Weekly Learning
We have been reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in English this week. The children have looked at chapter one and what it shows us about the main characters.
In Maths, we have finished our topic on Shape and are just starting one on Length, Mass and Volume.
Science involved a trip to Mop End. The children enjoyed pond dipping and exploring the woods and found some amazing creatures.
The children had lots of fun on Thursday with their sports day. It was great to see everyone taking part and cheering on their houses. Well done to everyone.
In Science this week we have been looking at environmental changes and the reasons behind them. The children had some great ideas and we are looking forward to seeing their presentations in a couple of weeks.
In Maths the children have continued their investigations into the properties of shape. They have done this practically and have made some important inks between shapes.
Thank you to all the children who attended the WhizzFizz Fest on Saturday. Everyone had a great time and did a fabulous job.
This week the children have started the story of Sugarcane Juice, which is set in Pakistan. The children have enjoyed learning about the culture that surrounds the story.
In Geography, we have learnt about maps and the symbols used. This is for a project next week where we will be writing letters to the O.S.
We have also had great full building a giant chicken for the Whizzfizz Fest. Those of you who have said you will attend, we look forward to seeing you bright and early Saturday morning. The meeting point is St Mary's Church and the meeting time is 9.50.
In Maths, this week the children have had great fun exploring symmetry. It has probably been one of the most popular subjects we have covered this year.
In English we have written a prequel to The Lost Thing and the children have enjoyed showing off all the techniques they have learnt this year.
In ICT the children are learning to touch type. Again, this has been very popular. If you would like to practice at home then there is a free site on BBC Bitesize.
This week we have finished our topic on angles and started a new topic of symmetry which they children are really enjoying.
In English we are carrying on the topic of The Lost Thing. The children have been practicing sentences that include sub ordinate clauses, fronted adverbials and prepositional phrases in readiness for their story next week.
In Geography we are learning about settlements. They have looked at why people settle in certain areas and what resources are required.
This week we have finished off our investigations into sound by constructing experiments to find the best materials for ear defenders.
The children enjoyed the experience of thinking through how to construct a successful experiment and there were some very imaginative designs.
In English we have finished off our poetry unit and are looking forward to learning about our new book, 'The Lost Thing' by Shaun Tan.
In Maths we have been consolidating our knowledge this week and are looking forward to our next unit- Angles and Direction.
It has been good to be back together this week and to hear about the highlights of last week's PGL. In English, we have been looking at various poems and identifying the technical features used: rhyming couplets, rhythm, alliterations, similes, personification and the number of syllables used as well as the feelings and imagery created by the poet.
In Maths, we started the week by looking at the perimeters of 2D shapes and finished by focusing on the introduction of centimetres squared to calcualte the areas of shapes.
In Science, we have continued to look at sound and the parts of the ear; while in RE we learnt about Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah. The children were amazed to discover that children are considered as adults at the ages of 13 and 12 years old in the Jewish religion.
(A reminder for 4W, Mrs Avery will be teaching Monday and Tuesday next week, as she is accompanying the Year 6s to Whitemoor Lakes and Mrs Simmons will be in class from Wednesday to Friday.)
While most of the Year Group were away,the ten children remaining in school had their own adventures. On Wednesday they made pizzas from scratch. This involved a trip to Tescos to purchase the ingredients, learning about how yeast reacts to make the dough rise, kneading and adding the toppings. As well as cooking pizza, the children tried a variety of fruits, some of which they hadn't tried before. Team building and problem solving games were also played throughout the day. (Take a look at the photos to see more).
PGL - 8.5.19
Year 4 have arrived safely at PGL Liddington. We have had a fun packed afternoon which started by getting in to our lovely accommodation. We then moved onto our first activities which included: Trapeze, Jacob's Ladder, Sensory trail and Zip Wire. The children were really excited and showed great bravery and teamwork - supporting each other through challenges.
We then had dinner which consisted of lasagne, Chicken goujons, chips, veg and lots of delicious salad from the salad bar. The children ate really well and made some very healthy choices.
The evening's entertainment was Splash which involved a variety of team games such as: a fashion show, peeling an orange, eating an apple quickly and making shoe towers. The event culminated in the groups competing to create a protective container to hold a water balloon. The teachers were very competitive (as always) and the children took much enjoyment through watching them compete. 
