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Thursday 04.03.21

Miss Cajkova's Reading Group

The text attached below is for only the children who were in Miss Cajkova's reading group in school. You will need to access the text below during your group session, either through printing it or on screen. If you have not been communicated to about this, you do not need to do anything with the document below.


To celebrate World Book Day, as you will have seen on the home learning grid, all our lessons today will be to do with World Book Day and to celebrate the love of reading. 

As well as dressing up ready for your Teams session today, do watch today's speical World Book Day assembly and take part in the Masked Reader


Today you will complete a Maths Quiz which contains 23 questions all to do with different books you may have read or heard of before. At the end of the Quiz, mark your answers and see how many you have got correct! 


For your spelling task today you have an option to do a variety of activities. 

1. Can you find a book that starts with each of the letters in your name? 

For example for the name Ben: B - Butterfly Lion / E - Edward the Enu / N - Narnia.

Record the books you find and take a picture of all the books. Please email these in to your class email for us to see! 


2. Complete the Activities included below. 


Today's English lesson will be based around the book 'Dear Greenpeace' by Simon James. 

World Book Day Afternoon Activities 

On the below document, you will lots of suggested writing, creative and technology based activities to celebrate World Book Day. Last week we asked you to collect some empty toilet roll tubes. The reason for this was to complete one of the creative tasks listed on the activity menu. Look at this picture as an example; We have Angus from the book Wonder, Harry Potter and Paddington Bear! Who is your favourite book character?  If you have a go at this activity, we would love to see your creations!