Weekly Learning
This week in English, the children have finished their diary entries for their imagined day with Monty the penguin. They have used emotive language and fronted adverbials in order to give the piece cohesion and emotion.
In Maths they have been rounding numbers to the nearest ten and hundred in preparation for estimating next week.
We have finished off our project on the Impressionists in Art and the children have used their knowledge of watercolour to produce some lovely pieces. 
This week  the children have written a follow-on chapter for a story we have been reading. They worked hard on descriptive writing in order to paint a vivid picture of a fairground in the readers mind.
In Maths we have finished our unit on place value in order to secure their knowledge before moving on to addition and subtraction of five digit numbers next week.
The children have also been practicing hard for their Christingle concert which is next week.
This week in English we have been completing our dilemma story set a fairground. The children have worked very hard at bringing excitement into their story using powerful descriptions and simile.
In Maths we are looking at place value and what this means when considering thousands, ten thousands and hundred thousands. We are using concrete methods to understand the value of the various digits within given numbers.
ICT proved very popular this week, with the children trying to write instructions for a  robot to make a jam sandwich. The children found that this was not as easy as they first thought but are now ready for coding on the computer.
This week we have been learning about Roman numerals. We have learnt the value of the 7 different letters alongside how to make numbers which aren't represented by the 7 letters. This involved adding and subtracting and being aware of when to do so.
In English we have been learning about a new story called "Lost or Stolen". We have used role play to understand the characters better and have created a blurb. As the story is set in India around the festival of Rashka Bandan each child made their own Rakhi bracelet using coloured threads and beads.
In Art we have been learning about Impressionism and in particular the different charteristics which define an impressionist piece of art. We have been recreating colour wash this week in order to paint a snap shot of an impressionist piece of art. We have been colour matching using water colours which will enable us to create our own pieces next week.
In Maths this week we have looked at strategies for mentally calculating multiplication and division and when it is best to use it rather than a formal method. 
Following on from looking at the structure of a tooth, in science  this week we have looked at the functions of the different teeth in our mouths and also the impact that differing liquids have on our teeth. (See pictures below). The children have made their predictions about which substance will be the most corrosive and will find out the result next week.
English has seen the children finishing off their newspaper reports about a Roman crash. They have role played and hot seated in order to understand the events that took place and what eye witnesses to the incident might say.
This week in maths we have been learning how to add and subtract using various methods. We have incorporated rounding in order to make the numbers easier.
In English we have started looking at newspaper articles and the features. We have learnt about headings, subheadings, captions, columns and the introductory paragraph. The children have also learnt about the 5w's so they can write their own article next week. 
In In science we have been learning about teeth. We have learnt the different names of the teeth and what their particular job is. We have also made a bar chart of the amount of adult teeth in our classes. Alongside this we made the inside of a tooth a label the various parts.
In Maths this week we have started to look at strategies to mentally solve addition. This has recapped on our knowledge of part, part, whole in order to make the process more straight forward.
 On Friday the children played a game using mental addition ( see the picture below) in  order to consolidate their learning.
In English we have finished our unit on Stage School and have written an article for a magazine. The children created some lovely work, carefully choosing their imperative verbs to instruct the reader.
Next term we will be looking at newspaper articles and a dilemma story.
This week in maths we have been learning how to read and solve 2-step word problems. We have found some parts quite hard and this has meant we have needed to practise column subtraction as well as our times tables.
In English we have learnt how to write a formal letter - we have set the letter out properly, used conjunctions alongside formal language. We have also spent time learning about the voice works.
In other subjects we have learnt about Boudicca, who was the queen of the Iceni Tribe. We have also practiced cup stacking in Zoe. This has helped us work on our co-ordination and gross motor skills. 
Year 4 led the Harvest Festival at The Church on Fairford Leys, this week. They all sung and learnt their words beautifully and they represented the school very well.
In English we have started to look at how to write a letter persuading a Stage School to allow them to join. The children have been using imperative verbs and are getting very good at using them!
In Maths we are using our multiplication and division knowledge to solve one step and two step problems. 
