Weekly Learning
This week in Maths the children have been using left and right to describe the position of objects in a line. They have also been able to use ordinal numbers in their sentences for example "The red teddy is second on the left." We will look for lots of opportunities to keep using the words left and rightout the day through.
In Art the children have been learning all about colour mixing. They have learnt how to set up a paint station and use watercolour paints. The children have learnt about primary colours and they had a go at mixing primary colours to make secondary colours. 
Next week as part of our keeping safe topic in PSHE, a nurse is coming in to talk to the children. They may wish to have a think about questions that they want to ask her. 
This week in Maths we have begun to learn about ordinal numbers.  The children have been labelling objects and themselves with 1st-10th cards.  They have also been using the vocabulary 'after, before, between, last' to describe the position of objects and people.  We discussed where we use ordinal numbers in everyday life and discovered they appear in lots of places including birthday cards, dates, races and even the housepoint chart in our celebration assembly on a Friday!
In Science we have continued our 'Animals' topic.  The children have been grouping animals according to what they eat under the headings carnivore, herbivore, omnivore.  They have also compared the features of animal bodies and labelled an animal using labels like horns, tusks, hooves, antlers.  The children astounded us with their imaginative ideas when creating their own animals - their were some very funny drawings!!
In Music this week the children learnt about the four families of an orchestra - strings, woodwind, brass, percussion.  We watched a video that talked through the instruments in each family.  The children were fascinated to learn some new instrument names and how they are played.  Look out for our composer of the term poster next week, which will be in the classroom windows!
Please note:  Construction and Gymnastics club start after school on Monday 20th January.  STEM club starts on Tuesday 21st January and Game On club begins on Wednesday 23rd January.  These clubs are only for those children who have received a letter.


Happy New Year!

It was great to welcome the children back on Tuesday after the break and begin the Spring term. We have had a super week in Year 1 and the children have settled back in extremely well. They have all enjoyed meeting the new head teacher Mr Liddle and have helped him to feel very welcome this week.

Our new science topic is Our Wonderful World. During this next term we are going to be learning about Humans, Animals and Plants. This week we have been learning about Humans. We have labelled the human body and learnt about our senses. On Friday we carried out a senses investigation. The children became detectives and have to use their senses to solve a mystery!

In Maths we have been learning about repeating patterns using 2-d and 3-d shapes and the children have been able to create their own complex repeating patterns.

In ICT we thought about internet safety and visited an art website. The children had a go at creating their own pictures of animals on the website.

We are looking forward to getting stuck into all our topics as the term progresses. Please remember to send in named PE kits. This term our PE days will be on Mondays and Tuesdays and our Library day is a Wednesday.

Enjoy the weekend.

We have had a very fun last week in Year 1!  The children have been busy learning about 2D shapes in Maths and enjoyed spotting 2D shapes in objects around the classroom.  We also wrote a recount of the KS1 Christmas Nativity and begun to use our group writing targets to extend our work.  This week we have also been enjoying lots of Christmas activities - the children have made Nativity story books, Rudolph Christmas cards, eaten iced biscuits, made reindeer food and much more!
1H and 1B went out for their last Forest School session together on Wednesday afternoon.  The children were really sensible using the fire pit to toast marshmallows and enjoyed getting into a sticky mess eating them!!  Just a reminder that we will not be doing Forest School next term to allow other year groups to use the site.  On Wednesday we also welcomed 4T to our classrooms to read with us (please take a look at the photos)!
Next term our new topic will be 'Our Wonderful World.'  We will start the topic by finding out more about animals and humans in Science.  We will also be changing our PE days so we can make use of the hall.  PE will now be on a Monday and Tuesday, so please bring PE kits in for these days.  We will send a reminder out after the holidays.  There is no homework over the holidays and we have collected in your child's reading book.  Enjoy the time off together and we look forward to seeing you all back at school on Tuesday 7th January 2020!
What a fantastic week we have had in Year 1! The children were brilliant in the school Nativity. They sang the songs beautifully and their costumes were amazing. We hope that you enjoyed coming to see it. 
On Wednesday we enjoyed Christmas jumper day and the Christmas lunch. On Thursday we were invited to watch to Year 3 Christmas performance. 
In Maths this week we have been exploring 2-D shapes. The children have been able to describe the properties of shapes and have been getting creative and producing some great 2-D shape pictures. 
In RE we have been reflecting on the Nativity story. We pretended to be the Wise men going on a journey to visit baby Jesus. We then thought about what gift we could give to a special baby.