Please see the pictures below to see the children enjoying their first day away from home!
9.5.19 PGL day 2
Today has been another great day - although we have experienced quite a lot of rain, this has not disheartened the children. We rose early today (6:30) and went for breakfast (many of us had a cooked breakfast!) Then the children began their morning activities which included The giant swing, Archery, Sensory trail and Jacob's ladder. The children then went for lunch and after visited the gift shop - where they enjoyed spending their money on memorabilia. The children took part in more fun activities in the afternoon and then packed their belongings ready for an early start tomorrow. This evening's activity was called Wacky Races and involved various races. We have had a great day and are ready for our final activities tomorrow which will be fencing and abseiling. We will see you tomorrow on our return!
In English this week we completed our Holiday Brochures on France by writing a persuasive paragraph on Nice, particulalry focusing on the beach.
In Maths, we have continued to look at time, finishing the week by converting between 12 and 24 hour clocks.  We have started to use all of our knowledge on time to solve word problems.
In RE we started our knew topic "What is the best way for a Jew to show commitment to God?". We discussed what ages we have or will be allowed to do things eg. ride a bike without stabilisers,  walk to school on our own, started brownies/cubs and other milestones in our lifes.
In PE we worked individually and with a partner to plan a sequence of moves to the Overture Chase from the Barnum sound track. We took on the role of clowns with over exaggerated movements and excellent facial expressions.
We have been very excited this week as we have discussed the PGL trip. Mrs Avery and Mrs Simmons would like to wish all those going a fantastic time and are looking forward to hearing all about it on their return.
In Maths we have continued looking at time and have been converting hours and minutes to minutes and vice versa. Next week we'll be including seconds.
Our English and Geography lessons have been linked, looking at France in more detail. We have continued our holiday brochures using persuasive language to interest people in visiting the
"Stunning scenery of the Alps. While hiking is popular you may prefer getting soaked to the skin in inflatable rafts and experience adrenaline fuelled white water rafting!"
We also discussed the tragic fire at Notre Dame and the possible changes we may need to make to our writing on Paris.
In Computing we researched the French culture, discovering the name of the president, traditional cuisine and the names of several famous French people. 
This week has been another busy week for Year 4. We have finished our work on converting fractions to decimals and started to remind ourselves about telling the time. It would really help your child if they can have access to both digital and analogue clocks at home.
In English we have written the first part of our leaflet about France. Ask your child what they would recommend you visit in Paris and why.
In RE we have continued to look at forgiveness and linked it to the Easter Story, where Jesus even forgave those who crucified him!
Thursday afternoon was very exciting as we watched the talent show. Well done to Lola and Will for representing Year 4. Both children worked extremely hard, Lola danced to a compilation track to show off her skills, while Will had composed his own piece of music.
We would like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter. 
In Maths this week we have continued to compare fractions and decimals. We have looked at hundredths and discovered that ten hundredths can be exchanged for one tenth. We have practised counting in hundredths in decimals, learning that zero point zero one is expressed as 0.01.
In English we have been studying the persuavive language used in holiday brochures. This involved completing a comprehension activity on Fantastic France, ( parents who attended the English evening were able to complete this too). We have been using imperrative verbs and descriptive phrases to encourage others to visit The Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame and Disneyland Paris.
Rev. Anthony Howells joined us for RE on Thursday. The children asked him some challenging questions about forgiveness. This was for our topic "Is it always possible for Christians to forgive?". We then looked at Jesus' teaching through the parable of The Prodigal Son.
Today in PE , 4J challenged 4W to a game of kick rounders. Both teams grasped the competative element of this game, even Mrs Jarvis and Mrs Avery joinied in!  The final score was 22 -22. We look forward to a rematch soon.
Year 4 have had a very busy week.
In English we have been looking at a crime scene and learning how Police Constables and CSI officers collect evidence and ensure it is reliable. We have looked through witness statements, PC Albee's notebook, an artist's impression and the evidence collected from the crime scene. We have then written a report for the court explaining how our findings point to Markie McCrumb being our main suspect.
In Maths we have continued our work on fractions and have successfully added and subtracted fractions with the same common denominator.
