Friday 13th July
This week we got to meet our Year 1 teachers again.  They wrote us a letter telling us all about the things they like and asked us to write back to them.  In the afternoons, we spent time writing back to them to tell them all the things we like.  We will deliver our letters to Mrs Hoaen and Mrs Blackman when we see them next week.
We have also been busy finishing our sketches ready for the art open evening on Monday evening.  We have been working really hard to sketch and shade pieces of fruit.
Sports day was a success- thank you for all those parents that attended, the children really enjoyed taking part.  We took them all out on the field for an ice pop in the afternoon to celebrate how well they did.
Please can we remind parents to  send in any outstanding reading books, library books and yellow reading record books.
Could you also please send in a named carrier bag so that we can send home the children's work and books.
Please feel free to collect your child's wellies and waterproofs next week.
Friday 6th July 2018
This week we have done lots of work on perfecting our still life drawing skills and creating a finished piece ready to showcase at our open evening before the end of term. 
In maths we have been using a number line to help us with addition by counting on and jumping up the number line.
On Friday the children were very excited to see the new camp fire circle, forest school shed and cross which has been built in our own forest school area. Some children enjoyed saying prayers while being sat by the cross. 
Reception sports day is at 9.30 on Thursday 12th July (weather permitting) please ensure you child has a complete PE kit in school by Wednesday. This should include shorts, a white T-shirt, socks and plimsolls or appropriate trainers if their plimsolls are likely to fall of during the races.
Friday 29th June
We have been enjoying the sunny weather this week!  We have had the water trays out to make pretend swimming pools and also the water animals to make a small world environment.
The children have really liked being super heroes this week and have participated in making their own personalized capes and super hero bases.
In maths we have been looking at subtraction with Numicon, using a Numicon cover to hide the amount we are subtracting.   We then were able to say the number sentence to match the Numicon e.g '9 take away 3 is 6'  
We have also been making up our own subtraction stories based on the book 'Supertato'.  This is a story of a super hero potato that saves other vegetables from the 'evil pea'.  have a look through the photos to check out the children's stories.  Some children have also been writing the number sentence to match.
In the afternoons we have been busy perfecting our sketching skills, using different pencils to add in detail and tone to the fruit we have drawn.  The children have enjoyed exploring the different shades of HB pencils.
We have also been making the most of the excitement around the world cup and have been making flags and playing football matches outside.
Just a reminder that on Wednesday 4th of July at 6:30pm, there will be the reception to year 1 transition meeting.  This is where you will get to meet your child's new teacher and discuss the transition process from reception to year 1.
Friday 22nd June
This week has flown by with our trip to the church, reception multiskills spots festival and the NED assembly. 
At the church the children were learning about different parables and the messages Jesus taught through parables. Thank you to all the parent helpers who came along to the session and helped us work to and from the church.
The children had a great time at the multiskills festival at John Colet school. They has a go at lots of different physical activities with big year 9 children to help them. They all had fun and all tried their best.
We have been continuing to practise our observational drawing skills in art by looking very closely at the shape of different fruit and vegetables.
Next week the forecast is very warm and sunny, please make sure your child has a hat and water bottle in school every day!
Friday 15th June
This week we have been busy making Fathers Day cards, we hope you enjoyed the children's writing in them.  They worked very hard all week and were so proud of their cards.
Thank you for all those attended the fathers day reading morning, the children really enjoyed it.
In maths we have been looking at doubling using both Numicon and practical apparatus.  Next week we will be working on some year 1 maths called looking at the different parts that make up a whole number.
On Friday we went and visited our Forest school which is located on the school field.  The children had a great time playing and exploring the new resources.
Friday 8th June 2018
This week in maths we have been revisiting careful counting, recognising and ordering our numbers. Some children even had a go at counting objects 2 at a time, 5 at a time or 10 at a time.
Our story this week has been the magic porridge pot, on Monday the children had the chance to follow instructions to make their own porridge and choose a topping before eating it. 
