Year 3 will be going to the Living Rainforest on Monday 24th June 
It has been a great last week of term in Year 3.  We have been very busy from Ancient Egyptian day to Forest School to swimming we have well and truly had a jam packed week of learning. 
In maths this week we have continued working on dividing two-digit numbers by 1 digit numbers using the dienes and the written method taught. We have become more confident at recalling our times tables which have helped us to divide numbers. If you have time during the Easter break you could practise your times tables from 1 to the 12 times table. 
In English this week we have written a topic based piece of writing. We learnt about explanation texts and the different features an explanation text has. We have written our own explanation text about mummification. We have all worked really hard to include; subheadings, rhetorical questions, technical vocabulary, time adverbials and a range of punctuation including question marks. 
We were very lucky on Wednesday to have an Ancient Egyptian Day. History off the Page treated us to a day full of 'Egyptianess'. There were 12 work stations and we all got to take part and create at least three things which we got to bring home. Some of us made bread, artefacts with clay and we all learnt lots about life during Ancient Egyptian times. In the afternoon we were treated to a banquet and had the opportunity to taste food; cheese, grapes, bread and wine (it was really blackcurrant juice). We had such a fun day. Thank you to all our parent volunteers for spending the day with us and helping. 
Today 3A got to experience their first afternoon of Forest School. They all thoroughly enjoyed themselves even the teachers.  The children got stuck into all the activities on offer and really embraced the outdoors.  
3T had their last swimming lesson today which was a lesson full of fun and having the opportunity to play games with their friends in the pool. 
3DL will be going swimming after the Easter break. 
From all the Year 3 team we wish you a Happy Easter and a restful break. We will see you on Wednesday 24th April. 
Year 3 have been very busy this week!
In maths this week we have been learning to recall times table facts in order to solve mental division questions.  For example: 5 x 4 = 20 so 20 divided by 4 equals 5. 
In English this week we have planned and written our own version of 'The Egyptian Cinderella'. We planned our ideas and had to decide whether the main character Rhodopis married the Pharaoh. We used lots of description to describe the characters and the setting. We tried to use the show not tell technique when describing the characters. 
In science this week we have been learning about sun safety and have written our own leaflets about how to stay safe in the sun. 
3DL had the second session of the Forest School this week. The children spent time exploring the outdoors; building shelters and working together. 
Another busy week in Year 3!
In maths this week we have been learning different mental calculation methods to add, subtract and multiply given numbers. 
In English this week we have started reading 'The Egyptian Cinderella'. We have been developing our reading comprehension skills this week using this text and written our own diary entry, imagining we were the main character (Rhodoposis). We thought about how we would have felt  as Rhodoposis ,during different parts of the story and described our feelings trying to use the show not tell technique. 
In topic this week we have started our new history topic 'Ancient Egyptians'. We have spent time finding out key facts about Egypt and created our own fact file about the country.  We are looking forward to learning more about Ancient Egypt. 
3DL had their first Forest School session this afternoon. The children got to explore the great outdoors and recreated some aspects of the story we read last half term 'Stig of the Dump'. 
3A have their first forest school session Friday 5th April; don't forget to bring your wellies and waterproofs. 
It has been a scientific week in Year 3!
We have been really busy getting stuck into our new science topic 'Light' throughout this science week. The children have learnt about natural and man-made light sources, the direction in which light travels and started to learn about shadows.  The children have carried out an investigation about which materials reflect light. They used a range of materials and a torch to find out which materials reflected light. 
In English the children carried out research on Isaac Newton. They used their research to plan and write their own biography  about Isaac Newton.  The children included lots of interesting facts and the features of a biography in their writing. 
On Thursday morning the children were very lucky to have a visit from a special visitor. A 'scientist' from Silly Science came to teach the children about lots of different topics. They showed the children lots of small experiments to teach them about different scientific concepts. It was very exciting! 
The children learnt about forces, chemical reactions and fire. The children really enjoyed watching the experiments and taking part. 
