Weekly Learning
This week year 4 have been using rounding with estimation. We have used all four operations which has been tricky at times. Ask your child what they must do when estimating with division.
In English we have learning about penguins and have researched their habitats, diet and appearance. We are ready to create our information leaflets next week.
Year 4 have performed their first Christmas show - they were amazing! Every child knew their words and the singing was beautiful. We are looking forward to our next performance on Monday. 
This week we have starting rounding with estimation! Which has involved rounding numbers to the nearest 10 or 100 then adding or subtracting. This has enabled us to estimate answers before calculating.
We have started a new topic in English - Penguins! We have watched a John Lewis Christmas advert about 'Monty' the penguins don't written a diary entry from the perspective of the boy. We have also been working extra hard on our handwriting - ready for the opportunity to gain a pen licence before the end of term.
As the Christmas shoe is drawing nearer year 4 have been practising hard for the final shows. We have had an extra special rehearsal this week in the church with Sara ,a professional singer, helping them to perfect their performance. 
This week year 4 have been rounding to 100 in maths. We have been working with big numbers which has at times been quite tricky. To help your child ensure they are able to confidently work out the 100's either side. For example - 4532 the hundreds either side would be 4500 and 4600.
We have been writing top tips to become a super star in English. We have had to think carefully about the qualities a pop star would need. The children then chose their top 5 - ask your child what they chose.
Year 4 have been working hard this week practising their Christmas performance. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed rehearsing!
This week year 4 have been rounding to the nearest 10 in maths. We have been working with 2,3,4 and even 5 digit numbers. Ask your child to tell you about low low and high five!
In English we have designed our own web page for a stage school. We created our own school based on our interests and hobbies. Next week we will write a persuasive letter to the stage school in order to apply for a place at the school.
We have been making electrical circuits in Science. We have had great fun testing out theories and searching for different conductors and insulators. Look at the pictures below to see the children working collaboratively and like mini scientists!
We have finished off looking at place value in maths and even went outside to create our own number lines. We then started to look at rounding to the nearest 10. We have been practising adding numbers onto a number line and working out which ten the number should round to.
In English we have been writing a new chapter of the Bogeymen and the Trolls. We have made sure we include brackets for extra information as well as interesting language in the style of Kay Umansky the author.
In Art we have been using our drawing skills to draw an observational drawing of a leaf. We had to include shading to show tone and ensure we looked closely at our leaf to ensure the shape and size were correct.
This week year four performed the narrative poem, The Bogeymen and the Trolls to year 1. They worked extremely hard to learn their lines and tried to ensure they spoke loudly and clearly. The year 1's loved our performance and really enjoyed the poem.
We have developed our place value knowledge this week in maths. We have been looking at number patterns and have even tried to create our own.
In Science we concluded our egg experiment and we were very surprised by the results. Ask your child which liquid damaged the egg the most. 
This week year 4 have began looking at place value in maths. We have been learning how to read and write 5 digit numbers, using both numerals and words. 
In English we have started a new unit called the Bogeymen and the Trolls, which is a narrative poem. We have looked at the use of language within the poem as well as discussed the different characters and the way they behave.
In Science we are learning about teeth, in particular the names for the different human teeth as well as their purpose. We have also conducted an experiment to find out which liquid causes the most damage to the teeth. You can try this at home by blowing an egg and putting in some vinegar - you will be astonished by the results!
This week year 4 have used their knowledge about newspapers to create their own newspaper report. They had to make sure they included the key features as well as ensure their report was factual and informative. 
In maths we have developed our knowledge of short multiplication to include regrouping. This has meant we are able to multiply bigger numbers - as long as we remember to add any numbers we have regrouped. 
We have been practising our observational and sketching skills in art. We started by trying to ensure our drawings were consistent and have progressed to drawing life like pictures of leaves. 
This week year 4 have continued to use concrete apparatus to learn how to use short multiplication. Ask your child what they must do if they have 14 ones in the ones column?
