Weekly Learning
It's been a busy week of building in Nursery. Our story, the three little pigs, has been so influential in their play and learning. We have huffed and puffed all week! For story time we told the tale using a 'story map' approach which the children responded really well to. The very next day, they were straight to the writing area to replicate what they had seen and heard. We were incredibly impressed with their ability to recall the plot and repeated refrains. 
This then influenced their role play within the 'construction site' outside, where they took on the roles of the characters. To enhance and encourage more mark making, we have asked the children to plan their buildings before hand. Building with cement (shaving foam) and bricks in the tuff spot involved an incredible amount of skills but mostly it was jolly good fun! The woodland trail focused on a hunt for numbers on houses this week, which has encouraged many to make marks for a purpose. 
We continued with the family trees, adding the pictures that you have sent in. Their joy is so sweet to see, when they realise that we have their families pictures. They have been bursting to talk to us about them. We have displayed some around the classroom, I am sure they would love to show you their work. 
The maths focus this week was six. The children have been super keen to tell us that they know which numicon represents 6 "because it has six holes" and they have learnt that the colour is 'turquoise', which provoked lots of questions about colour names. The dice games that we created reinforced this, with many starting to recognise the pattern of six on a dice. 
We have been leaf printing outside, ready to label our herbs that are growing well in our garden. When writing their names, on their work at Nursery, we are now encouraging them to collect their name tag from the tree and have a go at writing it themselves.
Literacy Stay and Play
It was great to see so many parents join us for the Literacy stay and play session this week. We explored many different ways to mark make inside and outside. The children really enjoyed sharing their learning with you. 

The children have been very busy looking after the babies in the hospital this week. They have learned how to check in patients, take temperatures and change nappies. Outside they have been washing and drying the babies. They have liked listening to the story of Za Za’s Baby Brother and some of the children have been able to talk about the birth of their own siblings. We were very pleased to have Alicia’s Mummy in to talk about her baby bump.


The children have had fun exploring the shaved soap and water. We have had bubbles everywhere! They have used the plastic needles and threads to sew a decorative border along a babies quilt showing good fine motor skills. They have started their own family trees and are beginning to add in their photos. Thank you for sending them in.


Literacy Stay and Play

We are holding a Literacy Stay and Play on Wednesday 23rd May  (8:30 – 9:15 and 12:30 – 1:15) with a focus on mark making. If you would like to come please speak to a member of the Nursery Staff.


The children have listened attentively to the story of the Rainbow Fish this week and have incorporated dance into the story. This was planned and led by Mrs Howell who has joined the Nursery as a trainee teacher. Leading on from the story we are developing a Kindness Tree in class and giving out kindness certificates throughout the week to children.
The children have experimented with colour mixing this week and have found out how to make new colours. The playdough was in balls this week with a splash of food colouring in the middle so that when the children worked with the dough they discovered a surprise of colour as the manipulated it. 
We are encouraging mark making and were pleased to see many children writing out their own shopping lists this week with the aid of a word bank and using the salt boxes to practise their letter formation. 
The children used Monet's Waterlilies painting as an inspiration for their transient art this week. We saw some lovely creations with the glass gems on our fish template. 
The children have joined in with gusto when reading the repeated refrain, Aaaarrgghh Spider! Out you go! from our book of the week. They sang the familiar song Incy, Wincy Spider with confidence and enjoyed learning Three Blind Mice.
We looked carefully at the many minibeasts in our tough spot and were very excited to find real ones in the outside area. We put them in our observation pots so that we could watch them carefully. We enjoyed exploring our new mini woodland walk area in our mud kitchen that Mrs Welland has developed. 
The children have demonstrated dexterity when working in the role play area hanging up the socks with the pegs. 


The children have joined in enthusiastically with the repeated refrains from our story, Walking Through the Jungle and have added actions as we have read it.


They have been very busy planting bulbs, herbs and vegetables in the mud kitchen . We look forward to caring for them over the next few weeks.  The children have observed the snails that we have had in the class this week and have looked through non-fiction books to learn more about them.


We have had the clay out this week and made snakes using our hands to roll them into different shapes. The children used a range of tools to make the scales on their snakes. We will paint them next week. They have also decorated paper snakes with coloured sticky shapes in a range of different patterns.


The children kindly welcomed our newest Nursery children in to the class this week. It is lovely to see how friendly and welcoming they have been.

The children have loved the story, The Tiger Who Came to Tea and have been able to retell the story independently. They have painted pictures of tigers and made collages of tiger fur.

The children have used a variety of different brushes to mark make in tea leaves placed in a shallow tray. They used water and brushes outside to mark make on the playground. Both of these are an easy way to encourage mark making at home.

In our movement session this week the children have been working with bean bags and learning how to balance them on different body parts and throw to a peer.

On Friday we worked hard to clear our tyres and replant bulbs in the mud kitchen. We are continuing to watch and water the sunflower seeds we planted before the Easter break.



The children have been discussing the changes that happen in Spring as they have been listening to the story, Guess How Much I Love You in the Spring. They are now able to identify some of these changes as they spot them outside when at play.


They have completed their Easter cards working hard to write in them independently. They enjoyed using cotton buds to paint patterns on their Easter ornaments. As well as their ornaments they have been creating many other Easter crafts independently.


We enjoyed playing Duck, Duck Goose this week in our movement session in the hall. The children played in our new den in the mud kitchen. We have sent our thanks to Mr and Mrs Johnson who came in over the weekend to make the structure for us.



It has been a good week for exploring outside; we have searched for signs of Spring on the school grounds, had a turn on the trim trail and walked around the field in aid of Sport’s Relief.


The children have enjoyed our egg related activities especially singing the nursery rhymes, Goosey, Goosey, Goosey and Humpty Dumpty. We were very pleased to have a donation of a golden egg, just like the one in the song which led to lots of discussion on what could be inside the egg.


