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Today you will be comparing numbers using the less than (<) greater than (>) and equal to (=) symbols. Click the link below to watch the teaching video then download the worksheet to have a go. Mark your answers in a different coloured pen/pencil. 


LO: To engage within a text.

In this lesson, we will make predictions based on a book cover, read the beginning of 'The Suitcase Kid' and record our opinions. Click on the video link below, pause the video to complete the activities. You will need some paper and a pen/pencil.


Download the resource below 'tribes reading and questions'. Read the text about the Yanomami, Huli and Pygmi tribes. Have a go at answering the questions. You may then want to create a fact-file on one of the tribes. 

Extension: You may want to download the additional learning pack to choose an activity to complete. There are lots to choose from depending on the resources you can find around you. You will need to recap and remember our previous learning. 



Sing along with Mrs Jeffers using the teaching video below.