15th December 2017
This is the last blog post before Christmas and what a week it has been.  A shorter week because of the snow day and full of lots of experiences.
We wrapped up warm and went to the field to explore the snow.  Many of the children haven't experienced snow before so it was lovely to just go and explore.  We found lots of animal tracks and decided that they were birds and foxes.  And then lots and lots of little footprints, and some bigger ones too!
Wednesday was Christmas jumper day and Christmas lunch.  The children looked very festive and enjoyed eating with their teachers that day.  Some even ate their brussel sprouts! 
We then finished the week with a visit to the Fairford Leys church.  Reverend Anthony was there to welcomed us and talk to the children about the artifacts in the church and we listened to a story about the life of Jesus.  The children remembered the parts they played in the Nativity and the gifts that the kings gave to Mary and Joseph.  We sang a song altogether and were able to have a look around at the different areas in the church.  The walk there and back was quite good too.
If you would like your child's reading book changed for the holidays please hand them in to your class teacher on Monday.
All the staff would like to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.
This week the children were thrilled to share their nativity performance with friends and family, they had worked so hard on the singing and actions and we were very proud of them all.
We have been getting very excited for Christmas this week and had lots of Christmas role play in the classrooms. The children have enjoyed making Christmas cards and pictures for friends and family. For our advent calender's in class we have had an act of kindness each day, such as, "playing with someone new" or "saying thank you."
On Friday we had some very special visitors- Community Police Officers. They showed us their police car and even let the children pretend to drive it. The Officers talked to the children about how they help people and some of the special equipment they use, such as, hats and helmets which the children were also allowed to try on.
Don't forget Christmas jumper day on Wednesday!
This week the children have made repeat patterns with different media, which developed from 2 colour to 3 colour, and from 2 shapes to 3 shapes.  We are continuing to use Numicon to support the children with counting accurately.  We played a 'pass-the-parcel' game, with Numicon in each layer :)  The children were excited to see which colour they would unwrap and then we matched these to a numeral card.  
We acted out some of our 'helicopter' stories.  The children are developing their stories and speaking skills and we are using these to support their writing. 
Our dress rehearsals have been watched by KS1 & KS2, it was lovely to sing to an audience and we know they enjoyed our performance.
Now that Christmas is nearly here we have decided to make the focus for our class calendars 'An Act of Kindness'.  So, today (1) was 'play with someone you wouldn't usually play with'.  The 2nd is 'say thank you'. The 3rd is 'give a hug to someone'.  It would be lovely if you could help your child with these over the weekend.
As it has been so cold we have been insisting that the children have hats and gloves if they are to play outside.
Rehearsals for our Early Years nativity are well underway now, please ensure your child has their costume in school ready for our first dress rehearsal on Tuesday.
In maths this week we have continued using Number Rods to fill trays and compare lengths. We have also been exploring 2D shape and making patterns with 2D shape printing. Both classes had the opportunity to make toast for snack time this week and the children cut their toast into different shapes.
We have continued with our work on making up, telling and acting out stories. Thank you for sending in your children's homework stories, we shared some with the classes on Friday afternoon and really enjoyed reading them all! 
What a week we've had in Early Years! We've been suited and booted in the mud kitchen, camping in the RP role play area and doing the weekly shop in our supermarket outside.
The children have been using Numicon Pegs and matching the patterns they make to the Numicon shapes in maths this week. We have been able to continue to practise our careful counting of the pegs and make sure we know the numbers of the Numicon shapes.
In literacy we have been doing some very exciting story telling. The children made up a simple story and drew pictures as they told the story to an adult. The adult then wrote down the story for the child and in the afternoon we had a go at acting out some of the children's stories. We were amazed with the children's imaginative ideas for their stories and they really enjoyed seeing their story bought to life! We look forward to doing more of this next week.
We were challenging ourselves in PE to move in different ways such as sliding on our tummies (only using our arms), doing pencil rolls (keeping our arms and legs together and straight) and army crawls on our forearms and legs. Some of these were quite tricky but we had a lot of fun trying!
We are now in the process of issuing every child in reception with a reading book, if you have not yet received one please keep a look out in your child's book bag over the next few weeks.
The weather has now turned colder and winter is definitely on the way, the children were very excited to find ice in our outside area earlier this week. We investigated where we might find ice and if it melted.
In maths the children have continued to explore and become familiar with number Rods. They have been busy discussing number Rods colours and comparing their lengths. We have continued exploring height and length through-out our week using children, sticks and toys.
Thank you for sending in your family portraits, the children really enjoyed sharing and talking about their families in Literacy this week. Some children used their pictures or drew their families in their writing books and had a go at labelling them too.
The children have been doing lots of painting, inside and outside this week. They have tried different types of paint and were particularly inspired by the fireworks they saw at the weekend when creating their paintings.
Physical Stay and Play
Thank you to all the mums and dads who attended our first stay and play this year- focusing on physical development.
We hope you enjoyed the session with your child and picked up some ideas for gross and fine motor activities you can try at home to support your child.
If you did not attend this session and would like some more information about supporting your child in this area, please speak to your class teacher for a copy of the handouts from Thursdays session.

