Weekly Learning
This week in Maths we have continued learning how to complete column subtraction calculations with regrouping. We are doing so well!
It was lovely to have some of our adults in school helping us with some Maths activities on Wednesday. We were really excited to show off our skills to you. 
In English this week we looked at how to use adjectives to describe and make our writing more interesting. Challenge us by asking us to use adjectives to describe our food at dinner time.  For example delicious, creamy pasta. 
We learnt all about food chains in Science this week. We played a fun game to help us to understand how energy is passed through the chain. We were able to use language including; primary consumer and producer. 

What a fun week we have had! In Science this week we have been learning about different habitats and what animals need from their home. This was reinforced during our trip to Ashridge. We had a fantastic time hunting for mini beasts, going on a nature walk and working as a team to build dens.

We have been working very hard this week learning poems ready for our grandparents to watch. We hope they enjoyed them!

In ICT this week we have continued to work on our typing skills.

Thank you to everyone that brought in a shoe box. We are enjoying creating scenes from the paralyzed man in them.

This week in Maths we have been learning how to complete simple column subtractions. We are really getting the hang of the column method and would love to show off our skills to you at home. Ask us how we would complete 28 - 13. 
In Art this week we were mixing the primary colours to find out what our secondary colours are. We then explored complementary colours and how they make each other stand out. 
We have been looking at the Geography of our school in Topic. We really enjoyed exploring the school grounds and then labeling a map and using a key. We understand how a key can help others to understand our map. 
Thank you to everyone who brought in a shoe box this week. 
- Our trip to Ashridge is next Thursday (4th October). Please wear school uniform and school shoes but bring shoes you don't mind getting muddy in a plastic bag. Children may also need a hat or rain coat depending on the weather.  If you are bringing a packed lunch from home please bring this in a disposable carrier bag. 
- Can we remind everyone to please bring in reading records to school everyday as we like to write in these when we read with the children. 
What a lovely week we have had in Year Two!
In Maths this week we have been learning how to complete column addition calculations where regrouping the tens and ones is needed.
During Art we looked at the artist Piet Mondrian and how he uses the primary colours to create abstract art. We then recreated some similar art ourselves.
We had a walk around our school in Topic this week to find and discuss things that were natural and man-made.
Thank you to everyone that has volunteered to help us on our trip to Ashridge. If you would still like to put your name down to help please talk to your child's class teacher. We will let you know if you have been randomly selected.
We've had a really good first week. The days have been focusing on learning new routines and getting settled, as well as getting set up with all our new topics. In particular, this week we have learnt about Living Things in Science, which has included identifying living and non living objects. 
Just a reminder: 
PE days are Monday and Tuesday.