Weekly Learning
This week we started our Geography lessons.  The children have been learning the names of some of the continents of our world and on Friday we 'flew' to Peru!  We queued up and got a ticket for Hoaen/Blackman airlines and then we imagined we were travelling all the way to South America, experiencing a similar journey to the one Paddington took when he travelled to London from 'deepest, darkest' Peru!!
In Maths this week we have been getting to grips with the counting on strategy.  We have been using cube towers to add two numbers together.  We now know that it is easier to start counting from the biggest number and count on.  For example: when solving 6+2, all you need to do is start on 6 and count on 2 more.
Don't forget it is Parents Evening on Monday and Wednesday evening!  We look forward to seeing you all there. 
Year 1 enjoyed a wonderful day with our Grandparents this week. We showed off our mark making skills, had fun in the outdoor area and ended with a story and a song!
In maths the children have continued to explore the part, part whole model to understand number bonds. This week in Art the children completed some very impressive observational drawings, they were able to use their mark making skills to represent texture and all of the children learnt to look closely at their objects. Every Monday afternoon Year 1 visit the ICT room. The children have been working on their keyboard and mouse skills and have been painting Paddington Bear!
This week in Year 1, we have begun our Art sessions on observational drawings.  The children have been learning how to represent line, shape and texture on paper in preparation for a final drawing next week.  They have all been concentrating hard and have really loved experimenting during the week.
In Maths we have been working on making numbers and number bonds using the concept of part, part, whole.  We have been using equipment to practically separate our whole number into two parts.
Don't forget - it is Grandparent's Day on Monday at 9:15.  We ask that grandparents come into school via the main entrance.  You will be led to either 1B or 1H from there.  We look forward to having you to visit!
The children have had another busy week in year 1! We have continued to learn about old toys and have ordered toys on a timeline. The children have done some fantastic writing describing toys and they enjoyed finding out about what older members of their family used to play with.
In maths the children were finding 1 more and 1 less and in music they were learning to listen to the sounds around them.
The children have settled in extremely well to Year 1.  We have continued to spend time exploring the classroom and outdoor area.  Our Paddington Bear topic is well underway - the children have had a go at drawing and painting Paddington.  In History we have started to explore old and new toys - the children particularly loved sharing their own favourite toy from home. 
Friday 13th October:
The children in Year 1 love our visits to the Library on a Tuesday.  We share books and read with our friends.
Homework this week is to tell us about your favourite story.  You can write a sentence, take photos or draw a picture.  It should only take you about 20 minutes.
We look forward to finding out some of your favourite books!
Friday 6th October


Next week in Geography we are going to be comparing Paddington Bear’s two homes, London and ‘deepest, darkest’ Peru.

We would like you to choose one of these places and show us either what you already know, or what you’d like to find out.

Friday 29th September
We have been working on sketching skills in Art this week. The children have been experimenting with mark making techniques. They have been exploring line, shape and texture. In preparation for some observational drawing next week, we would like the children to have a go at combining these skills at home. Choose an object and have a go at drawing it carefully. Remember to look carefully.
Friday 22nd September
This week we'd like the children to explore what they have been doing during their maths lessons. We have been learning about 1 more and 1 less. Count out every day objects and then add 1 more, then take one away.
Friday 15th September 
This week we would like your child to talk to an older adult about their favourite toy.  This could be a grandparent or family friend.  Are they similar or different from toys today?   Spend no more than 20 minutes on this task.