Weekly Learning
It has been a very long and surreal week due to the current events going on in the world. However Year 3 have been amazing and have been working really hard. 
In maths, we have continued the work on fractions by comparing fractions with the same and different denominators. 
In English, we have finished our explanation texts about mummification and published them on to A4 paper. 
In Topic we carried out our own mummification task whereby we used tomatoes, salt and bicarbonate of soda. The children had to cut the tomatoes open and scoop out the contents. The children placed the tomato into a container and covered it in salt and some bicarbonate of soda. The container was then covered and we will wait to see what happens to the tomatoes in a few weeks.  We hope to be able to keep the children updated by being able to go into school (when we can) to take pictures and make observations of the tomatoes which we will post on to the blog for the children to see. 
From all the Year 3 team we wish you all the best in the next few weeks, stay safe and we cannot wait to see you very soon and to hear all about the fantastic learning you have been doing at home. 
Mrs Allwright, Mrs Honeybourne and Miss Imtiaz
A busy week in Year 3!
On Monday, we celebrated World Book Day. The children were able to experience three different activities between Year 3 and Year 4 which were planned around three different books. The children thoroughly enjoyed the different activities they took part in. They all looked fantastic dressed in their costumes and the whole day was a huge success.
The children have started to work on fractions this week in maths. We have been using shapes and models to represent different fractions such as halves, thirds, quarters, fifths, sixths and eighths. 
In English, the children have finished their stories based on the story 'The Egyptian Cinderella. We are really impressed with the standard of writing produced. 
The children are going to be designing and creating their own photo frame in DT this half term. The children spent Wednesday afternoon looking at a range of different photo frames, the materials used and how they have been made. The children drew sketches of the different photo frames to create a bank of ideas in their DT booklets. 
Another busy week in Year 3!
The children have been learning different methods they can use when subtracting amounts of money this week in maths. They have also been developing their problem solving skills by solving different money investigations. 
In English, the children have planned their own version of the Egyptian Cinderella. The children have thought about the features of a traditional fairy tale and how they could change the story. They have been very creative in developing their ideas for their stories and used a variety of features to engage the reader. 
On Tuesday, St Mary's was 20 years old and to celebrate Year 3 took part in some activities relating to the number 20. The children learnt to say hello in 20 different languages and thought about 10 things they have done since being at St Mary's and 10 things they are looking forward to doing at St Mary's. Next week we are going to plant 20 seeds. 
It has been a busy but great start to the second half of the Spring Term in Year 3. 
The children have been learning to add different amounts of money in maths; to find the total cost of items or the total amount spent. The children have been able to use their knowledge of column addition to do this. 
We have started to read a story called 'The Egyptian Cinderella' in English. The children have enjoyed reading the story so far and have been working on developing their comprehension skills in lessons this week. 
The children have been busy in Art this week continuing to work on their woven landscapes. We have been very impressed with how the children have using their skills and with the work they have produced. 
The children have been busy learning to recognise the value of different coins this week in maths. The children have impressed us with their knowledge of money. The children have started to learn how to add two amounts of money using the following method:
£3.65 + £2.20 = 
First we add the pence= 65p + 20p =85p
Then we add the pounds = £3.00 + £2.00 = £5.00
Finally we add the pounds and pence = £5.00 + 85p = £5.85
The children developed their own ideas for a poem using water as the theme in English this week. The children explored using language in different ways and using different poetic features they had learnt during lessons the previous week. The children have all worked really hard to write their own poem and we are very proud of them. 
The children have used their internet researching skills they have developed this term to carry out their own independent research about our history topic; The Ancient Egyptians in ICT this week. The children had to think about their choice of words when researching about the pharaohs, pyramids and life during Ancient Egyptian times. The children also demonstrated how they can use the internet safely. 
Thank you to all the children and parents for supporting with last week's maths homework. The children have been supported in maths lessons this week to consolidate their previous learning regarding division and are more confident with using this method. We will be coming back to this later on in the year. 
Year 3 have had a great week in English learning about different poetic devices such as: alliteration, onomatopoeia and rhyme.  The children have explored several types of poetry this week including kennings and riddles. The children created their own actions for a poem about the water cycle and today they worked in groups to create a group performance of the poem including actions. 
