Weekly Learning

This week we have been reading Stickman. The children have enjoyed making a stickman from kitchen rolls in the creative area. They then went on to use the stickman they have made to re-tell the story.


We have created a Christmas home corner with a Christmas tree and decorations. The children had fun decorating the tree. We have had discussions about Christmas, talking about their own Christmas tree, decorations, seeing Santa and what they would like Santa to bring them. The children have engaged in our Christmas card activity. The children have selected the decoration they wanted to colour in and then wrote their name in their card for their family.


As the weather has been nice and chilly we took the children for a walk over the icy field. We looked at the frost and ice on the grass and bushes.


We have continued to look at numbers on our 5 Frame. This week the number is 4. We have counted different objects to 4 each day and encouraging the children to join in.


The children have worked so hard over the last few weeks practicing and preparing for the Nativity performance. The children loved performing for their family and we are very proud of all their hard work. We hope everyone that attended enjoyed the show. 


This week we have been reading the stories Say Hello to the Animals and The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud. In the tuff tray we have placed some bowls of ice with surprises in each bowl. We talked with the children about how ice is formed and watched the ice melt during the day to reveal the surprise inside. We have walked round the garden to see if we can find some more ice which we found some in the garden in the tuff tray. The children discussed that the ice looked like glass when we removed it from the tray. The children have enjoyed playing in the melted ice, using spoons and jugs for filling and pouring. We talked about all the different animals that live in the snow and ice like penguins and polar bears.

It was lovely to see the children wearing their Christmas jumpers to Nursery and getting in to the Christmas spirit. The children are getting so excited for Christmas that we have continued some Christmas activities. The children have been decorating stockings, colouring in Christmas pictures and making Christmas trees from cups.

On the carpet we have made some transient art. Using masking tape we made the outline of a Christmas tree. We provided the children with some bottle tops and asked the children to place them in an arrangement to decorate the tree. The children then looked around the Nursery for different shaped objects to decorate the tree.

We encouraged the children to join in with our threading activity. We used macaroni and pipe cleaners. We modelled to the children how to thread the macaroni on the pipe cleaners. We will be continuing the threading next week to focus on the children’s fine motor skills.

If your child is missing any items of clothing like gloves, hats and water bottles all the items we had left in Nursery have been put in lost property in the main school.


This week we have been reading the story Guess How Much I Love You in the Autumn and Guess How Much I Love You in the Winter. We have talked about the different seasons. We have talked about the snow, the leaves falling from the trees, rain, sun, wind, rainbows, how the rain has made our garden very muddy, Santa and fog.  The children have swept up some leaves that had blown down and we put them in the tuff tray and added Numicon. The children hunted for the Numicon and placed them in the correct order from smallest amount to largest amount. We encouraged the children to count the Numicon 1:1 and name the colours.


The children have enjoyed playing with the light box and different colour transparent shapes. The children made the shapes into different animals and objects.


In the tuff tray we have salt, glitter and paint brushes. The children have enjoyed mark making in the salt. Some children drew different objects and some children wrote their names and numbers.


We have been looking at Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night picture and getting the children to paint their own Starry Night picture. The pictures look amazing and are displayed in the Nursery window. I believe we may have some future Artists in Nursery!!


The children’s water bottles will be placed outside the Nursery door at pick up time. So please would you collect your child’s water bottle from the box.  We have done this because so many children’s water bottles were not named.


Cardboard Tubes

We would appreciate any donation of cardboard tubes. Thank you.


This week we have been reading the story Whatever Next!! The story is about a bear that builds a rocket from a card board box and flies to the moon. The children have used the large card board boxes and pretended to fly to the moon with a colander on their head. The children have enjoyed making rockets in the creative area from junk modelling and designing our own planets.


We have continued to look at our 5 Frame. The children have been shown the number 2 and we have looked at 2 on the 5 frame and looking a different ways to represent the number of the week.


We took all the children out on the large KS2 playground and had a run around with hoops. Some children used chalks to draw and write the number 2.


The children have been practicing our Christmas songs for a Christmas performance.  We are preparing for Christmas and have been making some Christmas decorations out of salt dough and decorating them. We have talked about Christmas and sharing this special time with our families.

