Weekly Learning



Year one have had an extremely busy week! We thoroughly enjoyed welcoming all of the parents at our open evening on Monday and our fish drawings looked superb as part of the whole school art exhibition.

On Tuesday we had great fun going on adventures with Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong during our drama experience. The children enjoyed being able to bring these explorers to life through drama and also learnt some new, interesting facts.

On Thursday we took part in a Game On football tournament. The children were able to put all of their new football skills into full use and played tremendously!

We are all looking forward to our Teddy Bears Picnic next Tuesday.

Please remember to send a carrier bag into school on Monday so that we can send books home.



Although the end of the year is fast approaching, the children have still been hard at work in Year 1!  In Maths this week, we have started to look at adding numbers together using the vertical or column addition strategy.  The children have enjoyed learning a new method and have been working hard in their maths jotters to record. 

The children have also been learning about the weather in Science.  This is a topic that comes up throughout the year, as our weather and the seasons change, but this week we have been making windmills and have created posters about how to stay safe in the Sun.

Year 1 have also had a few opportunities to share and enjoy time together with other year groups this week.  We have watched the Year 6 end of year performance ‘Pirates of the Curried Bean,’ as well as sharing a story time with the Early Years children that will be moving into Year 1 in September.


As it is nearly the holidays, please note:

-Library books must be returned asap

-No more homework after today’s piece

-Week commencing Monday 16th we will collect reading books and records in.



Year 1 had a fantastic move up morning on Tuesday. Both of the classes enjoyed meeting their new teachers and had a super morning in their new classes! Mr Troup and Miss Donlevy enjoyed meeting all of the children and commented on how well behaved they had been.


This week in RE we have been learning about the Jewish day of rest – Shabbat. We have been finding out about special meals that are eaten and traditions that take place. The children were able to write a detailed letter to a friend telling them all about Shabbat.


In Maths we have been looking at number sequences. We have started to count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and have been looking for patterns in number sequences.


Please can we remind parents to ensure that your child comes to school with a hat and plenty of water in this hot weather.

Firstly we would like to thank all the parents that attended our KS1 Sports Day on Tuesday.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the morning and we hope you did too!  There are some photos below of the morning's events.  
In Art this week we have continued to work on our observational drawings in preparation for the Art Exhibition we will be having on Monday 16th July during Open Evening.  The whole school will display their finished pieces in the hall for you to view during this event - please come and take a look as the children have been working very hard.
On Tuesday 3rd July it is 'move up day.'  The children will be going to visit their new teacher in Year 2 in the morning and doing some activities with them.  Don't forget homework this week is to think of some questions you might want to ask while you are there!



This week the children have been exploring poetry! We enjoyed reading a variety of poems throughout the week and then had a go at writing seaside poems. The children were all fantastic poets and produced some amazing work.


On Friday it was our turn to visit the church. We had a lot of fun exploring 4 of the parables Jesus told. The children were captivated by the different activities and came away with a seed they had planted and a coin they had decorated. Thank you to all the parents who joined us. 


In Art we have been preparing for the Art Exhibition which will be held in the hall on the Parent’s open evening at the end of term. Each class will be displaying observational drawings and to link in with our seaside topic, Year 1 have been drawing fish. The classrooms were very smelly on Wednesday afternoon, but the children thoroughly enjoyed looking closely at the fish. They were able to begin some fantastic pencil drawings and we are really looking forward to sharing the finished pieces with you at the open evening!


Firstly, we would like to say a huge well done to all the Year 1 children after completing their Phonics Screening Check this week.  They have worked so hard in preparation for it and we are all so proud of them!  You will receive your child’s mark in their End of Year reports later on in the term.


In Maths this week, we have continued to explore mass.  The children have been comparing the mass of a group of objects using non-standard units and have been explaining their findings using phrases like ‘as heavy as’ and ‘heavier/lighter than.’  Everyone has worked hard to complete sections of their Practice Book and some children have had a go at recording some more complex mass problems in their jotters.


