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During your time at home, I thought it would be nice for you to have a selection of things to allow you to keep singing and hearing great music, as well as some interesting and fun things to do to compose and make music yourself – using just what you have at home.  If you want to send me any pictures or videos you have created, then please do so via the school office.  I really look forward to seeing and hearing what you come up with.

I also know that, for some of you who play instruments, you have a great opportunity to do some practice and I really look forward to you showing me what you have learnt when you return.


  1. Daily Singing sessions on Diocese of Leeds Schools Singing Programme on YouTube.  New lessons are released at 2pm each day.  These are very similar to the lessons I do with you in school.

Here is a link to one of them


2. Various short videos on BBC bitesize, which explain different elements of music.

If you click on a chosen element then there is a short cartoon video to explain it to you and then there is some information to read.  Below this is a film with orchestra or choir of a piece of music which will demonstrate the element to you.  These vidoes are from the 10 pieces selection, which we use in school.


3. There are weekly fun, musical challenges on the Royal Scottish National Orchestra’s website.  I’ve completed a few with my family and they are great fun.  Make sure you check with a grown up before you complete them though and see if they will help find all the things that you will need.  Good luck and have fun!

Here’s the link


4. Sing Up.

This is a resource that we use regularly in school, especially in KS2, and the you will be familiar with learning the songs, using the performance tracks to learn the pieces and then the backing tracks to allow you to 'perform' them (with only an accompaniment) once you know them. 

The homelearning section is full of different pieces - some of which you will know - along with some activities.  For some of you, you class teachers may signpost you to a specific resource on a given week, but there are a wealth of possibilities that you may enjoy.  As we talk about in school, facts and information stay better in our memories when we learn them in a variety of ways.  Singing about them is a super opportunity to do this.  There are songs relating to a number of topics that you will have already studied or be going to study.  Why not have a look yourself or with an adult to see if any are of interest.   I like the songs 'Viking Rock' and 'Earth, Space and all that Jazz'.


5. Similar to Sing Up, Key stage 1 use Out of the Ark.  Again there are a number of resources and songs to learn about different topics as well as ones to just learn for a lot of fun.


          6. The Royal Albert Hall has released some lovely videos explaining the different instruments and sections of the orchestra.  These would be suitable for any age child.  There are then links to recordings of pieces which focus on the specific instrument or orchestral section.


Have fun, and happy music making.

Mrs Richards