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LO: Percentage as fractions and decimals

Watch the video and then complete the worksheet


Complete questions 1-4 on the –ion worksheet


Over the last few days, you have learnt a lot about the disaster as a whole and what the inside of the boat would have been like.  Today, you are going to learn about some of the key individuals involved in the disaster.

Read the pdf ‘Titanic Thursday Individuals’.  This will tell you more information about who was on the ship and who survived the disaster. 

Once you have finished, complete a character profile of at least one of the most important individuals involved – Bruce Ismay, Captain Smith, Thomas Andrews, Margaret (Molly) Brown.

If you would like, you could then complete some research of your own.  Perhaps look into people such as: Wallace Hartley, Lawrence Beesley, Violet Jessop.  (We will be learning about Eva Hart in a couple of weeks so you don’t need to research her now.)


LO:  How to use a database

Complete the lesson on Oak National Academy, following all the tasks given.