Weekly Learning
This week in Geography the children (and adults) had a very exciting 'trip' to Peru!  We followed in the footsteps of Paddington Bear and imagined we were off to South America.  We had a ticket each and turned the classroom into an aeroplane ready for our journey.  When we 'arrived' we learnt more about Peru and have begun to compare it to London and the United Kingdom.  
On Wednesday we welcomed parents to the Year 1 classrooms to join us for a Maths lesson.  The children loved sharing all they have learnt about number bonds and part, part, whole.  Thank you to those that came and we hope the morning gave you an opportunity to share in your child's learning.  Look out for further Stay and Play dates in the future.
A big well done to our newly elected Junior Leaders.  The children enjoyed going to the hall, which had been decorated like a real polling station, to vote for the class member they wanted to represent them in future Junior Leadership meetings. 
We look forward to seeing you all at Parent's Evening next week.  
This week the children have produced some tremendous observational drawings of old toys. They have been learning to look closely at outline, texture and detail. We rounded off the topic with an art gallery where the children enjoyed looking at each others work. 
On Friday morning we had lots of fun welcoming our Grandparents into the school. The children all enjoyed spending time with them in the classrooms and gave a super performance in the hall. 
In Maths the children have been exploring different ways to represent number bonds. They have been working practically, drawing pictures and even writing number sentences. We are looking forward to our Stay and Play session next week. The focus will be Maths and the children will be able to share all of their new learning.



This week in Year One we have begun a new topic in Art - observational pencil drawing. The children have enjoyed using our new sketching pencils. Next week we are going to apply all of our new skills and have a go at an observational drawing of an old toy.


In Maths we have been exploring number sequences. We are now able to tell if the numbers in a sequence are ascending or descending and we have had a go at finding the missing number in a number sequence.


Now that the children have been sorted into their houses they have enjoyed collecting house points!


A quick reminder of key days in Year 1

Monday: Book change day

Wednesday: Library

Tuesday/Friday: PE

Wednesday: Homework due in

Friday: New homework sent home

We have had a great time this week in Year 1!  The children were very excited to take part in the 'Sorting Assembly' on Tuesday where they were sorted into their houses.  Your child should have come home with a coloured card to say which house they are in (Hampden-green, Lee-yellow, Cook-blue, Rothschild-red).  The children meet with their house every half term for a house assembly and take part in other events together.  We are also now giving out housepoints in class to Year 1, which are collected and go towards the whole school total.
In Maths we have been using the phrases 'more than, fewer than and the same as' to compare sets of objects and pictures and the terms 'greater than and smaller than' to compare numbers.  We have also had our first ICT lesson - the children have been practising how to log on and off using their own username.
Just a couple of reminders to parents: please ensure your child has their reading book and yellow reading record in their bookbag each day, as we like to record when we have read with them in class.  We also want to encourage children to come into the classrooms independently now, so we ask that you say goodbye in the playground and let your child come in by themselves.  They have been doing a really good job so far - well done Year 1! :)
We have had a fantastic first week settling into Year One. The children have been coming into the classrooms independently and have quickly got used to the new routines. 
Our new Paddington Bear topic is underway and in History we have been learning about old and new toys. Read Write Inc lessons have begun and the children have impressed us with all the sounds that they have remembered. 
Next Tuesday the children will be sorted into their houses. (Red - Rothschild, Green - Hampden, Yellow - Lee and Blue Cook). Your child will come home at the end of the day with a coloured card telling you which house they have been allocated.
Homework this week is to spend some time exploring maps linked to our Geography topic.  The children have learnt that we live in the UK and that London is our capital city.  We have also begun to explore Peru in South America.  You could take a look at Google Earth, street maps, tube maps or perhaps make your own.  Please spend no longer that 20 minutes on this activity and present your findings in any way you choose.

This week in Maths we have been looking at number patterns.

We have been learning about number patterns that ascend and descend.

0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7   or  7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0

We would like the children to record their own number sequence. Try to start on another number other than 1.

Challenge – Can you record a sequence that ascends or descends in 2’s?

Please spend no more than 20 minutes on this task. Happy counting!

Homework this week is to talk to an older family member and find out about the toys they used to play with.  The children can record this information in any way they choose.  We will give the children an opportunity to share their findings in class.  Please spend no more than 20 minutes on this task.