Weekly Learning
We have had a lovely last full week. We can't believe there are only 2 days left! This week we enjoyed a variety of activities, including writing a letter to a child in Year One about everything they have to look forward to in Year Two. 
In Maths we completed our Mental Calculation unit with subtraction methods. Phew! Be sure to keep practicing these at home.
We also had great fun making our catapults, see the pictures of them in action, below!
On Thursday, Game On did a special football tournament which was also lots of fun!
Please note on Monday, we are sending the children's books home in their book bags. We hope you enjoy reflecting on your children's hard work over the past year.

What another lovely week we’ve had! In English, some of us have been learning about chocolate and wrote some fantastic informative leaflets. We were also very excited to try a square of chocolate so that we could generate lots of exciting adjectives to use in our writing next week. In Maths, we have been continuing to learn mental methods for subtraction. We have all been very busy finishing our shell sketches and look forward to welcoming parents into school on Monday afternoon to look at all of our hard work.

Please can we remind parents that reading books will be collected in next week and the children will not be sent home with any new ones.

 What a warm week it has been! 
In Year 2 this week we have continued to draw our shells ready for our open evening and looked carefully at our potato investigation to see where around school the most bacteria was. Lots of us were surprised to find that our hands were the worst culprits! We have discussed ways that we stay hygienic and stop the spread of germs! 
We were all excited to meet our new teachers on Tuesday and visit our new classrooms! Year 3 seems so exciting! 
In  English, most of us have been looking at information texts about chocolate. Please see the note in classroom windows about having the opportunity to try some different types. Please let us know if you have an worries about this! 
To finish off our week, we explored different Jewish celebrations and thought about celebrations we hold with our families! 
This week we had the excitement of Sports Morning. We all really enjoyed the new format of this and were proud to participate for our houses! 
We have continued to build on our sketching skills and have begun drawing a shell. We will be presenting our art work in an art gallery in the hall on Open Evening. 
In RE this week, we have thought about responsibility. We have thought about times in our lives when we have or are going to have to be responsible for something. We drew a timeline to show some events in our life so far. 
This week has been a busy one! 
We have continued to develop our art skills by creating a print of our castle pictures on polystyrene which we will paint and stamp over the next couple of weeks. 
We all really enjoyed our trip to Warwick Castle and were able to write detailed recounts afterwards! 
On Thursday morning, we visited the church for 'Parable Exploration' where we learnt what a parable was and looked more closer at 4 of Jesus' parables. 
Finally, in RE we wrote promises on leaves to create a promise tree in our classroom. 
This week we have began looking at and interpreting picture graphs in Maths.
We have been putting our sketching skills into practice this week as well, by drawing line drawings of a castle in the style of the Buck Brothers which will be turning into an engraving in the coming weeks. 
In PE, we have now all had the opportunity to use the new archery equipment and are enjoying practicing these skills. 
We are looking forward to our busy week next week consisting of Warwick Castle and The Parable Exploration at the church. 
Please remember to send your child in with appropriate footwear, sunhats, water bottles and a packed lunch in a named carrier bag for Wednesday. 
 If any parents are free on Thursday morning, please feel free to join us at the church. Helping us to walk down would be incredibly helpful too! 
This week, in Maths, we have covered a variety of topics from doubling and halving to division! We have enjoyed using the practical resources such as counters to help us with this. 
In topic this week, we looked at the different roles of people with in a castle and wrote some excellent job descriptions for a knight!
In RE, We have continued to think more carefully about Jews special relationship with God. 
We have had a superb week in Year Two! During Maths we explored thermometers and measured the temperature of different things - a cup of water, our hands and the air. We also practiced partitioning a two-digit number in different ways. See the photos below!
Today was a particularly exciting day. We started by making our pitta pizzas! We followed our instructions to create our delicious pizzas - it was very exciting! If you'd like to enjoy your pitta pizza at home, then pop it in the oven or under the grill for 10 minutes, or until the cheese melts.
During our class assembly, we discussed the trinity. We each were given a different coloured piece of a 'Chewitt' sweet, and molded them together in our hands to create 3 in 1, just like the trinity!
Phew, what a busy week! Have a restful half term.
We have had yet another busy week in Year Two!
For Science, we started the week by reading some information leaflets about how to look after pets. Then, on Wednesday, we wrote our very own Pet Fact Files! We were super writers and included commands, questions and expanded noun phrases.
Towards the end of the week, in English, we were very excited to write our own letters to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle about the royal wedding. We showed off our very best writing and many of us are joining our letters beautifully.
We would like to thank all parents/carers who volunteered to help for our trip to Warwick Castle. Your child should have gone home with a note today to say whether your name was picked at random or not. If you are not sure, please speak to your child's teacher. We are very excited for the trip next half term!


 This week we have been looking at instructions and the features of instructions. We are all very excited to make our ‘Pitta Pizzas’ once we have edited and re-drafted our written instructions.

This week in PE we were pretending to be robots to practice using our direction skills. We can now turn in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. We can also turn half, quarter and 3 quarter turns. Why not give us a test!!

Today we continued to look at items of importance in Judaism.

This week we have continued learning about castles. We learnt about 2 different types of castles and wrote a comparison to show the differences in them.
In RE, we explored some Jewish artefacts and why find out why they are important.
In PE, we explored different ways to jump for distance! We all worked hard to improve our jumping!
This week in our learning we have started to think about fractions. We found out that fractions are equal parts of a whole. Today we started to learn how to find fractions of amounts. Keep it up Year 2!
We also enjoyed using and exploring different sketching pencils in Art. As we have been learning about the Bayeux Tapestry, we have started to sketch a section of this onto special paper. We look forward to sharing the end results with you soon!
Lastly, in R.E. we learned about the Ten Commandments. We then wrote our own class commandments that we think we should follow at all times!
Welcome back! 
What a busy start to the Summer term we have had! 
This week we finished off our topic from last term with our fire recreation. We were all excited to see the flames but some of us were very disappointed that our houses had been destroyed - just like in 1666!
We also started our new topic of castles and look at the Battle of Hastings. We had fun role-playing the events and recording it on a timeline. 
We also enjoyed seeing so many parents for Stay and Play this week! Thank you for your support with this. 
Finally, in RE we began learning about Judaism and looked at the creation story. 
There is no homework this week due to Tuesday being the end of term.
This week's homework is to reflect on all the things we have done during Year 2. Fill in the boxes on the sheet showing some of your best memories.
This week we have been practicing our sketching skills and have started an observational drawing of a shell. For homework this week we would like you to pick an item at home to draw carefully, using your ant trail and mark making skills. 
This week we would like you to practice your picture graph skills by answering some questions about data given in a picture graph. 
Use the questions in your homework book to research Warwick Castle in preparation for Wednesday! 
This week we have been thinking about how we can suffixes to root words. 
Look at the sheet in your homework book. You need to read the passage and add in the correct suffix!
As stated in our homework policy, there will be no homework set over half term.
This week we have been continuing to practice totalling amounts of money.
For homework this week look at the animals in your book and decide which coins you need to pay for them. 


 This week to practice our instruction skills we would like you to write a set of instructions to show us how to make your favourite food or how to play your favourite game. Don’t forget the top tips!

This week we would like you to practice using the greater than >, less than < and equals = symbols to compare numbers. 
This we would like the children to practice using a ruler to measure accurately in centimetres.
Choose a selection of items and record their length or width.
This week in maths we have been exploring our number bonds to 100 and how we can use these to complete mental calculations. We would like you to use the website (link below) to play the online game. Record your result on your homework book.