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Audition Information

Auditions will take place tomorrow (Friday 13th May).
You will be given time in the morning to work in a group to practise your audition piece.
As a group, you will sing the National Anthem.
As a group, you will then need to ‘rap’ the anthem, thinking about how you can say the words and create a rhythm and beat to them.
The performances for these will be done in front of one another’s groups.
After this, those wanting to audition for a solo role (of which there are quite a few) will stay back and sing a line or two  of the national anthem as a solo.
To help you – God Save The Queen backing track is below.  

God Save the Queen - backing track

God Save The Queen - words


God save our gracious queen

Long live our noble queen

God save The Queen


Send her victorious,

happy and glorious,

long to reign over us,

God save The Queen.