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Wednesday 10th


Learning objective: to round to estimate and approximate.

Click on the link and watch the video, then complete the worksheet.  This is a recap on previous learning you have done and knowledge that you have.  You can print this or write your answers on a separate piece of paper. 

Once you have finished, check your answers and rework any you have wrong.

If this lesson has taken you less than an hour - and you have checked and corrected your mistakes - then please do the extension tasks.

If you are finding the tasks difficult or if you are making lots of mistakes, please email your work to your teacher so that we can help you.  Of course, you can share your work with your teacher at any time if you would like to.

We have also provided an extension task for each day if needed.

In addition, make sure that you are logging onto Times Table Rock Stars: - please try to spend at least 15 minutes on it per day.

Miss Rice's Maths Group

Lesson Objective: Add and subtract 3-digit numbers- not crossing 100.

Click on the video and follow the instructions.  Once you have watched the video please complete the worksheet.  You are revising skills on addition and subtraction including re-grouping this week.

If this lesson has taken you less than an hour - and you have checked and corrected your mistakes - then please go onto Times Tables Rockstars.

Please submit your work to your teacher.


This week we will be looking at poetry. There will be video lessons, which introduce and explain the tasks in more detail. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are having any difficulties with any of this.

Please email your work to your teacher where highlighted.



Learning objective: to explore the writer’s purpose.

Watch the lesson and pause when asked to in order to think about the questions.

Complete the task at the end of the lesson. Today, your task is to make a list of the key messages in the poem (the things the poet wants to teach the reader). There is a copy of the poem in today’s resources, as you will need to read the poem again to complete the task.

In addition, make sure you are logging on to Reading Eggs:   Sometimes there will be tasks set as part of our daily lessons. At other times, you can choose which activities to complete. There are lots of books in the library section if you need something new to read.



Learning objective: to practise spelling some common homophones.

Complete worksheet 5.6, which is related to the Reading Eggs lesson you completed yesterday.

Now review the spellings you have learnt over the last week and a half again.  Complete a look, say, cover, check activity in preparation for tomorrow’s lesson.

Spelling Worksheet


Lesson objective: to create an Illuminated Letter (lesson 2).

You will need the sketch you completed last lesson, a clean piece of paper, pencil and colouring materials.

Click on the link and watch the short recorded lesson. Then complete the activity.

We would love to see your finished artwork! Please email your finished piece to your teacher.

TA Group - English, Spelling and Grammar

The following resources are for those children who have been asked by their teacher to complete a separate lesson for Monday's English lesson, Monday's Grammar lesson and the week's Spelling lessons.  If you have not received a phone call asking you to use these lessons, then please complete the lessons above for Year 5.



Lesson Objective : To analyse a character from the story.

Click on the link and watch the lesson. Pause when asked and complete the activities.


Please complete the worksheet related to yesterday’s Reading Eggs lesson on double consonants.