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Hi, I wanted to email you all to say Thank you so much for putting on a wonderful Carol service this evening. 


The hard work that all the children and teachers put in clearly paid off. 


We were absolutely blown away, beautiful songs and how the children remembered all the words to so many  is very impressive. They are all a credit to St Marys. 


Mrs Richard's is officially famous in our house, our daughter talks about her all the time, every practice she would come home telling us how amazing she is. Safe to say our little lady has been inspired by choir singing and finding her voice has been so much fun for her and a good stress relief. Hearing her sing around the house has been lovely and much better than my singing haha. 


The day she found out your mum was playing the piano she thought this was really sweet and made her smile a lot. 


Mrs Richard’s and everyone involved in the carol  service .. We would like to say on the days where your patience gets tested by children not listening or Aylesbury traffic ruins your day before you even get to school please remember that you are having  such a positive  impact on the children and as parents we are really grateful to have such a fabulous Teaching team. 


We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I would like to personally thank you and the whole team who were involved in organising the wonderful Christmas Show last night. This would be the final year in primary school and what a magnificent show to take away as a memory. Children has done fantastically well and this could not have been possible without Miss Richards and the team dedication and hard work. I really hope, school continues to bring best out of children with shows like this and offer varieties of options to entertain and learn. Thank you again for a wonderful memory. Wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a very very Happy New Year.

I would just like to say how beautiful the service was tonight, the church was packed and the children sang their hearts out, they have clearly been practicing a lot at school. 


Huge well done to all staff as getting 120 to sing in tune, in time is a massive achievement, conducting this is huge. 


Specially thanks to Mrs Richards as her role was huge, olly has been telling us all about how she conducts.


The feeling as a proud parent, actually almost made me well up! 


Lovely Christmas cheer, bringing the community together, the school should be at the heart of every family, and tonight it really was! 

Thank you for all your hard work over the past few weeks preparing the children ready for their Christingle service today. The children were amazing and enjoyed sharing it with their families. We thoroughly enjoyed watching it. Such a lovely start to the weekend.

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much my daughter is fond of Miss Smith. I think we as parents are quick to judge and point out anything negative and often overlook how hard teaching as a profession is. 30 children every day I would struggle to deal with all the different characters. Therefore, I wanted to raise this point.


My daughter has often mentioned how lovely and caring Miss Smith is. So thank you on behalf of my husband and myself.

Firstly I wanted to say how amazing the Year 6s were! I came to nursery sports day today and they were so sweet with them. Not only that but the house captains who did the year 1 sports day were just outstanding, they were a credit to the school. Not only did they help keep things organised and explain to all the children how to play the games, they were so encouraging to all of them. My daughter is in awe of the house captains and wants to see more of them!  

Good morning I would just like to thank you the staff team for organising a fabulous year 1 and 2 sports day today. It was lovely to return to an event where parents could attend and it was really well organised. Please pass my thanks to the year 6 sports captains for their role today.  They were all really caring and supportive to the children taking part.

I just wanted to Thank you for a lovely year 1&2 Sports Day. It was lovely to attend after so long. I especially wanted to thank all the Teachers that helped each group, they were great and a big Well Done to the Year 6 Sports Leaders. They really stood out on their activities and gave great encouragement to the children. 


Year 2 Mum πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

I just wanted to pass on my thank you to all the staff and Year 6 students today (sports day) from start to finish it was a very enjoyable event. 


In particular I want to commend all the Y6 pupils that helped out. They were all very supportive and went above and beyond the expectations of their role. They all definitely showed the parents in attendance that they are wonderful examples of the school and very great role models for the young ones. 


Thank you again to all those involved 

Thank you so much for the amazing PGL trip. My son can't stop talking about it!

He said he tried some things that scared him and he loved being with his friends. 

He has asked if he can go again next week!

The staff at St Mary's are amazing and you all did a great job!

I just wanted to say thank you for planning, organising and going on the year 4 residential. My son has had a brilliant time and is extremely tired which in my eyes means he’s had a great time! Thanks again.

I am emailing to thank the office staff for their helpful advice regarding the MCAS set up.

I have now successfully registered.

Just thought you might like to know that my daughter has had, in her words, "the best day ever" today. She loved science day and doesn't think any other day will top it! 


So thank you for make her day ace! 😊

I wanted to thank them for giving the pupils the lesson relating to the heart and the opportunity to dissect a heart.  My daughter couldn’t wait to tell us all about it and explained about the heart chambers and how the heart works.  The dissection really seems to have reinforced their learning and will certainly be a lesson they will never forget Thanks again for making it possible

Thank you for all the effort put into this [Children's Mental Health] week. My daughter has come home full of excitement telling us about the different things she has done and it’s also sparked some great conversations at home about self belief. Coming in dressed up today was the icing on the cake and as well as being great fun made her think about individuality and self confidence. Thanks to all

Thank you for organising the presentation last night on internet safety and for giving up your time to be there and support the online event. It is so important for us, as parents, to keep up to date with the latest guidance and support that is available to help keep our children safe online. Many thanks,

I would just to like to thank the class teacher & her teaching team for the hard work they have done with my daughter over the past few months. She has really struggled in some areas & I know from experience of home schooling how hard it is to get her engaged & focused when learning. I completed her maths homework with her this week & was so pleasantly surprised to see a change in her attitude & maths knowledge. She was able to complete her homework with little assistance & at points was able to work the problems out in her head. I was amazed! We have also seen improvement in other areas of learning as well. Her reading is so much better & she is more confident. The class teacher & the TAs have done a great job & whatever they are doing to engage her needs to continue as it’s definitely working!

