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Equivalent fractions, decimals and percentage

Watch the video and then complete the worksheet


Complete the remaining part of the –ion worksheet (questions 5-8)


Carry on with any research into specific individuals from yesterday.  Today, you are going to look at the inside of the Titanic and complete a plan of the ship.  Read the PowerPoint ‘Inside the Titanic’


Watch this video.  What do you notice as the camera moves up the ship?

You can see from here that in the very bowels of the boat, the engine room is positioned.  Above this is the steerage or 3rd class accommodation, then above 2nd class, then 1st class.  The more expensive the ticket, the higher on the boat it was.  At the very top is the bridge, where Captain Smith and his crew would have piloted the ship. 


Complete the Titanic cross section, by colouring the different areas.  Don’t forget you will need to colour your key as well.  If you don’t have colouring pencils or pens, you could number the areas so they match the correlating label.


LO:  How does the lifecycle of an insect compare to an amphibian?

Over the past few weeks in school, you have been learning about life cycles in a range of different living things: plants, mammals and birds.  Today, you are going to learn about life cycles of insects and amphibians and how these differ.

Watch the video below and complete the tasks.