Weekly Learning


The children have explored the effects of the cold weather this week. They particularly enjoyed making footprints in the snow around the school field on Tuesday. The children discovered other footprints on the field which we decided were made by birds, foxes, dogs or maybe even dinosaurs. We saw how the cold weather had changed the puddles into ice and talked about how slippery they were. We walked through the wooded areas and ran up and down the school banks. It was great fun! The following day we went on the field again and discovered that the sun had melted most of the snow and that the puddles were no longer frozen.


We had a cooking session this week. We talked about the importance of washing our hands properly and are trying very hard to remember to use soap carefully. We learned how to make peppermint cream mixture, knead it, roll it out and cut out shapes.


On Friday we walked to Fairford Leys Church for our first visit out of school. We had a chat by the Minister, Anthony Howells and sang a new song that we had learned this week, Christmas Bells. We then had the opportunity to explore the church. Thank you to all the parent volunteers.



Well done to all the children for taking part in our Christmas Concert, The Sleepy Shepherd. They have worked very hard to learn six new songs and the associated actions and enjoyed having their turn on the stage. Thank you for your support with the costumes. We have moved some of the costumes into the role play area where the children have enjoyed wearing them and acting out the Christmas story.


The morning children were very excited to have had a visit from the Community Police Officers today. They were able to go inside their panda car and sit in the driver’s seat. The Police Officers will be coming back again to meet the afternoon children.


Thank you to Mrs Hawkins who has brought in a slide for the children which they enjoyed using this week. She has also brought in an easel which we have used in our new outdoor mark making area.


We have been busy making Christmas decorations this week. If anyone has any Christmas cards that they do not want we would appreciate the donations for the writing area.



The children have been busy in the post office this week writing, posting and delivering letters. They have also been telling us how they celebrate Christmas with their families and what they would like Father Christmas to bring them this year. If you are stuck for ideas the marble run has been a big favourite with all the children this week.


We had our first outing this week. We took the letters that we wrote to Father Christmas and posted them in our local post box. It was very exciting and we can’t wait to receive the response from him. Thank you for supplying your child with a stamped envelope.


The children have been working very hard to learn the words and actions to our Christmas songs. We had two dress rehearsals this week and are now ready to perform for our families.



The children enjoyed listening to five nursery rhymes this week, some of which were new and some that were familiar. It is great to see the children joining in with our rhymes. The office has been a bit hit this week with the children. They have used their imaginations well; using it as a police station, restaurant and post office. They have learned how to label an envelope and make their own stamps.


Some children have been spending time in the mud kitchen this week. We have done some weeding and lots of digging and mixing. We have seen countless worms of varying sizes and have used mathematical language to describe them; long, short and thin.


In PE the children are continuing to practise their climbing, balancing gymnastic skills. We saw some fantastic somersaults this week. We have also been in the hall to sing our Christmas songs on the stage. It was very exciting. Next week we will have our dress rehearsal.


We have demonstrated how to use the iPads this week and the children can now access the app, Collins Big Cat Stories where they can listen to and explore a story.



The children have enjoyed listening to the story of The Little Red Hen. They explored the wheat bran in the builder’s tray, measuring and mixing. They have been buying bread, cakes and biscuits in the bakers shop. They have particularly liked using the mini laptops, keyboards and writing down their friend’s orders. To extend their writing we will make the role play area into an office next week.


The children have seen a wheat stalk and learned about all the ingredients that go into bread. They helped to make a loaf of bread in the bread maker and particularly enjoyed eating it at snack time today.


Mrs Hawkins donated her Mr Potato Head toys to the Nursery. The children have spent a lot of time making lots of different combinations with them.


They have continued to make sand castles outside using different shaped containers and enjoyed using the farm set. This led to discussions on foods grown on farms and the animals that farmers look after.


The children are working very hard on learning the songs for their Christmas concert. Well done!

