Weekly Learning


This week in Maths we started a new unit looking at angles. We have been looking for angles within shapes and have used geoboards to make shapes, we have drawn shapes and then counted how many angles are in the shape. We have found that the number of sides of a shape and the number of angles is the same!

We have also started a new unit in English based on a book called Escape from Pompeii. From reading the opening paragraph of the book the children raised some queries they had about the book and were then able to come up with the theories of what they think will happen in the book. We have now read the book and the children have shown great interest in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius; they have shared what they already know about volcanoes and what they would like to find out!

In our History lessons this week we have continued to look at Boudicca. We have looked at Boudicca’s appearance and had a go at drawing Boudicca based on what we know!


This week in Maths the children have continued with our unit on time. We have been finding the duration between two times using hours and minutes. We also have looked at how we can use the duration of an activity to find the start or end time. The children have been applying these concepts when working through word problems.

In English, we have continued our unit on roman newspapers. The children have used their knowledge of the features of newspaper articles to plan and write their own articles. The children based their newspaper articles on a chariot crash which happened in the Roman times. We listened to a news broadcast and the children had the opportunity to listen to an eye witness account at the accident site! (On our school playground performed by Mrs Spragg)!

In History this week we have looked at Boudicca and her rebellion. We found out about different people in Roman Britain at the time and thought about how they were affected by Boudicca’s actions.

This week the children have been working really hard to practice for our Harvest Festival. All the children did a great job and we hope you all enjoyed the service!



This week in Maths the children have been learning how to subtract hours and minutes with regrouping. We have been impressed with how well children have done with subtracting time! We have now started to look at how we can find the duration between two times using hours and minutes.

In English, we have started our new unit on roman newspapers. We have been identifying the main features of a newspaper article and have looked at the information an opening paragraph gives us (5 w’s – who, when, where, what, why).

In our History lessons this week we have looked at Roman soldiers. We discussed the clothing they wore, the armour they had and the equipment they used.

This week the children had the opportunity to vote for who they would like to become the Junior Leadership Team member(s). The children received a polling card and attended our polling station (our school hall) to cast their votes!


It has been a busy week for us in Year 4!                  

This week we have completed our first piece of writing in English. We have written our own story, (about performing in a Music band) from the viewpoint of one of the children from the narrative poem we have been looking at ‘The Bogeymen and the Trolls Next Door.’ We have been impressed with the children’s engagement with this writing!

We have continued with our topic on time in Maths. This week we have moved onto adding hours and minutes. We have been adding the hours together first, then adding the minutes and lastly putting them together to find the total.

In History, we learnt about how the Celts would prepare for battle and wrote a set of instructions for a Celtic Warrior. We have now completed our lessons on Celtic life and next week we will begin to look at the Romans.

The highlight of our week was visiting the Verulamium Museum. We enjoyed looking around the museum which showcased everyday life in Roman Britain. All classes showed great interest in the artefacts we saw and got to handle; some of which were original pieces!


This week we have started to write our own stories based on the Kaye Umansky narrative verse 'The Bogeymen and the Trolls Next Door.'
In Maths we are applying our knowledge of time and converting hours into minutes and minutes into hours.
History sees us continuing our topic on the Celts, understanding how they lived and what day to day life was like before the arrival of the Romans.
Maths has seen the class thinking about time in terms of minutes past and minutes to and when to use each term.
In English we have studied the text 'The Bogeymen and the Trolls Next Door.' which we will be performing to the year ones and sixes next week.
In History we have learnt about when the Celts lived and how that fits into the timeline of events we have previously learnt about.
In Maths there is a time worksheet to complete. 
In History there is a sheet to be completed about the Celts.
All homework is due in by Wednesday 25th September with the exception of 4I who, due to a trip, can return on Thursday 26th September.
In Maths there is a sheet to complete about reading the time.
In English, your child has been given a verse or two to learn ready for a performance next week.
All homework is due in by Wednesday.