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SIAMS, Ofsted and Performance Data

In our last Ofsted Report, July 2019 it was noted that...


Pupils’ behaviour in class and around school is good. They are polite and friendly towards one another and have positive relationships with the staff.


Pupils are enthusiastic about the range of experiences that the school provides for them.


Parents and carers value the school’s caring ethos and appreciate the work of your staff to ensure that pupils receive a good-quality education.


The staff are approachable and discuss their children’s learning and development regularly and clearly.


In our last SIAMS Report, March 2018 it was noted that...


St Mary's is a kind, caring, nurturing and friendly community which lives out its core Christian values, such as compassion and hope.


The strong partnership between church and school enriches the worshipping life of this church school and what it means to live well together in community.

Please find below our most recent SIAMS Report, OFSTED reports, and relevant information from the Department for Education Performance Tables.

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