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More equivalent fractions, decimals and percentage.

Watch the video and then complete the worksheet


Complete the Reading Eggs spelling assignment on homophones.


Who was to blame?

Why do you think so many lives were lost in the sinking of Titanic?

Establishing exactly what happened was difficult for the authorities.  Many people did not want to discuss what they saw or heard – they had been through a horrendous ordeal and did not want to relive it. Many people also had their own opinions and this tainted what they told.  They may have been trying to protect themselves or others from blame in the disaster.  People also saw and had their own opinion, but in a disaster such as this, where events were changing so quickly, no one person could have seen the whole story or remember every detail when it happened so quickly.

Read the pdf Titanic Monday Who Was to Blame?  Jot down notes – as you would in class in your Magpie book – of important information as you read.

Read the pdf Individuals to blame and consider what you think had the biggest impact on the disaster.  Jot down notes of key information, or if you have printed it, you could highlight important points.


Look at the pdf Diamond 9.  We have completed a diamond 9 activity often in school.  If you can print it, then you can cut all the boxes and position them in a 9 diamond so your biggest cause of loss of life is at the top, and your lowest cause of loss of life is at the bottom.

There is a template to help you to do this.  If you don’t have a printer, you could write these out in a diamond pattern.


LO:  What is the Holy Trinity?

Last week, we started our RE topic for this half term on the holy trinity, where you considered how different images or ideas could be used to represent you.  Today, you will learn more about the holy trinity itself.