It has been another busy week in Reception. We have been working on making plans for our building and making this week. We had a video message from George, Mrs. Long’s son who is a Civil Engineer. He told the children how he always plans before he designs buildings. This week the children have started to draw a picture of what they want to build and then add labels, captions or sentences to their plan. They have then gone on to make what they have planned. It has been great to see how the children are able to record their ideas and then go on to make them. We will continue to work with the children to develop their planning and recording before they build and make. Encouraging this way of working at home will help to support the children in their design and develop their writing skills. See the photos below for some of the work the children have planned and made this week.


We have been making Numicon shapes this week with the pegs.We are teaching the children that when they make a number to take a peg in each hand and then place them down one after the other. We are reinforcing careful counting of each peg. Homework this week will reflect this activity. By the end of Reception the expectations are that the children can count consistently to 20 and recognise those numerals. Lots of counting at home will support this.


The children all looked very festive in their Christmas jumpers. They enjoyed their Christmas meals and wearing their special shiny hats during the special lunch on Wednesday afternoon.




Well done to all the children for working so hard to learn all of the songs and actions for the Christmas Concert, A Miracle in Town. We were very proud of how well they managed the performance. Thank you to all the parents for supplying the lovely costumes.


We had our very first trip this week (in the rain) to Fairford Leys Church where the minister, Anthony Howells told the children all about how Christmas is celebrated. The children then had the opportunity to explore the church independently. It was lovely to see how excited the children were to learn more about the Christmas story and how Christians celebrate this. Thank you to all of our parent volunteers.


The children have been learning the vocabulary of length this week. They are able to order the Numicon rods by size and are learning to use the terms; short, shorter, shortest, long, longer, longest and middle sized. We will be sending homework home to support the development of this mathematical vocabulary.


The children have been busy decorating the classroom for Christmas. We have a “mini – me” advent calendar. Everyday an new child has their mini me revealed. We also have a kindness elf in class. We choose a child at the end of the day to have the elf during story time. This child has been caught doing something kind during the day.


Thank you to all the parents who have been bringing in donations this week. We appreciate your support. We continue to need any junk modelling materials so feel free to bring these items in as often as you can.  

We are really pleased to see how many children are now accessing the cloakroom independently in the mornings. The children proudly tell us that they can take care of their things on their own.


Next week we will read the Christmas story and learn the song Away in a manger

It has been another busy week in Reception. We have had two dress rehearsals this week where children from Key Stage 1 and 2 came to watch us perform. They were all very impressed with how well the children sang their Christmas songs. Thank you for your support with the children’s costumes. The children are looking forward to their real performance next week. You should have received your tickets on Wednesday.  


We have continued our work with Numicon this week where we have matched the Numicon shapes with numeral cards. We have been working on recognising the numbers to ten and when confident with that, moving on the numbers up to 20. Continued practise with this at home will be beneficial. The expectation at the end of Reception is that children can count, read and order numbers to 20.


We have also been looking at 2D shapes and learning their names and properties. It has been interesting to see all the shapes the children have spotted in their shape homework. We have also talking about 3D shapes this week and some children have had a go at making their own cubes. They had to cut out the net of the shape and then assemble it. It took quite a bit of concentration to complete.



If your child would like to send Christmas cards to their friends there will be a post box for them to post their cards in in the Early Years corridor. Please ensure that the cards are labelled with the child’s first name and class so that they can be sorted and delivered correctly.

If you would like a class list with the children’s first names only please speak to a member of the Early Years Staff. If you do not want your child’s first name to be given out to the whole class please let a member of the team know by Monday 3rd December. The class lists can then be available for those who would like them on Tuesday 4th December.

Please have a look at our donation tree to see if there is anything that you would be able to donate. We always appreciate anything that you can spare and are always happy to receive any junk modelling materials. Thank you.


We are encouraging the children to come into school with independence. We know that they can take care of their belongings independently and are praising them when they put all their things away by themselves in the mornings. Letting your child do this by themselves will develop their independence.


The children have been working very hard this week learning the songs for their Christmas Concert. We have been into the Hall and on the stage practising where to stand and what actions to do for each song.


We have been learning how to make towers with the Numicon this week. We have chosen a Numicon and then filled the shape with pegs making sure we counted each one carefully. We then had to choose 2 different Numicon shapes to fit on top of the first shape. This activity has helped the children to see different ways of making a number. We have demonstrated to the children how they could record their work using pictures. They have enjoyed finding different ways of making the same amount.


