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Worship Leaders

Worship Leaders

Worship Leaders are made up of children from Years 2, 4, 5 and 6. They apply to be a Worship Leader by writing a paragraph to explain why they would like this post and how they could help with Worship in school.


What do the Worship Leaders do?

The Worship Leaders give up a small amount of their lunch break each week to ensure the Reflective Areas are set up and maintained. They meet with staff to discuss these areas and give feedback on Collective Worship. The children also help with the running of Collective Worship, especially with the teaching of new action songs. The roles and responsibilities of the Worship Leaders vary for each Year Group, with the older year groups maintaining the Prayer Tree and leading activities for the younger children.


Worship Leaders also choose the school value for the next half term. They think about which value fits best with the Christian calendar and events happening inside and outside of school. Through a discussion they share their thoughts and then take a vote. It is then their responsibility to ensure each classroom is displaying the current value. Collective Worship is then planned around this value.


What is a Reflective Area?

There are three Reflective Areas set up around school. One for Years 3 and 4, one for Years 5 and 6 and an outside one for Years 1 and 2. Each of these areas have been designed by the relevant year groups and reflect our motto ‘Shine as Lights in the World’. Children can go to the Reflective Areas at break times to be quiet, think, pray or complete an activity. The numbers are limited in these areas to maintain the peaceful environment. Key Stage Two children can also use these areas during lessons times if they feel they would benefit from being in a quiet space.

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