Weekly Learning
Whitemoor Lakes Day 2
We all had a good night's sleep and have been busy since breakfast.
Everyone is having a great time.
Whitemoor Lakes Day 1
We've had a great first day full of activities such as: high ropes, sailing, archery, crate stacking and many more!
The sun has been shining and everyone is having a great time.
14th - 18th May
This week mainly consisted of SATs. Well done to every single one of you. We know that you really did try your best and coped really well. The results will be out on 10th July, we will of course be letting you all know how you did.
As well as tests, we also started a new Art topic this week. We looked at paintings by a Japanese artist called Hokusai. We will be using inspiration from his work to create our own paintings after half term.
Well done again everybody, next stop... Whitemoor Lakes :)

Weekly learning April 30th – May 4th

This week we have been practising both our arithmetic and reasoning skills in Maths. We’ve focused on identifying, checking and correcting errors. We also revised drawing and measuring angles as well as averages, Roman numerals and percentages.  Today we played the ‘make 21’ game.

In English, we continued writing our narrative from the perspective of Michael’s mother in Kensuke’s Kingdom. Our focus was on creating realistic characters and on the dialogue between Michael’s parents as they decide what to do once they realise that he is missing. We also used ‘show not tell’ to convey their emotions through their actions rather than telling the reader how the characters felt.

In Science this week we learnt about micro-organisms and how they can both help and harm us. We looked at an example of a very unhygienic kitchen and wrote letters to the owner explaining the dangers of poor food hygiene from either the viewpoint of an environmental health inspector or a customer who had contracted food poisoning after eating a very ‘dodgy kebab.’

How lucky we are to have a long weekend ahead of us just as the fine weather returns! We hope you all have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend and look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday. As the weather improves please ensure that you have a sunhat and water bottle in school every day so that you can enjoy being outside at break and lunchtimes.

Finally, just a reminder that forms for Whitemoor Lakes need to be returned by Wednesday 9th May so that we can send the information to the residential centre next week.


23rd to 27th April

This week we have been completing mock SATS papers in spelling, grammar and punctuation, reading comprehension and maths. Everyone has worked very hard! We will use the test papers to identify areas for revision and to consolidate our learning over the next two weeks.

We have also continued our reading of Kensuke’s Kingdom. This week we heard about more about the places Michael and his family visited during their voyage. However, their adventure has now become a nightmare – Michael has fallen overboard while on watch during the night. His exhausted parents slept on, unaware of the tragedy unfolding. Michael Morpurgo’s story continues from Michael’s perspective but we will be creating narratives which tell what happens when Michael’s parents wake on the morning of Michael’s twelfth birthday and discover that he is missing. What will they decide to do? Will they agree on the best course of action?

Our Science topic this half-term is classification. This week we used classification keys to identify mammals and reptiles. We learnt more about Carl Linnaeus and the importance of the classification system he created to scientists around the world today.

In PE this week we worked in small groups to practise our batting, fielding and bowling skills.

Please make sure that you have your PE kit in school on Wednesdays and Fridays. You should also have a water bottle and a sunhat in school every day.

Weekly learning April 16th – 20th


We’ve had a busy first week back. In Maths we have been revising a range of topics including ratio and proportion, area and perimeter, place value and rounding. In English, we read more of Kensuke’s Kingdom; we heard about some of the places the family visited on the first part of their round-the-world voyage. We then planned and wrote non-chronological reports based on a bird that Michael and his family could have seen during their time in South America – the Scarlet Ibis.


Our Science topic this half-term is classification. We will be considering how scientists group living things, using their characteristics to compare them. We will be learning more about the work of Linnaeus and the classification system he devised. This week we created classification diagrams of our own using a variety of different sweets. Questions such as, ‘is it jelly-based?’ and ‘does it have a hard shell?’ helped us to sort our Haribo from our liquorice allsorts. We then began to apply our classification skills to insects, birds and mammals.


It was fantastic to have our PE lesson outdoors in the warmth on Wednesday. This term we are focusing on throwing, catching and batting skills.


Our RE topic this term is about the Qur’an and its importance to Muslims. We began by discovering how the words of the Qur’an were revealed to the prophet Muhammad and why the letters PBUH (Peace be upon him) are used by Muslims when they use Muhammad’s name.


We will be continuing to revise for the upcoming SATS tests (which take place from Monday 14th May to Thursday 17th May) over the next three weeks.


Please make sure that you have your PE kit in school on Wednesdays and Fridays. You should also have a water bottle and a sunhat in school every day.

Weekly learning March 26th – 29th

This week in Maths we have revised line graphs and pie charts. We also worked in pairs to complete a reasoning test paper. After Easter our focus will be mainly on interpreting and solving reasoning problems.

In English, we have begun reading Kensuke’s Kingdom. This week we’ve been writing persuasive letters. We wrote in character as Michael’s grandmother, who does not want her family to embark on a round-the-world yachting adventure. After the Easter break we will continue reading the novel and will be using this as a basis for our writing, which will include non-chronological reports, narrative and diary entries.

We have completed our paintings in Art. Our inspiration was the work of South American artist Joachim Torres Garcia. Our paintings feature symbols representing people, places and items of importance to us. We used blocks of bold colour and geometric designs to create some stunning pieces of art.

On Tuesday we were finally able to take our volcanoes over to Early Years and the rain held off long enough for us to ‘erupt’ our models. We used bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and of course, red colouring to create a chemical reaction, much to the delight of the younger children.

Unfortunately the weather was not kind to us later in the afternoon. A sudden downpour put an end to the Easter egg hunt which the house captains had planned with Mrs Clark. We all watched a short film of the Easter story in the hall instead. House assemblies were rearranged and held indoors on Wednesday and the children enjoyed an Easter version of the beetle drive game as they competed to draw an Easter bunny. Many thanks to the house captains for running these assemblies so well.

