Weekly Learning
This week in Year 1 we have been looking at ordering numbers and number patterns.  An example of a number pattern is 15, 16, 17, ?, ?  or 18, 16, 14, ?, ?  The children have been looking for the pattern and also spotting to see if the pattern goes forwards or backwards.  
The children have also taken part in an inter-house cross country event.  Year 1 did such a good job and ran really well - well done!
Reminders for next week:
Tuesday - Sponsored Sport Relief run
Wednesday - Forest School at home (children will need a pair of wellies and a coat)
Friday - Talent Show audition (children who have signed up will need to bring in any props, music, equipment that they need)
This week in Maths we have continued to explore place value and we have been comparing sets of objects to 20. We have learnt that if we are comparing teen numbers, the tens are the same and we only need to compare the ones. Through lots of practical exploration the children are gaining a very secure understanding of place value.
In Art we have been working on different art skills using mixed media. We have represented a leaf by sketching, in watercolours and we made our own printing tile. The results have been amazing and the children have really enjoyed exploring different media.
Our beans are beginning to sprout and the children are taking good care of them, ensuring that they have plenty of water and light.
As part of Our Wonderful World topic the children explored the school grounds, looking for the first signs of Spring.
This week in Maths we have started looking at place value.  We have continued to look at the teen numbers and what each digit represents.  We have learnt that a two digit number can be split into tens and ones.  The picture below represents the number 13 using straws.  We have been saying sentences such as 13 has 1 ten and 3 ones.  
On Thursday it was World Book Day.  1B and 1H were very excited to share their favourite stories from home with our Year 3 visitors.  They got an opportunity to read to each other and share why they had chosen their book.  We also got to hear about our teachers favourite books.  Miss Blackman loves the Old Bear stories by Jane Hissey and Mrs Richardson brought in a ballet book that she was given when she was younger.  


This week we began a new Science topic – Plants. The children have learnt about the parts of a plant, identified and named common plants and planted their own bean! We shall be watching our bean grow over the next few weeks.

In ICT we talked about internet safety. The children used an online picture gallery ‘Pixabay’. They looked at pictures of plants and were able to copy and paste a picture into a word document. This website is a fantastic resource which you could explore at home with your child.

In Maths we have been looking at numbers to 20. We have introduced the children to a tens frame and the children’s knowledge of place value is beginning to deepen. In the mornings the children are now going to be putting their pictures onto a tens frame in the classroom so that we can visually see how many children are present.



This week we enjoyed another successful Stay and Play.  It was great to share our Inspire Maths programme with the parents and the children loved joining their adults to play some games linked to our recent unit on ‘Ordinal Numbers.’ 

We had our last cross country session on Monday.  The children have loved using the field, despite the mud!  They have really persevered and developed their endurance skills.  While we were on the field, we also took the opportunity to use the new willow tunnel, which the children thoroughly enjoyed.  Thank you PTA!

There will be no homework this week.  Please enjoy the half term.  We look forward to seeing you back on Tuesday 20th February ready to start exploring ‘Plants and Growing.’  Also please note, your child will be coming home with their Interim Reports on Friday and Parent’s Evening will take place the week after half term – don’t forget to sign up for slot via Parentmail.





This week Year One had a fantastic time visiting two Aylesbury churches. We learnt about Christian baptism. At Granville Street Church we saw the Baptism pool and learnt that it is called a baptistery and at St Mary’s Church we saw the font. The children loved looking around both churches and the Year One team were all so impressed with their super behaviour! Thank you to our Mummy helpers.


In Art we have been developing our watercolour mark making skills. The children are now all able to set up their own watercolour paint station and are starting to learn about primary and secondary colours. Next week we will be making tints and shades.


Don’t forget about our stay and play session next Tuesday 6th Feb at 1.30. We are looking forward to sharing our new Inspire Maths scheme with you.

This week we have continued to look at patterns in shapes.  The children have been making patterns with 2D and 3D shapes and they have also been finding the missing shapes in patterns.  Here are a few examples:
On Friday, we had a very exciting visit from Brian the Python!  He belongs to one of the children in 1H and she sat with her dad and told us all about him.  The children were fascinated to see a real snake and they had lots of ask questions! 
The children have been doing extremely well in their Read Write Inc. groups - everyone is working hard to learn their phonic sounds and we are all enjoying reading some new books.  In Miss Blackman's group this week, we have been reading a book called 'The Dressing Up Box.'  The children chose an item from Miss Blackman's fancy dress box and wore them for the lesson!!!! Look at our funny disguises!!!
This week in Science the children have been learning about Fish, Birds, Amphibians and Reptiles. We had a fantastic afternoon on Wednesday exploring some real fish in our outdoor area! The children we able to see first hand what gills, scales and fins actually look like.
The weather was perfect for our cross country run and both classes were able to have a go at running around our school field. We thought about endurance needed for long distance running and tried to pace ourselves.
Welcome back and a Happy New Year to you all!  We hope you all had a good Christmas - we have loved hearing all about the children's adventures in class this week!
This week in Maths, we have started a new topic about shape.  We have spent time talking about the properties of the 2D shapes triangles, squares, rectangles and circles and have practiced using the terms 'sides' and 'corners.'  The children have loved going on shape hunts around the outside area and have been working in groups to record their findings using a tally chart.
This week we also started our topic of 'Our Wonderful World.'  Our Science lessons have been all about animals.  The children started by drawing and labelling their favourite animal and we have also looked at classifying or grouping animals.  We now know the words herbivore, carnivore and omnivore and we have also learnt about invertebrates and vertebrates - see if your children can explain what they mean!!
Friday 16th March