We have been working really hard this week in English. We have used the poetic features (alliteration, repetition, rhyme, onomatopoeia) we learnt about last week in our own poetry writing. We spent the week playing with language and creating our own nonsense words to include in our poems. We explored how we could use all of these features to create a poem about water. After we wrote our poems we experimented with the shape of our poems e..g writing in the shape of something water related like an umbrella.  
We have been learning to multiply two and three-digit numbers by a 1-digit number including regrouping this week in maths. We have had to remember all the steps we need to take in order to multiply numbers using this method; we have all worked extremely hard. We have also started to look at division and started learning about and using the written method for division. 
We have started researching our scientist in preparation for Science Week which is next week. Year 3 will be looking at Isaac Newton and will be learning all about his life and his contribution to the science world. 
Next week we will be beginning to start our new science topic which is 'light'. If you have a spare torch your child could use during the science lessons next week we would really appreciate if they were able to bring it in to use. 
On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day by sharing our favourite books, listening to extracts of different books, watching a story being retold through drama and wrote our own book reviews. We spent time with children in Early Years and read parts of our books to them. 
We have had a busy first week back!
In maths we have been learning to multiply a two/three digit number by 2,3,4 or 5.  We have been using the dienes to help us multiply the given numbers and used the column method to show our calculations. 
In English we have been looking at poetry. We have been learning about different poetic features such as alliteration, rhyme, repetition and identified examples of these features in a range of poems.  We have also had a go at writing our own micro poems using some of these features. Today we worked in small groups and performed a poem aloud. We worked together in our groups to create our performances. We thought about how to use our voices, the pace in which we read the poem and created some actions to go with the poem. 
In RE we have been learning about 'forgiveness' and what that means to different people. We read the story of 'The Prodigal Son' and thought about how the father forgave his son despite what his son had done. We also thought about the importance of forgiving others. 
In Art we have been learning to weave using a board, wool and a plastic needle. It has been really tricky to weave using the wool to create out landscape pictures but we have all worked so hard and have not given up with it. 
We've had a busy last week of term!
In Maths we have been learning to measure length in centimetres.  We recapped on how to use a ruler to measure different lines (both straight and curved) in centimetres, We also used a piece of string to measure the curved lines.  We compared different given lengths; identifying which lengths were shorter and longer. We also recalled our understanding of using the column method to add and subtract different lengths. 
In English we wrote our own stories involving Robert and Nita (the two robots from 'A Tale of Two Robots'). We have worked really hard all week in English writing creative and imaginative stories about the two robots. We used lots of descriptive language, dialogue (included the correct punctuation), included detail about the characters feelings and thoughts and even included a simile to describe and compare. 
In Science this week we finished off our topic by learning about vertebrates and invertebrates. Animals that are vertebrates have back bones and invertebrates do not have back bones. 
We also looked at the bones that make up the human skeleton and created our own dancing skeleton puppet using black card, white crayons, split pens, and string.  
In Maths this week we have been learning to use multiplication facts to divide numbers into equal groups by sharing or dividing them into groups of a specific number by grouping. We have been learning to divide numbers using the 6, 7, 8 and 9 times tables. 
If you could spend some time at home practising your times tables to help you in recalling the facts that would be fantastic!
You may find this website useful: 
In English we have started to think about our own ideas for a new story about the robots 'Robert and Nita'. We have looked at possible scenarios for our stories whereby Robert and Nita have had enough of cleaning and want a break. We used role play to think about how the robots were feeling and what they would decide to do instead of clean for a day. We have come up with some really creative ideas and have made some fantastic vocabulary choices when planning our stories. 
In Science this week we have been very creative in creating a model of a healthy balanced meal which could be eaten as part of a healthy balanced diet. We used lots of junk modelling materials and paint to create our healthy balanced meal. We had lots of fun creating our ideas and bringing them to life using the junk modelling materials. 
In Topic this week we have learnt about the eight compass points on a compass and learnt how to use compass directions such as north, east south and west to find different places on a map. We also identified the oceans/seas that surround the UK and learnt some of names of some rivers in the UK.  
We hope you all enjoyed the snow day on Friday. 
We have had a busy week in Maths this week. We have been learning to recall the 6, 7 and 8 times table. We looked for patterns between the numbers to help us find ways to recall the facts. 