More children have had a chance to make fruit smoothies this week. We will continue with this until all the children have had a chance to make and try them.


The children were very excited on Thursday morning when they found the playground covered with frost and the water tray filled with ice. This led to lots of discussions about how ice is formed and what happens to it over a period of time.  Another popular activity this week was our 2D shape hunt. The children had to look for circles, squares, triangles and rectangles in our playground and then draw what they found. Some children also had a go at labelling the shapes they have found. This ties in with our homework for the week which is also based on 2D shapes.


Next week we will read the stories; Mog the Forgetful Cat and Grumpy Cat.


The children have heard the Nativity story this week and have become familiar with all the characters. They have written about the character that they will be in the Christmas concert. They are working hard on using their phonics to help them with their writing. The have also started to learn some of their Christmas songs and are singing with great gusto.


We have continued to work with the Numicon this week using the pegs to make the Numicon shapes. We have talked about the odd and even Numicon numbers and what that means. We are very impressed with how quickly the children have learned the colours of each shape. They are becoming more confident in naming each number without having to count the holes each time.


Some children had a chance to make fruit smoothies this week. We will continue with this until all the children have had a chance to make and try them.


The children have been experimenting with colour mixing this week using prime colours. They have been very excited to see how they can make a new colour by mixing two. They chose two colours to paint their hands with, rubbed their hands together and then made a print with the new colour. What fun!


Please check your child’s book bag to find out if your child’s reading book day has changed. A letter has been put in there today.

Next week we will read the stories; Mog the Forgetful Cat and Grumpy Cat.



We have enjoyed discussing the celebrations of Bonfire Night and Diwali this week. It has led to a variety of different creative activities. The children made firework pictures and wrote labels for them using their phonic skills. They continued this activity outside where they used the large chalk to design fireworks on the playground and then add their firework word labels such as; pop, fizz and bang. They experimented with the powder paints on the playground, learning how to make and mix colours so that they could paint fireworks. The children particularly enjoyed making edible sparklers this week using melted chocolate,sprinkles and breadsticks. We will continue with cooking activities next week and make fruit smoothies. 


After listening to the Divali story the children made divas using salt dough and beads, made paper lanterns and coloured rangoli patterns. They especially liked listening to the Divali story with the Rama and Sita.


We are encouraging the children to become more independent and try to take care of their own belongings in the morning including hanging up their coats, putting their book bag away, self-registering and choosing a morning activity. Encouraging your child to do these things for themselves will help. We are also supporting them to independently put on and zip up their coats. Practising this at home would be appreciated. Thank you for your support in developing your child’s self help skills.


Our stories for next week will be the Christmas story and The Nativity Play by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen which will help the children have a better understanding of the Christmas Concert that we will be rehearsing for. We will start to learn the songs for our performance next week.


The children have been exploring the number rods this week and comparing the length of each one. They have been learning to make comparisons using vocabulary such as long, longer, longest, short, shorter and shortest. We have been impressed to see what the children have discovered whilst exploring the number rods in their independent learning time. Outside the children have been finding out about heights in a variety of ways; they have measured one another and have been making towers taller or shorter than one another. We have encouraged the children to verbalise what they have found out and they are able to tell an adult who is taller or shorter than them.


The children have been talking about how to be a good friend and what makes a good role model this week. They have all made a card to give to a friend in the class. They were very pleased to receive and open their cards from their special friend. The children are becoming more confident in using their sound knowledge in their writing.


Maths Stay and Play

We had a successful Maths Stay and Play on Thursday where parents were able to see how Numicon is used to help develop children’s understanding of number. There was a short input to demonstrate Numicon and various activities to participate in with the children. Please see the photos below for examples of the activities that were set up for the session. If you would like a Numicon booklet for ideas to do at home, please speak to your child’s class teacher.


Our story for next week is, How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers. We will also be learning about Bonfire Night and Diwali. We will be making sparklers out of bread sticks, chocolate and sprinkles. If you have any concerns about your child eating this, please speak to your child’s class teacher. Our nursery rhymes for the week will be, Twinkle, twinkle little star and This old man.


