Weekly Learning
This week year 4 have been learning how to draw angles. We have used a protractor and have had to draw our own baseline and centre point. We have been drawing angles above and below the baseline. Some children have been learning about money and have visited the ST Mary's shop which Mrs Barber has created.
In English we have been focusing on the snow Queen in The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe. We have written descriptive phrases and painted a portrait of her using evidence from the text. Next week we will write a character description of her.
This week in maths we have started to learn how to use protractors. We have learnt about the base line and centre point. We are also starting to use estimating to check whether our answers are reasonable.
In English we have read more of our Narnia novel and have created exciting descriptions about the setting. We have also created beautiful pictures of what the land of Narnia looks like through the wardrobe. Next week we will be writing a character description.
In art we have practised putting all of our drawing skills together to create an observational drawing of a feather. We have really had to focus on shape, line and tone to ensure our drawings look realistic.
This week we have started looking at angles. We are able to confidently identify right angles and say whether an angle is bigger or smaller.
In English we have turned our Sugarcane juice story into a film trailer. We have included special effects, voice overs and dramatic sciences and language.
Year 4 went on a trip to Mop End this week. We got the opportunity to pond dip and search for vertebrates in the woods. We have a great time looking at different habitats and classifying insects.
Many children in year 4 took part in the annual Whizz pop festival this weekend. We took inspiration from Roald Dahl's George's Marvellous medicine and the children were very proud to parade their great art work.
This week we have been learning about hundredths in maths. We have been converting fractions into decimals and have also been looking closely at place value. Next week we will be ordering and rounding decimals.
In English we have written a new exciting chapter to Sugarcane juice. We have included similes, powerful adjectives and dialogue. Ask your child what perils Hamind and the passengers faced on their journey.
Year 4have started work on items for the Whizz fizz parade. Our chosen book of inspiration is George's Marvellous Medicine and we have been creating banners of the ingredients used to make the medicine.
This week second have been learning about decimals - in particular how to find and write tenths. We have been converting fractions into decimals and decimals into fractions. Next week we will be learning about hundreth.
We have been learning about a new story in English called Sugarcane Juice by Pratima Mitchell. We have written descriptive sentence using subordinate clauses alongside using our senses to explain different settings. One of our pupils who comes from Pakistan, where the story is set, kindly bought in some objects for us to look at. This also tied in with us learning about Eid in class assembly and really helped us understand the Muslim religion better.
In DT we have finally finished our kites! We made them out of different materials including: tissue paper and fabric. We also chose different shapes and designs. After completing our kites we were able to fly them. This led us to then evaluating our kites and deciding which parts of our design worked well and what we would change in order to improve our designs.
This week we have been finding equivalent fractions alongside adding fractions to a number line. We have had to use of multiplication and division knowledge to find the simplest fractions. On Friday we started looking at perimeter and how to find the perimeter of rectilinear shapes.
In English we planned and produced an advert for our lost things. We had to use persuasive language and ensure we described two unique selling points of our creatures.
We began making our objects for our slow motion film in IT. After half term we will begin filming using the models we have produced.
This week we have been learning about equivalent fractions. We have been using multiplication and division to help us find equivalent fractions as well as the simple fractions. We have also started comparing fractions looking for the greatest and smallest fractions.
In English we have been studying the story "The Lost Thing" by Shaun Tan. We have read the book and watched the film, this has helped us to write descriptive sentences, paragraphs and dialogue which includes prepositions. Next week we will be writing a prequel explaining how the Lost Thing became Lost.
In Computing we have been planning our own slow motion movie. We have watched slow motion videos and worked collaboratively so we are able to make our own videos next week.
This week in maths we have been learning about fractions. We have looked at finding halves, quarters and thirds. Alongside this we have looked at equivalent fractions and how to show these on a diagram.
In English we have used the information learnt from PC Umpleby to write a factual report to the court. We have included two pieces of evidence which we described using technical vocabulary alongside explaining why the evidence was reliable.
In PE this week we have started gymnastics. We have been learning about different types jumps and leaps - including the straight jump with turns.
PGL Day Two
Another great day at PGL. This afternoon the children have taken part in Rifle Shooting, Giant Swing, Abseiling and Quad Biking. It was great to see the children stretching themselves and having a go at things outside of their comfort zone. It has also been great seeing the children supporting and encouraging each other, as well as surprising themselves with what they can achieve. 
Dinner this evening was a choice of meatballs, chicken pie or a lentil curry. Apple pie for desert was very popular too. After dinner, the children went to the shop. We set them a limit of £2 on sweets and anything else to be spent on something to remember the trip by, so expect to be seeing footballs, pencils, rubbers and cuddly toys tomorrow evening!