In English we have started reading a science fiction story called 'A Tale of Two Robots'. It is about a young boy called Callum who builds his own room cleaning robot. Prior to reading the story we looked at lots of different science fiction stories to gain an insight into the genre and made predictions about what we thought 'A Tale of Two Robots' would be about. 
In ICT this week we continued our work on databases. We started to create our own database using the data we collected in the previous lessons about our peers. We used Microsoft Excel and inputted the data into a spreadsheet. We are going to use our databases in the next few lessons. 
It has been another busy week in Year 3. 
In Maths this week we have been busy learning to recall the 6 and 7 times tables using skip counting.  We have been playing lots of games to recall the times table facts for the 6 and 7 times tables and have even been using the facts to solve word problems. 
In English this week we have become journalists. We have planned and written our own newspaper reports about the robbery that took place in the story 'Stig of the Dump'.  We were very imaginative when creating our 'eye catchy' headlines and definitely caught the attention of our teachers. We have worked really hard on writing an informative newspaper report using the 6 questions; who, what, when, where, why, how. 
We have started our new topic in geography this week which is about The UK. We have learnt that the UK is made of 4 countries. We worked together to identify which symbols belong to which country e.g. daffodil- Wales, shamrock- Northern Ireland, red rose- England and thistle- Scotland.  We are looking forward to finding out more about the UK. 
In Art we have started to plan our final piece. We are going to be creating a landscape picture using a weaving technique and wool. We have planned our landscape pictures in our sketchbook and practised our watercolour skills by painting the pictures we designed.  We thought about the colours we were using carefully. 
We have been very busy in Year 3 this week. 
In Maths we have been learning sharing and grouping as two different ways to divide numbers. 
For example: 
Sharing: Mrs Smith has 35 apples. She gives five of her friends an equal amount of apple. How many apples does each of Mrs Smith's friends get? 
To solve this question you would need to share the 35 apples equally between the five friends; each friend who get 7 apples each. 
Grouping: Mrs Jones has 24 cards. She gives each child 8 cards each. How many children does Mrs Jones give cards to?
To solve this question you need to group the 24 cards into groups of 8 and count how many groups you had; this would be the number of children that Mrs Jones had given cards to. 
In English this week, we have continued reading Stig of the Dump.  We have started to learning about the features of a newspaper report and planning our own ideas for a newspaper report.  We have been really creative with our ideas for our headlines. A headline if the bold writing on the front of a newspaper that grabs the reader's attention. 
In Art this week we have explored colour using wool and a piece of cardboard. We created our own colour chart/board using a picture of a landscape. We had to match the colours on the picture we choose and wrap the wool round the piece of cardboard tightly to create our colour chart/boards. We had lots of fun and enjoyed experimenting with different colours of wool. 
A busy first full week in Year 3!
In Maths we have been learning to recall our 4, 5 and 10 times tables. We have used skip counting, dot paper and shortcut methods to learn and recall our times tables. 
In English we have been learning about diary writing and have written our own diary entries. We imagined we were Barney and wrote about falling into the chalk pit and meeting Stig for the first time. We included a description of our feelings, thoughts and the setting (Stig's Den). 
In science this week we have started our new topic which is about diet/nutrition, skeleton, muscles and movement in animals including humans. Over the next few lessons we are going to become personal trainers. This week we were put into groups and were presented with a client who wants advice about diet, nutrition and exercise to improve their lifestyle.  We are going to use what we learn about the diet,nutrition and exercise to help our clients. 
We hope you all had a lovely Christmas break and wish you all a Happy New Year!
We have already been busy getting stuck into some of our new topics being covered this half term. 
In maths, we have been working on recalling the 4 times table using skip counting and dot paper. 
In English, we have started reading Stig of the Dump. We have been learning to use adjectives and our senses to describe the setting: 'Stig's Den'. 
On Thursday afternoon, we spent some time designing a den and worked in groups of 4 to build our own den outside on the school field. We had great fun and we very successful in building a den/shelter out of the materials and resources we were given and found outside. 
Next Monday, Year 3 will be starting cross country and will need to have some warm clothing and trainers for PE lessons. Please ensure that the clothing and trainers provided are appropriate for cross country.