The children have designed their own landscapes and started to weaving (using the skills they have developed) their designs on to a loom board using wool and a plastic needle. Thank you to all the donations of wool and cardboard, it is much appreciated and is being put to good use. 
A great but busy week in Year 3!
The children have been working really hard in maths; learning how to divide a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number including regrouping. 
The children have published their newspaper reports this week in English and have written some informative newspapers which reported the robbery that took place in the story 'Stig of the Dump'. 
In Science, the children became magnet experts by experimenting with the magnets, learning about the different poles and what is meant by attract and repel. The children have used their knowledge to write their own information text about magnets. 
The children were treated to a visit from Spring Dance Company who carried out a workshop with both classes which was based around global warming and the impact human activity is having on the environment. The children used dance to learn about the effects of global warming on the environment. The children all enjoyed themselves and took part beautifully. 
A great but busy week in Year 3!
The children have been working really hard in maths and have been learning to divide 1 and 2-digit numbers by a 1-digit number. The children have been finding the quotient and remainder when dividing numbers. We have been really impressed with how well the children have been able to recall their times tables in order to divide numbers. 
The children have become news reporters this week in English. The children have learnt about the features of a newspaper report and have gradually planned their own newspaper report about the robbery that took place in the story Stig of the Dump. The children have started to write their own newspaper recount of the event using a range of features including a headline, opening paragraph, quote and time conjunctions. 
We have been learning about magnets in science this week and have explored how different materials/objects are attracted or repelled by a magnet. The children had fun on Wednesday afternoon exploring how magnets work and testing out the force of a magnet. 
Another busy week in Year 3!
The children have been working really hard in maths and have really impressed us with how quickly they have been able to learn how to multiply a 3-digit number by a 1-digit number including regrouping in the ones, tens and hundreds. They have shown great confidence in using the written methods to be able to do this. 
The children have been continuing to enjoy the story 'Stig of the Dump' in English this week. The children have all written their own diary entry imagining they were Barney (one of the main characters from the story).  The children described the moment they discovered the cave and Stig from Barney's point of view. The children wrote some very descriptive and powerful diary entries describing the setting and their thoughts and feelings as Barney. 
We investigated Friction in science this week. The children made predictions about how a toy car would travel across different surfaces e.g. whether it would travel far or not so far depending on how smooth or rough the surface was. The children tested how far the car travelled across a variety of surfaces to identify which types of surfaces had more friction. 
Happy New Year to you all!
Year 3 have had great first week back. 
In maths, the children have been learning to use formal written methods to multiply 2 and 3-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers. The children have all worked hard and have moved on to multiplication involving regrouping today. 
In English, the children have started reading Stig of the Dump. They have read the first two chapters and have been describing the characters and the setting using adjectives. Today the children did some role play which involved them getting into character. The children had to play Barney and had to convince their partner (who was playing Grandma) that Stig was real by giving precise and detailed information about their encounter with the cave man character. 
In PE  this week the children have completed their first cross country lesson. They should all be proud of themselves as they all did their best completing two laps of the school field. Thank you for providing the children with the kit they needed. Next week 3AH will start swimming lessons again until the Friday 7th February. 
Year 3 have had a enjoyable last few days of term! 
We did our final Christmas Concert performance on Monday which we hope you all enjoyed!
In Maths, we have revised all our knowledge and learning about multiplying using the strategy of skip-counting to create a board game to play with our friends! 
During our English lessons, we continued to look at the short film 'Lily and the Snowman'. We wrote diary entries imagining we were the snowman. We thought carefully about how we would be feeling and what he might be thinking! 
The rest of the week has involved lots of fun Christmas crafts and enjoying celebrating Christmas together. 
There is no homework this week and the whole of the Year 3 team wishes you and your families a wonderful and restful Christmas! 
We are looking forward to seeing the children in 2020!!
The Year 3 Team
Year 3 have been busy finishing off the topics they have been learning about this week.  In Maths, the children have learning different mental calculation strategies for addition and subtraction. In English, the children have finished reading The Tunnel by Anthony Browne and have written their own alternative endings. In Art this week, the children have been putting all their sketching skill practise to the test and sketched a woolly mammoth using the sketch pencils. The children have learnt how to create texture using the pencils and have all worked really hard to produce some fantastic work. 
