Weekly Learning
What a fun week we have had! 
In Maths, we have been learning about place value of 2-digit numbers. We discussed how many tens and ones are in a number and compared them using the terms greater than and smaller than. 
In RE we had a go at re-writing the story of the paralyzed man. We used some interesting adjectives to add some description to our writing. 
On Thursday we had a really exciting trip to Green Dragon Eco Farm. This included participating in a workshop about habitats and learning how some animals have adapted to their environment. We also experienced feeding goats, meeting a piglet, touching a snake and watching birds of prey. 
In Maths we have been very busy this week. We started off by learning to tell the time as o'clock and half past an hour. We then started our new unit on numbers to 100. 
We had great fun in RE this week. We discussed our opinions on the story of the paralyzed man and then created scenes that we thought were the most important. 
In Science we played a game to help us learn about food chains before creating one in our books. 
Reminder: Next Thursday (17th) is our trip to Green Dragon Eco Farm. We have sent a letter home with the children giving you some more information about the day. Please bring children in coats because the weather is very unpredictable. If you have any concerns about your child handling animals please tell your class teacher. 
Have a great weekend! 
This week in Maths we have continued to learn how to divide by both grouping and sharing. 
In Art we have been finishing our self-portraits. We used our shading skills to brighten them up with some colour. 
In RE we learnt about the story of the paralyzed man. We acted out the story and thought about what we learnt from the story.
Thank you to all the grandparents that spent the morning with us on Thursday. The children had a lovely time showing off some of their learning. We hope the grandparents enjoyed it as much as we did!
This week we have started learning about multiplication. The children are now confident with adding equal groups. If you want to practice any times tables at home we recommend starting with the 2's, 5's and 10's. 
We have really enjoyed our Art lessons this week. We have continued to work on our sketching skills and have produced some fantastic self-portraits. 
We have started to rehearse something special for our Grandparents day next week. We can't wait to spend the morning with you. 
Enjoy your weekend!
It has been another busy week in Year Two. 
In Maths we have been learning about mental subtraction. We have also started to look at multiplication. 
In PE we have been developing our fundamental skills of agility, balance and co-ordination.
The highlight for this week was making mini-beast hotels. We started by finding the materials to use, such as twigs, leaves and bark. On Thursday, we spent the afternoon making the hotels using plastic bottles before going and placing them on the field. 
Have a lovely weekend!
Year Two
We have had a busy first full week in Year Two! 
In Maths this week we have been looking at mental addition calculations. The children have been learning some different methods to help them add mentally. If you would like to do some at home you could practise adding on a tens number e.g 21 + 10 or 17 + 20. 
The children have settled nicely into their phonics groups this week and are really getting used to the routines in Year Two. 
Can we please remind everyone that we would like the children's reading books in school everyday. They change them once a week but sometimes we like to listen to them read their books at school.
Have a lovely weekend!  
Due - 9.10.19
For home work this week we would like you to complete the joining words activities we have provided. We would then like you to write four sentences that include different joining words (conjunctions). 
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