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Our Intent for PSHE

At St. Mary's our Christian values underpin our ethos; every child is valued and encouraged to achieve their full potential and the best possible outcomes, including the Most Able and SEND pupils. Every member of our school community is encouraged to respect and value each other. 


Personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) are an important and necessary part of all pupils’ education. From Summer 2021, the Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSE) curriculum has been introduced. Through a planned programme of learning, we aim to provide all our pupils with the appropriate level of knowledge, understanding and skills that they need in order to manage their lives both now and in the future. Our pupils are provided with the opportunities to learn about rights and responsibilities, develop an understanding of our ever-changing diverse world with a strong emphasis on emotional and physical well-being, building resilience; through this we aim for all our pupils to be aware what to do to keep themselves safe, and to consider who they could turn to for supportAs part of a whole school approach, we aim to develop the attributes of all our pupils to thrive as individuals, as part of a family and as a confident member of the wider community, at their own level. 


‘A lot of the time PSHE teaches you how to deal with situations that you may come across in your life so it is very important because it helps you to know what to do if it’s something that happens to you’

- Year 6 pupil.


Children's Mental Health Week: Thank you for all the effort put into this week. It’s sparked some great conversations at home about self belief. Coming in dressed up was the icing on the cake and as well as being great fun made her think about individuality and self confidence. 

- Parent  

PSHE Curriculum Report

Implementation of RSE at St Mary's

If you have any questions regarding the teaching of RSE at St Mary's or have questions from your child which they do not feel comfortable raising in class, please get in contact via the form below.

PSHE in action ...

Children's Mental Health Week