Starting School in September 2020


From 4 November you will be able to apply for a primary school place if your child is due to start school in September 2020. Please visit the website below for further information.


This week we have been reading the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We have talked with the children about the life cycle of the butterfly.  The children have made caterpillars in the creative area using different sized bottle tops.  The children have been making worms and caterpillars out of play dough and we have shown them how to use a ruler to measure how long their worm or caterpillar is. This has helped the children to count numbers 1:1 and recognise numerals. The children have used different words to describe the size of their worm or caterpillar and the teachers have introduced some new words the children may not have heard. We have introduced the words; small, mini, tiny, minute, big, large, huge, massive, gigantic and enormous. The children have enjoyed looking for insects in the tuff tray with leaves, insects and magnifying glasses in it. The children have found the insects and then ticked them off a tick sheet.


The role play area is set up as a hospital and the children have enjoyed making each other feel better. We have photos on the wall of x-rays which has led to discussions about the bones in our body and our skeleton.


We have introduced to the children the 5 Number Frame. This is to help the children count with confidence and recognise quantities.  We will be concentrating on 1 number a week so the children will remember and repeat when shown the 5 frame. The 5 Frame is used in Reception so learning it in Nursery will help their transition when moving up to Reception next year.

Can we please remind everyone that we go to the school library every Tuesday so could all library books be in bags on this day so the children can pick another book to bring home to read with you.


This week we have been reading the story The 3 Little Pigs. The children have enjoyed using the large foam bricks and large cardboard boxes to build different houses. The children have also built cars, planes and trains. We have encouraged the children to draw a plan on the design plan sheets of what they wanted to build. After the children have built it we have asked them to draw another picture of the final building.


The children have enjoyed building houses from the junk modelling where they were finding the boxes, sticking them together, cutting paper to stick on them and decorating them. The children have been drawing on the interactive white board different sized houses and talking about what they are made of.


The children had their Nursery photos taken on Monday in the school hall. The children behaved beautifully walking over to the hall and sat lovely waiting for their turn to have their photo taken.


The children have had great fun playing in the mud kitchen, making pies and cakes and getting very very very wet and muddy!!!!!!!!


This week we have been reading the story Emergency!! We have talked about different occupations and then asked the children what they want to be when they are older. The question was “I have a dream to be………..” the children came up with many different jobs that they wanted to be when they are older like a doctor, fireman, policeman, vet, teacher, racing car driver, submarine driver, spider man, batman, fairy princess and a dinosaur!!  This can be found on display just on the right before going into the Nursery classroom.  The children have been enjoying playing in the vets role pay area, looking after the animals and making them feel better.


The children have been making firework pictures which are displayed in the Nursery classroom. Also on display are the amazing poppies the children have decorated. We talked in brief about why people wear poppies.  Our classroom is looking great with all the children’s work and we have the display of “We are ALL Equal”.


The children have been practicing our Christmas songs in preparation for our Christmas Performances.


We have a donation tree with lots of different items that we use in Nursery just inside the foyer of Nursery. We would be very grateful for any donations of these items. Thank you.


Please could we ask again that ALL bottles, bags, coats, hats, jumpers etc are named clearly. Thank you.


This week we have been reading the story Lima’s Red Hot Chili. The focus children have been busy cooking banana muffins following a Jamaican recipe. The children have enjoyed talking about all the ingredients and how we mix and cook them.


The children have enjoyed putting on shows in the role play area by dressing up and using the stage or using the puppets in the puppet theatre.


We have been looking at the children’s fine and gross motor skills. The children have used some tweezers to pick up some insects in the spiders web, turning the pages of a book and holding a pen and drawing. The children have been outside practising; running, skipping, jumping, hopping, jumping over hurdles, running in and out of cones, kicking and catching a ball, pedaling a bike with stabilisers, pedaling a trike, climbing the climbing frame and jumping off.


We have taken photos of the children doing some good learning and have created a Good Learning Board. We have photos of the children with their WOW leaves and some photos of examples of good learning. Come and have a look at our display in Nursery.


It is Black History Month this month and we have been talking to the children about how we celebrate our differences and that we all are equal, everyone belongs and everyone can be friends.  We have talked about Martin Luther King and the saying “I have a dream!” and will be asking the children about what they would like to be when they grow up.