Next week in Maths we will be looking at addition and subtraction and using learnt number bonds to help us.

During the Autumn term we spent a lot of time learning number bonds using the part, part whole model.

In preparation for next week we would like the children to practise their number bonds to 10.

Friday 9th March
Due to the snow day last week and homework not being sent home there is no new homework this week. Please continue to work on your seed homework.
Friday 2nd March

The children have been planting seeds in school and leaning about the lifecycle of a seed. For homework this week we would like the children to investigate seeds.

Take a look at your fruit and veg. Can you find the seeds? What do they look like?

What about plants and trees in your garden, where would you find the seed?

 Friday 23rd February


On Thursday 1st March it is World Book Day. For your homework this week we would like you to talk your parents about their favourite childhood book and tell us about your favourite book.

We will be sharing our favourite books together on Thursday so if possible please bring a copy into school.

Friday 2nd February

In Maths we have been learning about ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd 3rd -10th) and left and right.

To help the children consolidate this learning we would like them to practice using the vocabulary of left and right in an everyday context. Eg “My fork is in my left hand and my knife is in my right hand. “

“I write with my right hand.”

“The tree is on the left.”

No recording is needed this week.

Friday 26th January

In RE this week we have been learning about baptism in preparation for our trip next week to St Mary’s church and Granville Street Church.

For homework this week we would either like you to think of a question that you would like to ask at either church or draw or write about something you have learnt this week in RE.

Friday 19th January

In Science the children have been learning all about different animals and how to classify or group them into Mammals, Fish, Birds, Reptiles and Amphibians. We have been thinking about whether they are Carnivores, Herbivores or Omnivores.

We would like the children to choose any animal and write some facts about it trying to use the new vocabulary we have learnt.

Please spend no more than 20 minutes on this task.

Friday 12th January:
This week in Maths, we have been finding out about the 2D shapes: circles, squares, rectangles and triangles.  Homework this week is to go on a shape hunt around your house or outside and see how many of these shapes you can find.  Try to talk about the properties of the shapes you find using the vocabulary 'sides' and 'corners' (eg.  This circle has one curved side or that triangle has 3 corners).  If you would like an extra challenge, try using a tally chart to record your findings (we have learnt how to do these in class)!  Happy Hunting!
Christmas Holidays
There will be no homework over the holidays, but if you would like to do anything with your child, you could share some books together, practice your phonics sounds or perhaps write some sentences about your Christmas holidays.
Friday 8th December
As the end of term approaches and we wave goodbye to Paddington Bear the Year One teachers are beginning to think about the Spring Term. Our new topic is called 'Our Wonderful World'. We are going to be learning about lots of plants and animals. In preparation for this we would like the children to think about what they already know about plants and animals and come up with some questions about what they would like to find out.
Friday 1st December
In RE this week we have been finding out about Jesse Trees.  A Jesse Tree was used years ago to tell the stories of the Bible using pictures.  We would like to make our own Year 1 Jesse Tree in class, so homework this week is to draw a picture to illustrate a Bible story of your choice.  There are some examples listed in the document below and a template that can be used to draw your picture in.
Friday 24th November
We would like the children to make up subtraction number stories using every day objects found at home.
Friday 17th November
In Science this week we have been finding out more about materials.  For homework this week, we would like you to go on a materials hunt and find objects made from different things. It’s up to you how you represent your work. You might draw pictures and label the material, use photos or write a sentence. You could even carry out your own waterproof or magnetic materials experiment.  
Friday 10th November
To support the children's learning in maths this week we'd like you to play a subtraction game at home.
Friday 3rd November
This week in DT, we have been learning how to give instructions.  We would like you to have a go at following or writing some instructions of your choice at home.  The instructions might be how to brush your teeth or how to build a Lego model or you can come up with your own idea.  You can choose how you present your work - you could draw pictures, take photos or write some instructions as sentences.  It should take you no longer than 20 minutes.