Weekly Learning
     This week we finished our explanation text in English, as well as working on our comprehension skills.
     In Maths we have focused on practicing our arithmetic and reasoning, as well as learning about circles - we looked at the relationship between the diameter and the radius.
     As part of our Extreme Earth unit, we have begun to make our own volcanoes. Once finished we will be taking them over to Early Years to 'explode' them.
     We have continued looking at explanation texts in English and have written our own about volcanoes, which links to our Geography topic of Extreme Earth.
     In Maths we have been focusing on angles, and using our knowledge of finding missing angles on a straight line and in a triangle to solve a variety of problems.
     Our Geography focus in the afternoon has been tsunamis - we looked at the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004 and wrote a newspaper article about it. In ICT we have started to use Excel to create a model of a theme park. We will then use this to look at profit and loss, using formula to help us with our calculations.
     Our English topic for the next couple of weeks is explanation texts. We have looked at some examples - linked to the recent bushfires in Australia - to revise key features and written a short text.
     We have been learning about mean in Maths - we can now find the mean of a set of numbers and most of us can also find a missing number in a set when given the mean.
     Extreme Earth is our Topic for this half term. Our focus this week has been earthquakes; we have learnt about what causes earthquakes and researched an earthquake in more detail, creating a fact file.
     This week, a lot of our focus has been on rehearsing for our Christmas Carol Service. We are very proud of how well everyone performed. We have also completed a sewing project - designing and making bookmarks. The children really enjoyed this activity and the results are fantastic!
     We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and look forward to seeing everyone back and ready to learn in the New Year.
   In English we have continued our work on War Game, writing a series of diary entries from the point of view of Will - one of the characters.
   Maths has focused on line graphs at the beginning of the week; we also linked this to our Science by plotting a line graph which showed how exercise effects heart rate. We have now moved on to looking at coordinates and applying our previous knowledge to a range of problems.
   As well as rehearsing for our Christmas Concert, we have had a real focus on Science. We looked at how nutrients and water are absorbed and transported around the body, as well as our highlight of the week: dissecting lamb's hearts! This was a really interesting experience for the children, which deepened their understanding of the organ and how it works.
Holdenby House
   We have had a fantastic trip today to consolidate our learning about the Second World War. We got to have a go at making some recipes using our rations, learnt how to make-do-and-mend, and found out more about air-raids and how to keep ourselves safe. The children also performed two wartime songs - Run Rabbit Run and We'll Meet Again - for the staff.
     In English we have begun looking at War Games by Michael Foreman, a story based around World War 1, and using this as a stimulus to write a series of diary entries.
     Maths has again focused on volume - we have begun using the formula v=lwh.
     We have continued coding in ICT and our work on sugary drinks in Science. We have also been rehearsing for our Christmas concert.
     Our focus in English has continued to be Balanced Arguments, this week using the story of The Three Little Pigs. We focused on the question 'Does the Big Bad Wolf deserve his title?', putting the wolf on trial before using it write our own balanced argument.
     In Maths we have been looking at volume. We started by using unit cubes and learning how to find the volume by counting them; we also looked at how to draw them. Next week we will move onto the formula for finding the volume of any cube or cuboid.
     As part of our Science, we carried out an investigation into sugar in drinks. We learnt that children aged 6-10 should only have the equivalent of 6 sugar cubes a day and for anyone aged 11 or above this increases to the equivalent of 7 sugar cubes. We were shocked by the amount of sugar found in some drinks!
     In English we have been focusing on Balanced Arguments. We looked at the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, considering the events from both characters' points of view.
     Maths has focused on revision, especially division and percentages.
     We have continued with coding in ICT, looking at increasingly more complicated algorithms. In Art we have begun our final pieces based on the Blitz, applying our watercolour and sketching skills, and in Music we are now rehearsing for Christmas.
     Our English work has continued to focus on I Believe in Unicorns. This week we have written a new chapter for the story, from the point-of-view of Tomas - we tried to include interesting description and 'show not tell'.
     In Maths, our focus has been decimals. We have practiced ordering them and calculating with them, including addition, subtraction and multiplication. We then applied this to different word problems.
     We have started our new Art project this week, which is based on the Blitz and will use both our sketching and watercolour skills. In ICT, we are learning how to code; this has included writing code to control a character and debugging that code when something doesn't work.
     In English, we have been studying a version of I Believe in Unicorns by Michael Morpurgo. This week we have explored the author's style, and tried to us it in our own writing - a diary entry.
     Maths has continued to focus on ratio. We have looked at ratios involving three numbers and applied our knowledge to a range of word problems.
     We have been learning about rationing in History, designing our own propaganda leaflet to explain what it was and why it was important. In ICT we are looking at coding - this week we learnt to use code to create a 'dance party'.
Due Wednesday 15th January
Topic: Research a recent natural disaster (volcanic explosion, tsunami, earthquake) Find out some key facts about it ready to share in class next week.
Maths: Answer the questions about mean. (Remember: add all the numbers together and divide by the number of values you added) The questions get progressively harder so try as many as you can.