Year 3 have had another busy week rehearsing for their Christmas Concert and today they put on their first performance to their families. They all did themselves proud and put on a great show. We cannot wait till Monday afternoon for our next and final performance. 
Thank you to you all for attending this morning's performance and for all your continued support. 
Year 3 have had a busy week practicing their Christmas Concert!
They are singing beautiful and they can't wait to share all their hard work with you.
In Maths, we are have been continuing to use the skip-counting method but to help us with division. We have been relating known multiplication facts to help us divide.
In English, we have continued with the story 'The Tunnel'. This week we have looked at writing descriptions of the tunnel and the forest. We really enjoyed hot-seating one of the main characters and exploring how he was feeling.
In RE, we have begun exploring the Christmas story. We have thought carefully about the meaning of the story and why the Wise Men gave Jesus gifts. We then discussed gifts we would give and why.
We can't wait for you to see our Christmas Concert next week!
Year 3 Team
Year 3 have been very busy this week and have all worked extremely hard. 
In Maths the children have been learning to use skip counting to multiply by 6,7,8 and 9 this week. We have been very impressed by how much the children have been able to recall. If you would like to help your child at home continue practising the 6,7,8 and 9 times tables that would be greatly appreciated. 
In English, we have started reading a book called The Tunnel by Anthony Browne. The children have been exploring the two main characters of the story by identifying what they are like as a character, what they like to do and using evidence from the text. The children have also explored what is meant by a dilemma and in today's lesson we explored the dilemma of one of the characters. We took part in a conscience alley activity whereby the children were split into two groups and each group explored why the girl would go through the tunnel or why she wouldn't go through the tunnel and gave their reasons. This helped the children to understand why the girl decided to do what she did. 
In Art, the children have started to practise their sketching skills by learning how to create texture using sketch pencils. The children learnt how to use their sketch pencils to create 'fur like texture' for a tiger. The children are developing their skills for the final pieces of work they are due to complete over the next few weeks. 
We have also been very impressed by how well Year 3 have been learning the songs for our Christmas Concert. If you have time please use the links posted in last weeks blog entry to practise the songs with your children at home. 
Thank you for your continuous support!
The Year 3 Team
Year 3 have had a busy week!
In Maths, the children have been busy solving length related word problems involving multiplication and division. The children have worked hard to recall multiplication facts they have learnt previously to help them solve the word problems. Next week we are going to be starting to learn and recall the 6, 7, 8 and 9 times tables. 
You may want to practise using the following links:
 In English, the children have finished writing their stories about Robert and Nita (the robots). The children have all worked hard to include; description, dialogue, conjunctions and a problem/resolution in their stories. The children have really worked hard to improve their writing.  
In Topic, the children have planned their own newspaper report about the discovery of Skara Brae. The children learnt about the features of a newspaper and planned their own newspaper report using facts about the discovery of Skara Brae. The children will be writing their newspaper reports next week. 
This week we have started to plan and work on our Christmas Concert.  The following links are some of the songs we will be singing in our concert. You may wish to use these to practise the songs at home:
Thank you for your continued support. 
The Year 3 Team 
A busy week in Year 3!
In Maths the children have been continuing to work on length. They have been comparing different lengths they have measured and have been working on solving problems involving addition and subtraction of different lengths. 
In English we have been continuing to work on the unit 'A Tale of Two Robots'. The children have been learning how to use conjunctions to join their sentences together and using determiners in their writing as well. The children have planned their own ideas for a new episode of 'A Tale of Two Robots' and have written their story openers today. 
In Topic on Monday the children started to use their research about Skara Brae to create their own news report. The children reported on the discovery of the ancient settlement. They had lots of fun being news reporters and even filmed themselves using the IPads. 
A great first week back in Year 3!
In Maths, the children have been learning to measure the length of objects in metres and centimetres. The children all engaged in practical activities whereby they estimated and measured the length of several chosen objects. 
In English, we have started reading a story called 'A tale of Two Robots'. The children have read the story, made predictions and started to create their own similes to describe some of the actions of the characters from the story. 
In Science, the children have been learning about the different layers of soil (a soil profile). There are five layers of soil; organic layer, top soil, sub-soil, parent material and bedrock. The children created their own soil profile using a plastic cup, maltesers, malted milk biscuit, bourbon biscuit, strawberry laces and sprinkles. Each food item used represented a different layer of a soil profile.