Later in the week we found a magic pot had been left in the classrooms! This one did not make porridge but sweeties instead! The children thought about what they would want a magic pot to make and recorded this as well as the spell you would say to make the pot cook.
In PE we have continued to practise our ball skills and are now moving on to throwing, catching and aiming with balls and beanbags.
Friday 25th May
What have we been up to during  the last week of term ?
In maths we have been looking at sharing and halving both with Numicon pieces and practical apparatus.  We were sharing fruit with friends and cutting Numcicon pieces in half to see if the can be halved equally.
In the afternoons we have been working on our sketching skills, sketching the outlines of fruit and then adding in detail.  We will return to work on more of these skills next term to produce a final piece.
We hope you have an enjoyable half term.
Please remember next term we will require for you to drop your child off at the door so that we can transition children ready for year 1.  
Children will come in, put their belongings away and then sit down to do some writing in their writing books .
Friday 18th May
We have been very busy trying to keep some escaped trolls under control in reception this week. The children have been describing trolls, imagining their own and creating them from paint and collage. We then wrote warning signs so everyone in Early Years knows what might happen if they cross the trolls bridges!
In maths this week we have been working on sharing whole objects by cutting them in half or amounts of objects by sharing them one at a time and ensuring both friends have the same amount at the end.
RK had their last forest school session on Friday and enjoyed toasting their marshmallows! RT will have their final session on Tuesday next week- please ensure your child is appropriately dressed for this, preferably with a long sleved top on as there are lots of nettles in the forest at the moment.
Friday 11th May
This week in maths we have been continuing our work with taking away.  The children received a letter from 'Farmer Bob' who had sold some of his animals on his farm- the children used Numicon to work out how many he had left.  They were given the task to draw their own animals on the farm and say how many animals had been taken away.  some children even had a go at writing the number sentence to match.  
We then moved on to creating our own take away stories, using Numicon to create the story e.g 9 children were in the park and 4 children went home.  that left 5 children.  The children were given pieces of paper to draw their stories on and some had a go at writing the number sentence to match.
Our topic has been Traditional Tales  and this week we looked at an Indian traditional tale about a snake. The children had fun making their own snakes to retell the story.
Both classes had a great time at Forest school, continuing their activities in the mud kitchen, making transient art pictures and building dens!
Friday 20th July
As this week has been our final full week in reception this will now be our last reception blog post for this academic year.
In maths this week we have been comparing quantities of objects, specifically focusing on "which has fewer". We then found the difference between the 2 amounts "7 is 3 fewer than 10".
The children have been learning basic water colour painting skills this week in preparation for year 1. We looked at some wonderful artwork produced by year 1 children and have been learning how to set up our painting station and how to "winkle". 
We hope you were able to come to the open evening on Monday to see the sketching exhibition the whole school has been working on. The reception children had worked incredibly hard on drawing their fruit and were very proud to see it all displayed. If you were unable to attend the open evening we have now displayed the art work in the Early Years building corridor between RT and RK- please feel free to come in and see the sketching.
Finally we would like to say thank you for all the support we have received from parents this year; from helping on trips, bringing in junk modelling and in many other ways. We have had a lovely year with the children and are certain they will have a fantastic time in year 1. Well done to all the children in RT and RK who have worked so hard and learnt so much this year.
Enjoy the summer holidays with your friends and families!
Friday 4th May 
This week both classes have enjoyed their trip to forest school where the children have been using the mud kitchen, den building and creating transient art work using natural objects they have found.
In maths we have been working on subtraction using numicon to help us. The children have been practising vocalizing what they have done by taking an amount away using the number sentence "... take away ... leaves/ equals ..."
A naughty little girl from our story Goldilocks and the Three Bears has been causing some mischief in reception this week and children have been writing about what she has been doing.
In PE the children have been developing their ball skills through experimenting with controlling balls in different ways.