I just wanted to email to pass on my thanks to all the staff involved in the Year 4 Harvest festival earlier this afternoon. It is so lovely to see the children finally getting back to some normality and enjoying all that life at primary school has to offer. I understand the amount of planning and preparation that has had to go into such events and I am grateful that my children are part of a school that are willing to go beyond the classroom.

Just had the most amazing productive meeting with two wonderful teachers. My daughter has been struggling this year and it has affected her behaviour at school. The meeting was extremely positive, supportive and productive and the school has put into place so many lovely things to help her instead of making her feel negatively about herself. They were so attentive in how to make her feel better. I’m really thrilled at the improvement in the school over the last few years and with new implementations. Thank you so much.

I wanted to thank the teacher for being so wonderful and taking the time to comfort my child this week, we’re really grateful and appreciate all your help.
She is really enjoying class, long may it continue.

Hi, today is our daughter's last day at your school. We just wanted to say thanks to all the staff for giving her a safe, enjoyable and valuable educational experience especially during these recent times. Best wishes to you all for the future.

After reading the parent survey mail and as the end of the year is close I thought it was an appropriate time to send my thanks.
On behalf of both my children and us as a family we are incredibly grateful to the whole school team for everything they have done especially in such a challenging time. We’ve had a challenging year personally (as have many) and knowing school was something we didn’t have to worry about has meant so much. The care and compassion had been so much appreciated.

In particular for my daughter who is leaving I am so grateful for her time at St Mary’s and couldn’t have asked for a better school for her. Her teacher has been above and beyond incredible and I can’t even find the words to express how grateful we are to have had her as her final teacher. Also the support of the teaching assistants which has helped her so much.

Thank you too to the wonderful team, who my daughters worship and I can totally understand why!

I feel so lucky that the girls have such a  wonderful teaching team.

Thank you to all and wishing everyone a (much needed I’m sure) great summer!


I’ve said this before, but I think you & the school have done everything possible to keep things as ‘normal’ as possible for the children and please know that this is very much appreciated from a parents’ point of view! Thank you.

Can I take this opportunity to thank you and all of your wonderful staff at St Mary’s. You have worked tirelessly throughout a literal pandemic and are stood out in the cold, every morning come rain or shine to welcome our children into school with smiles on your faces.
Despite the most difficult of years, you have provided a safe and happy learning environment for our children which we are so grateful for.

I just thought I would drop an e mail to say thank you and the staff for the hard work in the current situation. It runs very smoothly in the morning and afternoon.

My girls are in Reception and Year 3, they have loved being back at school. I cannot fault you or your staff at all!!!


We have had a couple of teething problems within on of my daughter's class and the classteacher has been brilliant speaking to me on the phone and sorting things out very quickly.

My other daughter's teacher has also been brilliant conversing with us.

So a big thank you and well done!!!

Keep up the hard work.

I wanted to drop you an email to firstly say a big thank you to you and the staff for all your hard work!
I think I speak for all parents to say that we really do appreciate it.

Just wanted to say a quick thank you for all the hard work and constant smiles from everyone... I’m pretty sure at the end of a long day the last thing staff want to be doing is standing outside ushering people (who don’t always listen) about. Their patience and kindness is endless and makes everything so much easier for everyone!

Thank you too to my children's teachers and assistants. I was very anxious about the transition back and handling their medical needs in the current situation and the teams have been amazing.
My daughter has certainly put them to the test medically and I’ve never seen her so calm, confident and happy dealing with her needs so am incredibly grateful.

We wanted to feedback how impressed we are with the organisation at drop off and pick up.  Having the extra staff outside directing us and keeping the people in the queues safe from traffic is above and beyond what a lot of schools are doing and it makes a huge difference.  Drop off and pick up has been stress free and as good as you could possibly make it in our opinion.

I hope you are all well and I’d like to say a massive thank you for your support massive amount of personal time to ensure the safety and well-being of our children, and everything you have done to organize the school to make sure you and the children are safe.


Also I’d like  to say how impressed I am and many other parents have been with how much time and work you have put the in with rearranging the classrooms, desks, and so much more that us parents don’t see or know what you all do behind the scenes.


You are all worth your weight in gold and you all deserve so much recognition for what you do and have done, not only because of COVID-19, but before this as we never really realized just how much you did and do.