The children thoroughly enjoyed the story of Q Pootle 5 this week which has sparked lots of space play. There has been astronauts a plenty blasting off to space in their spaceships. The children have made maps of space and cut out planets to aid their play. We have learned how to join materials together to make rockets. We looked on the internet to find out what the British flag looked like so that we could put that on our rockets. In our story Q Pootle 5 went to a party so we wrote our own space party invitations. We learned how to make space gloop with corn flour, glitter, food colouring and water. It was very exciting to see how the mixture changed as we added water and food colouring.


We have been working with Numicon this week and focusing on comparing two numbers to see which one was bigger or smaller. The children are becoming more familiar with the Numicon shapes, colours and number of holes each one has. They are becoming more confident in seeing the relationships between different numbers and shapes.


We have had our second visit to the library and were very excited to be able to choose another book to bring home. We also had the chance to listen to the blurbs of two stories and chose our focus book for the first week of our next half term.


Our story for the first week back after term is, Benji’s New Friends by Jillian Harker. Our nursery rhymes will be the bear went over the mountain and one, two buckle my shoe.

We do not set homework over the half term but please feel free to share any half term activities you do with your child via Tapestry.



After reading the story, Pumpkin Soup we decided that we wanted to make soup like Cat, Squirrel and Duck too. We learned how to make the soup by reading the recipe. After that we all had a go at writing a shopping list for Mrs Long so that she wouldn’t forget what ingredients to buy. We then had to chop up the pumpkin ready to cook. We were very excited Thursday afternoon when the soup was ready to eat. We tried the soup with some brown bread. We talked about healthy foods, how the ingredients changed as they cooked and if we liked the soup or not.


We have used the Numicon again this week and had a go at filling up the base boards with different Numicon shapes. The children had to think very carefully about each shape and where it would fit on the board. For extra challenge, a shape would be removed and the children had to find two shapes to take its place. Lots of mathematical thinking! We are encouraging the children to verbalise their thoughts when using the Numicon.


The children have all enjoyed their music session with Mrs Mander who is teaching them new songs and how to keep a steady beat.


We have had our first visit to the Library this week which was very exciting. We all sat and listened to the story of Pumpkin Soup and then had our turn to choose a book to take home. We then looked at two stories, Q Pootle 5 and Mrs Armitage on Wheels. We listened to the blurb on the back of each book and then voted for the story we wanted to hear for our focus text next week. The majority of the children wanted Q Pootle 5 which will be our story for the final week of term. If anyone has a spare copy of this text that they could lend us, we would be grateful for it. We will be visiting the library every Wednesday. Please ensure your child brings their book back each Wednesday so that it can be exchanged for a new one. Thank you.


The children have joined in well with the repetitive phrases of our story, A Squash and A Squeeze this week. They are beginning to recognise rhyming words more readily too.


We have begun our Numicon Maths this week and have learned the colour names for each shape up to 10. We have played lots of fun games to help us remember them. You can see the Numicon on display in the classrooms and in the photo below. The colours are: orange, pale blue, yellow, pale green, red, turquoise, pink, bright green, purple and blue.

We have been very busy outside this week and are learning more ways to use our outdoor resources. There has been some fantastic cooperative den making using the crates, tables and chairs. We have added more tyres to the banks for added physical challenge and are pleased to see how the children are tackling moving along and across them. We have also had some road works in the playground. Many children used the masking tape to mark out a road and then used the car they had made with a box to drive along. What team work and imagination!


We had a lovely morning with some of our grandparents on Friday. They were able to share stories and play alongside the children. We hope they enjoyed their visit.



The children have had a surprise delivery this week. They were very curious when boxes appeared on the carpet area one day after lunch. We all had a guess at what might be in the boxes and drew pictures of what we hoped we would find inside. The following day more boxes arrived and we were finally able to open them. We were very pleased to have a new set of building blocks. We have learned the names of the different shaped blocks and have had a go at putting them together to make a range of different combinations. See the link below to find out more about the bricks we will be using in school.


Outlast blocks


Outlast ramps


We will be developing a work area for the blocks and encouraging the children to record their ideas, mark make and label what they would like to make. If you have any building toys that are no longer of use to you such as, hard hats, hammers, saws, costumes  etc. we would appreciate your donations. Thank you.


The children have been busy in the model making area making castles from apparatus and using the boxes and containers to make jet packs. They are learning how to cut tape, attach two things together and attach string to their models. They are becoming more confident in using tools to help their model making. Any junk modelling boxes and containers that you do not need would be appreciated.


