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Bucks MIND wellbeing resources

Bucks MIND Wellbeing Resources 

As a school, we work closely with the Bucks MIND team and during these unprecedented times we are receiving weekly wellbeing resources from them. Please see the weekly resources attached below. 

Week 1- Spring Term 2- 24th February 2021


Please see below for your weekly newsletters and resources, all themed around self-care this week.

Week 6- February 2021


This Wednesday we are focusing on ‘Friendships’ because we know how difficult it has been to be away from those we care about.

Hopefully some inspiration can be taken from here to ensure we are still keeping in touch with our friends despite the physical distance.

Week 3- January 2021


Theme: Good News


This week’s theme is centred on Good News

Something I’ve chosen to think about this past week is the fact that it’s almost February and that it’s gradually staying lighter in the evenings 😊


Additionally, I’m sure you’re aware next week is Children’s Mental Health Week (1st -7th February) as well as Time to Talk Day (4th February) so do take a look at the following websites for further resources and information. - Place 2 Be - Time to Change


We will also be sharing a video lesson and newsletters next week to celebrate Children’s Mental Health Week 2021.

Week 2- January 2021 


Theme is Brain breaks 


This week's theme is brain breaks. 


Happy Wednesday – we’re another week into lockdown no.3 and with the increased time spent indoors there’s no doubt that our screen time has increased. So our wellbeing theme for this week centres on brain breaks and much needed downtime.


Additionally, we would like to promote our Bucks Mind exercise and yoga classes. (please see attached posters below for further information)

These classes are a fantastic way to boost motivation and stay healthy in mind and body during these difficult January days.


Grace from the CYP Team will also be delivering a Virtual Mental Health and Strategies session on 11th February for staff and parents to attend, so do drop her an email if you would like to join.

Week 1- January 2021 


Theme is: Resilience and Courage.


Please see below for the resources from Bucks MIND regarding resilience and courage. 

Week 1

 Please find the first of the weekly newsletters attached from Bucks MIND. They have created one for pupils and another for parents. 


This week’s theme is Spring and is packed with happy facts, videos, recipes and ideas. They will be following this up with further videos and newsletters every Wednesday so please look out for them.


Bucks Mind are also running a Peer Mascot competition and would love the children  to get involved so please open the document attached to find out more!


Additionally, they are sharing the Action for Happiness April Calendar with daily actions to support feeling good along with top tips designed by mental health charity Young Minds for parents to help their children cope during this time. Please find these attached below. 

Week 2

Please find your weekly wellbeing resources from Bucks MIND below. The theme this week is GRATITUDE.


There is both a Primary and Parent/Staff newsletter full of relevant information and helpful tools.


Additionally, you will find some activities related to feeling grateful which you may like to share with your pupils and their families. These are attached below. 


Finally, the Bucks Mind Children and Young People’s team have shared what makes us grateful in the video link below.

Week 3


Please find the Bucks MIND Weekly Wellbeing newsletters and resources attached along with a short Shaking Meditation video made by Sophia Hobbs who is the Service Training Lead for Bucks Mind.


Sophia is also a talented Yoga and Meditation teacher who has been helping the staff through this time with weekly staff mindfulness sessions. – Shaking Meditation with Sophia from Bucks Mind


The theme this week is Be Active which is one of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing.  Please see resources below. 

Week 4


This week we are celebrating the theme of Giving. Please find attached this weeks weekly newsletters and resources below. 


Please also click on the YouTube link to watch our latest video where we share 10 tips for giving back and feeling great.

Week 5

Please find our weekly well-being newsletters and resources attached. The theme this Wednesday is TAKE NOTICE.

In this week’s video our colleague Sophia leads a Journaling for Wellbeing practice to encourage time for self-care and reflection. - Journaling for Wellbeing with Sophia


You will also find information about the #StayHome photo challenge which sounds like a lot of fun in the resources below

Week 6

This week’s theme is Keep Learning 😊 as you’ll know, learning, trying new things and rediscovering old hobbies is one of the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’.


You are never too old or young to try and learn something new, and the good thing is learning doesn’t have to involve being in a classroom. Plus, we all know that achieving a new skill or piece of knowledge can improve self-esteem and confidence.


There is also a fab video made by the lovely Grace which suggests different ways to continue learning to feel good. – Keep Learning

Week 7

This week’s theme is Positivity and it’s something we could all benefit from at this current time to keep us going.

Alongside the regular newsletters and resources, there is a fantastic video with 5 TOP TIPS FOR POSITIVITY made by the lovely Youth Workers Caroline And Aneisha from the Mental Health Support Team (MHST).

Week 8


This week's theme is is Mental Health.As it is Mental Health Awareness Week we felt it was perfectly fitting. So along with newsletters and resources, please find a video link made by The Mental Health Foundation below.



Week 9


Our theme this week centres on The Arts. Please see the resources attached below.

Week 10


Even though it may not look or feel like Summer this week, June should typically be filled with warm, sun filled days, which was why we opted for the theme of SUMMER for this week.

Nonetheless, we can still appreciate the lighter evenings and know that the grass is getting a good natural watering 😊


Please find this week's resources attached below.