Weekly Learning
Wow we have reached the last week of the Autumn Term in Year 1 already!  We hope the children have enjoyed the Christmas festivities this week.  The children did so well in their Christmas performance of The Landlord's Cat.  Thank you for all your help with costumes and to those who came to watch-I'm sure you'll agree, they all did fantastically! We also got to wear our Christmas jumpers on Wednesday, which coincided with the school Christmas lunch, which was very yummy!  1B and 1H also went out in the beautiful snow on Tuesday - the children had so much fun playing together!
Here are a few end of term notices:
  • We will be sending PE kits home today.  Please make sure all items are yours and please return any stray pieces of kit to us!!
  • We will be collecting the children's reading books in on Monday, ready for the Christmas holidays.  A new book will be sent home when we come back in January.  
  • There will be no homework over the holidays - if you would like to do anything with your child, you could share some books together, practice your phonics sounds or perhaps write some sentences about your Christmas holidays.
Have a wonderful Christmas and we will see you all in the New Year, ready for 2018!
Miss Blackman and Mrs Hoaen
This week we had a dress rehearsal for our Nativity Play. All of the children looked amazing in their costumes and enjoyed performing to the rest of the school. We can't wait to show you next week!
We have continued to think about the Christmas story in RE and the children have been re-telling the story. We have been so impressed with their writing and story telling abilities.
We enjoyed using the i-pads this week to listen to and read some interactive stories and we are looking forward to using the i-pads regularly during story times.
This week the Year One children were able to attend their first house assembly! They had lots of fun playing some great Christmas games!
This week in Maths we have been looking at the relationship between addition and subtraction.  We have been making families of number sentences using only 3 numbers.  For example, using the numbers 3, 4 and 7 we can make the number sentences 3+4=7, 4+3=7, 7-4=3 and 7-3=4 - a family!  
In RE, we have continued to look at the Christmas Story.  The children have heard several versions of the story now and on Wednesday they had the chance to act out different sections as a group.  We then retold the story as a class - take a look at some of the budding actors below!
We have also been continuing to practice our KS1 Christmas Play - the children have worked really hard to learn the songs and are looking forward to performing for you in a couple of weeks. 
Please bring in your costumes by Tuesday 5th December as we will need them next week for our dress rehearsal in front of the school.  Any problems please let us know in advance.
Many thanks :)
This week in Year 1 we have continued to explore subtraction. We have been making up our own subtraction stories and represented these in our maths jotters.
We ended our Science topic on Materials with a super piece of writing describing Paddington's coat. We have now begun our RE topic exploring the Nativity Story. We started by considering special gifts we had been given. The children loved talking about and showing gifts that were special to them. They then went on to think about the birth of Jesus and enjoyed thinking about special gifts they would like to give to Jesus.
We are working hard to get ready for the Christmas Production and the children are impressing us with their super singing! Please start to bring costumes into school in a labelled plastic bag.
This week in Science we have been exploring our topic of 'Materials.'  The children have been using magnets to find magnetic objects around our classroom - we discovered some metals are magnetic.  We also received a letter from Paddington Bear, asking us to make a jacket for him to wear on his white water rafting holiday!! We needed to test different materials to find out which ones were waterproof and then we had a chance to make the jacket itself using carrier bags!
The Year 1 classes have both had their second Music lessons with the specialist teacher from Aylesbury Music Centre.  She worked with the children to compose some music of their own, using footprint pictures as the musical symbols.  The children then played their instruments in different ways based on the order of the pictures in front of them - the sounds we created represented the noise of elephant and mouse footprints.  We had a lot of fun!
What an exciting week we've had in year 1! We were so pleased to welcome a huge number of parents to our first stay and play session. We followed instructions we had written to make a marmalade sandwich for Paddington Bear! Don't worry if you couldn't make this session as we will have more throughout the year.
In maths we have been learning about subtraction. We began this topic outdoors using lots of different objects like leaves, conkers and shells to make up subtraction stories.
Our new Science topic is materials. We have been learning about natural and man-made materials. Mrs Robinson brought in her paper maker and we have been learning how to make our own paper!
This week we have started our DT (Design and Technology) lessons.  In preparation for Stay and Play next Tuesday, the children have been writing instructions for how to make a marmalade sandwich.  To begin with Miss Blackman and Mrs Hoaen made a 'silly sandwich' to show how unclear instructions can cause a bit of a mess!! The children then wrote their own set of clear instructions ready to follow on Tuesday when we make our own sandwiches for Paddington!
On Wednesday Year 1 took part in a very special event.  We had our Sorting Assembly with the whole school.  The children in 1H and 1B were 'sorted' into their Houses - Hampden (Green), Lee (Yellow), Rothschild (Red) and Cook (Blue).  This means that the children can now collect house points, which go towards the whole school team totals.  We had lots of fun - there are some photos on the school's Facebook page.
Over the next couple of weeks, KS1 will be having a series of Music lessons with a specialist teacher from Aylesbury Music Centre.  We had our first one on Tuesday and the children loved it - we got to listen to a cello being played and the children did some animal miming in time to the music.
This week we ended our Geography topic with some food tasting! The children tried a selection of foods that can be grown in South America. Some went down better than others but lots of the children enjoyed new foods that they tasted for the first time.
The children imagined that they were in Peru and thought about the things they could see, hear, touch and smell. They then were able to do a fantastic piece of descriptive writing.