Stay and Play     



We held our Physical Stay and Play on Thursday. The photos below show the range of activities that were on offer to help develop the children’s gross and fine motor skills. We finished the session by demonstrating a Dough Disco session with our parent and grandparent visitors. If you would like any of the hand-outs given on physical development please ask a member of the staff for a set.  Please see the link below for a demonstration on a Dough Disco session you may like to try with your child at home.


We have joined in well with the counting in the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar this week. We are practising touching each object as we count it. The children have had the opportunity to practise their throwing skills in a variety of ways both inside and out this week. They have used bean bags to feed the hungry caterpillar and also used them  throw at targets outside on the builders tray. The McDonalds role play was a real hit this week. We saw lots of children writing down orders and making chips and burgers. The children had a go on the climbing apparatus in the hall this week for our movement session.


The flour has been very popular (and messy) this week. We have been scooping, mixing and sieving it with great joy and concentration. We then finished the week by making real cakes to bring home. The children used the balancing scales to measure out the ingredients. We learned how to balance, mix and cream the ingredients. We talked about where the ingredients came from and healthy and unhealthy foods. We hope the children enjoyed eating them after school.

The children have enjoyed being back at Nursery this week. They have joined in well with the repeated refrains from our story this week, Aarrrgh Spider! They have used playdough and clothes pegs to make spiders and hunted for them in the green sand. They have carefully navigated the spiders web in our outdoor area particularly enjoyed our PE session where we climbed over and through the benches.


They have enjoyed making cakes in the sand this week so we will make cakes with them next week. The afternoon children have been playing “McDonalds” all this week so we will turn our role play area into a McDonalds for them.

The children have learned about the different seasons this week. They enjoyed threading beads on the pipe cleaners to make their own trees. They also made two seasonal trees; an autumn hand print tree using yellow, red and orange and a spring blossom tree using the sponge brushes. In the outside area the children explored the autumn small world tray filled with conkers, leaves and fairy creatures.
In the outside area this week the children worked co-operatively to make a two-tiered level obstacle course. They were able to navigate along the course independently.  Inside the role play area was very popular. The children learned how to check in a patient and look after them.

The children have really enjoyed the Frog Prince story this week. They have been using the puppets to retell the story to their peers and made wands to cast spells on one another. It has been lovely to see.


They have explored the soft blocks in our outdoor area and have used them to make a pirate ship. Whilst sailing in the ship they have made their own maps to show their destination.


The pumpkins and golf tees have been a big hit with the children this week. They have used the hammers with control to hit in the tees.


We have learned how to make gloop too; corn flour, water and food colouring. The children have explored how it changes from liquid to a solid. Fun but messy!


Our PE session was on the MUGA this week. We used the balls, bean bags and hurdles.


We started the week with a windy day so we made kites. The children explored how best to keep them in the air.

We had a new resource this week, Tap A Shape. It proved to be very popular with the children and they were able to master tacking the shapes to the cork board. They used the individual shapes to build pictures and talk about the shapes that they chose. We also searched for shapes in shredded paper and went on a shape hunt in our mud kitchen.

To finish off our week we had a Rosie the hen hunt outside. We had to search for 24 hens. We were very quick to find them and check we had collected them all.

Lending Library

Don’t forget to have a look at our Lending Library and try out a resource at home with your child. It is located in the Nursery entry way.

Grandparents Day  3/10/2017

We welcomed our Grandparents in this week and enjoyed showing them the Nursery and spending time playing with them. The children then performed the rhyme, Five Little Speckled Frogs. Thank you for coming!

This week the children have been exploring the water with the guttering. They are learning how to angle the guttering so that the water can flow into the trays. We have had lots of wet clothing! Could you please ensure that your child has a spare set of clothing in their school bags? We have run out of spare clothes this week. Thank you.
The children are becoming more confident in singing the rhyme, Five Little Speckled Frogs. It has been great to see them singing the songs independently using the cut logs and frogs to help them count down from five.
We have enjoyed seeing parents join in with our PARIS (Parents as readers in school) sessions on Friday. Thank you to all the parents who are sharing books with all the children.
We have had our first visit to the school library this week which was very exciting. Please remember to put your child's book in the box with their photo on Tuesday when we visit next week.
This week the children enjoyed joining in with the story of Dear Zoo. By the end of the week they were able to recite most of the story. They worked hard on their zoo enclosures and were able to count the animals they had put in them.
Some of the children explored the mud kitchen this week. They learned how to access the water and soil to make their own mixtures. They were very excited to have also found some potatoes, beans and carrots.
This week we have welcomed our new friends to the Nursery. We have helped them settle into the Nursery and learn our routines. We are very pleased with how independent and happy they are.