In History this week, we have continued to find out about the life of Christopher Columbus and have discovered more about ships from the past.  The children have drawn a ship and labelled it with key vocabulary.  Next week we will be writing a letter as if we were Columbus on board his ship.


Next Friday morning, we will be going to Fairford Leys Church for the Parable Experience.  The children will be exploring the different stories Jesus told (parables) through a variety of activities.  We welcome any parents who would like to come along.  Please speak to Mrs Hoaen or Miss Blackman for more details.


Please note, the Library will be closing as of next week, so that we can collect the books in and sort the library before the summer.  This means that children must return any library books they have at home as soon as possible.  If you have lost a book, please let us know and we can inform our librarian. 



Welcome back!


This week in Maths the children have been learning about Mass. They have been using balance scales to compare objects and have been able to use the vocabulary, heavy, heavier and heaviest, light, lighter and lightest.


We have started our new topic ‘By the Sea’ and in History we are going to be learning about the famous explorer Christopher Columbus. On Friday we discovered a message in a bottle from Christopher Columbus! We are very excited to see what we can learn about this famous explorer.


In PE the children all experienced passing a baton as we had a go at relay races. The children learnt how to carry out a good baton handover with a partner.


Next week is the phonics screening week. The children have all been working incredibly hard to learn and apply their sounds and we are extremely proud of them all. We would like the children to continue to practise their sounds at home this weekend.

Wow-what a busy term we have had in Year 1! 
The children have been working so hard on their Phonics in preparation for the Phonics Screening Check.  Any practise you can do with them at home over the holidays will be beneficial, as the check will take place in the first couple of weeks of next term.  Please see the Homework section for further details on strategies to use.
On Thursday, we welcomed parents into 1B and 1H for one of our regular Stay and Play sessions.  The children taught their parents how to set up a paint station and practise mark making.  We had lots of fun and thank you all for coming to join us!
We hope you all have a great half term - enjoy a rest and come back ready to work hard in our final term in Year 1!  

In Year 1 this week we have finished our Science topic on senses. The children had lots of fun exploring their sense of touch and were able to identify baked beans, jelly, cooked spaghetti, pine cones and wool by using their sense of touch alone!


In Maths we have continued to measure using non-standard units. The children have been able to measure accurately and make sensible estimations. We have moved onto some challenging problem solving activities applying the measuring skills we have learnt.


On Friday afternoon we had lots of fun celebrating the Royal wedding. The children made bunting, decorated cakes and drew pencil sketches of London buildings. Both classes have made a wedding card for the royal couple which we will send to Buckingham palace! We wonder if we will get a reply!


We hope you enjoyed your long Bank Holiday weekend in the sunshine!  The children have been loving being outside on the field at lunch times this week – thank you to everyone who has sent their child in with sun hats too!  At St. Mary’s children must have a sun hat to be allowed on the field to play.

This week in Maths we have continued to explore length.  The children have been measuring objects around the classroom using non-standard units like paperclips and straws.  The children have been remembering to measure accurately by using the same units and have been carefully lining up their objects to compare them.

We have continued on our Senses journey in Science, having looked at ‘Smell’ and ‘Taste’ this week.  The children have loved trying out different flavours and were able to share ideas using the key vocabulary sweet, salty, bitter and sour. 