In the mud kitchen we have extended the children’s fire play. They have learned how to make a base for cooking using a wire frame and bricks. We discussed fire safety and made sure that we sat outside the fire circle whilst we were roasting our marshmallows. What great campfire play!


There was lots of co-operation outside with the bikes this week. The children had to work together to help one another up the ramp on their bikes. Some children made flags to help the traffic run smoothly. All children are learning how to sign up if they want a go on the bikes.


The children have begun their phonics lessons and are coping well with learning a new sound a day. We hope the booklet sent home is helpful for you. Please use them as best suits your child. Some children will want to write the sound and others may just want to tell you about it. Please see the attachment for information on reading with children at home.


This week we have listened carefully to the story, Giraffe’s Can’t Dance and have discussed the importance of persistence when trying new things. We have used this story and another about Cuba the caterpillar who has to concentrate to introduce the concept of a growth mindset. The children have been getting a challenge spot on their challenge charts this week when they have shown us they are concentrating during their child initiated learning. Have a look on the classroom cupboard door to see how many challenge spots your child has received this week. Every Friday we will send our classroom Gerald home with one child who has demonstrated an aspect of a growth mindset. Our homework this week will explain the concept of a growth mindset.

The children have continued to explore their new surroundings and are much more confident in the morning and lunch time routines. Thank you for your support in enabling their independence in putting their belongings away and self-registering. We are now using our coats more regularly so practising putting them on (even when inside out) and zipping them up will help to develop your child’s independence. As the weather has changed it would be helpful to have a coat sent in everyday.

The children have been fascinated with the guttering and frames this week. They are learning how to set up tracks independently to make a range of different routes for their balls to travel down. They have had to learn how to make a trap and a barrier to catch their balls so that they don’t lose them in the playground. Other children have been interested in the building apparatus and they have been shown how to safely use the blocks to make, bridges, castles and obstacle courses.

We have been practicing how to count with our class puppet who needs lots of support. The children have explained to our counting puppet the importance of counting slowly, touching each object as he counts and not to miss out objects. They have enjoyed singing, 10 fat sausages and are learning how to count backwards from ten.

We have had our first PE session in the hall today where we are learning how to move safely in a variety of different ways and the importance of following directions.

 We are still awaiting all photo permission so hope to have photos next week.

The children have settled in well to their new classes. They have been learning many new routines and the names of their peers and teachers. Both RK and RLM Classes have enjoyed listening to new stories and singing the nursery rhymes, 1,2,3,4,5 Once I caught a fish alive and Miss Polly. 
The children have been busy learning how to self register and settle into a morning table top activity. They have learned where to sit when on the carpet with the whole class and what colour group they are in. They can hang their belongings up and put their book bags in the correct box. 
We are continuing to remind the children that they can choose the resources that they want to use but they must remember to put them back when they are finished playing with them. We are also helping the children to remember the sequence of getting ready for wet or messy play and how to put on a wet suit and welly boots. 
The children are becoming more confident with the lunch time routine. They wear a coloured band if they have a hot dinner, pink for a main meal, blue for a jacket potato and green for a vegetarian meal. If they have a lunch box they collect it from the trolley outside. All staff are encouraging them to try to eat as much as they can, try new foods and drink their water.
What a busy week!
Next week we will read the story, Giraffe's Can't Dance and sing the rhymes: 10 fat sausages and Old Mother Hubbard. See the BBC Nursery Rhyme website link below to sing them at home.
We will add photos to the blog next week when we have all of our photo permission slips returned. If you have not yet returned this form please do so next week. Thank you.
Homework this week will be to go on a shape hunt. What 2D shapes can you find around the house or even outside?
See if your child can:
  • Name the shape they have found
  • Talk about the shapes properties e.g. "it has four corners"
We would like the children to name and describe the following 2D shapes; square, rectangle, triangle, circle, pentagon, hexagon and octagon.
If you know these shapes, why not go on a 3D shape hunt around the house. Here are some 3D shapes to look out for;cylinder, sphere, cone, cube and cuboid.


Reception homework


We would like to find out more about any celebrations you participate in at home.  These might include Christmas, Diwali, Chinese New Year, Easter etc.


Please upload a picture on Tapestry of your child participating in these celebrations and we will share them with the children in class.


