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Information for September 2020

Information for September 2020

Please see the documents uploaded below for information about how St Mary's will operate when the new academic year starts on Wednesday 2nd September.


Please note that procedures will be reviewed constantly and any changes will be communicated via Parent Mail.


As always we ask that parents/carers check their ParentMail account regularly.


If you have another child going into Nursery or Reception, a separate email has been sent to you directly.

Home-School Agreement

A copy of this agreement will be sent to all parents/carers via ParentMail to read through with your child/children.


Behaviour Appendix

This appendix details how behaviour will be managed during the current pandemic

Risk Assessment

The DfE has issued guidance to schools to help minimise the risk and the measures the school is taking are published in the full risk assessment below.

Recovery Curriculum

Information about how we will support learning, pastoral and mental health needs when the new academic year starts can be found below.