Weekly Learning


This week we have been reading the story Lost in the Snow. The story has led to some interesting conversations about snow and ice. We talked about who has built a snowman, who has been sleighing and that Father Christmas visits when it snows. As the weather has been so cold the water that has been left outside has frozen. We talked about ice and how it’s made and that it thaws when it gets warm. The children each touched the ice and talked about how it felt. In our tuff tray we made some snow dough, this is corn flour and vegetable oil. We told the children that we were going to put some animals in the snow to play with, so the children helped us sort out which animals live in the snow. Carrying on the snowy theme the children have been making paper snowflakes and decorating them with glitter. These are displayed in the window in the classroom. The children have been making snowmen out of the playdough and using googly eyes, pipe cleaners for the arms, bottle top for the hat and paper for the scarf.  We have been getting in the Christmas spirit and made Christmas trees with paper and lolly sticks and then decorating them.


Last week we had a lovely visit to the church. We learned more about what the church does over the Christmas period and the story of the first Christmas. We looked around the church and the children had the chance to play the drums and the piano, view the smaller part of the church that they sometimes do a service in and the garden. Our children walked to the church and their behaviour was impeccable. We were very proud with how they behaved. Also a big thank you to all our parent helpers.


The children performed their nativity this week and they all sung their hearts out. The children enjoyed performing for their parents and we hope you enjoyed the performance and all the children’s hard work.


Next week the Christmas activities will continue and the children will be making various Christmas items for us to display in the classroom and to bring home.


This week we have been getting very excited for Christmas. Many of our activities have been based around Christmas. The children have made wish lists; they looked through toy catalogues and told the teachers what they liked and then cut out those pictures and stuck them on paper. The children have made salt dough decorations and then decorated them. They also made Christmas cards and stockings. We have been very impressed with the children’s emergent writing in their cards.


On the carpet area we have been doing some physical activities. We have tied some bells to a hoop and tied it to 2 chairs and the children have been encouraged to climb through the hoop without touching the bells, very tricky! We also tied bells to a broom stick and balanced it between two chairs and the children had to crawl under it without touching the bells and making a noise.  It was easier said than done but the children preserved with it and took turns to climb and crawl through until they were able to accomplish this without ringing the bells.


The children have enjoyed going in to the big play ground in Reception. The children have been riding the larger bikes and the wobble bikes around the track. The children have worked together as a team and built an obstacle course with the large wooden blocks and crates then taking turns to help each other to balance and walk round it.


The children have enjoyed listening to our story T’was the Night before Christmas. Not only have the teachers read the story but also a special cuddly bear. The children were very surprised that a cuddly bear could read to them.  We have sung Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer and Jingle Bells as well as our Nursery Rhymes.


We have been counting down the days to Christmas with our advent tree and we are all getting very excited about Santa coming. So from all the Nursery Teachers we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!


Look forward to seeing you all in the New Year. 


This week we have been reading Stickman which many of the children have enjoyed. During the story we demonstrated how to draw a story map. A story map is retelling the story in the correct order and drawing the characters and parts of the story. The children had fun working together and discussing the story and then drawing the characters Stickman, stick babies, tree, dog, swan, flag, sword, girl and Father Christmas. These story maps will be displayed in the classroom.


In our tuff tray we have put some sticks and some stickman counting cards with dots and numbers on. The children have been counting the dots 1:1, pointing at each dot as they counted and then counting the sticks out to match that number. We have also tried to encourage some of the children to count the dots and try to recognize the numeral.


Carrying on with the Stickman theme, the children have been making Stickman from kitchen/toilet roll tubes. The children have stuck the eyes on, threaded the arms through, used a pen to draw the mouth, folded the pipe cleaner to make the leaves and used scissors to cut out the legs.


The children have been painting Stickman as well. The children have used different sizes of sticks and logs and different colours to create their fantastic stickman. We have talked about the sticks and the various sizes and textures using the language big, small, large, fat, thin, round, bumpy, spiky, soft and rough. Our classroom is looking amazing with all the children’s art work on the walls.


Our carpet area has been taken over by some very large boxes. We created this area to observe the children using their imagination to create something new from just a cardboard box. The children enjoyed pretending the boxes were cars, trains, planes, towers, houses, beds, sheds, palaces, castles and even a swimming pool. We have traveled to Spain, Portugal and Disneyland on the plane and we have traveled to London on the train. The children then decided to decorate their creations. As the children have enjoyed this we would like to continue this activity so if you have any large boxes at home we would very grateful for them. Thank you. 


