Friday 16th March
This week in maths we looked at capacity.  We have been filling containers with rice, pasta and water to talk about if they are 'full', 'half full' or 'empty'.
We also looked at the number 20, filling cups and bags with 20 items of choice.  We then used the Numicon pieces to check that we had 20 objects.
In ICT this week we visited the computer room to look at how a seed grows using the 2Simple program
Outside we have all had a go at using the new climbing frame equipment!
Our topic this term is 'Living and Growing' so we have been looking at animal growth.  we have been looking at baby animals and writing about how some of them look different to the adults.
Please can we ask for more junk modelling donations but no egg boxes or boxes that have had nut cereal bars.
9th March 2018
This week in Early Years we have been working on a very exciting project with an artist in residence Pippa North with the WanderHouse outreach programme from Queens Park Arts Centre. All children and staff in our Early Years department had the chance to work with Pippa on a permanent piece of art to represent our school vision "Shine as Lights in the World." This will be installed during the Easter break- make sure you come and view it at the start of the summer term. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were very proud of their contributions to our collaborative project. The children spent Thursday exploring our school vision and how they "Shine."
We have also continued our work on growing this week and have been planting a variety of seeds and learning how to look after them.
In maths we have been exploring length and ordering 3 items using the language "short, shorter, shortest" or "long, longer, longest."
Finally, thank you to everyone who attended our reading session on Friday morning. We hope you all enjoy the Mother's Day weekend with your families.
2nd March 2018
This week has been a fun but chilly one in reception.
At the beginning of the week the children continued to explore height in many different ways inside and outside and using language "short, medium and tall."
On Tuesday year 2 visited to share their favourite stories with the reception children to celebrate world book day. 
RT had their first trip to the ICT suit this week and RK will be going next week.
We had a lot of fun in the snow this week, exploring the ice we found, building snow men, painting ice and sledging on the field.

Welcome back to Spring term 2!
This term our topic will be 'Living and Growing'.  We have planned with the children a term full of activities to do with our topic.  This includes planting seeds, animal growth and also looking how we grow.
This week we asked the children the question 'Can we grow anything?'  we had lots of interesting responses! We asked the children to draw and write down what they wanted to grow- have a look at the pictures to see some of their ideas.
In maths we have been looking at all the 'teen' numbers, counting objects and making them with Numicon.  We have also been looking at height and explored who is the tallest in class.  The children used a range of non standard units to compare their height to their friends.

9th February 2018
The final week before half term in reception has been a busy one. 
We have concluded our topic "Me and My Family" and the children have all created a book with lots of information about themselves- these will be displayed at parents evening for you to see. The finial piece to complete our "all about me" books were self portraits which the children all painted this week. 
In maths this week we continued practising our accurate counting and have also been making teen numbers using numicon. The children have been doing lots of practical weighing activities and investigating to find out which objects or ingredients are heavy or light.
PE has been very exciting using the wall bars and climbing apparatus, the children have really challenged themselves to use their body strength when climbing or experiment with different ways of moving.
Enjoy your half term break!

Friday 2nd February
This week we have been thinking about our homes as well as looking at homes from all over the world.  We used cardboard boxes to make our homes, cutting out and sticking on windows and doors.  Some of us decided to paint our houses too.  Next week we will follow on from this by writing about our house and who lives in it.
In maths this week we have been thinking about counting carefully and representing numbers as drawing or mark making.  We have been making sure that we remember to check our work by counting carefully to see if we have the right amount.
In PE we have been using the wall bars to climb and balance.

Friday 26th January 2018
This week we have been continuing our work on 'Me and My Family'.  We have been talking and writing about special times that we share with our family.  Next week we will be talking about members of our family and making our homes from junk modelling.
In maths we have been looking at number 10 and 11, continuing with careful counting as well as looking at how many different ways we can make these numbers using a variety of objects as well as drawing.
Unfortunately we were not able to make it to the library this week as it was being used for height and weight measurements for Reception and year 6 children.
RK have been interested in police this week and have been reading the book 'Cops and Robbers'.  RP's book of the week has been the rhyming book 'Each Peach Pear Plum.'
Could we please ask for you to save any unwanted boxes ready for our junk modelling houses next week.
Friday 19th January 2018
This week we enjoyed welcoming parents to our maths stay and play. The children shared their careful counting we have been working on in school. We have had several visitors this week to talk about their occupations; a police man, an actress and a school nurse. The children discussed and wrote about what they would like to be when they grow up. 
12th January 2018
We were very please to welcome the children back after the Christmas break. The children were very excited to tell us about how they celebrated Christmas with their families. We enjoyed looking at and writing about the pictures they bought in of a 'special time/event' with their families.
We have begun our topic of "Me and My Family" and the children discussed what makes them unique and special, some ideas they came up with were "I'm good at playing" and "I'm really good at brushing my teeth."

16th March 2018

In maths this term we are exploring time. In reception this can be talking about different times of the day using everyday language; for example “its light in the morning and I have my breakfast, its dark at night time and I have a bath then go to sleep.” Talking about time could also mean different times in children’s lives, for example “When I was a baby I was 1, I couldn’t walk then. I learnt to swim with arm bands when I was 4.”

For your homework this week we would like you to send us in some photos for the children to write about in school. We would like 3 photos of your child at different ages for us to make a timeline with. You may also like to talk about and send in some pictures of what your child does at different times of the day to help with their learning in school.

Homework 9th March 2018

Now that the snow has gone and we are into March spring has begun! The children have been learning about signs of spring in school and looking for these in our outside area and on the school field. We found; new leaves, buds on branches, daffodils, blossom and birds now the weather is getting a little warmer.

For your homework this week we would like you to go for a walk and see what signs of spring you can find. You may like to make your own tick list of items you’re looking for before you go, or draw pictures of what you find along the way, or even take photos of your spring scavenger hunt.

Please complete your homework either in your homework book or via tapestry.


Homework 23rd February 2018

Caught Reading

World book day is approaching, for your homework this week we would like you to share a book with your child, this might be a family favourite story, a new or recommended book, a recipe book or a magazine . Your challenge is to find a special, unusual or different place to get “caught reading.”

Please send in a photo of your child “caught reading” and let us know where and what they are reading. You can submit this homework via tapestry or your child’s homework book by the 28th February 2018.


Reception homework- Friday 2nd February

Growing up in an ICT-rich environment means that children need to have opportunities to experience and develop skills in its use that will help them make the most of adult life. Contrary to what we often think, ICT isn't simply about computers but includes anything that requires the input of instructions to produce specific outcomes. That’s your answering machine, mobile phone, DVD player, washing machine, traffic lights and even speed cameras.


Homework this week will be for your child to identify what ICT they have at home and what it is used for.


Here are some questions to think about:

What are you able to use at home?

How does it help you?

What do you have to do to make it work?

Do you have any toys that use ICT?

Can you use the internet to find your favourite nursery rhyme or song?


Can you use a camera to take pictures of you using ant ICT items around the home?

Homework 12/01/2018
Our topic this term is 'Me and My Family.' This week we have been looking at what makes us unique and talking about our likes and dislikes.
Homework this week is to fill a page in your homework book with foods you like and dislike. You could draw pictures or cut out photos from magazines.
Challenge: Can you use your sounds to label the foods you have drawn?