

Monday -         Whole School led by Head or Deputy Head Teacher

Tuesday -        KS1 assembly / KS2 class assembly

Wednesday -   KS2 assembly / KS1 class assembly

Thursday -      Whole School led by Rev. Anthony Howells from The Church on Fairford Leys

Friday -           Whole School Celebration Assembly


Collective Worship is planned by our Distinctive Ethos Lead. She meets with the Worship Leaders each half term to discuss which value will be the focus for the next half term. As a Church of England school we follow the Litergical Calendar and celebrate each of the Christian festivals. We also learn about festivals from other faiths over a two year cycle. Children and parents are encouraged to participate in Collective Worship by sharing how they celebrate their festivals; helping to foster understanding and respect of each others differences and similarities.

City On A Hill By Nick and Becky Drake (© 2014 Thankyou Music CCLI Number: 7025871)

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This song has been used during Collective Worship, to help the children understand the meaning behind the verses in Matthew 5:14-16.

Special Assemblies

During the academic year all classes visit one of the local churches, either as part of their RE topic or for a service. The Church on Fairford Leys has close links with the school and is within easy walking distance. Links are also fostered with our namesake St Mary's The Virgin in Aylesbury and Granville Street Church. The services include Harvest Festival, Remembrance, Christmas Carols, Christingle, Easter and Leaver's Services.