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Percentage of an amount (part 2)

Watch the video and then complete the worksheet



Complete question 5-8 on the homophones worksheet.



Thinking back to the writing you did on zoos, can you recall what the features of a discussion text were?

  • The title is a question.
  • Third person (no first or second person pronouns).
  • The introduction presents the discussion.
  • Modal verbs (could, would, might, should etc.).
  • Clear paragraphs present both sides of the discussion, with evidence.
  • Generalising words are used – some people believe that, many people
  • Causal/contrasting conjunctions and adverbials are used to introduce and link points – There is no doubt that, consequently, an additional problem, on the other hand, it could be argued that, furthermore
  • Concluding statement – this implies the writer’s viewpoint.


You will be using a planning sheet, just like the ones we use in school.  Remember, as you are filling this in, that it is a plan.  You can write in bullet points or just single words and phrases.  This is to help you to structure your work when you write it tomorrow.


Don’t forget, you might want to steal phrases and sentences from the work you studied last week and over the last two days.  There is also a work bank to help you.


Don’t forget to use causal and contrasting conjunctions –

On the one hand……   On the other hand…..

It could be argued that…

Whilst this may be true….

Others believe that….

In addition to this….


As well as……

Firstly…..  Secondly…… Finally…..


Remember you will need a comma after a fronted subordinate clause or fronted adverbial!


LO:  How do lifecycles compare across the animal kingdom?

To finish this term’s Science, you are going to consider all that you have learnt about life cycles in plants, mammals, birds, amphibians and insects.  You are then going to have opportunity to complete your own research.

Watch the video and complete the required tasks.