We have been looking after our sunflower seeds but they haven’t started to grow yet. The children have had a different set of wooden blocks in Nursery this week. We have seen some interesting buildings and many of towers which encouraged height discussion.

We have all had the opportunity to plant a sunflower seed this week. We talked about what the seed would need to grow and where we should keep them. Reading the story, Jasper's Beanstalk helped our understanding of what they need to grow. We also got to use mathematical vocabulary related to height whilst reading the story.
We have continued to compare our height with our classmates this week. Mrs Welland has helped us to draw around our bodies and we have been decorating  them. We will look at them next week to see who is the tallest and shortest.
We enjoyed using our new climbing equipment that Mr Troop got for Early Years with part of the School's Sports Premium Budget. It is quite challenging to use and we have been impressed with how the children have persevered to climb across it.
WanderHouse Art Project
The PTA has funded the Artist, Pippa North to spend time in Nursery and Reception. The children and Staff have worked on a piece of collaborative art which will be displayed in the Early Years building. The piece will reflect the school's values.
Mother's Reading Day
Week Commencing : 04/06/18
This week we will be reading a story called 'All change' by David Melling. It incorporates two aspects that the children are showing interests in; animals and transport. It has a really fun and lively narrative that encourages active participation. We can not wait to share it with them. 
Our nursery rhymes are: 
(The above are links to the Nursery Rhymes on the BBC website)
Half Term
As it is half term this week, we are setting the homework 'to have fun!' Please share on tapestry any experiences that you have while you are on your break such as: going to the park, having a picnic, baking, visiting the zoo, sharing stories. Also if you try out any of the mark making ideas from the stay and play this week, please be sure to post them on tapestry, it all adds to the bigger picture and helps us to know your child even better.
Have a great half term everyone!


This week we will be reading the story, The Three Little Pigs as many of the children have shown an interest in building.


We will sing the songs:


This little piggy


Ten fat sausages

This week we will read the story, Za Za's Baby Brother by Lucy Cousins as there are a few children in the Nursery who have had or will have siblings. We are pleased that we will be able to have some of our Mums in to talk to us about babies.
Our Nursery Rhymes will be:
Hush little baby don't you cry
Rock a bye baby 
5 little men in a flying saucer
This week we will read the story, The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.
Our nursery rhymes are:



We will read the story, Aaaarrggh, Spider by Lydia Monks next week, as many of the children have been showing an interest in minibeasts.


Our Nursery Rhymes will be:


Incy Wincy Spider


Three Blind Mice



We will read the story, Walking Through the Jungle by Julie Lacome next week, which has repeated refrains and a rhyming text. It will lead to many different creative activities and we will be able to act it out in our movement session.


Our Nursery Rhymes will be:


Down in the jungle



Brush your teeth


Our first book of term will be, The Tiger Who Came for Tea by Judith Kerr. This is a favourite story as suggested by Joshua. This will be a good starting point to discuss healthy eating.


Our nursery rhymes will be:

Down in the Jungle



Brush Your Teeth


Have a restful Easter. We would love to see the things your child does over the holidays. You could share these activities via Tapestry.



Our last book of term will be, Guess How Much I Love You in The Spring by Sam McBratney. This is a lovely story that explores the changes in Spring.


Our nursery rhymes will be:


Five Little Speckled Frogs



It's Raining, It's Pouring

We have had another busy week in the Nursery. The children have loved joining in with Aaaarrgghh Spider! story and joined in with the repeated refrain, Aaaarrgghh Spider! Out you go! with great gusto. 
The minibeasts have been out this week and the children have looked carefully at the differences between them. They were very excited to find some real minibeasts in the outside area and brought them in to observe. While they have been in our outside area they have enjoyed exploring our new mini woodland walk in the mud kitchen that Mrs Hawkins has developed. 
The children have been using the pegs to hang up the socks in the role play kitchen. They have concentrated hard on this task and managed to do this with dexterity. 
This week we will read the story, The Odd Egg by Emily Gravett.
Our Nursery Rhymes are:
See below for more ideas on how to support your child with the language of height.
This week we will read the story, Jasper's Beanstalk by Nick Butterworth. Just like Jasper in the story, we will be planting some seeds too.
We will learn two new songs about planting seeds:
See below for the maths activity sheet.
Our focus stories for next week will be; Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson and Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae.
Our Nursery Rhymes will be:
See the attached for our Mathematical language focus for the week.
Next week is world book week so we will be reading lots of stories through-out the week. We will be reading; Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson, Owl Babies by Martin Waddell and Supertato by Sue Hendra.
Our Nursery Rhymes are:
The Farmer's in his Den
Our story after half term will be,  Elmer by David McKee.
Our Nursery Rhymes are:
To tie in with the work that Mrs Welland is doing in her Lola listening sessions, please see the listening sheet from the Bucks Speech and Language Team below.


Next week is National Internet Safety week which the whole school will be participating in. We will be reading the story, Chicken Clicking by Jeanne Willis on Tuesday. You can read more about it on the link below:


Chicken Clicking


The rest of the week we will read Handa’s Hen by Eileen Brown. It is a counting based story. You can see an animated version of the story on the link below:


Handa's Hen


Our Nursery Rhymes this week will be:


Yellow Bird


Hickety Pickety My Fat Hen

This week we will read the story, Mog the Forgetful Cat by Judith Kerr as it is a favourite of one of our focus children this week. The nursery rhymes are also favourites of our focus children.
As the children have been interested in birthdays this week we will be reading the story, Happy Birthday by Ann Morris and Elizabeth Falconer.
Please send in or post on Tapestry a photo of your child celebrating one of their birthdays to share with the class.
Our Nursery Rhymes are: