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Learning Powers

At St Mary's we believe it is crucial that children understand that they have a role to play as a learner. It is therefore important that children are taught a variety of skills that they can develop which will make them successful life long learners. We have developed a set of six 'Learning Powers' that children are encouraged to use and talk about regularly. This will help them understand how and why they are good learners.

Every week one learner in each class is celebrated for successfully using one of the Learning Powers. They will bring home a certificate to discuss with you and their name will also appear in our weekly newsletter. 

Deema the Duck (Persevere) 


If you are like Deema you will: 

  • Keep going
  • Try new strategies 
  • Practise lots
  • Work hard
  • Ask for help
  • Have a break and come back


Tim and Tina Tortoise (Cooperate)


If you are like Tim and Tina you will: 


  • Be patient and tolerant
  • Listen to others 
  • Share your ideas and opinions
  • Be kind when you disagree 
  • Compromise 
  • Tell someone if you don't understand 
  • Help others

Colin the Camel (Ask Questions) 


If you are like Colin you will: 


  • Think carefully about the learning
  • Ask relevant questions
  • Help to extend your own and others learning
  • Think 'What if..' 
  • Know that questions help to learn more

Kuba the Caterpillar (Concentrate) 


If you are like Kuba you will: 


  • Listen carefully to adults and peers
  • Focus on and think carefully about your task
  • Not get distracted 
  • Do one thing at a time
  • Draw diagrams or use equipment that help you think
  • Take a brain break when needed to help refocus your learning 

Hamed the Hedgehog (Have a go) 


If you are like Hamed you will: 


  • Be excited to try new things
  • Be willing to try
  • Not worry about things going wrong
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Try to get better each time

Ian the Insect (Keep Improving) 


If you are like Ian you will: 


  • Keep reviewing and editing your work
  • Ask how to improve your work
  • Celebrate what went well
  • Try and be better than last time
  • Improve one thing at a time
  • Listen to feedback given to you by an adult
  • Not compare yourself to others, only yourself!