Our afternoons have been focused on Science Week. We have looked at neurons and made models of them with our memories attached. We investigated sneezes and carried out an experiment to prove that fizzy water contains a gas. Our week was finished off by practically looking for clues to discover who had stolen the jewels and money from the safe. 
In English this week we held a court. The children took on the roles of prosectors, defence lawyers, defendant (Mr Lo), witnesses and jury. The children used their knowledge of the play script to ask appropriate questions and challenge the defendant's comments. Please ask your child for the final verdict.
In Maths we have been revising our knowledge of numerators and denominators and then using the short cut method to find equivalent fractions by multiplication.
In Science we have had lots of fun finding out the effect salt has on ice. We are looking forward to Science Week next week.
Thursday and Friday afternoons this week were spent at Forest School for 4W. In 4J they looked at the basics of making a motion picture.
We have started lots of new topics this week. In English we have been looking at a Play Script called The Fly and the Fool, whih is set in Vietnam. We have been looking at the features of a play script, studying the evidence from the script to find out about more about the characters. We enjoyed acting it out.
In Maths we have been looking at data tables and then using them to answer questions and fill in the missing information. We have continued to look at bar charts.
In Science we have started our new topic on States of Matter. This involved being scientists doing an investigation using  variety of fizzy drinks. (As scientistis we were not allowed to taste them but observed what happened.)
4J had their last afternoon at Forest School and built some fabulous dens. 4W are looking forward to going to Forest School on Thursday and Friday afternoons next week.
Year 4 have had a busy week. In English they have finished off their newspapers and they are now displayed in the classroom.
In Maths we have moved on to tables and line graphs which the children are enjoying. This is a topic we will continue next term.
Thursday saw the children have a Barnabas experience, which saw them reliving religious stories which they really enjoyed. They also got to experience some of the foods used at Passover during  our RE lesson, if they wished or were able, and understand the symbols behind them.
Year 4 have been hard at work this week as Victorian journalists, and have started to write their articles for their newspaper, ready for publishing next week.
Maths has concentrated on division and understanding place value as well as our continued focus on multiplication.
We have also discussed internet safety this week as part of the national focus. The children have made posters to illustrate key points. The winning posters will be announced next week.
4J  also got to experience Forest School on Friday. It was muddy and wet but all the children said it was a great afternoon and they made some fantastic dens.
We have moved on to division this week and the children are using their knowledge of multiples in order to help them with their division.
In English we are looking at the features of newspapers and in particular written adverts, before writing our own next week. 
The children have been writing their account of life in Barnardos. They have tried to use standard and non-standard English in their text in order to demonstrate the characters of the children and adults.
Maths this week has concentrated on 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication. We have really focused on why as well as how the actions are taken.
The children have also been learning more about coastlines and how they are formed.
In English this week we have been continuing our topic of 'The Runaways'. We have focused on how the author uses inference in their writing in preparation for their own piece of writing next week .
In Maths we have looked at multiplying a three digit number by a one digit number and how to use rounding and estimating in order to check whether our answers are plausible.
We have also started our Geography topic of Coasts, looking at different types of coastline.
This week in English we have been continuing our Victorian workhouse topic and looking at characters and inference.
In Maths we have looked at factors and common factors of numbers.
This week  we have started a new topic in English, involving the Victorians. The children enjoyed the victorian school experience on Thursday where they wrote in chalk, chanted their lessons and were 'seen but not heard'.
In Maths we are looking at factors of a product and will continue this next week.
Science has introducted the topic of electricity which we will be exploring further.
This week in English, the children have finished their diary entries for their imagined day with Monty the penguin. They have used emotive language and fronted adverbials in order to give the piece cohesion and emotion.
In Maths they have been rounding numbers to the nearest ten and hundred in preparation for estimating next week.
We have finished off our project on the Impressionists in Art and the children have used their knowledge of watercolour to produce some lovely pieces. 
This week  the children have written a follow-on chapter for a story we have been reading. They worked hard on descriptive writing in order to paint a vivid picture of a fairground in the readers mind.
In Maths we have finished our unit on place value in order to secure their knowledge before moving on to addition and subtraction of five digit numbers next week.
The children have also been practicing hard for their Christingle concert which is next week.