This evening the children have played Splash. For the second year running the teachers lost miserably (Mr Troup, Mrs Woodward and Miss Flower are not happy!) but the children had a great time. All are now in bed ready for the last activities tomorrow morning. 
PGL Day One 
Had a couple of issues last night with internet connection in the local area, now sorted. Apologies for no blog post last night. 
We had a great day yesterday. The children took part in Giant Swing, Archery, Trapeze. Evening meal was a choice of lasagne, chicken goujons or a mushroom dish. Evening entertainment was Ambush, where the children had a great time exploring and hiding in the woods. The children feel asleep really quickly (much to our surprise) with no issues. 
This morning, all were up and ready by 7.15am. Breakfast was omlette, bacon, veggie sausages, beans and a mixture of cereal, yoghurt and fruit. They have then done Quad Biking, Abseiling and Jacob's Ladder. We are now off to lunch. Will post an update later. 
This week in maths we have continued looking at data. This has included us interpreting and reading data in order to complete tables and answer questions. Next week we will start fractions.
In English we have been writing our own play scripts about Rumpelstiltskin. We have added a new scene to the play which has involved Rumpelstiltskin and the king being on trial in court. We have included stage directions and scene information.
In DT we have trailed making two kites and flying them. This is so we can decide which design and materials work best for when we design and make our own kites. We had lots of fun flying them!
We had a special visitor this week - PC Umpleby, who set up a crime scene in 4W's classroom! The children were very excited and learnt lots about how the police deal with crimes and the procedures they must follow. This is to help us with our non-fiction writing next week.
Year have started to learn about data in maths. We have been reading and interpreting data from tables, tally charts and bar charts. We even created a human bar chart looking at the months of birthdays.
Our focus for English is play scripts. We have been looking at a play called "The Fly and the Fool" focussing on stage directions and the layout. We have practiced reading plays and performing them to each other. Next week we will be writing our own play script.
In DT year 4 have learnt about the different parts of a kite and why they are important. This will help us when we design and make our own kite.
For this weeks maths homework we would like you to order decimals. Starting with the smallest- try to have a go at the extra challenge! 
Return to school by 4.7.18
For this weeks homework we would like the children to answer questions about decimals. As we have been learning about hundredths this week, there are different questions converting fractions into decimals.
Return to school by 20.6.18
In English we have written a new exciting chapter for Sugarcane juice. Next week we will be creating a film trailer for our story. For this weeks homework we would like the children to create a poster advertising the film. Use lots of colour and persuasive, exciting language. 
Return to school by 20.6.18
This week in maths we have been learning about decimals. For this weeks homework we would like you to complete the sheet provided. The activities involve: converting fractions into decimals, decimals into fractions and to write the value of each decima in tenths. 
Return to school by 13.6.18
In English we are learning about the story Sugarcane juice which is set in Pakistan. For this weeks homework we would like you to research a topic area in order to find out more information. You find out about: food, clothes, pets, animals, landscape, education, people, sport, tourists and any other area you are interested in.
Return to school by 13.6.18
Homework this week is to prepare for our PGL trip - make sure the children have all of the items on the kit list and are able to pack their own bag and sleeping bag!
This week we have been interpreting and reading data in maths. For this weeks homework we would like the children to complete the table provided and then create 3-5 questions regarding the information in the table.
Return to school by 3.5.18
In DT we are earning about kites. For this weeks homework we would like the children to collect 4 pictures of different kite designs that they like. They will share their pictures in class next week.
Return to school by 3.5.18
In maths we have been reading at interpreting data. For this weeks homework we would like the children to answer questions based on the bar chart provided. These questions include: comparing data and looking for the most frequent or least frequent.
Return to school by 25.4.18
In RE we are looking at responsibilities. Next week the children will be creating their own timeline based on key events in their life. For this weeks homework we would like to create a timeline with a least 5 important events. Such as: When they were born, when the started school, when a younger sibling was born.
For this weeks math's homework we have sent home some division questions. The children must use the method we have been using class and try to answer as many questions as they can. 
Return to school by 28.3.18
This week in maths we have been practicing division. For this weeks homework we have provided 9 division questions for your child to complete. They should be able to work independently as the calculations do not include any remainders.
Return to school by 21.3.18
In art we are learning about impressionist artists. For this weeks homework we would like your child to research an impressionist artist and create a poster, leaflet or PowerPoint with interesting facts alternatively they may want to create a piece of art work in same style as an impressionist artist.
This is a two week piece of homework therefore your child should spend around 90 minutes completing their project.
Return to school by 28.3.18
In Geography we are comparing the UK with France. For this week’s homework we have sent home a sheet with different questions about France. Please use your knowledge and research from the internet to answer the questions and gather information. 
Return to school by 7.3.18