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Year 1

              Welcome to the Year 1 page 

From Monday 8th March

Forest school will be every Tuesday - don't forget your wellies!

Children will need to come to school dressed in PE kits on

Monday and Thursday.


If your child is attending the Game On Football club after school on a Wednesday, they will also need to wear PE kit to school on this day.


There are two classes in Year 1 this year:

1H (Mrs Hoaen) & 1B (Miss Blackman) 


Our Teaching Assistants are:

Mrs Richardson, Mrs Robinson, Mrs Brown, Miss Percy


On this page you will find useful information about Year 1 including: topic plans for each term, homework and photos of our learning.


This Spring term our topic is


Our Wonderful World


This half term our topics are:

Science - Plants

This will include learning about:

-The different parts of a plant

-Common flowers 

-Deciduous and evergreen trees

-The lifecycle of a fruit

*We will also be planting some seeds and watching them grow!



RE - The Easter Story                                     PE -  Balance and Co-ordination

This will include learning about:                                                      This will include learning how to:

-People who are special to us                                                            -Move in a controlled way around a space

-The Easter Story from the Bible                                                        -Hold a balance on part of our body

-How Jesus was welcomed on Palm Sunday                                     -Balance on equipment

-Christian symbols within the story                                                     -Perform different types of rolls           


PSHE - Emotions                                                  ICT- Grouping Data

This will include learning about:                                                           This will include learning:

-Different types of emotions                                                                 -To label, count and group objects

-How emotions affect our bodies                                                        -To describe the properties of an object

-How to recognise emotions in others                                                 -To compare groups of objects   

-The Zones of Regulation                                                                   -That these are all functions of a computer                                                                 

 Music - Composing                                    

This will include learning:                                                                     

-Words such as beat, tempo, speed, pitch 

-How to create different rhythms using our bodies and instruments

-How to record our ideas using symbols/notations

-To perform individually and as a group                                                    


 Useful information:

  • We are having to make sure the classrooms are well ventilated so please make sure that your child wears suitable layers as the weather gets colder eg. vest/tights/long sleeve t-shirts.
  • There is no need for your child to bring a book bag into school.
  • Please make sure that all uniform and water bottles are clearly labelled.



Monday and Thursday 

PE Kit: White t-shirt/ school PE shirt or house shirt; dark shorts; dark joggers and sweatshirt; trainers

Children will need to wear their PE kit into school on these days.





It is important that you are hydrated so please remember to bring in a water bottle. Break time fruit is provided. 



“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.” Dr. Seuss.

We would like you to encourage your child to read at home every day. We will change your child's reading book on a Monday. Please make sure that reading books are brought back to school each Friday.

Reading Eggs

In Year 1, we would like all children to participate with our fun and interactive Reading Eggs programme both at home and at school. All children should be encouraged to enjoy 20 minutes of Reading Eggs at home every week, including one reading lesson. Please feel free to extend your learning for even longer! Your teacher will be able to see all of your hard work. Play games, complete puzzles, read stories, write your own stories and complete reading and spelling lessons all whilst earning awards and styling your own Reading Egg character. 


You will find your login details at the front of your yellow reading record. Quick, log in now to start the fun! 




There will be one piece of homework set each week. This will change between English, Maths, Science or one area of the wider curriculum. 


All homework is set on Friday and is expected back by the following Wednesday.

Year 1 Book Club

During our recent online video calls, the Year 1 children shared their favourite books with their friends and explained why they liked them.  We have compiled a list of some of these.  If you want a suggestion of a book to read or listen to, take a look at our Year 1 Book Club list.


Fun with Phonics at home

Each week we will be adding a new link for you to practice a set 2 or set 3 sound at home.

For more information follow the link below to our Reading Eggs page on our website. 

Curriculum content and photos:

Year 1 Read Write Inc. Presentation for Parents