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Tales Toolkit

Tales Toolkit

In Reception, we use the Tales Toolkit program. This is a fun and interactive way of helping children to develop their oral story telling skills. The children to create their own stories and retell them using a wide range of story language. There are four key symbols that are used to help children develop their own narratives. 

In the Autumn term the children are introduced to the symbols: character, setting, problem and solution. We used objects around the classroom to help make up a story.

Here is an example of how the story telling works: 


During the Spring term the children are encouraged to make up a Tales Toolkit related to the story of the week.


This short film explains the benefits of tales toolkit. 


The children make up a story using objects to represent their character, setting, problem and solution.

Then the children are encouraged to write part of their Tales Toolkit. Depending on their ability and confidence some children will record the initial sound for each word, some children will attempt to write simple words using their Fred fingers to spell and some children will attempt to write a simple phrase or sentence with a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop. In school we encourage the children to make phonetically plausible spelling attempts.

Parents in Reception can sign up to become members of the Tales Toolkit family, please follow this link Tales Toolkit Website for Families


Below is some information and resources used for Tales Toolkit.

Tales Toolkit