We wish you a very happy half term holiday and look forward to seeing you in a week to begin some more adventures with Paddington Bear.
This week we started our Geography lessons.  The children have been learning the names of some of the continents of our world and on Friday we 'flew' to Peru!  We queued up and got a ticket for Hoaen/Blackman airlines and then we imagined we were travelling all the way to South America, experiencing a similar journey to the one Paddington took when he travelled to London from 'deepest, darkest' Peru!!
In Maths this week we have been getting to grips with the counting on strategy.  We have been using cube towers to add two numbers together.  We now know that it is easier to start counting from the biggest number and count on.  For example: when solving 6+2, all you need to do is start on 6 and count on 2 more.
Don't forget it is Parents Evening on Monday and Wednesday evening!  We look forward to seeing you all there. 
Year 1 enjoyed a wonderful day with our Grandparents this week. We showed off our mark making skills, had fun in the outdoor area and ended with a story and a song!
In maths the children have continued to explore the part, part whole model to understand number bonds. This week in Art the children completed some very impressive observational drawings, they were able to use their mark making skills to represent texture and all of the children learnt to look closely at their objects. Every Monday afternoon Year 1 visit the ICT room. The children have been working on their keyboard and mouse skills and have been painting Paddington Bear!
This week in Year 1, we have begun our Art sessions on observational drawings.  The children have been learning how to represent line, shape and texture on paper in preparation for a final drawing next week.  They have all been concentrating hard and have really loved experimenting during the week.
In Maths we have been working on making numbers and number bonds using the concept of part, part, whole.  We have been using equipment to practically separate our whole number into two parts.
Don't forget - it is Grandparent's Day on Monday at 9:15.  We ask that grandparents come into school via the main entrance.  You will be led to either 1B or 1H from there.  We look forward to having you to visit!
The children have had another busy week in year 1! We have continued to learn about old toys and have ordered toys on a timeline. The children have done some fantastic writing describing toys and they enjoyed finding out about what older members of their family used to play with.
In maths the children were finding 1 more and 1 less and in music they were learning to listen to the sounds around them.
The children have settled in extremely well to Year 1.  We have continued to spend time exploring the classroom and outdoor area.  Our Paddington Bear topic is well underway - the children have had a go at drawing and painting Paddington.  In History we have started to explore old and new toys - the children particularly loved sharing their own favourite toy from home. 
Friday 8th December
As the end of term approaches and we wave goodbye to Paddington Bear the Year One teachers are beginning to think about the Spring Term. Our new topic is called 'Our Wonderful World'. We are going to be learning about lots of plants and animals. In preparation for this we would like the children to think about what they already know about plants and animals and come up with some questions about what they would like to find out.
Friday 1st December
In RE this week we have been finding out about Jesse Trees.  A Jesse Tree was used years ago to tell the stories of the Bible using pictures.  We would like to make our own Year 1 Jesse Tree in class, so homework this week is to draw a picture to illustrate a Bible story of your choice.  There are some examples listed in the document below and a template that can be used to draw your picture in.
Friday 24th November
We would like the children to make up subtraction number stories using every day objects found at home.
Friday 17th November
In Science this week we have been finding out more about materials.  For homework this week, we would like you to go on a materials hunt and find objects made from different things. It’s up to you how you represent your work. You might draw pictures and label the material, use photos or write a sentence. You could even carry out your own waterproof or magnetic materials experiment.  
Friday 10th November
To support the children's learning in maths this week we'd like you to play a subtraction game at home.
Friday 3rd November
This week in DT, we have been learning how to give instructions.  We would like you to have a go at following or writing some instructions of your choice at home.  The instructions might be how to brush your teeth or how to build a Lego model or you can come up with your own idea.  You can choose how you present your work - you could draw pictures, take photos or write some instructions as sentences.  It should take you no longer than 20 minutes.
Friday 13th October:
The children in Year 1 love our visits to the Library on a Tuesday.  We share books and read with our friends.
Homework this week is to tell us about your favourite story.  You can write a sentence, take photos or draw a picture.  It should only take you about 20 minutes.
We look forward to finding out some of your favourite books!
Friday 6th October


Next week in Geography we are going to be comparing Paddington Bear’s two homes, London and ‘deepest, darkest’ Peru.

We would like you to choose one of these places and show us either what you already know, or what you’d like to find out.

Friday 29th September
We have been working on sketching skills in Art this week. The children have been experimenting with mark making techniques. They have been exploring line, shape and texture. In preparation for some observational drawing next week, we would like the children to have a go at combining these skills at home. Choose an object and have a go at drawing it carefully. Remember to look carefully.
Friday 22nd September
This week we'd like the children to explore what they have been doing during their maths lessons. We have been learning about 1 more and 1 less. Count out every day objects and then add 1 more, then take one away.
Friday 15th September 
This week we would like your child to talk to an older adult about their favourite toy.  This could be a grandparent or family friend.  Are they similar or different from toys today?   Spend no more than 20 minutes on this task.
Christmas Holidays
There will be no homework over the holidays, but if you would like to do anything with your child, you could share some books together, practice your phonics sounds or perhaps write some sentences about your Christmas holidays.