Our story for next week is:
Careful Santa by Julie Sykes and Tim Warnes


This week we have been reading The Hungry Caterpillar. The children have enjoyed naming all the fruits and food the caterpillar ate and counting these during group time. Some children also sat one to one with the teacher and tried to re-tell the story using pegs with pictures of all the fruits and food on them. They clipped the food onto a stick in the order that the caterpillar ate them. This demonstrated their good listening and concentration skills. It also developed their fine motor skills as they opened the peg to clip in onto a stick. This has led to many discussions revolving round the story. We have talked to children about healthy and unhealthy foods. We had a selection of foods for the children to sort into healthy and unhealthy sets. We spoke to the children about the importance of eating fruit and vegetables. The children then went on to make finger paintings to create their own caterpillars and also decorated a butterfly using finger paints.  We discussed the colours they used as they made their creations. These great pictures are displayed in the Nursery classroom. Through all of these activities the children have learned about the life cycle of a butterfly.


In the role play area we have some large foam blocks which the children have been building with. The children have come up with ideas like; a house, a castle, a princess castle, a car, a tower, a bus, a train, a boat, and a shopping trolley. The children have then tried to create and build their ideas with the blocks. Some children have worked in a group sharing ideas and helping each other to build.


This week we have been practicing our songs for our Christmas performance. We went to the hall to show the children where they will be sitting and to have a go at walking onto the stage. It has all been very exciting and the children have been brilliant, working really hard to learn the songs and all the actions.  They are looking forward to their families coming to watch them perform. Please remember to bring in your request form for tickets.


Next week we will be reading Stickman and we would like to make some Stickmen characters from kitchen and toilet roll tubes. Could we kindly ask for donations of these items please?  Many Thanks.


This week we have been reading the story of The Nativity. We have talked with the children about the first Christmas and why we celebrate Christmas. We have read this story early so we can introduce our Christmas songs and start to practice for our Christmas performance.


We have continued to have the doctors in the role play area and have also introduced some other occupations. The children have enjoyed dressing up as police, the fire brigade, builders and mechanics. We have a pop up garage outside that the children have used to fix the car and fill the car with petrol. The children have been builders and used the foam blocks to build houses and towers. We encouraged the language of size when building; small, smaller, tall, taller, big, small, massive, great, huge and tiny. We have discussed what a fireman does and how they rescue people from fires. We then encouraged the children to write a postcard to the fire brigade to say thank you for all their hard work saving people and putting out fires. This helped to develop their fine motor skills and improved their pencil grip.  Some children drew pictures and some children traced over the dots to write words like fire, rescue, ladder, police, thank you and save.


In our creative area the children had fun making animal masks, animal puppets and monsters. We have used a variety of materials to make them such as; paper bags, plastic cups, paper plates, animal print paper and various other materials from our art trolley. The children enjoyed then using the puppets to talk to their friends and naming their puppets.


The children have been mark making by running cars through paint and then rolling them on the paper. The children have made lots of different shapes and we have talked about these. They then tried to find these shapes around the setting and were able to identify: squares, circles, triangles, rectangles and hexagons. We then introduced some number and dot stamps in the paint area and encouraged careful counting.


We have a large amount of children coming into Nursery with their coats and jumpers not named. Please could we ask that all coats and jumpers are named.  Also could we please ask that the water bottles the children bring into Nursery contain water only and not squash or juice. Thank you.


This week we have been talking all about “me”. We have drawn some self-portraits using mirrors to  look at the colour of our eyes and hair. This has led to discussions about the similarities and differences between us. We have measured the children and the teachers outside and talked about who is taller, bigger, smaller, shorter and the same size. During group time we talked about our 5 senses; hearing, taste, smell, touch and sight. We have introduced some sensory boxes filled with a variety of objects in which the children have put their hands into without looking and described what they felt. Many descriptive words were used like; soft, fluffy, light, shiny, hard, smooth, woody, prickly, rough, bobbly and lumpy.


The children have enjoyed playing in the doctors role play this week. They have taken turns to be the doctor, the patient and the receptionist. They have written prescriptions, answered the phone, given out medicine and put on bandages using all the doctor’s implements to make each other feel better. The children have also enjoyed playing with the small world wooden hospital, playing with their peers and talking to each other where they played the part of different characters and building up scenarios of why the people are in hospital. As the children have enjoyed the doctors this week we will continue the doctors in the role play area and begin to introduce different occupations and talk about them.


The children have made some lovely poppies this week and this has led to a short and simple discussion about the brave soldiers who fought in the war and how we wear the poppies to remember them.


We have enjoyed looking at the children’s lovely family photos that have been sent in. Please continue to send them in; you can email the photos to the school office or upload them on tapestry. We have enjoyed listening to the children tell us who is in the photos, where they were taken and the family members in the photo.


