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Thursday 14th

Maths: Round to the nearest 100.

Round to the nearest 100. Today’s lesson will recap on things you have learnt previously. Click on the link and watch the video, then complete the worksheet. You can print this or write your answers on a separate piece of paper. Once you have finished, you can check your answers. If this lesson has taken you less than an hour - and you have checked and corrected your mistakes - then please do the extension tasks and/or Timestables Rockstars.


Lesson 3: To gather information on an inspirational figure. Today, you will be learning about a lady called Harriet Tubman and the role she played in the abolition of slavery. Once you have completed the online lesson, you may want to do some of your own further research into her. Perhaps use the Kiddle search engine to look up some information


Follow the lesson online and complete the tasks when asked.


Spelling - Silent Letters consolidation Today, you have two activities to complete. Open the pdf ‘Silent letters activity sheets’. You can print these off if you are able and complete on the worksheets or you can use a pen and paper to write your answers. Sheet 1 – Sort the words into the correct columns based on their silent letter.

Sheet 2 – Read the story. The words with a number beside them have been spelt incorrectly. Can you correct these? You can write these against their number on the final sheet, or just make a list.

Silent Letter consolidation Sheet


Lesson Objective: Who were the Anglo-Saxons and why did they come to Britain? Watch the recorded video lesson (link below): History lesson 1. You will need a pen/pencil and a piece of paper or a notebook. At the end of the PowerPoint, there is a task for you to complete. For this, you can use the map provided or you can use Google Earth or any map or atlas showing the UK that you may have at home. You can either print the worksheet or record your answers on paper or in your notebook.