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Through our St Mary’s Music Curriculum, we believe that, in every child (regardless of starting point - including the more able and those with SEND), there can be fostered a love and understanding of music.  Music is a unique and powerful form of communication that can change the way pupils feel, think and act. Through our teaching, children can increase their self-confidence, creativity, and imagination, and have opportunities for self-expression and a sense of personal achievement, allowing them to shine as lights in the world.

St Mary's Music Curriculum


Whole School Progression of Skills for Music 2022-2023

Whole School Music Listening Collective Worships

National Music Curriculum Documents

Listen to us sing!

Recorded by all of the pupils and staff of St Mary's School, Reception to Year 6. March 2020
Credit: There's a power in the music - Words and Music by Lin Marsh, Sing Up Day 2020.

Instrumental Tuition

As well as every child receiving a weekly music lesson, at St Mary's, pupils also have an opportunity to learn a range of instruments taught by visiting peripatetic staff.  Your child can receive lessons through Buckinghamshire Music Trust – see the application form and other information below.  This can be on a wide variety of instruments and doesn’t need to be one already taught in school.  It is done through liaison direct with the trust, but the school is the venue for the lesson.


Buckinghamshire Music Trust has a number of subsidies available to help promote music tuition available for all.  These include a sibling discount and discounts for those eligible for free school meals.  Please see the information on their website for further details.


We also have private providers for Guitar as well as for Piano, Drumming and Singing.  See the information below.

The Joyce Trust exists to promote the education at St Mary’s School by providing financial assistance for those parents who might be experiencing financial difficulties for school trips, music lessons and the hiring of musical instruments. The application form can be downloaded below.

This registered charity is in memory of Mrs. Joyce Husk, a past Headteacher of St Mary’s. Mrs Husk was passionate about giving all children access to music and outside experiences.

Parents can apply for funding to the Joyce Trust using the Joyce Trust application form. All requests are treated with the highest confidentiality.

Piano and Singing Lessons

These are taught by Mrs Dallas.  Please contact her via email for more information and availability.

Guitar and Drum Lessons

Our guitar lessons are tutored by Guitar in Schools who have successfully worked with the school for the last few years.  Drum lessons are taught by Drums in Schools.

  • Lessons are open to year 2 - 6 pupils
  • Children receive 30 lessons (20 minutes) throughout the year plus 3 rehearsals/guitar assemblies led by the guitar tutor.
  • Fees are invoiced directly to parents in July and monthly payments start form August
  • All enrollment must be done via
  • For more information and prices please visit for guitar lessons and for drum lessons. 


See below for documents providing further information.