This week in English we have been completing our dilemma story set a fairground. The children have worked very hard at bringing excitement into their story using powerful descriptions and simile.
In Maths we are looking at place value and what this means when considering thousands, ten thousands and hundred thousands. We are using concrete methods to understand the value of the various digits within given numbers.
ICT proved very popular this week, with the children trying to write instructions for a  robot to make a jam sandwich. The children found that this was not as easy as they first thought but are now ready for coding on the computer.
This week we have been learning about Roman numerals. We have learnt the value of the 7 different letters alongside how to make numbers which aren't represented by the 7 letters. This involved adding and subtracting and being aware of when to do so.
In English we have been learning about a new story called "Lost or Stolen". We have used role play to understand the characters better and have created a blurb. As the story is set in India around the festival of Rashka Bandan each child made their own Rakhi bracelet using coloured threads and beads.
In Art we have been learning about Impressionism and in particular the different charteristics which define an impressionist piece of art. We have been recreating colour wash this week in order to paint a snap shot of an impressionist piece of art. We have been colour matching using water colours which will enable us to create our own pieces next week.
In English there is a short passage from our story that the children need to edit.
In Maths the children have a revision question to answer. Please make sure the children read the scale carefully.
Homework 28.6.19
Maths this week is a  series of shapes. The children need to name the shape and write as much about the shape as possible. Does it have parallel sides? If so are they opposite sides or adjacent? What about the length of the sides are they the same or different? And what do you notice about the angles?
In Science, the children have decided which endangered animal they are going to present to the class with their partner. This week they need to find some fun facts which will give their presentation the 'WOW factor.'
Maths homework this week is to complete a symmetry worksheet.
In Geography we have been looking at place names. The children have been asked to investigate the meaning of the place where they live and from its name, investigate who settled there first. 
Maths- The homework this week is to look around the house for angles. The angles can be right angles, obtuse angles or acute angles. The children need to name the object they have found and what type of angle they contain.
English- There is worksheet to complete on complex sentences.
Both pieces of homework need to be returned by Wednesday 12th June. 
Only homework this week is to spend quality time with your family and tell them all about adventures at PGL. You may wish to get some sleep first!
Maths time conversion sheet to completed by Wednesday 8th May.
PGL Homework - Please pack your bag to ensure you know what to repack with you on Friday. You may wish to practise getting your sleeping bag into its sack.
Maths Homework is a sheet on time. We expect most children to complete this very quickly as a consolidation exercise. If your child would like an extension they could give their answers in analogue, digital and 24 hours clocks. Please complete by Wednesday 1st May.
Geography homework please see attached photograph.
There is no homework as it is the holidays. 
We have however sent home a copy of the Year 3/4 spelling list. This was handed out at the English evening. We also mentioned a website which frequently updates reading lists. Please follow the link if you'd like some inspiration for books for your child might enjoy:
Maths Homework this week is a sheet on hundredths in fractions and decimals. Please complete in your Maths book. This is due in on 3/1/19.
The Computering and English homework is attached. Please note the items for the animations need to be in school on Monday 1st April.
Maths Homework- due 27.3.19
Complete the sheet on fractions of whole numbers in your homework in pencil in your book.
Geography/Science homework- see sheet.
Maths homework on  equivalent fractions and Science Week Poster Competition both due 20.3.19.
For more details on the poster competition please see the attached sheet. Please do not stick your poster in your book but hand it in separately with your child's full name, age and class written on the back. Thank you
Maths Homework - due 13.3.19
For your Maths homework this week, we would like you to plan, carry out and record your own data for information you are interested in. Record the information on a bar chart.
(For example, in Mrs Simmons' family: Number of Pets owned, 4 dogs, 1 cat, 2 rabbits, 3 hamsters and 0 gerbils).
Science homework due - Thursday 14.3.19
Discover which famous scientist we will be discovering in Science Week. (See attached sheet)
Maths homework this week is to use your knowledge of data tables to answer the questions. Please have a go at drawing the line graph. We will be looking at this in more detail in Maths lessons this week. 
English homework this week is connected to World Book Day. We would like you to ask an adult about their favourite book when they were a child. Please find what they liked about it, a brief outline of the plot and the author. We will be sharing these in class this week.