We will finish the term with another version of the Christmas story and the poem, The Night Before Christmas. We will have a Christmas party on Tuesday. We will play some games, dance and enjoy a cake that we will decorate before the party. 

Our nursery rhymes are:


The North Wind Does Blow


Put Your Right Mitten In


We will continue to read a new Christmas story each day. Our nursery rhymes are:


Put Your Right Mitten In


Down at the Station


We will be visiting Fairford Leys Church on Friday 15th December. Christmas jumper day is Wednesday 13th December. We look forward to seeing your festive jumpers.

This week will open a new book each day to read which is related to Christmas or winter. We will have a Christmas themed home in the role play area and the Nativity figures out for the children retell the Christmas story.
We will sing the following songs:
Christmas Cards
If you would like to give Christmas cards to the children in Nursery there is a red post box in class that you can post them in. We will hand them all out by the end of the term.


We will participate in Nursery Rhyme week this week. Here is a link to the website which lists the rhymes we will be doing on each day.


Nursery Rhyme Week


Below will be an audio clip for each rhyme for you to listen to with your child. We will be sending home a pack with all the rhymes and the day that we will be singing them. There will be activity ideas for you to try at home. We hope you enjoy singing the rhymes with your child.



As the children have thoroughly enjoyed using the flour for play this week we thought it would be informative to read the story of the Little Red Hen to find out how we get flour. We will then make our own bread like the Little Red Hen. If anyone has any small world hens or chicks we could borrow for our farm, we would be grateful.


Alongside learning our Christmas songs we will also sing the nursery rhyme, I am the Baker Man.

I am the Baker Man


Our story for next week is The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Here is a link to an online version of the story:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar


Our nursery rhymes are:

Five Currant Buns


Five Little Butterflies


On Thursday we will be having our Physical Stay and Play (8:30 – 9:15 and 12:30 – 1:15). There are spaces available if you would like to come. Please speak to one of the Nursery staff if you would like to attend this session.

Our story after half term is, Aaaarrgghh Spider! by Lydia Monks. You can listen to it on the link below.
Our nursery rhymes are:
See the links below for activities at Bearbrook Children's Centre.

Our story next week is called, Tree, Seasons come, Seasons go by Britta Teekentrup as some of the children have been very curious about the months of the year.

Our rhymes are:


Clap Hands


 Mulberry Bush


If anyone has any conkers, leaves or pine cones we would appreciate them for some of our activities next week. Thank you.


As the children have been very interested in the princess dresses and making castles this week we will read the story, The Princess and the Frog. Attached below is a Powerpoint version of the story.


We will listen to the following rhyme :


Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes


Here is the Beehive

Next week our focus story is Rosie's Walk.
Our Nursery rhyme is:
We will also learn a shape song:
Here is a link to a shape game you may like to try:
This week our story is Bear Counts, by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman. You can listen to the story on this link:
Our Nursery Rhymes are:
In this section we will list the story and rhymes that the children will be listening to each week. This will give you the opportunity to try them out at home before we begin each Monday. This week we will listen to the story, Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell. You can play a listening game on the website below:
We will learn the following Nursery Rhymes:



The children have thoroughly enjoyed the office role play area this week and in particular writing letters and designing stamps. To extend this interest we will be making the office into a post office. If you have any old stationary that you don’t need we would appreciate your donation. We will be writing letters to Father Christmas and posting them. Could you please send in a stamped envelope so that we can post the letters that the children write? Thank you.


We will read the story, The Jolly Postman and be singing the following rhymes:


Ten Fat Sausages



One Finger One Thumb