This week we have been reading the story Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. The children have enjoyed joining in with the story and saying the lines; “who’s been eating my porridge?”, “that’s too hard” and “that’s too soft”. The children then worked with a teacher to draw story maps. The children have retold the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears and drawn the characters from the story. The children have made amazing story maps which are displayed in the Nursery. We have been also been looking at measurement and encouraged the following vocabulary; big, large, massive, huge, small, tiny, mini.


The children have enjoyed participating in cooking with Miss Percy. The children have made cheese straws. They have talked about all the different ingredients and how we need to mix and cook them.


Could we please ask that All of your children’s belongings are named clearly. This includes water bottles, coats, jumpers, shoes, bags. Also could we ask that All children have spare clothes in their bag as we still go outside no matter what the weather is. We do put wetsuits on the children but sometimes they still get wet and muddy.


This week we have been reading the story The Gingerbread Man. This has led to the children making Gingerbread men out of play dough and decorating them. They also made some stained glass gingerbread men out of plates and tissue paper and healthy eating paintings using potatoes.


The children have enjoyed playing in the mud kitchen and splashing in the puddles with all the rain we have had. The children enjoyed playing on the stage and playing the musical instruments and singing. The teachers have really enjoyed the shows the children have performed in.


The children have enjoyed cooking with Miss Percy and making oat, raisin and banana cookies.


We would like to thank all the Grandparents for joining us on Grandparents Day. We hope you all enjoyed your time with us, the children enjoyed showing their Grandparents around the Nursery.

The children have loved the story, Oh Dear this week. They have been actively joining in with the text saying the repeated refrains and adding their own actions. They have made some of the farm animals to go with the story which are on display in class.
Mrs Trotter has been working very hard with the children in the mud kitchen. The children helped to collect the dried seeds from the sunflowers and beans ready to plant next year. Mrs Trotter is developing the children's understanding of plant growth and a love of gardening. 
Miss Percy is revamping the writing area. All the children's names are on display and ready for them to access if they would like to write their name. They are all being encouraged to have a go with their mark making skills. 
Welcome back to Nursery. We hope you all had a lovely summer break. We would like to introduce Miss Percy who is our newest member of the Nursery Staff and say a sad goodbye to Mrs Austin-Webb who has moved to a new setting closer to her home. 
The children have been very busy this week welcoming their new peers into the Nursery. We have been very impressed with how well the new children have settled into Nursery. The children have enjoyed choosing the resources that they want to use and have been supported by Staff to extend their play with these. 
The children have joined in well with the weekly story, Dear Zoo and have learned new facts about the different animals in the text. They have used the playdough and cutters to make some of the animals from the story. 
What to Expect When
Please see the What to Expect When document below, A guide to your child’s learning
and development in the early years foundation stage.
We have had another buy week in Nursery. The children have enjoyed the story, Handa's Surprise and were excited to have the opportunity to try a variety of fruits from the story as part of snack time this week. This led to a discussion on healthy foods and proper hygiene before eating. 
The children are becoming more confident and secure in the routines of the Nursery. They are continuing to try very hard to put on their own wet suits and welly boots when getting ready for the mud kitchen. They are helping Mrs Trotter to make a new number line to display in our outdoor area. 
We have talked a bit about Christmas this week as the children have made their PTA Christmas cards. Their designs will be sent off to be made into Christmas cards that you will be able to purchase if you like. This is one of the fund raising activities that the PTA does each year. 
Enjoy the half term holiday with your child. 
If you have any kitchen roll tubes, can you please save them for Nursery and bring them in the first week back? Thank you.
Our focus story next week is, Lima's Red Hot Chili which we have chosen as it is Black History Month. 
Our Story next week is The Three Little Pigs.
Our focus story for next week is Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
Our rhymes are:
Family Photos
We would love to display family photos of all the children. Could you please upload a family photo on Tapestry for us to share with the class. Thank you.
Our story for next week is, The Gingerbread Man.
Our rhymes are:
and Pat a Cake
Our focus story for this week is, Handa's Hen.  
Our Nursery Rhymes are:
Our focus story for next week is, Oh Dear by Rod Campbell. Our nursery rhymes for the week are: