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This week the children have learned about the celebration of Chinese New Year as part of their RE curriculum. This has also helped them to develop a better understanding of our world and the differences between people. This ties in with the homework set for this week. 
The children have made lots of different crafts related to Chinese New Year. They have particularly enjoyed watching Chinese Dragon Dancing. This has led them to make their own dragon masks and devising their own dance. 
We have started cooking this week with the focus children. This term all children will learn how to make pizza rolls. There will be a link if you would like to try making these at home. 


This week the children have blasted off into space. They have learned about the moon and the earth and then wrote a fact about the moon. The children were introduced to the scientist, Galileo who studied gravity and how objects fall to the ground. The children participated in a science experiment. They had to predict what would happen to two bottles of the same size (one empty and one half full) when dropped from the same height. They were all very surprised to see the result. You can ask your child to tell you about what they found out.


In Maths the children have continued to work on teen numbers which have been used outdoors in their play to mark starting points for a variety of games. They have also been verbalising addition and subtraction problems with the Numicon pegs. They will be practising this skill for homework this week.


The children have been very excited to use more resources which have been purchased by the PTA. They have explored the new water trays which have a pump and hoses to enable the children to move water from one tray to another. They have also enjoyed bouncing on the new trampoline. We are very grateful to the PTA for funding these exciting new resources.



Happy New Year to one and all. We hope that everyone had a restful holiday and had time with their families. The children have been very excited to come back to school and interact with their peers.


This week we have been working on using the Numicon to make teen numbers which links in with the homework for this week. The children enjoyed taking part in a teen number hunt in the outdoor area.


We have continued to use our story telling resource, Tales Toolkit with the children. This week we introduced a story writing frame. The children were able to choose their character, setting, problem and solution and then had a go at writing labels for each of these.


Outside the children made scoring rules for the basketball net that has been purchased with money funded by the PTA. This has been a popular activity with the children; they are having fun, developing their physical skills and learning how to keep score.

We would like to say well done to all the children for working so hard in their first term in Reception. We are so pleased at how well they have settled into school.
On Wednesday the children walked to Fairford Leys Church. They learned about the story of Christmas and looked at artefacts that reflect the story. They watched a video about Mary and Joseph and sang Away in a manger. Thank you to all the parent volunteers who helped to support us on the day.
The children have enjoyed their last day this term and have been treated to a choral concert by the Year 5 and 6 children and have been read to by the Year 1 children. They finished off their day with party games and dancing. 
We hope you all have a lovely break with your families.


This week we have been busy making our Christmas cards to send home. The children have also had Christmas cards to write out in their independent learning time as we were fortunate enough to have a large donation of cards and penny stamps. The children are using their phonic skills well to write independently.  


Our story time this week has been great fun. All of our story time books have been wrapped so it has been exciting to see what story we would have each day. We make sure that we share any new vocabulary we come across each day. Have a look at the photos which show the new words we have learned this term.


In Maths we have been practising how to count carefully and have come up with some simple rules for counting. Practicing careful counting at home will reinforce this skill. We make sure to touch each object and move it as we count.


We have had our RE lessons this week. We are learning all about the Christmas celebration. This will tie in with our visit to the church next week.


Finally, we have all enjoyed Christmas Jumper day and the delicious Christmas lunch in the Hall. The Midday Supervisors worked hard to make the Hall look extra special

We hope that you enjoyed the Nursery Rhyme Nativity Concert this week. The children performed their songs very well and were so excited to be able to share their performance with their family members.


The children listened to the story, The Jolly Christmas Postman this week. It was very exciting to see all the different letters that were posted in the story. We also watched a video explaining the journey of a letter. So it was very exciting for the children to write their own letters to Father Christmas. Thank you for providing your child with an envelope. We enjoyed walking around the school site and spotting familiar features of our environment. We all hope that Father Christmas receives our letters in time for Christmas!


The children have continued to work hard on their performance and have had the chance to do a dress rehearsal this week. Thank you for the support with your child’s costumes.


We have read the book, Seasons Come and Seasons Go, Trees. This has led to a discussion on what happens in the different seasons. The children have painted an autumn tree using their fingers to make leaf shapes in the colours of red, yellow, orange and brown. They then wrote a label or a phrase about autumn. The children are becoming more confident in their writing skills.


Outdoors the children have made obstacle courses where they had to move around obstacles, jump over planks and crawl under guttering. They have also helped to make a golf course in our sand pit. This has been very popular. We would love any donations of children’s golf clubs if anyone has a set they do not need anymore.


In Maths the children have learned how to use the spinners to spin a number and then find the matching Numicon shape. They are all trying hard to complete their independent Maths challenge every day.


The children have been working very hard this week on learning all the words and actions for their Christmas Concert. We are impressed at how well they are doing.


In Maths we have been ordering the Numicon shapes and matching the numbers to them. We have also been looking at the length of objects and using the vocabulary; long, middle sized, short and in between. You can help your child at home by asking them to order 2 – 3 objects by their length.


Thank you for sending in photos of your family celebrations. The children have enjoyed talking about their photos in front of their classmates. They have also enjoyed learning about the life of Fatou, a girl from Africa. She gets her water from a well and cooks over an open fire. We made our own fire area in the mud kitchen again this week and wrote a list of the foods we could cook.



The children were very proud this week to have had the opportunity to take part in Remembrance Day. All of the children put the poppy they made on to the school display and then participated in a 2 minute silence to think about all the people who took part in the War.


The children have been working hard in their Numicon lessons this week. They have learned how to use the Numicon pegs to represent a number in different ways. We are reinforcing careful counting and encouraging the children to touch each peg as they count. We have also looked at 2D shapes this week and the children have made pictures using foam or sticky shapes. They are learning the names and properties for a range of simple 2D shapes. Perhaps the children would like to make a shape picture at home.


The children have enjoyed working in the mud kitchen this week with Mrs Avery. They used sticks to make a pretend fire and then talked about all the foods they would cook over a fire; marshmallows and jacket potatoes were very popular.


After reading our story of the week, Full, Full, Full of Love the children drew a picture of their own family. They enjoyed telling their teachers about the things they like to do with their family. They also had a go at writing labels to go with their drawings. It is good to see how the children are applying their phonic skills.

Homework 24/01/2020 
This week at school we have been learning about Chinese New Year and how this is celebrated. Through this the children are learning about similarities and differences between themselves and others.

For homework we would like you to talk about how people your child knows are similar or different. You could upload photos or record comments such as;

We talked about how Susie’s relatives live in Spain and talk a different language.

We talked about how Jim’s Grandad can’t walk and uses a wheelchair.

We talked about how Sarah’s best friend goes to a mosque but Sarah goes to a temple.

We talked about how Sam’s hair is brown and curly but his friend has straight black hair.

Enjoy the holidays with your families. 
We do not set homework during the holidays.
Homework 13/12/2019


For homework this week we would like to see how your child uses technology at home:

  •          Can they complete a simple program on a computer or tablet
  •          Can they use remote controls to turn equipment on or off
  •          Do they understand how adults use the internet to find out information
  •          Can they find all the different types of technology in their home
  •          Do they independently choose to use technology in their play

Please comment in your child’s homework book or send photos via Tapestry of your child using technology in the home.


Thank you


The homework this week is to look at 2D shapes with your child. Can they name the shapes and talk about the properties of each one? Please see the instructions in your child’s homework book.


The homework this week has been set by Mrs Dearman, who is our Science Lead. Please see the information sheet sent home in your child’s homework book this week. This homework is due back on the 13th of December. Thank you.

Can you find three objects from around the home and order them by length? Encourage your child to use the terms; long, longer, short, shorter, in between and middle sized. 

Homework 15/11/2019

Following on from the children drawing their families this week in school we would like you to talk about family life at home with your child. This will help them develop an understanding about their family customs and routines. Here are some discussion points you could talk about with your child:

  •          Talk about the special occasions you celebrate as a family; e.g. Easter, Diwali or birthday and what you do at these celebrations
  •          Talk about other events you celebrate as a family; e.g. regular meals together, family film night or family holidays

You could upload family photos onto Tapestry so that the children can talk to the class about who is in the photo, what the event is and why they celebrate this. Or you could record the main points of the conversations you have had with your child.

For example; We have talked to Sammy about our weekly family lunch we have with all of our cousins and grandmother. We have also talked about what we do as a family when we celebrate Christmas. We decorate a tree and put our stockings on our bed. We then have a family meal with our grandparents.

This week for homework we are asking all children to continue to practise their letter sounds. Please see the Ruth Miskin website below for information on sound pronunciation. 
Happy Half Term. We do not set homework over the holidays. Please enjoy this time with your children, reading, talking and doing things your family enjoys.