Thank you for all your hard work today and with all the preparations. I just wanted to let you know our son has come home saying he’s had the best day at school-ever! We are incredibly grateful to you all for how well you continue to support all the children.

Dear Mr Liddle,


Wow! What a feat of coordination that was from you and your staff team!! 


Just wanted to say well done and thank you, to all of you, for all the preparation that has clearly gone in to getting to where we were this morning. It was all very organised with clear, and visible, guidance and patience from all of you.  


The changes are certainly very different and as much as we at home have tried to explain what they will be like, stepping out of the front door this morning was slightly anxiety provoking for my daughter, and us.  However, you and your team made the "new normal" very welcoming and safe, so thank you for that!!


I'm sure you will have a 'variety' of communications today and over the next few days / weeks, but please never lose sight of all that you have done and all that has been achieved in the "unknown". But perhaps the most important thing is to never lose sight of all the smiling faces that you welcomed, reassured and encouraged into the playground,  and the excitement that they had for returning to St Mary's!


Do take care of you all, and do let us know if there's anything we can do to support this new academic year!!


With kind regards, and many thanks.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone involved in organising the transition session this morning.  It was clear how much thought and time has gone into the risk assessments and new procedures.

The information we received last week really helped prepare my daughter for today and she literally skipped through the gate after four months away from school. Having Ms Tennies on the gate to greet the children was a perfect familiar link from reception to year one and was really appreciated.

I wanted to email and thank you and the staff for your hard work and dedication over the last few months. We were really pleased to hear that you have found a way for the Year 6s to return to school for the final few weeks. It is really appreciated.

Please pass on my thanks to the staff for the Teams meeting on Monday for his class. He was so happy to see and hear his teachers and classmates. He was a little emotional afterwards but was beaming from ear to ear and it has really lifted his spirits.

He misses school and his teachers and will be very pleased to be reunited once again before they move on.

Best wishes for the last half term,


Year 6 Parent

Please could you pass on my thanks to all the staff at St. Mary's for the warm welcome and care they gave to children returning this morning. Drop off and collection was so smooth and Thomas was not put off going into school. He had a fantastic time. I had no doubt that the return to school would go well, but as a parent, it was reassuring to see it in action.

I just wanted to send a message to say thank you for making the return to school such an easy and stress free experience. I was anxious about  sending my daughter back to school today. But the whole process was so much better than i expected. Was great to see teachers waiting with big smiles on the gate to reassure the children and parents. She had a great first day back and even came home and said " I like the new rules and i had the best day at school at ever".
Well done to all the staff involved!

Thank you so much for the incredible effort all the staff went to today. Everyone looked amazing . My daughters were both not only more excited than they have ever been to get to school, but spent the morning talking about their books and role playing their characters.

When the year 2 staff appeared the look on the children’s faces were priceless!
Thank you for making it such a fun and inspiring day - I can’t wait to hear all about it from them later!!

I just wanted to thank the school for holding the Safer Internet Meeting yesterday evening. I found the information incredibly useful and it has given me a greater awareness of dangers posed to children using the internet and an understanding of how I can safeguard my daughter when she is online for school work or in her free time.

Please also thank the staff who gave their time to make make this possible.

You may already know that my son passed his secondary transfer test with a score of 148, securing a grammar school place. 

We are really happy with this result as we believe he needs a competitive and challenging secondary school environment to trigger and maintain his interest in learning. 


I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to all the teachers and teaching assistants who helped him from reception to year 6  in order for him to achieve this. 

Although the school doesn't directly prepare children for the secondary transfer test, a strong foundation in mathematical concepts, Verbal skills and logical reasoning built from early years at school certainly helped him to achieve this. 


Therefore, once again, thank you so much. I greatly appreciate all of your hard work in educating our children. 


Many thanks & best regards

St Mary's are doing an amazing job I have to say with all the work you are putting in to keep the children learning. I was initially quite hesitant of to how all this learning may happen. But seeing the work you are handing over and also the work my child has been doing I am very happy and cannot appreciate and thank you enough.


Year 6 parent 

Thank you and well done to you all for being amazing and thank you for all your hard work.


Reception and Year 2 parent 

Life in school must be stressful for you all but as a family we wanted to say a big thank you for all your hard work. We appreciate it so much. 


Year 3 parent

I wanted to drop you a note to say a big thank you for the work you have prepared for the children this week, it has given us structure and I have enjoyed seeing my child's progress. St Mary’s really have stood out from other schools. 
The daily Teams calls are great and my child loves seeing their friends.


Year 1 parent

I wanted to acknowledge and show my appreciation to you and everyone at St Mary's.β€―To receive thorough very encouraging positive feedback emails is just what my child needs to hear to keep them going. 


Year 2 and Year 5 Parent

I first wanted to say thank you on the amazing job you have done for all the children in the most stressful week education has probably ever faced. 
With no warning and little guidance from our so called ‘government leaders’ you have done your upmost best to stay in good spirits and provide for all the children in your care. 
My child has really enjoyed all their home learning last week and was really motivated to share their learning with their teacher.


Year 4 Parent