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Percentage – missing values
Watch the video and then complete the worksheet


Complete the worksheet on the 'ch' sound linked to yesterday's Reading Eggs spelling lesson. 


LO:  To edit my work.

Finish your writing from yesterday. Remember, your discussion should be at least 4 paragraphs long.
Now read through your work aloud. Every time you naturally pause, you ought to have some punctuation. Have you got this?
Have you remembered capital letters for the starts of sentences as well as for all proper nouns?
Have you made sure any questions have a question mark?  Have you checked spellings in a dictionary?
Now check your work against the success criteria.
I look forward to reading your discussions and who you believe should be held accountable for this disaster!


In school today, we are dedicating the afternoon to a DT project on bread.
Watch the video on the website about what goes into bread.
Think about what you would like if you were making a bread roll.  Look at the recipe for making bread. Perhaps you would like to add chocolate to your bread, or maybe you would like garlic and rosemary sprinkled on top of your bread.
Use the bread roll recipe and the design a bread roll worksheet to complete your plans.

If you are able to get the ingredients together at home, you could then make your own bread roll, following your recipe and plans.
Happy baking!