Weekly Learning
9th - 13th October

In English this week, we began by editing and improving our letters. These were linked to an extract from a book entitled ‘Leaving Home’ which tells the story of two Jewish children, Clara and her little brother Maxi, who left Germany as refugees in December 1938 when their mother sent them on the Kindertransport to safety in England.


In our next extended piece of writing we will be continuing Clara and Maxi’s story as they arrive at their foster home in the English countryside. In preparation for this, we have been learning how writers create characters. We read a description of Count Dracula by Bram Stoker to learn some new vocabulary. We then read part of a folktale, King Arthur and the Loathly Lady. We wrote descriptions of the lady which were designed to both describe her in detail and show King Arthur’s feelings of revulsion about her, using ‘show not tell’ – showing how he felt through his reactions rather than actually telling the reader how he felt.


In Maths this week we have been learning how to simplify and order fractions. We then moved on to adding and subtracting fractions including mixed numbers.


In PE, we created sequences of balances and jumps then performed these to the rest of the class. We focused on linking movements and moving in unison (performing the move at the same time) and in canon (performing the move one after another).

2nd - 6th October
In English this week we have written letters from Clara to Lotte (characters from Leaving Home.) We focused on using emotive language that would explain how Clara was feeling about being away from home.
In Maths we have been practicing methods for short division. The following website shows the method we have been using: https://www.slideshare.net/squirky/short-division-3-digit-by-1-digit-with-remainder-11334399
We have now started our History topic on World War 2. We started by looking at the causes of the War and ranked them by order of importance. We also used the iPads to research European countries involved in World War 2 and whether they were Allies (on Britain's side) or Axis (on Germany's side.)
25th - 29th September
In English we started our new topic based on 'Leaving Home'. This is a short story about two children who have to leave Germany before the start of World War 2. They are evacuated to England. We discussed the characters' emotions which will help us with our writing next week.
In Maths we have been working on formal methods for multiplication. We have also worked on problem solving - where we had to solve the value of the circle in a range of puzzles.
We have now finished our Science topic on Electricity. Our final task was to create adverts to promote the 'Doggie Doorbell' we invented last week.
Next week we are starting our History topic based on World War 2.
Have a great weekend.
18th - 22nd September
This week in English we have been looking at the story of Robin Hood. At the end of the week we writing in role as Sir Guy of Gisbourne (one of Prince John's nasty barons who despises Robin). We also worked on our editing skills - an important part of the writing process.
In Science we have continued learning about Electricity. We worked in groups to create a 'Doggie Doorbell'. A doorbell that dogs can use to let their owners know they want to come inside!
In Maths we have revised methods for addition and subtraction. Next week we are moving on to multiplication.
11th - 15th September
We have been working hard this week and starting lots of new topics.
In English we have been looking at the legend of Robin Hood and working on character descriptions.
In Science we started our new topic on Electricity. We looked at symbols that are used in circuits (some of us even had a go at making a simple circuit - see pictures below)
In PE we have started Gymnastics (see pictures)
Well done to everyone who took their 11+ this week - you have all worked really hard!
Due in Wednesday 18th October
Maths - complete the fractions sheets you have been given. Please come and see your class teacher before Wednesday if you are struggling with this.
History - Write about 5 items you would take if you were evacuated. You can include pictures as well.