Homework 13th July 2018

For your last homework this year we would like to hear about your favourite thing you have done during your time in reception. Please either draw a picture and label it, or write one sentence or more.

Don’t forget; capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

We have had a lovely year with you all and have done so much. Here are our favourite things that we have done this year:

Miss Tame “My favourite thing that we have done this year was going on our trip to the multi skills sports festival. The children tried really hard and we had great fun.”

Miss King “My favourite thing this year was making traps for Goldilocks and trying to catch her because she ate all of our porridge.”

Mrs Long “I really liked planting potatoes in the mud kitchen.”

Miss Ludlow “I loved practising the Christmas songs for our nativity and watching the children perform to their parents.”

Mrs Green “”I liked helping the children to develop their art skills, especially painting and drawing.”

Mrs Newall “I have enjoyed helping the children playing with the water outside and cooling off in the warm weather.”

Homework 29/6/18


This week we have continued with our fruit sketching skills.  We focused on adding tone and detail to our chosen fruit by looking carefully at the skin of the fruit and its markings.  

 Homework this week will be for your child to have a go at drawing either a piece of fruit or any object from around the home, adding in tone and detail.

You will need a pencil to do this, no colour pencils are needed.


What is tone?

Tone in an artistic context refers to the light and dark values used to render a realistic object

What is detail?

Detail is adding in markings that can be seen on the surface of the object (e.g. small bumps on an orange)

Don’t forget to look, look draw!

Homework Friday 8th June

This week in maths we have been recapping 2D shapes and beginning to look at 3D shapes and their properties. For your homework this week we would like you to go on a shape hunt around your home or outside. If your child is confident naming their 2D shapes please ensure they can also discuss the properties of these shapes:

  • Is the shape flat (2D) or can they pick it up (solid 3D)
  • Does it have any corners? How many?
  • How many sides does it have? Are these sides straight or curved?


If your child can name and discuss the properties of 2D shapes you could see what you can find that looks like the 3D shapes shown below.






Homework Friday 18th May

Homework this week will be to write a sentence about what you got up to at the weekend.

Remember to use:

-          Full stops

-          Capital letters

-          Finger spaces

-          Correct letter formation

Challenge: can you write more than one sentence about your weekend?

Parents: in preparation for year 1, we have been working really hard on correct letter formation. If there are any letters that your child has not formed correctly, please help them have another go.

 Letters to watch out for: a, b, d, g, h, m, n, p, and r

Homework Friday 4th April

 This week in maths we have been working on subtraction. The children have been using numicon to take away amounts from 0-5.

 For your homework this week your child could choose an amount of objects within their counting range and then try taking 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 away from those objects to find out how many are left.

 Use this number sentence to verbalise what you have done “…. take away ….. equals/ leaves…..”

Challenge: could you try taking zero away or all of your objects- how many do you have left? Can you say this as a number sentence?

Homework Friday 20th April
This week in maths we have been finding 'one more' than a number and saying for example "one more than 5 is 6". We then were checking by adding one more object to 5 objects and counting altogether to check the total amount.
Homework this week is to pick a number between 1-20, count out that many objects (cars, pasta, marbles or anything else you can find at home) and say what is one more than the number using the sentence below:
"one more than ... is ...".
Challenge: Can you say what is 2 more than your chosen number?

Reception homework Friday 23rd March


This week we have been talking about healthy foods and why it is important to eat a variety of foods that are good for you.

For homework this week we would like you to try a new fruit or vegetable.

Can you go to the supermarket and choose a new fruit or vegetable that you have never tried before?


Take a picture and tell us what it was like!


Here are some questions to think about:


What did you try?


Why did you pick it?


Did you like it- Why? Why not?


Would you buy it again?

16th March 2018

In maths this term we are exploring time. In reception this can be talking about different times of the day using everyday language; for example “its light in the morning and I have my breakfast, its dark at night time and I have a bath then go to sleep.” Talking about time could also mean different times in children’s lives, for example “When I was a baby I was 1, I couldn’t walk then. I learnt to swim with arm bands when I was 4.”

For your homework this week we would like you to send us in some photos for the children to write about in school. We would like 3 photos of your child at different ages for us to make a timeline with. You may also like to talk about and send in some pictures of what your child does at different times of the day to help with their learning in school.

Homework 9th March 2018

Now that the snow has gone and we are into March spring has begun! The children have been learning about signs of spring in school and looking for these in our outside area and on the school field. We found; new leaves, buds on branches, daffodils, blossom and birds now the weather is getting a little warmer.

For your homework this week we would like you to go for a walk and see what signs of spring you can find. You may like to make your own tick list of items you’re looking for before you go, or draw pictures of what you find along the way, or even take photos of your spring scavenger hunt.

Please complete your homework either in your homework book or via tapestry.


Homework 23rd February 2018

Caught Reading

World book day is approaching, for your homework this week we would like you to share a book with your child, this might be a family favourite story, a new or recommended book, a recipe book or a magazine . Your challenge is to find a special, unusual or different place to get “caught reading.”

Please send in a photo of your child “caught reading” and let us know where and what they are reading. You can submit this homework via tapestry or your child’s homework book by the 28th February 2018.