Secondary Transfer

Secondary Transfer
Children in Buckinghamshire attend either an Upper School or a Grammar School. To qualify for a place at a Grammar School children must score 121 or above on the Secondary Transfer Tests
Children in Year 6 sit the Bucks Transfer Tests in September for admission to secondary schools in the following September. Information about these tests and the selection process are contained in the power point below.
In 2018-19 13 pupils qualified for Grammar Schools and 4 additional pupils qualified after selection reviews with the support of the school making a total of 17 pupils.
Pupils at St Mary's attend a range of local schools - most commonly: Aylesbury Grammar School, Aylesbury High School, Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School, Aylesbury Vale Academy,
Mandeville School, St Michael's,Waddesdon School,The Grange School, Cottesloe School, Lord William's Thame.