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LO: Understanding percentage
Watch the video and then complete the worksheet. 


Log on to Reading Eggs and complete the set assignment on the -ion letter string.


LO: To consider what it would be like as a First Class passenger and to learn of passenger, Eva Hart

In school this week, we have been imagining that we are boarding the Titanic as a passenger in 1912. We have considered what our first impressions were of the boat (remembering that, at this point, we do not know that disaster will strike).  Today, I want you to imagine you are a 9 or 10-year old child, travelling 1st class aboard Titanic with your family. 

Thinking back to what you have learnt over the last week, how could you describe the facilities and activities available for first class passengers?

Look carefully at this picture of a first-class lounge.  How could you describe it?  Think about the furniture, colours, decoration.  Can you use really interesting adjectives to make noun phrases? (pdf Titanic description worksheet)



The following video has pictures of the inside of Titanic so may give you some reminders.  Try to create a list of adjectives you could use.  Try to very think about your vocabulary – perhaps use words such as opulent, luxurious, glorious, grandiose, decadent, intricate, delicate, and sophisticated.  You could use phrases such as Titanic is a luxurious floating palace.  Remember, you can always check vocabulary in a dictionary or thesaurus including ones online.

Watch this short video about Eva Hart, a first class child who travelled on the Titanic. 

Have a look at the facilities sheet.  Imagine you are on-board.  What facilities would most excite you and you would want to tell someone about?

Try to write a description of each thing that would excite you, or to do each as a mind map.


This week, the whole school has been completing their rainbow inspired art work and origami. 

Have a go yourself at the origami which we are all doing.  I recommend you do a couple of attempts in order to get it right, and pause the video regularly to check that you have copied exactly what the demonstrator has done.  In school, we have completed these on a range of different coloured papers so we have a rainbow of butterflies.