Nursery Uniform

St Mary’s C of E School Nursery Staff believe that wearing a uniform helps the children to feel a part of the school community and helps them with the transition to the Early Years reception class.Please adhere to our uniform policy.

Wearing a uniform will avoid children’s normal clothing from being damaged or stained. The children will be encouraged to wear aprons or waterproof clothing when engaging in messy activities but children still may come home with a dirty uniform. We use products which are water based and should therefore come out in the wash.

Uniform (Mapac) information can be accessed through the link below:

Please send your child to school in the blue Nursery jumper, track suit bottoms or leggings, a blue polo shirt and sturdy shoes or trainers. Nursery rucksacks are also available through Mapac.

If children have pierced ears, please ensure they wear small studs only. Shoulder length hair should be tied back with a simple band and nail polish or jewellery should not be worn. These requirements are in line with school policy.

Please send your child to school with suitable outwear on a daily basis as we are outside every day. This would include:

  • Sunhat

  • Waterproof coat and trousers

  • Winter coat

  • Winter hat and gloves

  • Wellington boots

Although we do have some spare clothing, supplying as spare set of clothing in your child’s rucksack would be advisable.