In English we have been focusing on the features of a newspaper. After making notes about a chariot crash, year 4 then attended the crash scene where they were given the opportunity to interview an eyewitness. Using this information we will then be creating our own newspaper article next week.
In Art we have painted mosaics which will be available for you to see at next week's parent's evening.
We have been learning how to use column multiplication this week. This has involved us working closely with our partners as well as using lots of concrete materials, to help us understand the complex process. We are now able to confidently multiply two digit by one digit numbers and are beginning to understand how to regroup when this is required.
In English we have been focusing on information texts, in particular their layout and the language they use to entice customers. Ask your child to tell you the different features they used in their leaflet.
We have finished creating our own roundhouses in Art, which we spent a lot of time painting and putting together. We even used real straw for the roofs! We are not sketching and painting pictures of Boudicca
This week Year 4 visited the Verulamium in St Albans. We had a great day and lots of interesting facts about the Romans. We were given the opportunity to touch and observe Roman artefacts- ask your child if they know what a roman used to clean themselves!
In maths we have been practising our division skills using the 6,7,8 and 9 times table as well as begun learning the process for using short multiplication.
In English we have written a new chapter for the story Lost and Stolen, which included ambitious vocabulary as well as direct speech. Year 4 have also been busy editing their work to make improvements.
This week in maths we have started to divide making links with our multiplication knowledge. We have started writing our dilemma stories in English. In history we have begun leaning about The Romans ready for our trip on Monday. 
This week we have carried on learning and practising our times tables. This has involved us looking at the 6,7,8 and 9 times tables. Ask your children if they can remember any tricks for learning the 9 times table.
In English we are reading a dilemma story and have used this to help us create a plan for our own dilemma story.
We have used our homework about Celtic roundhouses to help us write instructions about how to create a roundhouse. We have used these to help us make our own Celtic roundhouses.
REMEMBER - 4T start swimming on Friday 22nd September so will need their costume, towel and swimming hat.
Year 4 PE days are Wednesday and Fridays - make sure you have all of your kit with you!
This week in maths we have been rounding to the nearest hundred. This weeks homework involves rounding the numbers to the nearest 100. Please encourage your child to draw a number,one to help them. There is also an extension of writing the range of numbers which round to the nearest 10.
Return to school by 6.12.17
This we we have been rounding to the nearest 10. For this weeks homework we would like you to complete the sheet provided. You must match up the number the correct number it would round to. Also there is a little game you can play together using a pack of playing cards.
Return to school by 29.11.17
We will be looking at famous scientists who have been involved in the field of electricity. We would like you to research a scientist and share this information with the rest of the class. 
Return by 1.12.17
In maths this week we have continued learning about place value. For this weeks homework we would like you to complete the sheet provided by colouring the correct numbers and then make your own numbers.
Return to school by 15.11.17
In Science we have been learning about teeth; the different names, how to look after our teeth and which liquids are bad for our teeth. For this weeks homework we would like you to create a poster explaining why and how to look after your teeth. Make sure you include lots of facts and make your poster bright and eye catching.
Maths - This week in maths we have been developing our place value knowledge. For this weeks homework we would like you to complete the sheet provided by filling in the correct digits or missing values. 
To return to school by 8.11.17
In English we will be performing the Bogeymen and the Trolls poem to year one on Monday. Therefore for this weeks homework we would like you to memorise your verse/verses as well as focus on your character, ready to perform on Monday. Due by 6.11.17
Homework - 13.10.17
In Maths we have been learning how to use short multiplication. Please use the skills you have learnt to complete the worksheet provided.
Return to school by 18.10.17
In Science we have began learning about the human digestive system. For this week's homework we would like you to find the similarities and differences between a human and a cow's digestive organs.
Return to school by 18.10.17 
Maths - Create a poster to teach someone how to learn the 9 times table. Can you include any tricks? Remember to use pictures, diagrams and lots of colour.
Returned to school 20.09.17
English - In spelling this week we have been learning words that have the ch sound. Can you complete the word search and find all of the words? Can you think of any other words which use the ch sound?
Returned to school 20.09.17