As you may know, the Phonics Screening Check is taking place in June.  All children in Year 1 take part across the country.  It has been created to check children's phonic and reading abilities - children are asked to read a list of 40 real and alien/nonsense words by following three important steps:
1.) Spot the 'special friends'/sounds in the word (oa in boat)
2.) Fred Talk or sound out (b-oa-t)
3.) Blend the sounds together to read the word
Please use the sounds grids sent home to practice, especially the marked sounds which are the ones your child is less confident with.  
Any questions please speak to one of the Year 1 team - we are happy to help :)
In Science we have been learning about our senses. The children have learnt about their sight and enjoyed leading each other through an obstacle course with their eyes closed! By the end of the lesson we decided that we were very grateful for our sight! We thought about what it would be like to not have sight and learnt about how guide dogs help blind people in everyday life. The children went on a sound walk around the field and listened carefully to sounds in their surroundings.
Both year 1 classes have got stuck into our new maths topic - length. They have been learning lots of new vocabulary which they have been using accurately. 
tall, taller, tallest
long, longer, longest
short, shorter, shortest
high, higher, highest
It would be great to encourage your child to use these words in everyday life at home.
We hope that you all enjoy the bank holiday weekend. See you next Tuesday! 
This week we have continued our Maths topic of subtraction.  The children have worked so hard on a few tricky concepts and have persevered throughout. - well done Year 1!  We have finished off our Geography sessions on maps this week.  The children have been learning about symbols and how they help us to read a map.  They have then used this understanding to add symbols to their own Jolly Postman maps and their own treasure maps (complete with teabag stains)!   In ICT this week, we all had a go at logging in for the first time - the children have all been given their very own username and they were all very excited to use them to get onto the computers.  Next week we will begin our Science topic on the Human Senses and in Maths we will beginning finding out about length.  
Please note, the Library computer has been out of action the last couple of weeks, so we have collected in the children's books, but have not sent any new ones home yet.  We have still been enjoying our Library visits on a Tuesday and hope to be able to sort new books very soon.
Enjoy your weekends :)
Welcome back!
We have had a great first week back at school and have enjoyed making the most of the sunshine on the field during lunchtimes!
We have started our new Fairytale topic with the story of The Jolly Postman. We are learning about maps in Geography and the children loved looking at a great range of maps! They have been learning about compass directions and made a map for the Jolly Postman to follow. 
In PE this half term we shall be preparing for sports day. This week we learnt how to start a sprint race. 
Please make sure that the children bring a labelled sunhat to school this term. We will ensure that they have plenty to drink and are re-filling their water bottles throughout the day.
Friday 13th July

The children have impressed us all year with lots of fantastic homework!

For your last piece of homework we would like you to tell us about your favourite part of year one. Have you enjoyed a particular subject, trip, assembly or topic?  

Friday 6th July 

This week in RE we have been learning about the Jewish day of rest - Shabbat. We have been finding out about the special meals that they enjoy together. We would like you to tell us about a special meal that you enjoy together with family or friends.

Friday 29th June


Next week it is move up morning! The children will meet their new teacher and spend some time in their new classroom.

For homework this week we would like the children to think of questions that they would like to ask their new teacher. Remember to use a question mark. The children can also think about what they would like to share about themselves.

Friday 22nd June

This week the children had a wonderful time at the church exploring parables which are stories that Jesus told. We would like the children to either recall their experiences at the church or explore a new parable that Jesus told. These can be found in the gospels of the Bible which are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Friday 15th June


This week in Geography we have been learning about the famous explorer Christopher Columbus.

We would like the children to tell us about a famous explorer of their choice. Here are some possible examples:

Christopher Columbus, Neil Armstrong, Amelia Earhart, Ernest Shackleton, Ellen MacArthur.

They children can choose how they want to record their findings. Happy exploring!

Friday 18th May
Please continue to help your child to review their phonic sounds at home this week using the resources we have sent home. 

Friday 11th May


In Maths we have been continuing to learn about length and the children have had a go at measuring objects using non-standard units such as straws and paperclips.

To help the children develop these Mathematical skills we would like them to choose one non-standard measuring unit eg paperclips, pasta, spaghetti and measure a variety of everyday objects around the house. Please ensure that children are measuring accurately and carefully.

Friday 4th May
This week we would like the children to have a go at using all of their new math's vocabulary at home to compare the length of everyday objects.
long, longer, longest
short, shorter, shortest
high, higher, highest
tall, taller, tallest
They could draw a picture or write a sentence to show the things that they have compared. 
Friday 27th April
Next week in Science we will be exploring our 'Senses.'  Homework this week is to complete a 'Senses Journey' to school and to record what you can see, hear, feel, taste and smell along the way.  You can record using pictures or words.  Have fun!
Friday 20th April

Our new geography topic this term is maps. In class we have been exploring maps and learning about compass points. For homework this week we would like the children to design their own map. They could draw a map of their garden, bedroom or create a fictional map.