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Year 1

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There are two classes in Year 1:  

Tulips - Mrs Hoaen and Roses - Miss Blackman 


Our Teaching Assistants are:

Mrs Richardson, Mrs Lawes, Miss Shelomi, Miss Tovey


Useful Information:

Please ensure your child brings in a coat with a hood every day (we go outside even when it's raining)!  Please provide them with hats/gloves/scarf in the colder months and a sun hat in the summer.  


Children can bring in a book bag to store letters etc - no rucksacks please as we have limited space. 

No stationery items will be needed in Year 1 - we have everything your child will need in school.


Most importantly, please make sure that all uniform and other items are clearly named - this means that lost property can be returned quickly and easily.



PE Days - Monday and Wednesday

PE Kit: White t-shirt/ school PE shirt or house shirt; dark shorts; dark joggers and sweatshirt; trainers

Children will need to wear their PE kit into school on these days.





It is important that your child remains hydrated throughout the day, so please remember to bring in a water bottle. NO JUICE PLEASE.  Break time fruit is provided. 





Our Forest School sessions will take every other Friday afternoon:

10th November, 24th November, 8th December


On these days, your child will need to come into school wearing normal school uniform (legs covered).  You will need to provide a pair of trainers or wellies and a waterproof coat.  Please only send your child in with footwear that you do not mind getting dirty - we can get very muddy as the weather changes!  All-in-one suits and waterproof trousers are also suitable, but not essential.  Forest School kit can be left in school if not needed at home.



Meet the Teacher Meeting Presentations (Year 1 2023-2024)

Our Autumn term topic is Paddington Bear. 

Here are the subjects we will be covering:

Geography - The UK and Peru

We will be:

-Talking about our experiences of living in the UK.

-Identifying features and amenities in our local area.

-Naming and identifying the countries that make up the UK.

-Identifying Peru on a world map and exploring its human and physical features.

-Comparing how our lives are different from those living in Peru


Science - Materials

We will be:

-Learning to describe an object and distinguish it from the material it is made from

-Identifying different materials and talking about their properties

-Grouping and comparing different materials based on their physical properties


RE - The Christmas Story

 We will be:

-Giving a simple account of the story of Jesus' birth.

-Exploring why Jesus is important to Christians and how his birth guides their beliefs and actions at Christmas.

-Deciding what we have to be thankful for at Christmas time.



PE - Sending and Receiving

We will be:

-Rolling and throwing a ball towards a target.

-Receiving a rolling ball and developing our tracking skills.

-Sending and receiving a ball with our feet.

-Developing our throwing and catching skills over a short distance.

-Developing our throwing and catching skills over a longer distance.

-Applying our sending and receiving skills to small games.




PSHE - What Makes Us Special?                                           

We will be:           

-Talking about our own interests and hobbies.

-Considering the question 'What makes you, you?'

-Celebrating the differences between us all including discussions around respect, diversity and individuality.

ICT- Digital Painting

We will be:

-Learning the different parts of a computer and their functions

-Discussing how to stay safe when using technology

-Exploring the range of tools available on a paint programme


Music - Christmas Songs

We will be:

-Learning and practising the words for songs we will perform.

-Finding and keeping a steady beat.

-Singing and recognising high and low notes in a song.

-Incorporating actions as we sing.

-Singing together as a group and performing the songs we have learnt.


DT - Making a marmalade sandwich

We will be:

-Designing a sandwich.

-Writing and following a recipie.

-Using equipment safely.

-Evaluating our sanwich.




Reading at Home:

Each week your child will be given a reading book to read at home. Try to make some time for reading every day, whether this is listening to your child read or reading a book to them.  We will change your child’s book on a Monday, so please ensure reading books are signed and returned each Monday. 

We will be having a weekly library session every Thursday.  Each week your child will be able to borrow a library book to read at home for the week.  If your child has any old books from Early Years please make sure that these are returned as soon as possible.


We will be sending your child home with a grid of home learning activities at the start of each half term. You and your child will then choose a task to do each week (there will be plenty of activities to choose from, but you don't need to complete all of them)! 

Hand in your home learning folder by the following Wednesday and we will return it to you on Fridays.

Fun with Phonics at home


Year 1 Read Write Inc. Presentation for Parents