This week has been internet safety week so we have been talking to the children about how to stay safe on the internet.  Some of the things we have been reminding the children to do is to; always tell an adult if you are unsure about something, not to talk to strangers on line, always ask an adult for permission to download an app and to never give away any personal details.


The children then went on to design their own internet safety poster which will be entered in a competition held in school.

On Thursday the children also attended an internet safety assembly with KS1.

This week in maths we have continued our work on addition with Numicon. We have been verbalising how 2 shapes can be combined to make a total.  We have been encouraging the children to use the correct vocabulary such as; ’add’, ‘and’, ‘equals’, ‘makes’.  Homework this week will be based on this.

For example Numicon shapes can be added together to make 6 so we say ‘5 and /add 1 makes/equals/is 6‘or ‘1 and/add 5 is/equals 6’ we have been encouraging the children to use the correct vocabulary to say how the shapes have been added together.  Children can choose any of the words used in the example.

Some children were then able to record this as a number sentence e.g. 5+1=6 or 1+5=6


This week we have also been celebrating Chinese New Year! We have looked at what happens on this special day as well as learning about the story behind Chinese New Year.  This year it is the year of the pig, we also found out that he children were born under the year of the horse.  The children have enjoyed colouring in Chinese dragons and making masks.

It was so exciting to see the snow on Tuesday afternoon. As the field was covered with snow on Wednesday morning we used this opportunity to explore the snow. We found out that the snow had melted in some areas as the sun was shining on it but not in others. The snow was icy and crunchy underfoot and not the best for making snowballs. We had lots of fun experiencing the snow on the field and an opportunity to walk through the forest school area. 
We have continued to work with our teen numbers this week and have enjoyed singing a variety of teen number songs. We have begun to use vocabulary related to addition and subtraction using the Numicon pegs. 
The cooking has continued this week with Miss Ludlow. This week the children have learned how to make cous cous and cut celery, carrots and peppers.This had led to conversations about using tools safely and the importance of eating a range of healthy foods.
We have begun to introduce a new story telling programme with the children called Tales Toolkit. This programme helps to develop the children's oral story telling skills which will then benefit their story writing abilities. Each week we use the story telling bags to make up a class story which is recorded in our big story book. Have a look at the website below for more information on the programme.
Photos will be posted on Monday.

Week beginning 14.1.19

It’s been another busy week in Reception.  We have continued to use the wood work bench and some of us have used our design sheet to make our models (see photos).

The children are loving using the new work bench and are able to use the tools safely.  Over the next few weeks we will continue to build in new skills for them to try.

We are also starting up weekly cooking sessions with the children.  This week we started off simple with adding ingredients to yogurt.  To encourage writing, we asked the children to write us a list of some of the ingredients that they wanted to add to their yogurt. Once they had done this, they were then able to add their chosen ingredients to their yogurt and lots of children decided to try fruits they had never tasted before.  All children will get to make and try their yogurt either this week or next week.

Outside the children have really been interested in making fishing rods and pretend to go fishing so we used our sand pit to create a pretend to be a pond which later turned in to a swamp.  Using this idea, some children then went inside to build a smaller version of a fishing rod with straws and junk modelling materials.

In maths we have been introducing the ‘teen’ numbers to the children ensuring that they can both recognise the number as well as build the number using the Numicon shapes.  Lots of us are still finding numbers 11, 12, 13 and 15 a bit tricky!

Next week we will be introducing the children to simple addition and subtraction using the Numicon pegs.  We will be encouraging them to use the correct vocabulary to say things like 'I took one peg away from a 5 shape, now i have 4 left' or ' I added one peg on to a 7 shape, now i have 8 altogether.'

Week beginning 6/1/19

This week the children have been really excited to use our new wood work bench.  We have been teaching the children how to safely use the tools and each child has designed something they want to make.  We will build up the skills needed to use the work bench effectively before the children are able to make their designs.  This week our focus has been hammering nails safely in to wood.


In maths we have been learning how to count static objects (like pictures on wrapping paper) by placing objects on top of the pictures to see which ones have been counted.  We have also been estimating the amount of objects we can see and then checking to see if we were close.

Lots of children now have a new level of reading book, some children’s reading days have now changed too, please check what day this is as it might have changed.

 Thank you for all the parents that attended the fine motor Stay and Play today.  Please see photos attached to see what we all got up to.

Please can you remind children to bring their hats and coats to school as the weather is very cold at the minute and lots of children enjoy playing outside throughout the day.

Week beginning 11th Feb
This week we have finished making cous cous with Miss Ludlow- lots of children enjoyed trying their recipes and also tasting vegetables that they wouldn't normally eat
Mrs Hambleton (volunteer) has been taking groups of children teaching them how to sew and thread a needle.
We had a new delivery of wood for our wood work bench which included wheels and rods so the children enjoyed making car, lorries and trains with these.
Next term our focus book will be 'The Gruffalo' and the children will be writing a recipe for 'Gruffalo crumble which they will cook with Miss Ludlow.
We also had a fire drill this week and the children were very sensible and remembered all the rules.
If there are any parents that would like to help us on our school trip, please let a member of staff know.
Have a lovely half term!
This week we have been introducing the children to the basics of addition and subtraction. We have been doing this practically and verbalising what we have done. For example, "I have 6 stones and I add one more stone, now I have 7 stones."
Homework this week will be to find some objects to use for adding or taking away. Remember to encourage your child to verbalise what they are doing. 
Can you add/take away 2 or more objects?
Can you write the number story to match what you have done? e.g. 5 + 2 = 7
Reception Homework to be posted on 28/1/2019