Many thanks


The homework this week is to familiarise your child with the Numicon pieces which have been sent home in your child's homework book. The colours are as follows:
1 - orange
2 - pale blue
3 - yellow
4 - pale green
5 - red
6 - turquoise
7 - pink
8 - green
9 - purple
10 - blue


Please see sheet below for homework.

Our story for next week is Q Pootle 5 and our rhymes are: 5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer and A Sailor went to sea, sea, sea.


Please see attached sheet for homework.


Our story for next week is: Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper.  Our Nursery Rhymes are: One Tomato, Two Tomato and Oats and Beans and Barley Grow. Both are available on the BBC Nursery Rhyme website.


We will be making pumpkin soup this week for the children to taste. If you have any concerns regarding your child tasting this, please see a member of the Reception Team.


Please see attached sheet for homework.

Thank you for returning your child’s reading book in the box on your set day. Don’t forget to sign your child’s reading record so we know that you child is ready for a new book. We hope you are enjoying listening to your child retell the story to you.  

Our story for next week is: A Squash and a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson. Our Nursery Rhymes are: This is the way we lay our bricks and Ten green bottles. Both are available on the BBC Nursery Rhyme website.



Friday the 5th of October is Grandparents morning. May we please kindly ask that if a Grandparent is coming to school that parents do not come in as well as the classrooms are not big enough to cope with large numbers of people. Thank you.

Please see below the sheet for this week's homework.
You will also find in your child's bookbag a letter formation booklet for when we start our phonics session next week. We will teach one sound a day. A letter has also been sent home to indicate which sound we are teaching each day. 
Our story for next week will be, A Duck in a Truck by Jez Alborough and our nursery rhymes will be:
5 little ducks and Cobbler, Cobbler.


Homework this week will be to send in a family photo with some information about who is in your family.

For example: ‘This is a picture of (child’s name) with mum, dad and brother at my her second birthday party.’

We would like to display these photos in the corridor. If you are not happy for the photo to be displayed then please put a note saying so in your child’s homework book.

 If you are unable to print off photos, encourage your child to draw a picture of their family in their homework book. For more information on homework please see the policy on the school website. 

Homework 13th July 2018

For your last homework this year we would like to hear about your favourite thing you have done during your time in reception. Please either draw a picture and label it, or write one sentence or more.

Don’t forget; capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

We have had a lovely year with you all and have done so much. Here are our favourite things that we have done this year:

Miss Tame “My favourite thing that we have done this year was going on our trip to the multi skills sports festival. The children tried really hard and we had great fun.”

Miss King “My favourite thing this year was making traps for Goldilocks and trying to catch her because she ate all of our porridge.”

Mrs Long “I really liked planting potatoes in the mud kitchen.”

Miss Ludlow “I loved practising the Christmas songs for our nativity and watching the children perform to their parents.”

Mrs Green “”I liked helping the children to develop their art skills, especially painting and drawing.”

Mrs Newall “I have enjoyed helping the children playing with the water outside and cooling off in the warm weather.”

Homework 29/6/18


This week we have continued with our fruit sketching skills.  We focused on adding tone and detail to our chosen fruit by looking carefully at the skin of the fruit and its markings.  

 Homework this week will be for your child to have a go at drawing either a piece of fruit or any object from around the home, adding in tone and detail.

You will need a pencil to do this, no colour pencils are needed.


What is tone?

Tone in an artistic context refers to the light and dark values used to render a realistic object

What is detail?

Detail is adding in markings that can be seen on the surface of the object (e.g. small bumps on an orange)

Don’t forget to look, look draw!

Reception homework  7/12/2018


This week in maths we have been comparing the length of 3 different sized rods.  We have introduced the words; longer, shorter, in between and middle-sized when ordering them.


Homework this week will be to find 3 items from around the home and place them in order of length from longest to shortest.


See if your children can use the words longer, shorter, in between and middle sized to describe the length of each object.


Homework Friday 8th June

This week in maths we have been recapping 2D shapes and beginning to look at 3D shapes and their properties. For your homework this week we would like you to go on a shape hunt around your home or outside. If your child is confident naming their 2D shapes please ensure they can also discuss the properties of these shapes:

  • Is the shape flat (2D) or can they pick it up (solid 3D)
  • Does it have any corners? How many?
  • How many sides does it have? Are these sides straight or curved?


If your child can name and discuss the properties of 2D shapes you could see what you can find that looks like the 3D shapes shown below.