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Christmas 2022

Below are practice tracks to help you to learn some of the pieces for The Carol Service.  The Carol Service is on Thursday 15th December at 6pm in The Church on Fairford Leys.  If you are struggling to learn any of the pieces not below, please speak to Mrs Richards.

Both Years 5 and 6

Carol of the Bells

Practice tracks for each class's individual part.  (Please ignore the class announced at the start of the recording as these were recorded last year.)

Year 6

Carol of the Bells practice track


Carol of the Bells Practice track


Carol of the Bells practice track

Balulalow (years 5 and 6)

Y6 Practice Track

5JL Practice Track

5B Practice Track

Solo Practice Track

Balulalow, Britten, Victor Sicard

Listen to a recording and sing along with your part.

Just Year 6

Year 6 - Silent Night

Use this practice track to help you to learn the German verse.

DESCANT - O Come all ye Faithful

Just Year 5

The Holly and the Ivy

I have just recorded the melody for you, from verse 2 onwards (verse 1 is a solo). Once you know the tune well, we can put it alongside the accompaniment. I have also stopped before the end as we will focus on the last few bars in school.

DESCANT - O little Town

Semi-Chorus of Y5 and Y6 Only

Hodie (Year 5 and 6 Semi-chorus)

Use this to help you practice the melody and the Latin words.