Weekly Learning
In English, we have looking at writing descriptions, using ambitious vocabulary as well as a range of different sentence structures and punctuation including semi-colons.
     Maths has focused on fractions, recapping how to find equivalent fractions and using this to order, add and subtract.
     We have started our History topic of World War 2 this week. We have looked at some of the causes of the war, and have begun to look at the evacuation of children, carrying out research for an information text we will be writing next week. In RE, we also looked at the fifth pillar of Islam - Hajj. This is the pilgrimage that Muslims are expected to make.
     Congratulations to our new JLT representatives who were appointed this week. In 6F we have Rhys and Lara; in 6M we have Beth S and Aadi.
In Maths we have been revising short division using the 'bus stop' method - we've been really impressed with how much the children have remembered from year 5.
     We wrote letters in English, imagining that we were Clara from the story 'Leaving Home', writing home to her mum and telling her about our experiences. As part of National Poetry Day, we shared our favourite poems and took part in the BBC live lesson about writing and performing poetry.
     This week in RE we focused on the fourth pillar - Sawm - which is the act of fasting during the month of Ramadan. Next week we will be looking at the final pillar - Hajj or pilgrimage.
In Maths this week we have been revising the method for column multiplication and using this method to help us solve a range of problems.
     In English we finished writing about Robin Hood and have now moved on to our new unit 'Leaving Home.' This is the story of Maxi and Clara who have to leave Germany on the Kindertransport before the outbreak of World War 2. Next week we are going to be imagining we are the children once we have arrived in England and will be writing letters.
     In Science this week we created adverts to try and promote the Doggie Doorbells we made in our lesson last week.
This week our English has focused on sentence structure. We have looked at the different kinds - including simple, compound and complex - and then used them in our own descriptive writing. We've also looked at using semi-colons.
     In Maths, we revised our written methods for addition and subtraction. We also carried out an investigation, comparing the length of a variety of events using different units of time.
     Our Science this week has been very practical. We created our own electric circuits, then used this knowledge to create our own 'doggy doorbell'. In RE we looked at the second pillar - Salah - which is prayer, learning that Muslims pray five times a day.
It was certainly a very busy first week back! Well done to all the children, who worked incredibly hard during the 11+ tests this week.
     In Maths, we have been recapping place value up to 10,000,000 and using this knowledge to help us with rounding.
     We have also started our new English unit - Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow. As well as reading the story, we have begun to look more closely at the characters, writing descriptions which use expanded noun phrases and 'show not tell'.
     Science is focusing on Electricity, and we have begun to look at some famous scientists whose work relates to this, as well as revising symbols in electrical circuits. In RE, we are looking at the Five Pillars of Islam.
Due: Wednesday 17th October

Maths: Complete fractions questions. Here is a link that you may find useful if you are struggling:


Topic: Write about items you would take with you if you were evacuated.

Please come and see your teacher if you get stuck.