This week we have been talking about Diwali, the start of the Hindu New Year with the children. We have discussed what happens during the festival of lights. The children have made some ‘Diva’ lamps out of salt dough and decorated them with beads and glitter.


Outside we have been making some sensory bottles to hang up in our outside area. The children have picked what they wanted to put in their bottles choosing between feathers, elastic bands, beads, gems, food dye, sequins, glitter and oil. We have talked about all the different materials we have used, talking about texture, colour, and how different media can be combined to create new effects.


The children have made a variety of firework pictures throughout the week, experimenting with a range of assorted materials; golf balls, straws, forks, cotton buds and glitter. The pictures are displayed in the classroom.


Next week we will be doing an activity ‘All About Me’ using our speech and language to build our vocabulary to talk about ourselves, about our likes and dislikes, the differences between us, our hair colour, our eye colour, our height and our families. We would be very grateful if you could send in some photos of your immediate family to talk to the children about.


We would like to say thank you to the parents/grandparents/carers who attended our mathematics stay and play. We showed activities to encourage counting, looking at shapes around the setting, recognising numerals and using Numicon to count 1:1. The children enjoyed singing 5 Little Aliens to the adults and showing them their counting.  We hope the adults who attended came away from the session with some helpful activities to try at home.


This week we have been reading Goldilocks and the 3 Bears and the children have enjoyed joining in with the repetitive phases. This has led to activities looking at a different variety of sizes of objects. The children have been sorting objects into small, medium, large, giant and tiny piles.


The children have enjoyed using hammers in 2 activities this week. One activity was Tap-a-shape where the children picked from a variety of shapes to hammer to the board with tacks. Whist engaging in this task the children have talked about the different shapes and colours they have used. The second activity which was very popular with the children was hammering golf tees into a pumpkin. The children had to hold the golf tee in place and then use the hammer to knock them into the pumpkin.  The children were taught to use the hammers, tacks and golf tees safely.


We are working on our new ‘Kindness’ board and we already have lots of kindness certificates on show. During group time we have talked about being kind to our friends and sharing the toys with our peers.


We made some slime this week and the children were very excited about it. We talked about the texture of the slime using a variety of words to describe it like sticky, slimly, cold, stretchy, elasticated, short, spongy, soft, long, gooey, smooth, colourful, bubbly and funny.


The children had their school photos taken on Monday in the hall. The children had to walk over to the hall and wait in line for their turn with some of the older children in the school. I am very pleased and proud to say that they were impeccably behaved and even other class teachers commented on how well they were behaving. Well done!


Our library day is on a Tuesday so if everyone could please remember to bring their library books back on this day so all the children can enjoy their time listening to a story, choosing a new book to share with their family. Thank you.




This week the children have enjoyed the shop in the role play area. The children have been talking to each other about all the lovely food they have brought. The children have taken turns to be the customer and the cashier talking about how much the items cost and using number recognition to price up the items. Our shop is selling fruit and vegetables and cakes. This has led to us talking about healthy foods and not so healthy foods and discussing the importance of eating healthy.


We have made an autumn display in the classroom, using items we have found round the school. We have talked about autumn and what happens during this lovely season; the leaves falling, clocks changing and nights getting darker. If the children would like to bring in anything they have found while out and about to put on our display we can then show them in large group and talk about them.


The autumn theme continues through the Nursery which has led to different things being made. We have made leaf wreaths, leaf printing, hand printed acorns and hand printed hedgehogs.


We would like to continue with the autumn theme next week and would like to make some autumn sensory jars. The jars will be filled with a variety of items such as; leaves, conkers, pine cones, sticks and glitter. If possible, could send your child in with a clean jar next week? They can then make their own autumn sensory jar. Thank you.


On our carpet area we have had out different sized hoops and animals in different colours. The children have been thinking of a variety of different ways that they could sort these objects. This has led to discussions on the sizes of the hoops using the language small, bigger, big, medium, middle, tiny, enormous, huge. We have also counted the animals making sure we touched each one as we counted (1:1 counting).


The children are still bringing in their WOW leaves, its lovely to share these moments in large group and to praise the children for all the fantastic things they have achieved. Please keep them coming in.


On Friday last week we had Grandparents Day, where the children’s grandparents joined us in Nursery. The grandparents came in to read to the children and join in with our play. The children enjoyed showing their grandparents around their classroom and then they sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to them. So a big Thank You to the grandparents for joining us.


