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Tuesday 19th


Compare and order numbers up to 100,000

Click on the link and watch the video, and then complete the worksheet.  You can print this or write your answers on a separate piece of paper.  Once you have finished, you can check your answers.

If this lesson has taken you less than an hour - and you have checked and corrected your mistakes - then please do the extension tasks and/or Times Tables Rockstars.


Miss Rice's Maths:

Lesson Objective:

100s 10s and 1s (2)

This is the second part of the lesson you completed yesterday.  You need to ensure you have completed yesterday’s first.


You will need the notes that you made last week on Harriet Tubman.

In this lesson, we will plan our biography on Harriet Tubman, who led hundreds of enslaved people to freedom. We will use our previous notes from Lesson 4 and collate them into a plan ready to write.

Click on the link and follow the video. Pause and complete tasks as required.

There is a help sheet of information which has been shared throughout the lessons last week.  



Watch the short video, which will explain the rules for –ible and –able ending words. In your book, write the key rules about when to use –able and when to use –ible.

If you can’t remember then watch the video clip again to remind yourself.

ICT- Internet Safety:

Begin by watch the video.

Once you have watched the video click on the link below to watch the teacher led PowerPoint.  Once both videos have been watched design your own flyer/poster explaining what you should and shouldn’t do online.

Your flyer should be eye-catching and quick and easy to read, covering the main points you have heard today.