Well Year 3 have made it till the end of half term and have worked really hard. 
This week we have been busy finishing off lots of our work and topics. 
In Maths this week we have been finishing off our work on regrouping the hundreds, tens and ones when subtracting 3 digit numbers. We did find it very tricky but using the diennes and place value charts has helped us. 
In Science we have finished off our topic about light. We explored what the terms opaque, translucent and transparent meant by exploring whether light could pass through different materials and objects or not. We also learnt about the sun and created our own posters about keeping ourselves safe around the sun e.g. wear sunscreen, do not look directly at the sun. 
Take a look at some of our photos and work below.  
Weekly Learning
It's been another busy week in Year 3, we have been learning lots. 
In Maths we have learning how to regroup the hundreds, tens and ones using our diennes and place value charts and then using the column method to record our working out. It has been tricky but we are beginning to get the hang of it now. Take a look at some examples of our work below. 
 In topic this week we were learning about the activities the Ancient Egyptians did, in their spare time. The Ancient Egyptians played a game called Senet. We created our own game of Senet, using a template and spent some time playing the game.  We really enjoyed playing the game. Take a look at the photos and videos of us playing Senet. 
The template we used to play the game is also attached below if you would like to create your own game at home. 
We carried out an investigation in Science this week. We were trying to find out if the length of a shadow changed, depending on how close the light source was to the object.  We found out that shadows get bigger when an object is closer to a light source and get smaller when an object is further away from a light source. 
It has been a busy week in Year 3 this week, we have had lots of different exciting lessons and learnt lots. 
In English we have started to read 'The Tunnel' by Anthony Brown'. It was really exciting on Thursday as we had to imagine we were one of the main characters going through the tunnel. We actually got to go through a tunnel that was built by our teachers and we imagined what it would have been like to have been in the dark and gloomy tunnel. We also imagined using our senses; what we could hear, see, feel, smell and taste. It was really fun!
In Science this week we have been learning about how shadows form. We learnt that an object must block a light source in order for a shadow to form. We created our own shadows outside on the playground by drawing around the shadow that formed as a result of blocking the sun.  It was great fun!
In Maths we have been learning how to regroup when we subtract using the column method. It was very tricky at the beginning of the week and we had to use lots of practical resources such as diennes and place value charts to help us. I think we cracked it by the end of the week and were able to regroup our tens and ones to subtract the numbers we were given. We even solved some word problems. 
We have been learning about Ancient Egyptian homes, we have started to create our own models of Ancient Egyptian homes, using junk modelling materials. We have had great fun so far working as a team to build the next Ancient Egyptian home. Take a look at some of our designs and creations so far (in the slideshow below.)
This week we have really stepped up a gear. We have learnt more about column addition, including when you have to regroup in the tens and ones. The children used practical equipment to develop their understanding of the numbers involved, before tackling word problems and a game later in the week. 
In English we have finished our first Year 3 unit. This has resulted in the children publishing their first major piece of extended writing. We spent a lot of time proofreading and editing our work to make it the best it can possibly be. 
We have also been outside for P.E, started to draft our card design for the PTA and attended House Assemblies to vote for the new House Captains. What a busy week!