This week in Maths we have moved on to solving two-step problems involving addition and subtraction. We had to solve one part of the word problem first before we could solve the second part. We used a bar model to represent the problem and then used the column method including exchanging and regrouping to solve the calculations. 
We have also spent some time looking at 3D shapes, naming and identifying different 3D shapes and identifying the properties of these shapes. 
In English this week we have started to create and develop our ideas about two different beach settings. We have created a list of adjectives, verbs, adverbs and similes to describe the two different settings. 
In Science we carried out an experiment to identify which rocks were permeable and which rocks were impermeable. 
We have been working really hard in Maths this week continuing to solve both addition and subtraction word problems using the bar model and involving 3-digit numbers. 
In English, we have moved on to our first unit in Literacy and Language. We have read a story called Sand Wizards. We have spent time discussing the theme of this story and comparing it to other stories. 
In Re, we have been learning about Diwali and we wrote our own fact file this week about the festival. 
In Topic, we created our ideas for a piece of cave art. We experimented with colour and different mediums e.g. pencil colours, oil pastels. We looked at some cave art to gather ideas and practised different cave art patterns and had a go at drawing some animals. 
Another busy week in Year 3!
In maths, we have continued to use the bar model method to solve both addition and subtraction problems but have moved on to solving problems involving 3 digit numbers. 
In English, we spent the week drafting and redrafting our stories about the octopus family. We have been working on our editing skills and have all produced some fantastic writing. 
In science,  we carried out an investigation to find out the strength of different types of rocks. We carried out different tests on the rocks e.g. what happened to the rock when we dropped from a particular height. We were then able to make some conclusions about which rock was the strongest compared to the others. 
3A had their first swimming lesson this week. During the lesson they were all assessed and put into groups. They all represented St Mary's beautifully and Mrs Allwright was extremely proud of them all. 
It's been another busy week in Year 3!
In Maths, we have been working on using the bar model method to solve addition and subtraction word problems.  We used cubes to represent the numbers we were using to create our bars. This method helped us to visualise the word problems we were working on.  Some of us even had a go at writing our own word problems and drawing bar models to solve them. 
In English, we have been beginning to gather and plan ideas for a fantasy story. We also have spent time thinking about what makes a fantasy story.  At the end of the week we have spent time creating a vocabulary bank of different nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs we can use in our writing. Today we started planning our story by using our vocabulary bank and an example of a fantasy story. 
In Science, we have been looking at the three types of rocks which are sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous. We spent time handling real examples of sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks before writing about the three types of rocks. 
We have had a busy first week back at school in Year 3!
In Maths we have been working on comparing and ordering 3 digit numbers and finding 1, 10 and 100 more or less than a number. We have also been working on describing and explaining our reasoning during maths lessons this week. 
In English we have been looking at a book called 'Flotsam'. This book is really unusual as it is full of pictures but has no words to go with the pictures. We have enjoyed telling the story so far from the pictures. We have also used our imagination and the pictures in the book to make predictions and to describe how the characters are feeling. 
In Science this half term we are looking at Rocks and Soils. This week we learnt about the properties of rocks and spent some time walking around the school in search of different rocks and their uses. 
PE days in Year 3 are Monday and Tuesday and 3A will be going swimming on  Friday afternoon from the 28th September.