The children had a lovely experience this week at Fairford Leys Church participating in the Daniel Experience led by Mrs Avery. They listened to and acted out the story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den and then participated in two different craft activities to help remind them of the story. Thank you to all the parent helpers who supported us on this visit.


The children have been listening to stories from around the world as part of their Religious Education topic which will continue into next week. They particularly enjoyed discussing the fable, The Boy Who Cried Wolf.


We have been using the Numicon this week to demonstrate the concept of doubles. The children have been very quick to show a double using the Numicon and are able to verbalise this. Some children have been recording this as an addition sentence.


In the outdoor area this week the children have been devising their own treasure maps. They drew a map of the playground and marked out a trail to follow to get to their treasure. 


We have begun to practise the races for Sports Day. Please ensure that your child has their PE kit and plimsols that fit securely. Thank you for your support.

What a week of weather we have had!
The children have enjoyed the story of the Giant Jam Sandwich. After reading the story the children had the opportunity to make their own sandwich. This then helped them write instructions on how to make a sandwich. 
In Maths we have been using both the Numicon and the number rods to help us verbalise addition and subtraction problems. The children are building their confidence in this and are able to record what they have found out with growing accuracy. 
We have had a playdough making station this week. The children have learned how to follow a recipe, measure, level and knead. They have enjoyed making their own playdough which they have then played with. 
Thank you to all the Fathers and Grandfathers that came to our Reading Morning. The children enjoyed sharing stories and playing in the outside area with you. 

Welcome back. We hope you all had a good half term break. The children have come back to school excited to see their friends and start their last half term in Reception.

This week the children have been using number lines to help them solve addition problems. They have also been making up their own addition and subtraction stories. We are supporting the children to verbalise their work.

We have also looked closely at how a seed grows into a flower. The children have learned about the growth cycle of a plant and have sequenced this in pictures. They have learned the names of the part of a plant and have enjoyed talking about how their sunflowers are growing at home. It has been great to see on Tapestry how the children's sunflowers are beginning to grow. 

The children have enjoyed being outdoors this week making different structures to support their role play scenarios. They also particularly enjoy climbing on the various swings we have in our wooded area.

Both classes have a beauty salon in their role play areas. The staff have enjoyed getting their hair and make-up done this week.


It has been another busy week in Reception. The children have learned how to program BeeBots which are programmable robots. They have learned how to make the BeeBots move forwards, backwards and turn. The children then went on to write instructions on how they made their BeeBots move.


In our Maths lessons this week, the children have been working on subtraction again. This time they have used Numicon subtraction covers to aid them. We have been very pleased with how well the children are able to verbalise their number work. They are also practising recording their subtraction sentences.


We have been working in small groups over the term to teach the children how to sew. The children have been given a piece of sturdy plastic with holes and are practising simple sewing stiches. When all of the children finish their work we will put it on display.


The children continue to enjoy the amazing music lessons planned and led by Mrs Mander. She is teaching the children how to read music in a fun and interactive way.

We have enjoyed being out in the lovely weather we have had this week. It was just perfect for our trip to Odds Farm. This was a fantastic day out with the children. They had the opportunity to feed the goats, watch a cow being milked and pet the bunnies. We saw a range of different animals such as cows, horses, chickens, turkeys, goats, pigs and sheep. This gave us the opportunity to discuss how the animals look, what they like to eat, what their young are called and how they differ from one another. The children thoroughly enjoyed the tractor ride around the farm and had an opportunity to explore the play castle. Once back in school the children were able to write about the farm animals they saw and describe their features. Thank to to all the parent helpers who supported us on the trip and to the parents who offered to come. Your support is greatly appreciated. 
In Maths we have been learning how to identify the greater number from a set of two and then add them together by putting the greater number in our head and counting on. This has been challenging and we will continue to support the children in adding in this way. 
Outdoor Clothing
Please send your child in with a light jacket and sun hat everyday. Thank you.
Spare Clothes and Donation Tree
We are desperately short of spare socks, tights and pants. We would appreciate any donations of these items.
We have also added new items to our donation tree and always appreciate junk modelling especially cardboard tubes. If you are able to make any donations, please hand them into a member of the team. Thank you. 

Week beginning 6.5.19

This week in maths we have been reviewing careful counting, reminding the children how we count carefully by moving each object to one side as we count and saying the number names.

We have then looked out how we can combine two sets of objects to find the total amount, counting on from the bigger number.

In preparation for our farm visit on Monday, we have been looking at some of the farm animals that we will see.  We then wrote some sentences about our favourite farm animal.

We have also shown the children some pictures of Odds Farm and explained what we will be doing throughout the day as well as talking about our expectations of behaviour on the day.

Outside we have been planting some seeds- we have planted pumpkin seeds and are looking forward to watching them grow.

As it has been very wet this week, we have used powder paint in puddles to mix the colours.


The children have also really enjoyed playing tennis this week.

It has been another busy week in Reception. The children enjoyed their final Forest School session this week. We would like to say thank you to Mrs Johnson who planned and led the sessions for RK Class. It has been lovely to see how the children have grown in confidence and learned new skills over their six sessions. 
We are continuing to work hard in our phonic sessions and applying our sound knowledge more readily in our independent writing. Encouraging any writing at home will support the children's development. We have used the number rods this week in Maths and found different ways of making a total. We are encouraging the children to verbalise what they do in their maths investigations. 
The children loved our story of the week, What Do You Do with a Tail like This by Steve Jenkins. It has beautiful illustrations of a variety of different animals. The children then wrote about the differences between two animals. We have learned many animal facts this week. You can listen to the story on the link below. 
Stay and Play 29/4/2019
Thank you to all that came to our Tales Toolkit Stay and Play Session today. The children really enjoyed showing how they have learned to tell and write a story with the Tales Toolkit Program. The children can now, with the aid of the following symbols tell a story; character, setting, problem and solution.
Please see the attached resources below: story telling postcard, storybook writing frame and story pictures that you can use at home. 
Homework 21/6/2019

In Preparation for Year 1 please help your child to form the numbers from 1 to 20 correctly. They can also practice ordering these numbers.


Please see the following link for number formation rhymes which will help your child.


Number formation Rhymes


Homework 24/05/2019, 7/6/2019 and 14/6/2019

Don’t forget to let us know this week how your sunflower is growing. You can write a sentence about it, record a video where you tell us what you have done so far or draw a picture with labels.

Reception homework 
Sunflower Diary (5 week observation)
17/5/2019 to 19/6/2019 

This homework will run for the next 5 weeks, ending on 19th June. We will not be setting any further homework until then. 


We have given your child a sunflower seed to plant and then watch grow. Please assist your child with planting this seed and talking to them about what the seed will need in order to grow.


Homework will be for your child to keep a diary of the changes they see.  Each week please ask your child to draw a picture and write a sentence about the changes they see. You can also assist your child in measuring the growth each week. You can discuss how much is has grown from week to week using any type of measure for example, a ruler, cubes or lego bricks. You can do this in their homework  books or upload to Tapestry. 

If your child is not yet writing in full sentences they can label their picture instead.


Reception Home Science Activity

Dinosaur Shopping List

ROAR! This week the children have been interested in dinosaurs, so your job this week is to write some dinosaur shopping lists; one for a tyrannosaurus rex and another for a triceratops.


T-rexes were carnivores, meaning they only ate meat. Write a shopping list that a T-rex would like.


Triceratopses were herbivores, so they only ate plants. Write another shopping list that would keep a hungry triceratops happy.


You could look through your cupboard at home for ideas, or keep an eye out when you’re shopping.