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From a recent ODBST Categorisation Review (June 2022)

“I love coming to school”

“My teachers help me learn and if I get stuck I know what to do and who to ask before I go to the teacher”

“Teachers listen and ask how I feel about what I am learning”

“I know adults in the school will help me if I am struggling with something”

“ We are all different and we look different and sound different. If we were all the same, it would be boring”

“I feel safe and we learning about being safe in lessons, in collective worship”

“We care about our school and we are given responsibilities to take on leadership roles so that we can help make decisions for the school to be even better than it is”

Dear School,

This is the best school I have ever had. I like Maths, English, History and everything!

Year 4 student

Art, ICT and Math are my favorite subjects because they are fun. Year 3 student


I like Science. We test things and do experiments. Year 1 student 


Teachers make new topics really interesting. Year 6 student


I like Phonics because I like reading with my talk partner. Year 1 student


I like RE as you can learn about others beliefs. Year 6 student


I like doing everything. Year 1 student

School trips are really fun. Year 2 student


I like Maths because we get to do timestables and challenges. Year 2 student


World Book Day is good fun. Year 5 student


I enjoy colouring mindfulness colouring sheets during mindfulness time. Year 4 student


The Forest school is good because we do activities. Year 2 student



I like letting my imagination run wild in English. Year 4 student


I like doing PE. Year 2 student


I like the homework. Year 2 student

WOW days are great. Year 5 student


I love learning French. Year 4 student

I like the Collective Worships. Year 2 student


I enjoy going swimming in the water. Year 4 student


I love learning about different cultures in RE. Year 4 student


It is a nice school. People are kind. Year 2 student


When I'm older I want to make electric cars so I enjoy learning about electricity. Year 4 student


I like learning about the world in Geography. Year 4 student


I like the Maths games that help us get faster at Maths. Year 6 student


There are lots of clubs to choose from. Year 6 student 


I like DT as we can make things and try different techniques. Year 6 student


I like Art as it helps concentration and patience. Year 6 student


I like coding in ICT because it's interesting. Year 6 student


Lessons are enjoyable because they are interesting. It is sad when they are over. Year 6 student


It's great having so many friends. Year 6 student


Teachers are good at teaching us. Year 2 student

I like football with Game On. Year 1 student


Year 6 have more jobs and responsibilities. Year 6 student


I like how we have pictures and displays on the outside of our classroom. Year 3 student


I like English because I like writing about books and characters. Year 3 student