Weekly Learning
This week we were excited to take part in the KS1 Inter-house cross country competition! Well done to all the children for showing great perseverance and camaraderie.
In Topic this week, we compared the differences between the fire service now and how they would have dealt with the fire in 1666.
During RE, we begun to think about the Easter story and looked at the symbols of Easter.
Thank you very much to the parents that have donated empty cereal boxes, ready for our Great Fire of London re-enactment in the last week of term. 
In Maths this week we have developed our skill of 'skip-counting' and the use of dot paper to count in 2s and 3s. The children also have learnt catchy songs - ask them to sing one of them for you!
In PE we are continuing to build our confidence on the gymnastic wall bars - what fun! We are also still getting ready for our cross-country running competition, which will take place this upcoming Wednesday (weather dependant!)
In Science we loved making and testing our boats to see if they floated - thank you to the donations of various plastic pots.
In RE this week we started learning about the Easter story. We learnt all about The Last Supper and created freeze frames to show different parts of the event. 


This week in Year 2 we have been exploring materials in Science, we tested to see which materials were waterproof and could float to help us in making a choice for our boats.

In Gymnastics we explored using the wall bars.


As part of World Book Day we visited Early Years to share our favourite stories with them! We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

What a spectacular first week back!
We had a fantastic time on during our Great Fire of London Day on Wednesday. We had lots of fun learning different trades, catching rats and trying to put out the Great Fire! In the afternoon we enjoyed being archaeologists and explored 'dig boxes' to find different items. We had to then figure out who may have lived and worked in the location where these items were found. Take a look at the photos below!
We'd like to say a big thank you to the parent helpers who helped on the day - we couldn't have done it without you!
In R.E. this week we begin to think about the Christian celebration of Easter. We discussed what happens when we lose a loved one and the things we can do to remember them. The children had some thought-provoking conversations.
Lights, Camera, Action ...
This week Year 2 were lucky enough to be visited by Mrs Wertheim, who has acted in the George's Marvellous Medicine theatre production before. The children took part in a theatre workshop which involved acting out parts of the play and learning about what it is like to work in a theatre. We were super impressed with Year 2's great acting skills!
We have also spent this week exploring 2D and 3D shape, which the children particularly enjoyed!
Finally, we were able to add our silhouette shapes onto our fiery watercolour backgrounds to create stunning Great Fire of London skyline scenes!
Wow! What an exciting week we have had!
We enjoyed exploring books in our classrooms through a book scavenger hunt. We had to hunt for things like witches, characters shouting and happy endings.
We also had the excitement of our trip to the theatre! The children loved joining in with the actors and were engrossed from start to finish!
At the end of the week we had an assembly about E-safety in the lead up to E-safety day next week.
Thank you to those parents who were able to attend the SATs information evening. For all those who couldn't attend, we have attached the presentation below.
What an exciting week we've had! On Monday we enjoyed recapping our watercolour skills and began to create a fiery background which will be used in a piece of Art showing London ablaze during The Great Fire of London. In Science we enjoyed learning about reversible and irreversible changes by observing the differences in bread and toast, although it made us very hungry! In Maths we have been working hard to use column subtraction when regrouping the hundreds and tens. Keep it up Year Two!
This week has been a busy one for Year 2!
 We have really enjoyed learning all about what happened during the Great Fire of London. We drew pictures to storyboard the events and then used this to re-tell what had happened.
We then applied what we had learnt to add some slides to our Great Fire of London PowerPoint presentation in ICT.
In Maths this week we have begun subtracting using the column method when we have had to regroup the tens. See the document below for the speaking frame that we have used to help us with this.


Wow! What a busy first full week back we have had!

We have really enjoyed learning about our new topic - The Great Fire of London.

We compared Old London to Modern London.

In Maths this week, we learnt the difference between capacity and volume - we explored this using practical equipment.

We also created fire inspired pieces of art by blowing paint and explored how Muslims pray.

