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STEM week 2021

STEM Week (wc 28th Sep)

This week the children are undertaking lots of STEM based activities. Mrs Dearman created a STEM assembly explaining all about the 4 strands - Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. (Ask your children if they can remember the different type of engineers!)

As part of the assembly, we looked at an Italian scientist called Fabiola Gianotti. As a girl she wanted to be a ballerina but as an adult she has had a successful career as a scientist. Fabiola currently works as the head of C.E.R.N - the European Organisation for Nuclear Research and is in charge of over 3000 scientists! She believes that everyone should follow their dreams - something that we certainly agree with at St Mary's!

Awe and wonder

We understand how children benefit from outside visitors and this week we have had a visit from the Professor Bubbleworks group. Take a look below at some of the photos from the workshops. There were lots of excited noises coming from the school hall! It has been fantastic to hear and feedback from children (and staff) has been very positive! It looks like Mrs Dearman will be purchasing an airzooka to add to our science resources!

Whole school Investigation

Each class is undertaking an experiment using biscuits! Yum!

The focus might include:

 - How many dunks will a biscuit last for?

- Does the thickness affect the biscuits performance?

 - Will a biscuit with a higher sugar content, dunk better than a lower one?

 - Will savoury biscuits dunk better than sweet ones?

As well as this, each class has been undertaking lots of other STEM activities. E.g. Year 4 have been busy creating their own toothpaste, Year 2 looked to see who could make the longest paper chain and Year 5 found out more about female scientists in history. We've also been fortunate enough to watch videos sent in by parents and carers, telling us about their STEM based jobs. They have certainly been very inspiring! Thank you to everyone who sent a video in.