Weekly Learning
     In English we are writing stories inspired by The Mysteries of Harris Burdick, trying to apply some of the different techniques we used in our Alma writing.
     Maths has focused on 3D shapes and their nets. We used lots of practical resources to support our learning.
     The children really enjoyed World Book Day. There were some really impressive costumes - well done! As well as looking at a variety of different books and completing activities linked to them, they also had the chance to read with Year 2.
     We have been looking at South America in our Topic and in PE we are looking at dance, focusing on the ballet: Alice in Wonderland.
     Over the last two weeks, we have been using the short film Alma to inspire our writing. We have learnt how to use short snappy sentences to create tension, as well as exploring different ways to vary our sentence openers. Next week we will be applying all this to our final piece of writing for the unit.
     Maths has focused on revising how to convert between units of length at the start of the week, and learning about pie charts; we had to apply our knowledge of fractions and percentages to help us!
     This week was Children's Mental Health week and we have been exploring the theme - 'Find Your Brave'. We have had lots of discussion about what being brave is, and looked at the story of Malala Yousafzai who found her brave and stood up for what she believed was right, even when her life was in danger.
     This week we finished our explanation text in English, as well as working on our comprehension skills.
     In Maths we have focused on practicing our arithmetic and reasoning, as well as learning about circles - we looked at the relationship between the diameter and the radius.
     As part of our Extreme Earth unit, we have begun to make our own volcanoes. Once finished we will be taking them over to Early Years to 'explode' them.
     We have continued looking at explanation texts in English and have written our own about volcanoes, which links to our Geography topic of Extreme Earth.
     In Maths we have been focusing on angles, and using our knowledge of finding missing angles on a straight line and in a triangle to solve a variety of problems.
     Our Geography focus in the afternoon has been tsunamis - we looked at the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004 and wrote a newspaper article about it. In ICT we have started to use Excel to create a model of a theme park. We will then use this to look at profit and loss, using formula to help us with our calculations.
     Our English topic for the next couple of weeks is explanation texts. We have looked at some examples - linked to the recent bushfires in Australia - to revise key features and written a short text.
     We have been learning about mean in Maths - we can now find the mean of a set of numbers and most of us can also find a missing number in a set when given the mean.
     Extreme Earth is our Topic for this half term. Our focus this week has been earthquakes; we have learnt about what causes earthquakes and researched an earthquake in more detail, creating a fact file.
Due Wednesday 5th February
English: Design a poster that will help you revise all the different punctuation we have learnt this week. The document below this may help you.
Maths: Answer the arithmetic questions. If there are any methods you are unsure of please let us know.