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Autumn 2 Homework

Homework:  03/12/2021

History Homework

Your homework is to research and present about how the war impacted Aylesbury (and the surrounding areas) and its residents.  You can choose any aspect you would like to cover and present it in a format of your choice. 

Websites for research

Homework - 26/11/21

Maths Homework

This week's Maths homework focuses on a range of different areas. Complete as many as you can in half an hour. If you have any time left, don't forget to go on Times Table Rock Stars.

Music Homework

Your homework this week is to learn your words and part for Carol of the Bells.  On the website, you will find a recording of your class’s part. (Ensure you open the right one!)  Make sure you use this to help remind you which parts you are singing and the melody of your part.  Be careful as this isn’t always the main tune!

You can also check you have learnt both of the carols from last week’s homework as the recordings are still on the website.

6F Carol of the Bells

6M Carol of the Bells

6R Carol of the Bells

Semi-Chorus Only

If you are in the semi-chorus, please use the below recording to help you to learn this.  You can also use the words but, as these are in Latin, it may be easier for you to learn this from listening.

Semi-chorus music to practise with

Homework - 19/11/21

This week's Maths homework is focused on finding the area of triangles. Read the sheet carefully as there are some reminders at the top to help you.

Music homework

This week, you homework is to learn the words for two of the carols for our Christmas Carol Service: Star Carol and Silent Night.  In order to help you, there are recordings on the Y6 class pages for you to sing along with as well as one to check your pronunciation in the German verse of Silent Night.

Star Practice Track

Silent Night Practice Track

German Verse Practice Track

Homework - 12/11/21

This week's Maths homework is focused on dividing fractions by whole numbers.

Homework - 05/11/21

This week's Maths homework focuses on multiplying fractions.