The children seemed really pleased to be back at school and have settled straight back into learning.  They enjoyed their homework of playing board games so much; they are finding our class snakes and ladders to play independently. 

Our mud kitchen has been open for pumpkin soup.  The children are now able to put their wet suits and wellies on more independently, so are ready for outside play.  They are creating their own secret area among the trees, with a secret tunnel that leads to all sorts of imaginary lands and adventures.

We have looked at size this week and are using mathematical language to describe children, Numicon, toys, lines: big, medium and small.  For our Forest Field session this week all the children found a stick and then ordered them from the smallest to the biggest.  Quite a challenge when you really want your stick to be the biggest, but we worked it out in the end. 

The children have enjoyed taking part in lots of creative activities this week; they have experimented with different sized brushes, pencil mark making, and collage resources to make patterns and pictures.

We really want the children to have as many opportunities to develop their independently learning and we will be trying to go onto our school field on a Friday, weather permitting.  We will ensure that the children wear appropriate footwear, wellies.  Please make sure that children have hats and gloves as the weather is now turning colder and cold hand and heads make outside learning not so much fun.

Just a polite reminder that there are parent boxes in each classroom especially for your letters and correspondence to school.  This is very important at the moment with photos and Christmas cards orders to be returned to school.  If you are unsure about where the boxes are please ask a member of staff.  There are also water trays in each classroom so please encourage your child to be independent and put their own water bottle in there ready for the day ahead.

Please remember to label all school clothes.  The children get very muddled when changing for PE if their clothes are not named.

The children have now completed their first half term in reception! We are very proud of how they have settled in and all the friendships they have made so far.
In maths the children have continued to become familiar with the numicon shapes and colours and have been making pictures and arrangements using the various shapes.
We have been busy doing creative activities inside and out this week. Outside the children have been crushing chalk, mixing it with water and doing some gross motor painting. Inside the children have been exploring colour mixing and making marks with different sized paint brushed.
Have a restful half term break everyone!
This week has had some special events in it. 
The children, and staff, had a lovely morning showing grandparents the classrooms and outside area.  Thank you for coming in and we hope the grandparents enjoyed their visit, see below for photos.
Friday was PE day.  The children were really excited about this, and the staff were too!  Hopefully all the children came home in their school uniform, and even the right way round.
Through the week the children have continued to explore Numicon, learning the shape and colours.  They designed their Christmas card for the PTA, and you will have the opportunity to buy their own designed Christmas cards soon.  
The children have clearly enjoyed the autumn homework, we have lots of gorgeous leaves and conkers in school.  Some children put photos on Tapestry and we all enjoyed looking at these in class.
Our first full time week in school!  The children have listened really well in their phonic sessions and are now starting to use these letter sounds in their mark making and writing.  The children have been introduced to Numicon, one of our practical maths resources, and have had number hunts around the setting.  They are working together to build and have really enjoyed the outside area, with the mud kitchen being very well used.  
Now the weather is starting to turn wetter and muddier the children will need wellies and waterproof coats to fully access all the different learning areas at school.
Weekly Learning
The children have felt more settled this week and have learnt new routines quickly.  We have been to visit the lunch hall to meet the lunchtime staff and have a little practise carrying a tray!  
The children have really enjoyed the phonic sessions and have even been teaching each other, using phonic cards and a pinny, just like in school.  
Thank you to the parents who stayed for the friday morinng PARIS (parents and reading in school) session.  Its was lovely to see parents and grandparents showing children how we all love reading.
We were really pleased to welcome all of the children to their first week at school. They have explored both the reception classrooms and the outside area. The children have played with lots of familiar friends and are beginning to make new friends too.
15th December 2017
The school policy is not to set homework during school holidays.  If you wanted to continue to help your child make their own number book which is continuing from last weeks homework.


8th December 2017

This is the last homework before the Christmas holidays.  Therefore our homework this week is for you to start a little project:  A Number Book. 

Your child’s number book should start on the first page with 1:  Write the number 1 and add an image of one object.  This could be a sticker, a drawing of a cat or a picture cut out from a magazine.  The next page is 2: the number 2 written and images of two things.  This could be two birds drawn on the page, two stickers or two pictures from a magazine.  And of course the next page is 3, and so on. 

