Weekly Learning
As well as continuing with production rehearsals we have also started our new English topic, looking at the emigration of Jamaicans to Britain on the Empire Windrush - we will be writing a letter to persuade them to come.
     This week we held our sports day; thank you to all the parents who attended. All the children were brilliant, especially the Sports Captains who were assisting the teachers.
     We also had the opportunity to share our homework projects - we were so impressed by some of the creative ideas that the children came up with.
Once again, this week has been focused on the production! We've been adding dances to all the songs and nearly know them all off by heart. Next week, we will be looking at costumes, to make sure we have got everything we need and add any finishing touches.
     Maths has again focused on algebra. We looked at how to simplify equations and then applied everything we have learnt to different word problems.
     In the afternoon we visited the church for the 'Daniel Experience' where we learnt more about his life according to the Bible. We have now finished our Hokusai inspired paintings and started our new topic - Britain since 1945.
This last week has focused on our production - we have had at least one full run through and it is starting to come together.
     In Maths, we have focused on algebra. We have started by looking at how letters can be used as numbers to write algebraic expressions, and will be moving on to simplifying algebraic expressions and word problems.
     In the afternoons we have been focusing on the work of Hokusai (a Japanese artist who is mentioned in Kensuke's Kingdom). We looked at some of his work, then used it to inspire our own piece.
Whitemoor Lakes - day 2 (part 2)
A busy day of activities is now done and the children are getting ready for bed. They have enjoyed canoeing, raft building, sailing, abseiling, zip-wire and orienteering, making the most of the glorious weather here. Tomorrow we will have our final few activities (and lunch) before heading home.
Whitemoor Lakes - day 2 (part 1)
This morning, we woke to glorious sunshine - perfect for a day including water-based activities. Every group has had at least one of the following so far: sailing, raft building or canoeing. We have just finished lunch, and are getting organised for the afternoon.
Whitemoor Lakes - day 1
We have thoroughly enjoyed our first day here.
     After arriving, we were shown our rooms and ate our lunch, before launching straight into activities. These included: outdoor archery, crate stacking, raft building and problem solving. It was then time for dinner, followed by an evening hike around the lake and some team games. We are now preparing for bed, so that we get lots of rest (!) ready for another action packed day tomorrow.
     See below for a small selection of photos - unfortunately the wifi is struggling to upload them at the moment, but we'll try to add some more soon.
This week our focus has been on SATS. We are extremely proud of how hard all the children have worked.
     In the afternoons, we have been continuing to focus on cricket in PE and in Science we have begun our work looking at microbes, thinking about how they are both good and bad. We also held auditions for our end-of-year production.
We have continued our work on Kensuke's Kingdom in our English lessons. We are writing a short story from the perspective of Michael's parents, imagining their reactions after discovering that he has gone missing.
     Maths has again focused on revision, with a special focus on arithmetic, percentages and converting between different units of measure.
     In the afternoons we have continued with our Science (looking at how we classify animals and plants) and started our new RE topic - Islam, Muhammad and the Quran.
In English this week, we researched one of the animals or birds that Michael saw on his journey in Kensuke's Kingdom. We then used our notes to help us write a non-chronological report, ensuring that we used technical vocabulary relevant to the subject.
     Maths has continued to focus on revision, including using a protractor to measure and draw angles, as well as multiples, factors and primes.
     Our new Science topic is classification - as well as learning about Carl Linnaeus and his work in this area, we also created our own classification system in order to sort different sweets!
After all their hard work this week, we will not be giving out any homework. However, we have asked the children to make sure they start thinking about getting ready and packed for Whitemoor Lakes next week.