The children listened well to the story of The Gingerbread Man and were particularly enthusiastic when joining in with the repetitive phrases. They enjoyed singing the Gingerbread Man song and playing the games that went along with that on the Interactive Whiteboard. 
We had so many gingerbread man activities for the children to participate in. They particularly liked decorating their own gingerbread men which are on display in the Nursery. Please come and have a look. We had our first experience cooking this term and learned such a lot. We know how important it is to have clean hands and follow the recipe. We watched Mrs Hawkins use the oven gloves to open the hot oven. We are now seeing the children replicate these skills in the home corner. We were pleased to hear how delicious they were from the children.
Some of the children have brought in their WOW leaves from home which has been great to hear about. The children were very proud to share their WOW moments with their peers and then place them on the tree outside Nursery. Please keep sending these in. 

This week we have read the story, Owl Babies which the children have listened really well  to. They can now finish off the sentences and retell the story themselves using the puppets we have made. This then led on to making owl baby paintings using sponge stampers. If your child has made one, their picture is now displayed on the window at nursery. Please take a look.

We have spent time talking to the children about the seasons and what happens to the environment at this time of the year. We have begun making Autumn trees using cotton buds bunched together for the colourful leaves which look very effective. This activity has extended further discussions about colours, naming other seasons and talking about what key events happen.

In our investigation area we have been searching for minibeasts using magnifying glasses prompting lots of conversation and fun by then going outside and looking for these using our minibeast hunt tick sheet.

This week we have started making Christmas cards as a fundraiser for the PTA, further details will follow in due course.


After reading the story Monkey Puzzle the children were inspired to create a collage of one of the characters. They decided to make a parrot using a range of colourful materials which led to lots of discussion on textures and colour.

The new kitchen has continued to be a popular area. The children have learned the importance of using an oven glove when getting food out of the oven and using the utensils safely. This play then led to the children to the playdough where they made cakes to bake.

The children have been exploring how to make different colours by mixing two together at the painting easel. It is great to see their delight when they have made a new colour. We then encourage the children to tell us how they have made their new colour which develops their speaking skills.

The windy weather has been a great talking point this week and has led us to making kites. We have explored different materials and found the most suitable one to make our own kites. What fun we had flying them!



Welcome to all of our Nursery children old and new. We are extremely pleased at how well all the children have settled into school and are learning their new routines. The children have learned the snack routine and how to self-register in the mornings.

The children have enjoyed the story, The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse this week. They have used a variety of different implements to paint the different animals in the story. They have also used puppets to help retell the story. Through the story they have learned many new facts about animals.

The children have identified and named different shaped playdough cutters. We have incorporated mathematical language based on size such as, big and small when the children were participating in this activity.  The marble run has been a big hit with all the children and they have been able to discuss the effects of the different heights of the run they have made.


Parents as readers in school (PARIS)

Every Friday at the start of the session parents are welcome to come into Nursery to read with your child. Books will be set out for you to share. 

Our focus story for the first week back will be Maisy Goes to Nursery by Lucy Cousins.

We will be reading the poem, Twas the  Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore

Santa is coming! Homework this week will be for your child to write three things (or more) that they would like for Christmas. This is to be done in their homework book.
Remember to use your sounds!
We recognise that children are at different stages with their writing. For example; some children are still mark making and might need you to scribe for them. Some children are able to hear and write the initial sound of a word and some children are able to hear a few sounds of a word such as book and record it as, "bk". There will also be some children who are able to write a short phonetical (spelling what they hear) sentence such as, "can I hav a buk".
Each stage is equally important and we encourage children to write as much as they are comfortable and able to do. 
Your child may like to add a drawing to accompany their writing.
Our focus story for next week is Lost in the Snow by Ian Beck.
Our nursery rhymes are:
Our focus story for next week is, Stick Man by Julia Donaldson. Our rhymes are:
Our story for next week will be The Hungry Caterpillar. Our Nursery Rhymes are:
Five Little Butterflies

Next week, although a little early we will be reading The Nativity Story. This is in preparation for our Christmas performance so the children can become familiar with the characters from the story and learn the songs.

The Navitity Story- Charlotte Guillain and Lesley Grainger


Our Rhymes are:

Old Mac Donald


5 little monkeys

5 Little Monkeys jumping on the bed

Our focus story for next week is Titch and our Nursery Rhymes are:
Our focus story for next week is Goldilocks and The Three Bears. Our Nursery Rhymes are:
Our story for next week is, Guess How Much I Love You by, Sam McBratney.
Our nursery rhymes are:

Our story for next week is The Gingerbread Man and our Nursery Rhymes are:


One, two buckle my shoe




Dingle, dangle scarecrow




Our story for next week is Owl Babies by Martin Waddell and Patrick Benson


Our Nursery rhymes are:


1,2,3,4,5 Once I caught a fish alive




I'm a little teapot




Next week our focus story is The Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson. Our nursery rhymes are:


Down in the Jungle


Hickory Dickory Dock


If you have not done so already can you please ensure that all of your child's belongings are labelled. Thank you.