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I wanted to email and thank you and the staff for your hard work and dedication over the last few months. We were really pleased to hear that you have found a way for the Year 6s to return to school for the final few weeks. It is really appreciated.

Please pass on my thanks to the staff for the Teams meeting on Monday for his class. He was so happy to see and hear his teachers and classmates. He was a little emotional afterwards but was beaming from ear to ear and it has really lifted his spirits.

He misses school and his teachers and will be very pleased to be reunited once again before they move on.

Best wishes for the last half term,


Year 6 Parent

Please could you pass on my thanks to all the staff at St. Mary's for the warm welcome and care they gave to children returning this morning. Drop off and collection was so smooth and Thomas was not put off going into school. He had a fantastic time. I had no doubt that the return to school would go well, but as a parent, it was reassuring to see it in action.

I just wanted to send a message to say thank you for making the return to school such an easy and stress free experience. I was anxious about  sending my daughter back to school today. But the whole process was so much better than i expected. Was great to see teachers waiting with big smiles on the gate to reassure the children and parents. She had a great first day back and even came home and said " I like the new rules and i had the best day at school at ever".
Well done to all the staff involved!

Thank you so much for the incredible effort all the staff went to today. Everyone looked amazing . My daughters were both not only more excited than they have ever been to get to school, but spent the morning talking about their books and role playing their characters.

When the year 2 staff appeared the look on the children’s faces were priceless!
Thank you for making it such a fun and inspiring day - I can’t wait to hear all about it from them later!!

I just wanted to thank the school for holding the Safer Internet Meeting yesterday evening. I found the information incredibly useful and it has given me a greater awareness of dangers posed to children using the internet and an understanding of how I can safeguard my daughter when she is online for school work or in her free time.

Please also thank the staff who gave their time to make make this possible.