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In this lesson we will be using the link between addition and subtraction in order to check our answers (inverse). You will need to regroup in some calculations. Follow the link below to watch the video for this lesson then download the worksheet to have a go. Mark your answers in a different coloured pen/pencil. 


Learning objective: To answer questions on a text.

Click on the video link below to access today's teaching video. Today we will continue to look at the traditional tale 'Mulan'. We will recap on what we already know about the text, reading and answering questions. Pause the video to complete the activities in your home learning book/a piece of paper. 

Spelling and Handwriting

PE (Gymnastics)

Option 1:

In this lesson, we will learn how to perform a series of jumps that can be practised safely in the home environment: star jump and straight jump. We will learn to link these with a series of balances. We will also think about the effect of exercise on our body's responses: heart rate and breathing rate. 

Option 2:

You could choose to do a Joe Wicks workout instead: or