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Monday 1st February

Maths - Negative Numbers

Click on the link and watch the video, then complete the worksheet.  You can print this or write your answers on a separate piece of paper. 

There are number lines to support you. If you do not have a printer, you can draw these on a piece of paper.

Once you have finished, check your answers and rework any you have wrong.

If this lesson has taken you less than an hour - and you have checked and corrected your mistakes - then please do the extension tasks.

If you are finding the tasks difficult or if you are making lots of mistakes, please email your work to your teacher so that we can help you.  Of course, you can share your work with your teacher at any time if you would like to.

We have also provided an extension task for each day if needed.

In addition, make sure that you are logging onto Times Table Rock Stars: - please try to spend at least 15 minutes on it per day.


Miss Rice's Maths Group

Add and Subtract Multiples of 100

Click on the video and follow the instructions.

Once you have watched the video please complete the worksheet.

You are revising skills on addition and subtraction including re-grouping this week.


If this lesson has taken you less than an hour - and you have checked and corrected your mistakes - then please go onto Times Tables Rockstars.

Please submit your work to your teacher.

English - Reading Comprehension

You will need a copy of the text for today’s lesson, either printed or open on your screen.

Watch the lesson. Follow the instructions on the video. Pause the video when you are asked to and complete the questions.

Grammar - Modal Verbs lesson 2

One of the main functions of a modal verb is to show the degree of possibility or likelihood of something happening. The most common modal  verbs are will, would, should, could, may, can, shall, ought to, must and might. These can also be negative. We can add greater meaning by using a modal verb.

Watch the video and read the information on this webpage. Then read the information under the grammar tab.

Once you have done this, complete challenge 1 and 2 on the worksheet.  If you feel you can, then go on and complete challenge 3.   

RE - What is the story of Shiva and the Ganges?

Complete the next lesson as part of our unit on Hinduism.  Click on the link and watch the lesson, pausing when asked to complete the activities. 

TA Group - Reading Comprehension, Spelling and Grammar

The following resources are for those children who have been asked by their teacher to complete a separate lesson for Monday's English lesson, Monday's Grammar lesson and the week's Spelling lessons.  If you have not received a phone call asking you to use these lessons, then please complete the lessons above for Year 5. 

Reading Comprehension - To find ways to help me remember things

Having a good working memory is a key skill that we need when reading as it allows us to remember what we have just read and helps us to understand what is happening in a text.  Watch the video, pausing when asked to complete the activities within it.  Afterwards, perhaps you could challenge an adult in your house to a memory game.


Place 8 different items on a tray and cover them with a cloth.  Take the cloth off and give the other person a minute to look at all the items, then cover them up again.  How many items can they recall?  Can you increase the number of items and try again? 

Try using the techniques you learnt in the lesson to help you to remember them?  

Grammar - To know when to use an exclamation mark

Watch the video and then look at the sheet 'With or Without and Exclamation Mark' and consider the effect on the meaning and how you would say these sentences.  If you are able, can you tell an adult what the effect the exclamation mark has. 

Then, can you write three sentences that have exclamation marks?