The children have now completed their first half term in reception! We are very proud of how they have settled in and all the friendships they have made so far.
In maths the children have continued to become familiar with the numicon shapes and colours and have been making pictures and arrangements using the various shapes.
We have been busy doing creative activities inside and out this week. Outside the children have been crushing chalk, mixing it with water and doing some gross motor painting. Inside the children have been exploring colour mixing and making marks with different sized paint brushed.
Have a restful half term break everyone!
This week has had some special events in it. 
The children, and staff, had a lovely morning showing grandparents the classrooms and outside area.  Thank you for coming in and we hope the grandparents enjoyed their visit, see below for photos.
Friday was PE day.  The children were really excited about this, and the staff were too!  Hopefully all the children came home in their school uniform, and even the right way round.
Through the week the children have continued to explore Numicon, learning the shape and colours.  They designed their Christmas card for the PTA, and you will have the opportunity to buy their own designed Christmas cards soon.  
The children have clearly enjoyed the autumn homework, we have lots of gorgeous leaves and conkers in school.  Some children put photos on Tapestry and we all enjoyed looking at these in class.
Our first full time week in school!  The children have listened really well in their phonic sessions and are now starting to use these letter sounds in their mark making and writing.  The children have been introduced to Numicon, one of our practical maths resources, and have had number hunts around the setting.  They are working together to build and have really enjoyed the outside area, with the mud kitchen being very well used.  
Now the weather is starting to turn wetter and muddier the children will need wellies and waterproof coats to fully access all the different learning areas at school.
Weekly Learning
The children have felt more settled this week and have learnt new routines quickly.  We have been to visit the lunch hall to meet the lunchtime staff and have a little practise carrying a tray!  
The children have really enjoyed the phonic sessions and have even been teaching each other, using phonic cards and a pinny, just like in school.  
Thank you to the parents who stayed for the friday morinng PARIS (parents and reading in school) session.  Its was lovely to see parents and grandparents showing children how we all love reading.
We were really pleased to welcome all of the children to their first week at school. They have explored both the reception classrooms and the outside area. The children have played with lots of familiar friends and are beginning to make new friends too.

13th October 2017

In school we include counting into our conversations with the children whenever we can.  One aspect of learning to count is to be accurate.  Of course it is always easier to learn when having fun, and when trying to win!  This week’s homework is to play a game, and then tell us who won.  We have included a photocopy of a simple board game you could try, or you may have some at home that you prefer.  You can write and draw in your homework book or add some photos to Tapestry.


6th October 2017

The first 2 sounds that the children have been taught are ‘m’ and ‘s’.  The homework this week is to go on a letter hunt looking for these letters.  Once you start looking you will find letters everywhere!  Fill a page of your homework book with . . . drawings, photos, cuttings from newspapers or magazines, printing. 

Remember you are looking for ‘m’ and ‘s’.


29th September 2017

Autumn is all around us now and the children are starting to notice the changes in the trees around school.  For the homework this week we would like your child to collect some Autumn items to bring into school or they could stick them into their homework book.  If you have Tapestry available you could add photos of your child collecting Autumn things there.

Number Hunt Homework


This week in school we have been doing lots of counting of; children, toys, snacks and more. Next week we will be looking at number recognition and having a number hunt around our Early Years building.

For your homework this week we would like you to find out what number your house is. You may like to draw your front door and house number in your homework book, or take a photo of your front door and stick it in your book.

If your child would like to do more you could encourage them to see what other numbers they can spot around the house (clocks, food packets, height chart) or go out and about looking for numbers on other people’s front doors. 



For your first homework we would like your child to draw a self-portrait in their homework book. They can use coloured pens or pencils.  We would like them to also write their name and age.

If you feel that your child would like to draw other members of the family, and that can include pets, then please encourage them to do this on a separate page.