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Our Intent


Our intent for P.E at St Mary's is for all children to experience excellent, engaging P.E lessons and school sport that will lead to lifelong participation.  Our PE curriculum is inclusive and ensures that pupils of all abilities are suitably challenged and supported, this includes the more able and children with SEND requirements.  P.E lessons are focused around the fundamental movement skills, as well as building collaboration and personal challenge.


During their time at St Mary's, children will

  • Learn in a happy and safe environment in which they develop their knowledge and understanding, fundamental motor skills, self-confidence, resilience and social and emotional skills.
  • Develop a positive view of physical activity and sport from an early age in order to encourage continued participation through later life.
  • Develop fundamental skills of agility, balance and co-ordination which are vital to everyday life, as well as applying them to sporting environments.
  • Understand and see the importance of a physically active lifestyle when obesity and a sedentary lifestyle are an increasing problem.
  • Have the opportunity to try a wider range of activities and sports in order to encourage wider participation.
  • Develop social and teamwork skills through working together, understanding each other’s strengths and overcoming challenges.



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