There is no homework as it's Half Term. Enjoy the holiday and we will see you in a week.
Maths homework this week is to show the related division fact for given multiplications. For example 2 x 3 = 6 has the division fact 6 divided by 3 = 2.
In English the children have been asked to answer some questions based on a historical text. Children need to try to explain their answers fully and give examples.
Maths this week is to write the multiplication and division fact for the arrays pictured.
In English, the children need to find a written advert and fill in the features grid as they have done in class.
We appreciate that the homework is late going home, due to the snow day. If possible could you please return it by Thursday 7th so that it can be marked in time for Friday. Thank you in advance
Maths homework this week is to calculate some 2 digit multiplication . The children must also estimate their answer to see if their actual answer is plausible.
In English the children need to bring in examples of newspaper articles and remind themselves of the features. The children have also been set the challenge of finding out what a masthead is in newspaper terms.
Maths Homework 18.1.19.
Maths this week is practicing  our rounding to the nearest ten and the nearest hundred.
Topic homework is to write about or draw a coastline you have visited or would like to visit and explain what type of coastline it is.
Maths homework is the multiplication challenge. Children need to complete as many as possilble and compare their results with last time.
Science involves looking around the house to find as many items as possible that use the two sources of electricity- mains or battery.
There isn't any homework this week as we break up for Christmas next week. We hope you enjoy the time off and see you in the new Year.
Maths this week is an assessment of their learning in regards to place value and asks some straight forward questions to gauge their understanding of what various digits in a given number mean.
Their other homework is to practise their lines and songs for the Christingle performance which is at 4.30 on Friday.  
Art homework this week is a continuation of their project. We can't wait to see the results on Friday.
Maths is explaining the odd one out. The explanation is key. How many can the children find?
As we have been learning about Roman numerals this week involves you complete the missing Roman numbers. Some activies involve using addition and subtraction.
Return to school by 21.11.18
In art we are studying Impressionism. This is a two week piece of homework involving researching an impressionist artist. We would like you to find out about their lives and what pieces of art they are most famous for. You can present your information in various different ways including: PowerPoint, leaflet, booklet or even recreate a piece of art.
Be prepared to present your information to the class by 28.11.18
Homework this week is a repeat of the times table challenge. The aim is that whatever quantity they answered last time, they get more this go. The Challenge is on!
The other homework this week is science. The children should be able to explain why they can identify what food the selected animals eat purely by looking at their teeth .
See below for this weeks Maths homework.
See below for this weeks English homework.
This weeks maths homework involves practising the 2,3,4 and 5 times tables. You will have 5 minutes to complete all the questions.
Return to school by 17.10.18
In English we are constantly practicing editing. This weeks homework involves reading and correcting a passage and re-writing the passage correctly.
Return to school by 17.10.18
Maths homework this week is to spot the odd one out. The  children have been answering these types of questions in class. There is are many answers to the question but we are more interested in the reasoning (why?) behind their answer.
English homework is about practicing their imperative verbs and creating their own word bank of imperatives for next weeks task, which is all about persuading someone.
This week in maths we have been learning formal division - for this week’s homework we would like you to answer the questions provided.
Return by 3.10.18
We visited the Verulamium this week to learn about Roman life. For this week’s homework we have given you some Roman artefacts to identify.
Return by 3.10.18
As next is our Harvest festival service we would lie you to learn your song words and any speaking words you may have.
By 4.10.18
English homework this week is adverbials. This is for them to practice so they are able to include it in their writing next week.
Maths is times tables as this is really important for many areas of Maths including Division which we are learning at the moment.
Homework is due in on Wednesday 26th September.
We have been learning the formal method of multiplication and homework this week is consolidating that knowledge. Date for completion is Wednesday the 19th September.
In English this week we have been learning a narrative poem called the Bogeymen and The Trolls Nextdoor. We will be performing this poem to the year 1's next Monday. We would the children to learn their verses ready for Mondays performance. 
Completed by Monday 17th September.
Maths homework to complete the sheet on area. Please remember to give your answer in cm². To be hand in by Wednesday 22nd May.
English homework - please learn your class poem and be ready to recite it to the parallel class. Remember the tips given in class for learning your words.