Weekly learning March 19th – 23rd

In Maths this week we have revised calculating with fractions in all four operations.  We completed an arithmetic test so that we could practise this before moving on to revise time and duration. We looked at the methods for interpreting and solving worded problems involving timetables.


We were excited to begin reading Kensuke’s Kingdom in English this week. We will be writing in a range of different genres as we go through the book.  The opening line: ‘I disappeared the night before my twelfth birthday…’ was enough to entice us all to want to read on.  We began by discussing the reasons for and against Michael and his parents taking a voyage around the world. We then created the character of Gran, who is most definitely against the trip. We will be writing a letter as Gran, in which she attempts to persuade Michael’s parents not to embark on a trip that she considers to be ‘reckless’ and ‘irresponsible.’ 


We have begun an Art unit linked to our South America topic. We have been looking at the paintings of Joachim Torres Garcia, a modern artist who was born in Uruguay in 1874. He studied in Barcelona and New York before returning to his native country, where he died in 1949. He used symbols in his paintings; these represent important things in his life. We began to create our own art work by sketching four things of importance to us then turning these into symbols.


On Wednesday we held auditions for the talent show. We were entertained by singers and dancers, musicians, comedians and even a ventriloquist. Many thanks to everyone who took part – it isn’t an easy thing to do and we were impressed by your courage and by your support for one another as well as your talent. The final will take place next Thursday afternoon.


Yesterday you all impressed us with your determination as we completed our Sport Relief challenge.  The plan was to walk or run for a mile – many of you far exceeded this and it was fantastic to see you all cheering each other on. Please bring in any sponsor money you have raised as soon as possible so that we can find out how much we’ve raised in total.

Weekly Learning 12th - 16th March

This week our focus in English has been on planning, writing and editing.  We began by working in small groups to create a persuasive presentation on an aspect of holidays to Brazil which we than performed to the class.  We then used this information to plan our texts.  We use features of persuasive writing such as rhetorical questions, use of pronouns to directly address the reader and quotations from happy customers to persuade families to visit Brazil.


In Maths, we have been revisiting a variety of topics. We revised angle facts and used these to calculate missing angles in triangles, on a straight line and around a point.  We worked on ordering decimals and we also practised solving worded problems.


Our RE topic this half-term is based on the question:  ‘Is Christianity still a strong religion two thousand years after Jesus was on earth?’  This week we found out that sometimes people are persecuted because of their faith; we read the Old Testament story of Daniel and discussed how, despite the fact that he knew he could die when the king ordered that he be thrown into the lion’s den, his faith remained strong and as a result he was saved.


In Geography, we have been finding out about Fair Trade. We found out about the banana trade and how Fair Trade can make a real difference to the lives of the growers and their families. Next week we will be using our research to produce leaflets promoting Fair trade bananas.


Weekly Learning 5th - 9th March

This week we have been completing assessments as part of our SATS preparation.  We have taken tests in maths, spelling, punctuation and grammar as well as in reading.


In maths, we practised division before moving on to revise fractions, decimals and percentages. We ordered these as well as focused on finding fractions of shapes and quantities.


In English, we have continued learning about persuasive writing. We have linked this to our Geography topic about South America as we will be writing an article aimed at persuading families to consider a holiday in Brazil.


In our Geography topic, we have been finding out about the different countries in South America and their varying climates. We were fascinated to learn that there are areas in the Atacama Desert where it does not rain for decades – in fact, in one area it did not rain for 400 years!


In RE, our key question for this half term is about Christianity and whether it is still a strong religion more than two thousand years since Jesus was on earth.  This week we found out about various Christian charities and considered whether their work shows that Christianity is still strong.


We enjoyed spending time outdoors yesterday for the inter-house cross country competition. The house captains and other Year 6 helpers did a great job and everyone did their very best. Well done!


Talent show

Remember that auditions for this year’s talent show will be held on Wednesday 21st March.  The grand final will take place on the last day of term, which is Thursday 29th March.  We are looking forward to being entertained!

Weekly learning February 26th – March 2nd

In English we have now begun learning about persuasive writing.  We have been exploring the features of persuasive writing in a variety of texts and have practised writing and punctuating quotations.


In Maths, we have revised co-ordinates, area and perimeter and properties of 2-dinemsional shapes.  We have also practised division.  We are developing our reasoning skills by using a range of SATS questions in order to become more familiar with the style of questions used.


In Science, we created an investigation about shadows then collected data to test our theories. We used a graph to record our results.


As Thursday was World Book Day, we read and discussed Rose Blanche, a thought-provoking picture book set during the Second World War. We also watched and listened to some performance poetry by Michael Rosen.  Here are some links if you would like to watch them again:




Weekly Learning 20th - 23rd February


We have now begun to revisit areas of the Maths curriculum in order to deepen our understanding as we revise for the SATS tests in May. This week we found out how to find the average or mean of a set of data. We also worked on our algebra by finding missing values as well as practising our reasoning skills.


In English, we used a series of intriguing pictures (From the Mysteries of Harris Burdick) to develop our retrieval and inference skills. We focused on what we definitely knew from looking at the pictures and what we could reasonably assume or infer. We then used a picture to inspire our own stories entitled ‘Mr Linden’s library.’  We finished the week by exploring song lyrics as part of our comprehension lesson. We found that song lyrics and poetry have a lot in common.


In Science, we have been learning about refraction. We investigated how light rays bend or refract as they pass from air through a glass into water and also how prisms can be used to split white light into the full spectrum of colours we can see when a rainbow is formed.

Your homework this week:
- Pack for Whitemoor Lakes