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Thursday 25th February


Learning objective: to read scales on a line graph.

Important - today's Maths lesson is from Oak National Academy, not White Rose. You will need a notebook or piece of paper and a pencil. The activities are explained on the video. There is no worksheet for this lesson.

Click on the link and watch the video. Pause the video when you are asked to and complete the activities. If this lesson has taken you less than an hour, then please do the extension tasks.

If you are finding the tasks difficult or if you are making lots of mistakes, please email your work to your teacher so that we can help you.  Of course, you can share your work with your teacher at any time if you would like to. We have also provided an extension task for each day if needed.

In addition, make sure that you are logging onto Times Table Rock Stars: - please try to spend at least 15 minutes on it per day.

Miss Rice's Maths Group

Lesson Objective: to read bar charts.

Today you are applying your knowledge and reading bar charts and their data. Click on the link, watch the video and then complete the worksheet. 

If this lesson has taken you less than an hour - and you have checked and corrected your mistakes - then please go onto Times Tables Rockstars.

Please submit your work to your teacher.


Learning objective: to analyse verses 1 and 2 of 'The Highwayman' and to learn about the setting and characters.

In this lesson, we will explore vocabulary in the opening verses of the poem and practise writing multi-clause sentences using this vocabulary. Watch the video lesson.  Pause the the video when you are asked to and complete the activities.

Please email your completed sentences to your teacher.


Learning objective: to learn how to spell common words using the prefixes bi-, trans-, circum- and tele-.

In today’s lesson,  we will learn how to spell words containing the prefixes bi-, trans-, circum- and tele-. Watch the video lesson. Pause the video when you are asked to and complete the activities. 


Lesson objective: to investigate who the Vikings were and why they invaded Britain.

You will need a notebook and pen or pencil. You also need to be able to see the timeline task sheet in today’s resources. You don’t need to print this. Watch the video about the Viking invasions first, then watch the lesson video and complete the activities. 

TA Group - English, Spelling and Grammar

The following resources are for those children who have been asked by their teacher to complete a separate lesson for English, Spelling and Grammar. If you have not received a phone call asking you to use these lessons, then please complete the lessons above for Year 5. 



Lesson objective: to practise the four types of simple sentence: statements, questions, exclamations and commands. 

Click on the link and watch the lesson. Pause when asked and complete the activities.


Lesson objective: to make a word plural.

Complete the worksheet linked to yesterday's lesson (Reading Eggs lesson 1.11).