Phew! What a busy and snowy week we have had!
We enjoyed performing our play to our parents and we have had lots of great comments about how hard we have been working!
In maths we continued to learn about reading and writing the time to 5 minute intervals and in topic we enjoyed learning and writing about the Amazon Rainforest.
This week was also Christmas Jumper day - all the children looked fantastic!
The Year 2 team would like to wish you all a restful and relaxing Christmas holiday!
We have had another busy week in Year 2!
We started a new unit in maths, all about time. We can now read the time in 5 minute intervals - give us a challenge!
We also got dressed up into our Christmas Play costumes and performed for the rest of the school! We received raving reviews! We are all looking forward to sharing it with parents next week.
On Tuesday, we had our Christmas house assembly where played a variety of Christmas games!
Finally, we ended our week creating nativity scenes and Christmas card designs using the programme 2simple in ICT.
We have had another busy week in Year 2!
We practised using different pencils to create clear leaf outlines in Art.
We also continued using the column method to add with regrouping in Maths.
We especially enjoyed investigating which materials/objects sink or float in Science!
Take a look at the pictures below!
This week we learnt all about two more countries that our friends in the other classes explored. Here we are presenting our information to each other:
We also thoroughly enjoyed sharing our homework from last week. Our pictures look just like the description!
On Friday we were all very excited to use an app on the iPads called 'Puppet Pals 2' to retell a bible story. Here we are having a great time:
We have really enjoyed our ICT lesson this week. We explored the program 2 simple to design our own flags. Here are some pictures of our flags below.
This week we have enjoyed practising column subtraction in Maths. Please see the document attached below for examples of how we teach this to the children.
This week has been another busy week! Each class had a lesson about a different place. 2B have begun learning about Germany, 2H have learnt about Antarctica and 2D explored Australia. Over the next few weeks we will be teaching each other about the places our classes have learnt about. Here is 2B with Miss Biswell (in her German dress!) trying some bratwurst and holding their German flags!:
We would like to remind those children who have put themselves forward as a Junior Leadership Team candidate that they must write and rehearse their speech ready for early next week. We look forward to voting on Thursday!
Below you can find the steps we have been taking towards the end of this week to complete column addition problems.
We've had an enjoyable week back. We were excited to see that we have brand new playground markings on the Key Stage 1 playground. Here we are enjoying some of them:
This week we were lucky enough to have Miss Hale come to school to teach us some music. Here is 2H enjoying themselves (2B and 2D will have their turns next week).
We are looking forward to visiting the Fairford Leys Church on Monday afternoon to think further about our R.E. big question.
As requested by many parents during the Parents Consultations, we have attached a document below outlining what we have taught in our Inspire Maths lessons this week.
This week we would like the children to practise choosing the most appropriate conjunction when adding detail to their writing.
In their homework book you will find an extract that the children will need to read and add the most appropriate conjunction.
Just a reminder that due to the snow day last week, homework was handed out on Monday therefore we have changed the due date to Wednesday 14th.


Homework this week is linked to World Book Day.

We would like you to use the questions in your homework book to interview an adult at home about their favourite books.

**Please be aware homework will be due in on the 14th March to allow for the missed weekend to complete**

As it is half term next week there is no homework to complete. However, if you would like to practise anything the 2, 5 and 10 times tables would be helpful!
Enjoy your break!
Please visit the following website to learn about how to keep your home safe from fire hazards.
(London Fire Brigade website)
If you cannot access the internet, do not have Flash Player or would like an extra challenge, write some rules for fire safety in your Homework book.
As we will not be in school on Wednesday there is no homework this week but if you would like to practise anything please see the document below for what we have been learning in maths this week!

We have been working hard on our place value and addition skills in recent weeks, therefore we would like you to read the word problems and use ‘part-part-whole’ and column addition to solve the problem.

This week in spelling we have been learning about homophones. Read the sentences in your homework book carefully and have a go at circling the two homophones.
For an extra challenge have a go at writing your own sentences using homophones.
Due - 22.11.17 
Please see this week's homework attached below.

During Maths this week we have been comparing and ordering number. Fill in the tables on the homework sheet to show more and less than the target number.

We are very excited to start our new topic of 'Around the World'. Therefore for homework we would like you to tell us about a time when you have travelled to a new place. This could be in England or further afield. You could tell us about things you saw, what the weather was like, how you got there and any special activities you did whilst you were there. Feel free to include photos, drawings or maps in your homework.