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Complete any activities which you fancy from the Summer Maths Year 5 Activity Booklet.


Complete the worksheet linked to yesterday’s spelling eggs assignment on Ch (4.23)


Using everything that you have learnt over the last couple of weeks, can you retell the story of The Titanic?

Use the fact sheet in order to collate all the important details that you want to include.

Then use pictures and words to retell the story and to order the events – a bit like creating a comic strip.

DT (Part 2)

Today, you are going to complete all the furniture for your diorama. 

Look at your plans from yesterday for what you are going to make.  If you need some help with the design of some of your furniture, have a look at pdf Diorama furniture help sheet.  There is a guide for making a bed, a table, a pot plant and a fruit bowl.  You can also watch yesterday’s video again as well for some ideas and help.

You may find that you need a little bit of playdough or blu tak to hold things in place inside your diorama.  I certainly needed this to make my table and chairs stay standing up.

Once you have finished, think about what challenges you faced as you went and how you overcame them.  Complete the DT evaluation sheet.

Have fun with this project.  You can be as detailed as you like and I look forward to seeing pictures of your results!