We have been very impressed with how well the children have settled back into school this week. They are now coming into the classroom and putting all their belongings away independently and then sitting down to do their morning writing activity with little support.

We have learned how to halve a shape this week by folding and cutting it. We have also used a part, part, whole model to show how a numicon shape can be shared equally. You can see a diagram of this below.

 The children have been busy designing and making models out of wood this week at the workbench. They are using their measuring skills well when thinking about where to place wheels on the cars they have made.

Stay and Play

Monday 29th April will be our Literacy Stay and Play for those parents who have signed up. If you are unsure if you have a place on this please speak to a member of the team.

Week beginning 1st April

This week in maths we have introduced the children to the concept of division by sharing.  The children have been sharing between 2 or more people and we have been encouraging the children to speak in full sentences to explain what they have done e.g. ‘I had 6 stones and shared them with 2 people so we each got 3 stones.’

The children have enjoyed the wet weather and had lots of fun using the brooms to sweep the rain water away from the playground.  We also added some coloured paint to the rain water to see what happens when we mix the colours.

We have been busy making Easter cards in the afternoon as well as learning about the Easter story in RE.

We have also been making big and small helicopters out of paper to see which ones fly the best.  The children made a large step out of blocks to fly them from and had fun comparing how each flew.

On Friday year 1 came to visit us to do an Easter Bonnet parade.  The children loved looking at all their amazing hats they had created.

Please can we remind all parents that after half term children will be coming in to the class on their own so that they can get ready for the transition in to Year 1.  We will be encouraging children to independently put away their belongings.  An adult will still be available to speak to you at the door if you want to pass on a message.

We would like to wish you all a Happy Easter!

Week beginning 17th March
This week in maths we have continued our work on subtraction with Numicon and Numicon rods.  The children are now really confident at subtracting and writing the number sentence to match.
We have continued our work using the 'Tales Toolkit'.  This week children have been selecting their own pictures to tell a story focusing on a character, setting, problem and solution to help them tell the story.  Next week we will teach the children how to write the story.
In PE we have been focusing on balancing using the benches as well as finding out different ways we can move across the bench.
Both classes have enjoyed another visit to Forest School this week too.

Week beginning 11th March

This week has been science week so we have been doing lots of open ended experiments with the children.  They have explored how different materials reflect light in the dark and how balls travel down tubes that are covered in washing up liquid, water and syrup.

The children in year 6 made volcanoes and came down to show us how they erupt when vinegar is added to baking powder…

On Wednesday we participated in world ‘Sing Up’ day.  The children joined the rest of the school in the hall to sing ‘One moment, one Person’ song that we have been teaching them.  This was filmed and will be sent off to be edited in with other schools.

In maths this week we have been continuing our work with subtraction using the Numicon 10.  We have also been continuing to write subtraction number sentences to match our practical work.

Both classes enjoyed another trip to Forest School.  Each child was asked to find an item that they felt was special and were asked to talk about why they chose that item.

On Thursday we had a special science assembly to celebrate science week.  The children got to learn about what is needed to make fire, using energy transfer to set off rockets and they also learnt about gravity.  They had lots of fun and were eager to make up their own experiments once they were back in class.

What to Expect When
Please see the What to Expect When document below, A guide to your child’s learning
and development in the early years foundation stage.

Week beginning 25.3.19


This week the children have really enjoyed making crazy golf courses outside using the building blocks and guttering


We have also enhanced our music area by adding a variety of instruments, a microphone and some dressing up clothes.  Mrs Manders has been teaching the children how to sing songs and use the instruments.  There have been lots of children on the stage singing and pretending to be in a band!

We have continued our trips to Forest school- RK participated with some mud painting with Mrs Johnson our Forest School teacher and RLM made

On Tuesday we enjoyed a visit to the church to learn about the Easter story and also have an Easter egg hunt.

We have also been developing our oral telling skills for stories and we are now moving on to recording them in written format.  The children have really enjoyed making up their own stories using pictures and props while we have been recording their stories for them in their writing books.  The next step is for them to now record their stories.


On Friday we welcomed our mums in for a mothers reading morning to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday.  The children have also been working hard making Mother Day cards- we hope you like them!


Please can we remind all parents that after half term we would like the children to come in on their own and put all their belongings away independently.  This is to prepare them for an easy transition in to year 1.  We recommend saying goodbye to your child at the door before they come in so that once they are in school, they can focus on putting their belongings away and doing an activity at the tables. In year 1 they will be expected to do the same.