Weekly Learning
     In English we have continued writing Clara and Maxi's story. They have arrived at their new foster home, Marwell Manor, which is an old country house. They meet the housekeeper - Mrs Hallam - and she is not as nice as they hoped she would be.
     We finished our fractions topic in Maths and looked at triangles. After revising the different types and their properties, we looked at how to find the area of a triangle using the formula: 1/2 x b x h.
     As well as finishing our work on evacuation, in Topic we also looked at the Blitz and learnt about the ways in which the government tried to keep people safe, including gas masks, air raid shelters and the blackout.
     This week in English our focus has been description - we have used extracts from Dracula and Sir Gwain and the Loathly Lady to help us develop our vocabulary, exploring new words such as 'pallor' and 'protuberant'. Next week we will use this to help us write the next chapter of Clara and Maxi's story.
     Maths has again focused on fractions. We have been learning how to multiply proper fractions and how to multiply mixed numbers by whole numbers.
     In our Topic, we have been researching evacuation during World War II. We found out that some evacuees were sent to Aylesbury and some even stayed at Waddesdon Manor! RE looked at the final pillar of Islam: Hajj. This is the pilgrimage that Muslims are expected to make to Mecca.
     Our new English topic is based around an extract from the novel Candle in the Dark. It looks at the journey that two children, Clara and Maxi, make on the Kindertransport from Berlin to London. This week we have been writing a letter from Clara to her mother, telling her about their journey and reassuring her that they are alright.
     Maths continues to focus on fractions. We have looked at dividing using fractions, as well as adding and subtracting mixed numbers - this has involved lots of conversions between mixed numbers and improper fractions!
     This week we finished off our Science topic by looking at where electricity comes from and exploring some of the advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy. We have also started our new history topic - the Second World War - by looking at some of the causes.
     In English we finished our work on Robin Hood, using what we had learnt to rewrite the story from the point of view of the villain - Sir Guy of Gisborne.
     Maths has focused on learning about the order of operations, using the acronym BODMAS, and looking at how to add and subtract fractions. We will continue with our fraction work for the next few weeks.
     We wrote our adverts for our 'Doggie Doorbells' in Science, as well as continuing our work about Islam and the commit that Muslims make to their religion in RE.
     In English we have continued our work on Robin Hood, looking at how we can use sentence structure, punctuation and expanded noun phrases to improve our writing.
     Our focus in Maths has been on our formal written methods for addition, subtraction and multiplication.
     We have also continued our work on Electricity in Science. We were given a task - to create a 'Doggie Doorbell' - and had to use our knowledge of circuits to create a prototype. Next week we will be writing an advert for it.
     In English we are looking at the story of Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow. So far we have explored the historical context of the story, looked at the new vocabulary introduced and written descriptions of one of the main characters.
     Maths has focused on place value, rounding and estimating - we have revised these skills and applied them to a variety of problems.
     Our first Science topic is Electricity. We have learnt a little about the history of electricity and had the opportunity to use the practical equipment, creating a number of different circuits.
Due Wednesday 23rd October.
Maths: Find the area of the triangles. Click here to see a video explaining the method if you need it.
History: Think about at least 5 items you would take with you if you were evacuated. You can use the computer for this if you want to.
Please see your teacher if you get stuck.