This is something you should take time over, making sure that your child knows all about each number on the page and the number of images to go with it.  You may wish to record them in your homework book, or you could use a different book that your child can read at home anytime.  This book should be made by your child, this way they will feel proud of their achievements and be able to read the book to themselves or you.

We suggest that you have in mind to make a book of 1-10 to begin with.  If your child is happy to move onto numbers past 10, then please support them with this, but only up to 20.

Merry Christmas


1st December 2017

This week in school the children have been making repeat patterns with paint, pegs or 2D shapes.  A repeat pattern with 2 colours would be:

 red, green, red, green, red,  green. 

A repeat pattern with 2 types of 2D shapes would be:

 triangle, square, triangle, square, triangle, square

Of course a repeat pattern could be made with ANYTHING!

 cat, dog, cat, dog, cat, dog

So we would like the children to create a repeat pattern.  It can be 2 colours/objects or even 3 or 4. 

 triangle, circle, square, triangle, circle, square, triangle, circle, square

Your child can draw or ‘cut and stick’ into their homework book or add photos to Tapestry.


24th November 2017

This week in school we have been naming 2D shapes and exploring their properties.  Shapes are all around us and we would like the children to be shape detectives and go on a shape hunt.  At home or when you are out and about see if you can find circles, squares, triangles and oblongs.   You could start with windows, doors, road signs, food and packaging.

You can draw the shapes you find in your homework book, and label them or add photos to Tapestry.  

Story telling homework

17th November 2017

This week in literacy we have been busy making up and telling lots of lovely stories. The children thought of their own simple stories and drew pictures to represent parts of their story. The children then told it to an adult who wrote their story down for them.

For your homework we would like you to have a go at doing some story telling at home with your child. You could make up a simple story with your child based on animals or characters they like. If your child needs more support with this you may like to have a go at retelling a familiar story to your child, such as The Three Bears. You could write down your child’s story for them in their homework book and they could draw pictures to accompany it or you could video your child telling their story and upload it to tapestry.

An example story we have used with the children this week:

“Once upon a time there was a little puppy. The puppy saw a flower, the puppy smelt the flower. Then the puppy saw a big tree, he walked around the tree until he saw his mummy!”

Family Portraits Homework

3rd November 2017

This week we have been looking at sizes of objects, people and the three bears. The children have been trying to put these sets in size order and use the language “small, medium or, middle sized, and big.” We would like you to send in a photo of your family, you may like to try putting the members of your family in size order or looking at the photo at home and discussing who in your family is big or tall, who is middle or medium sized and who is small or short. If you have more than three members of your family what other words could you use to describe their heights?

We will use these pictures for other activities in school such as painting our families, please either attach the picture into your homework book or send it to us on tapestry for us to print in school.

13th October 2017

In school we include counting into our conversations with the children whenever we can.  One aspect of learning to count is to be accurate.  Of course it is always easier to learn when having fun, and when trying to win!  This week’s homework is to play a game, and then tell us who won.  We have included a photocopy of a simple board game you could try, or you may have some at home that you prefer.  You can write and draw in your homework book or add some photos to Tapestry.


6th October 2017

The first 2 sounds that the children have been taught are ‘m’ and ‘s’.  The homework this week is to go on a letter hunt looking for these letters.  Once you start looking you will find letters everywhere!  Fill a page of your homework book with . . . drawings, photos, cuttings from newspapers or magazines, printing. 

Remember you are looking for ‘m’ and ‘s’.


29th September 2017

Autumn is all around us now and the children are starting to notice the changes in the trees around school.  For the homework this week we would like your child to collect some Autumn items to bring into school or they could stick them into their homework book.  If you have Tapestry available you could add photos of your child collecting Autumn things there.

Number Hunt Homework


This week in school we have been doing lots of counting of; children, toys, snacks and more. Next week we will be looking at number recognition and having a number hunt around our Early Years building.

For your homework this week we would like you to find out what number your house is. You may like to draw your front door and house number in your homework book, or take a photo of your front door and stick it in your book.

If your child would like to do more you could encourage them to see what other numbers they can spot around the house (clocks, food packets, height chart) or go out and about looking for numbers on other people’s front doors. 


10th November 2017

Over the last few weeks the children have been leant to correctly identify the Numicon Shapes and Rods by their colour.

This week we would like the children to show us their favourite colour.  They can use any media they like: paint, paper, tissue, felt, feather, magazines cuttings.  In fact any item that is that colour!  The children may have conversations with you about different shades of colour as they work.



For your first homework we would like your child to draw a self-portrait in their homework book. They can use coloured pens or pencils.  We would like them to also write their name and age.

If you feel that your child would like to draw other members of the family, and that can include pets, then please encourage them to do this on a separate page.