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Year 1

Jubilee Fun

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There are two classes in Year 1:  

1H - Mrs Hoaen and 1B - Miss Blackman 


Our Teaching Assistants are:

Mrs Richardson, Mrs Robinson and Mrs Brown


Useful Information:

Please ensure your child brings in a coat with a hood every day (we go outside even when it's raining)!  Please provide them with hats/gloves/scarf in the colder months and a sun hat in the summer.  


Children can bring in a book bag to store letters etc - no rucksacks please as we have limited space. 

No stationery items will be needed in Year 1 - we have everything your child will need in school.


Most importantly, please make sure that all uniform and other items are clearly named - this means that lost property can be returned quickly and easily.



Monday and Thursday 

PE Kit: White t-shirt/ school PE shirt or house shirt; dark shorts; dark joggers and sweatshirt; trainers

Children will need to wear their PE kit into school on these days.





It is important that your child remains hydrated throughout the day, so please remember to bring in a water bottle. NO JUICE PLEASE.  Break time fruit is provided. 





Our Forest School sessions will take place every Tuesday afternoon.  On this day, your child will need to come into school wearing trousers or leggings and they must bring in a pair of trainers or wellies and a waterproof coat.  Please only send your child in with clothing and footwear that you do not mind getting dirty - we get very muddy at Forest School!  All-in-one suits and waterproof trousers are also suitable but not essential.



Information for Year 1 - September 2021

Our Summer term topic is Journeys. 

Here are the subjects we will be covering:

Geography - Maps

We will learn:

-To use basic geographical vocabulary to refer to human and physical features (eg. river, town, mountain).

-To use simple compass directions and directional language.

-To create a simple map and describe the features and routes on it.

-To recognise and create basic symbols in a key.

-To use simple fieldwork and observational skills in our local area.


RE - Baptism

 We will learn:

-Why Christians get baptised.

-The story about Jesus' Baptism.

-The importance of saying sorry.


 PE - Dance

We will learn:

-To explore travelling actions and use counts of 8 to move in time to the music.

-To remember and repeat actions.

-To use expression and create actions that relate to a story.

-To show changes in expression, level and shape.

-Sports day preparation!


 PSHE - How do we feel?                                              

We will learn:                                                     

-To recognise and describe different feelings.

-To explore how feelings make their bodies feel inside.

-To identify who can help them with feelings and how they can help others. 

-That feelings can change and we won't all experience the same feelings in the same situation.

-About 'big' feelings and how to manage them.

-To explore how we feel about transition and moving on. 


History - Neil Armstrong

We will learn: 

-To understand what an explorer is.

-To compare Neil Armstrong to Time Peake.

-To recognise why space travel is important.


ICT- Coding/Programming

We will learn:

-To recognise that programs work by following precise and clear instructions.

-To use logical reasoning to predict the behaviour of simple programs.

-To choose commands for a given purpose.

-To join a series of commands together.


 Design Technology - Designing and Making a rocket  

We will learn:

-To design a product that has a clear purpose. 

-To use equipment safely.

-To evaluate our products.   


Music - Tempo and Dynamics

We will learn:

-How music makes the world a better place

-To use the terms tempo and dynamics

-To keep a steady beat and respond to the music we listen to.

-How pulse, rhythm and pitch combine to create a song or piece of music.

-To perform using our voices and an instrument (glockenspiels).





“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.” Dr. Seuss.

We would like you to encourage your child to read at home every day. We will change your child's reading book on a Monday. Please make sure that reading books are brought back to school each Friday.



There will be one piece of homework set each week. This will change between English, Maths, Science or one area of the wider curriculum. 


All homework is set on Friday and is expected back by the following Wednesday.



In Year 1, we would like all children to participate with our fun and interactive Reading Eggs programme both at home and at school. All children should be encouraged to enjoy 20 minutes of Reading Eggs at home every week, including one reading lesson. Please feel free to extend your learning for even longer! Your teacher will be able to see all of your hard work. Play games, complete puzzles, read stories, write your own stories and complete reading and spelling lessons all whilst earning awards and styling your own Reading Egg character. 


You will find your login details at the front of your yellow reading record. Quick, log in now to start the fun! 


Fun with Phonics at home

Each week we will be adding a new link for you to practise a sound at home.

Year 1 Read Write Inc. Presentation for Parents

Curriculum content and photos: