Weekly Learning
This week year 4 have been using dienes equipment to divide two digit numbers by one digit. We have worked practically with our partners alongside completing calculations independently. We have used language such as quotient and remainder.
In English we have been learning about Paris in order for us write a persuasive piece of writing. In our writing we have included facts about the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Louvre. In order to ensure our writing persuaded people to visit Paris we had to include a range of sentence types: a rhetorical question, statement, command and a conditional sentence. Nest week we will be writing about the Alps.
This week year 4 we're given the opportunity to learn first aid with Mrs Evans. They had lots of fun and learnt many life saving skills, including: CPR and how to treat a burn. Ask your child to show you how to put someone in the recovery position. 
This week we have continued practising multiplying 2 digit and 3 digit numbers by 2 digits. We have used estimation to check if our answer seems reasonable. Next week we will be moving onto division, using long division to help us answer more complex questions. We will be using terminology such as remainder and quotient.
In English we have written a poem about a lion on the school playground. Our poems included alliteration, similes and personification. We have also created a newspaper article about the escaped lion on the playground. We had to ensure we included the 5 w's -  who, what, when, where and why alongside factual information and quotes.
This week year 4 have been multiplying 2 digit and three digit numbers by two digits. We have been working with our partners as well as independently in order to ensure we are all confident with the method. Ask your child to show you the different steps involved.
In English we have continued to look at poetry. We have compared two different poems - ‘My Sari’ and ‘At the end of the school day’. Looking at similarities, differences and first person/third person. We even had a special treat when a child bought in his mum’s saris and then showed us how to dress someone. For world book day we shared our favourite books and completed a mini book quiz.
In RE we re-wrote the story of the progical son - we organised our stories into paragraphs and included direct speech.
This week in maths we have started multiplying by two digit numbers. This have proven to be quite a tricky concept but after much practice we are stating to understand the process. Next week we will be multiplying two digit numbers by three digit numbers.
In English we are learning about poetry. We have studied three different poems, looking at alliteration, similes,rhyme and rhythm. We have also learnt about haiku poems and created our own. Next week we will be performing a Poem called My Sari to a different year group.
We have been doing cross country in PE again this week, getting ready for the inter house cross country competition next week. We jogged round three sides of the field then sprinted the last side, gradually increasing the sprinting until we sprinted the whole perimeter of the field.
This week year 4 have created their own newspaper report in English. We wrote about a new Dr Barnardo's home opening. We included fronted adverbials, direct quotes and informative language.
In maths we have continued to develop our multiplication skills. We are now able to confidently multiply 3 and 4 digit numbers by 1 digit. After the holidays we will be learning how to multiply by 2 digit numbers.
In art we have combined our Science knowledge to create sound wave pictures. We practised drawing our sound waves with pencil first then used black water colours to create the final piece. Please come and look at our creations outside 4T during parents evening. 
In maths this week we have been multiplying two digit and three digit numbers by multiples of ten. This has involved us decreasing the multiplier by ten, Turing the calculation into the formal method then multiplying the product by ten. 
We have been looking at Victorian adverts in English. We have studied the purpose of adverts as well as the persuasive language used. This resulted in us creating our own adverts for the victorian safety bike.
In art we have used our drawing skills to create a sketch of a hedgehog. Many of us found this quite tricky to begin with, however after perseverance we were able to create some fantastic art work!
This week year 4 have been developing their knowledge of formal multiplication. This has involved us working with larger numbers which at times has proved quite tricky.
We have finished writing our new chapter of Runaways and have spent lots of time editing our work. We are very pleased with our final pieces. We are now studying newspapers and adverts with the aim of creating our own Victorian advert next week.
In computing we have started looking at coding. In order to help us understand the coding process better we had lots of fun writing instructions for a robot to create a jam sandwich. Year 4 were then given the opportunity to follow their own instructions and create a sandwich, however they weren't allowed to anything which wasn't written down!
This week year 4 have been learning about multiples in maths. We have explored multiples as well as identified common multiples between sets of numbers. Ask your child if they can tell you the first 12 multiples of the 4 times table.
In English year 4 have been writing a new chapter of the Runaways story. We have had to include: direct speech, powerful descriptions as well as non standard English. We will be finishing our stories next week and then editing our writing to improve.
In Geography we have studied a map of the United Kingdom. This included us looking at the four countries which make up the UK alongside learning about what a county is and exploring the different counties in England. Next week we will be looking at erosion. 
This week year 4 have been learning about factors. We have used language such as: product, factor, multiple and remainder. Ask your child what the factors of 36 are. 
In English we are reading a story called Runaways which is about two children in Victorian times. We have created Character descriptions, movie trailers, diary entries and drama pieces. Next week we will be writing a new chapter of the story. 
Year 4 started cross country this week. This included running around the perimeter of the school field twice. We are aiming to improve on our time next week! 
This week in maths we have been practicing division. For this weeks homework we have provided 9 division questions for your child to complete. They should be able to work independently as the calculations do not include any remainders.
Return to school by 21.3.18
In art we are learning about impressionist artists. For this weeks homework we would like your child to research an impressionist artist and create a poster, leaflet or PowerPoint with interesting facts alternatively they may want to create a piece of art work in same style as an impressionist artist.
This is a two week piece of homework therefore your child should spend around 90 minutes completing their project.
Return to school by 28.3.18
In Geography we are comparing the UK with France. For this week’s homework we have sent home a sheet with different questions about France. Please use your knowledge and research from the internet to answer the questions and gather information. 
Return to school by 7.3.18
For this weeks maths homework we like the children to keep practicing their multiplication skills. There are some calculations which involve multiplying two digit and three digit numbers by multiples of ten. They must remember to write the calculation as a formal method.
Return to school by 7.2.18
This weeks English homework focuses on punctuation. We have provided the children with a text which has incorrect punctuation. We would like the children to carefully read the text and edit it to include any missing or incorrect punctuation.
Return to school by 7.2.18
This week maths homework is focused on formal multiplication. There are 9 questions which involve 3 digit and 4 digit numbers. Make sure your children remember to regroup and add anything they have carried.
Return to school 31.1.18
In English we will be writing a persuasive advert for a Victorian bicycle. For this weeks homework we would like the children to research the penny farthing and discuss how bicycles are different today.
Return to school 31.1.18
This week in maths we have been learning about multiples. For this weeks homework we would like you to use your knowledge to answer the questions provided. You must list the first 12 multiples for the 4,6,5 and 8 times tables then list the common multiples. 
Return to school by Wednesday 24th January. 
This week in maths we have been rounding to the nearest hundred. This weeks homework involves rounding the numbers to the nearest 100. Please encourage your child to draw a number,one to help them. There is also an extension of writing the range of numbers which round to the nearest 10.
Return to school by 6.12.17