This week year 4 have continued learning about formal division. We have been learning how to divide numbers which involve regrouping the tens.
In English we have started writing our own chapter of the Bogeymen and the Trolls. We have been including direct speech, fronted adverbials and exciting vocabulary.
Year 4 went on their trip on Monday to the Verulamium museum in St Albans. We were given the opportunity to handle real Roman artefacts and learn about their uses.
Next week we will be holding our Harvest festival service at the church. We have been working really hard to learn our sons and speaking parts. We look forward to seeing you next Thursday morning at the church. 
This week the children have been very busy. 
On Monday they performed their poem for Year 1. Everyone did extremely well and the feedback from Year 1 was that the children thoroughly enjoyed it.
In Maths we have moved on to long division.
We have also been practicing some of the  songs ready for the Harvest Festival in a few weeks. The children have a copy of the songs with them and it would be really helpful if they could familiarise  themselves with the words.
Just a quick note. It is our trip on Monday. Could everyone please remember that they need a water bottle and a disposable packed lunch.
It's been a great first week back to school and it has been lovely to see everyone.
We have been looking at poetry this week in English, the language poems use, the devices that are used as well as how to perform poetry to an audience.
In Maths we have concentrated on regrouping in column multiplication.
Just to confirm, P.E. is on a Monday and a Friday. Could everyone please make sure that kit is available for these days and includes a jumper and jogging bottoms as the weather is starting to turn cooler.
There isn't any homework this week as we break up for Christmas next week. We hope you enjoy the time off and see you in the new Year.
Maths this week is an assessment of their learning in regards to place value and asks some straight forward questions to gauge their understanding of what various digits in a given number mean.
Their other homework is to practise their lines and songs for the Christingle performance which is at 4.30 on Friday.  
Art homework this week is a continuation of their project. We can't wait to see the results on Friday.
Maths is explaining the odd one out. The explanation is key. How many can the children find?
As we have been learning about Roman numerals this week involves you complete the missing Roman numbers. Some activies involve using addition and subtraction.
Return to school by 21.11.18
In art we are studying Impressionism. This is a two week piece of homework involving researching an impressionist artist. We would like you to find out about their lives and what pieces of art they are most famous for. You can present your information in various different ways including: PowerPoint, leaflet, booklet or even recreate a piece of art.
Be prepared to present your information to the class by 28.11.18
Homework this week is a repeat of the times table challenge. The aim is that whatever quantity they answered last time, they get more this go. The Challenge is on!
The other homework this week is science. The children should be able to explain why they can identify what food the selected animals eat purely by looking at their teeth .
See below for this weeks Maths homework.
See below for this weeks English homework.
This weeks maths homework involves practising the 2,3,4 and 5 times tables. You will have 5 minutes to complete all the questions.
Return to school by 17.10.18
In English we are constantly practicing editing. This weeks homework involves reading and correcting a passage and re-writing the passage correctly.
Return to school by 17.10.18
Maths homework this week is to spot the odd one out. The  children have been answering these types of questions in class. There is are many answers to the question but we are more interested in the reasoning (why?) behind their answer.
English homework is about practicing their imperative verbs and creating their own word bank of imperatives for next weeks task, which is all about persuading someone.
This week in maths we have been learning formal division - for this week’s homework we would like you to answer the questions provided.
Return by 3.10.18
We visited the Verulamium this week to learn about Roman life. For this week’s homework we have given you some Roman artefacts to identify.
Return by 3.10.18
As next is our Harvest festival service we would lie you to learn your song words and any speaking words you may have.
By 4.10.18
English homework this week is adverbials. This is for them to practice so they are able to include it in their writing next week.
Maths is times tables as this is really important for many areas of Maths including Division which we are learning at the moment.
Homework is due in on Wednesday 26th September.
We have been learning the formal method of multiplication and homework this week is consolidating that knowledge. Date for completion is Wednesday the 19th September.
In English this week we have been learning a narrative poem called the Bogeymen and The Trolls Nextdoor. We will be performing this poem to the year 1's next Monday. We would the children to learn their verses ready for Mondays performance. 
Completed by Monday 17th September.