In Maths we have been making number families using only three numbers from a part, part, whole.  For example, 3+4=7, 4+3=7, 7-3=4 and 7-4=3.  The children have worked really hard to record these families in their maths jotters and Practice Books as well.


This week we have continued to explore the Christmas Nativity Story, alongside our play practices.  The children had fun hot seating the different characters, asking them questions about what happened the night Jesus was born and how they felt.  The children who were hot seated did an amazing job of getting into character! 


This week it was 1B’s turn to go to Forest School.  We had lots of fun making outdoor shelters using tarpaulin and rope.  We then had some yummy hot chocolate to warm up!  1B also received a very exciting delivery on Thursday.  Miss Blackman had ordered a set of board games and a world map puzzle using the £50 we received from the PTA 5p challenge – thank you again for all the donations!


We had a brilliant dress rehearsal on Thursday where KS1 performed ‘Lights, Camel, Action!’ to the rest of the school.  The costumes looked amazing and the children are very excited to perform to you next Tuesday and Thursday.

Just a reminder that our lanterns are now displayed at Waddesdon Manor.  The children who have already visited have loved telling us all about it.

In Science this week the children tested different materials to find see which one was waterproof. They then made a waterproof coat for Paddington bear to wear! We thought about the different properties of materials and looked at some funny scenarios. 'What would it be like if my table was made of fabric?' This week Mrs Dearman has set the children some science homework which will help them to explore the idea that Science is going on all around us. 
We have been very busy learning the songs for our Nativity performance and this week we joined Year 2 in the hall for a rehearsal. 
We hope that you all enjoy the School Christmas Fair this Saturday. Don't forget to look out for our Christmas lanterns if you visit Waddesdon manor.
This week we have begun our new Science topic on ‘Materials.’  We have been exploring different types of materials and have labelled objects in our classrooms as wood, plastic, metal and glass.  We have also discussed natural and man-made materials and sorted objects under these categories.  The children engaged well when we discussed how plastics can affect our environment – they had some very thoughtful conversations.

In Maths we have continued to look at subtraction.  The children loved sharing their learning with you all at Stay and Play – thank you to those parents that were able to attend.  If you were unable to come, do keep a look out for another session being advertised next term. 


This week it was 1B’s turn to experience the fire pit at Forest School.  We thoroughly enjoyed watching the popcorn cook and trying some with our hot chocolates!  We also had fun making homes for some furry friends!  Please see the pictures above!


On Friday we used some new equipment in the classroom to help us think about team work.  The children had a go at cup stacking with a partner and challenged themselves to stack and unstack the cups as quickly as they could.  We also had fun rehearsing songs for the Christmas production of ‘Lights, Camel, Action!’  Any questions regarding costumes do speak to one of the Year 1 team.



This week in Maths we have been starting to explore subtraction. The children have been using lots of equipment to work practically.

On Monday we thought about Remembrance Day and the significance of the poppy. We also shared a minute’s silence together.

On Wednesday it was 1H’s turn to visit forest school. We had lots of fun cooking popcorn on the fire.

In RE we have been thinking about how God want’s Christians to look after the world. We designed a poster displaying our ideas.

Next week we are looking forward to welcoming you to our stay and play session. It is on Wednesday from 9-10am. Please come through the front entrance. Unfortunately we can’t accommodate younger siblings.

Just a reminder if your child receives a star of the week badge they get to wear it for one week and then they are collected in to be re-issued. Please make sure that your child always returns the badge and if you do find one at home please could you return it to us. Many thanks!

Please keep your eyes peeled for Christmas production costume letters which will be in book bags next week.

This week in Maths we have been using what we have learnt about addition to solve word problems.  The children have been telling stories using pictures and objects to help them.  In RE we have started a new topic exploring the Bible story of Creation.  The children took part in lovely discussions and were able to sequences the Creation Story using drawings. 
We have also begun to learn songs for our Christmas play.  Look out for a letter about costumes and tickets!
1B took part in Forest School this week - our highlight was seeing a fox run across the field!  Meanwhile 1H used the ICT suite to create pictures of Paddington.