Weekly Learning
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This week in Nursery we have been reading the story Pip and Posy, The Bedtime Frog. The children have enjoyed listening to the story and joining in our activities linked to the story. The children have learnt some special words; pack, forget, giggle and excited which are all appear in our Pip and Posy story. You can ask your child if they can tell you about these new words. 


The children have enjoyed playing in the role play hospital looking after each other and making appointments on the laptops and answering the phones. They h have also had lots of fun cutting cooked spaghetti in the tuff tray. This is a great activity to strengthen fine motor skills that you could try at home. 



This week we have been reading the story, Neon Leon. The story is about a chameleon that is neon orange. This book is week one of our NELI-Nursery Trial (Nuffield Early language Intervention). NELI is designed to improve listening, narrative and vocabulary. The children have enjoyed the story and have enjoyed talking about the characters and retelling the story. We have had matching activities,  played hiding under a blanket and talking about feelings. The children have been introduced to Neli the Elephant who is looking for the Best Listener.


The children have enjoyed being outside in the mud kitchen getting very muddy and also using powder paint sprinkled in the puddles and using brooms to mix the colours together. Could we please ask that ALL children have spare clothes in their bags and spare socks as we will continue to go into the mud kitchen in all weathers?


Next week our story is Pip and Posy The Bedtime Frog. The story is about our favourite toys so if the children would like to bring their favourite toys into Nursery on Friday to have a Teddy Bears Picnic. Please could ALL the toys be clearly named.


We would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.


We have had a busy start to the term by welcoming some new children to the Nursery. The children are settling back into their Nursery routine and have been very friendly to our new starters.


We look forward to learning lots of new things this term.


This week we have been reading lots of different Christmas stories to the children and talking about Christmas and why we celebrate Christmas and what things we will be leaving out for Santa and the Reindeers.

We have been taking the children down to the large reception playground to look at their gross motor skills. We have been running, jumping, skipping, climbing, kicking a ball, catching a ball, hopping and running avoiding obstacles.

We have also been looking at the children’s fine motor skills. The children have been participating in threading activities.  They have been threading cotton reels on to string and threading wool through a Christmas cardboard shape with holes in it. The children have enjoyed these activities and made some great end products.

Outside the children have been mixing paints. We have discussed how mixing 2 different colours can make another colour. The children were asked what they though the colour would be before we mixed it. The children tried mixing 3 or 4 different colours to see what would happen. They then painted some lovely pictures with the new colours they had created.

The children enjoyed their trip to the church and walked there beautifully. They sat and listened to the story of Christmas and then sang Away in a Manager. They told Anthony all the things they knew about Christmas. We would like to thank our parent helpers for coming and helping out.

The Nursery Team would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


This week we have been reading Stickman. The children have enjoyed making a stickman from kitchen rolls in the creative area. They then went on to use the stickman they have made to re-tell the story.


We have created a Christmas home corner with a Christmas tree and decorations. The children had fun decorating the tree. We have had discussions about Christmas, talking about their own Christmas tree, decorations, seeing Santa and what they would like Santa to bring them. The children have engaged in our Christmas card activity. The children have selected the decoration they wanted to colour in and then wrote their name in their card for their family.


As the weather has been nice and chilly we took the children for a walk over the icy field. We looked at the frost and ice on the grass and bushes.


We have continued to look at numbers on our 5 Frame. This week the number is 4. We have counted different objects to 4 each day and encouraging the children to join in.


The children have worked so hard over the last few weeks practicing and preparing for the Nativity performance. The children loved performing for their family and we are very proud of all their hard work. We hope everyone that attended enjoyed the show. 


This week we have been reading the stories Say Hello to the Animals and The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud. In the tuff tray we have placed some bowls of ice with surprises in each bowl. We talked with the children about how ice is formed and watched the ice melt during the day to reveal the surprise inside. We have walked round the garden to see if we can find some more ice which we found some in the garden in the tuff tray. The children discussed that the ice looked like glass when we removed it from the tray. The children have enjoyed playing in the melted ice, using spoons and jugs for filling and pouring. We talked about all the different animals that live in the snow and ice like penguins and polar bears.

It was lovely to see the children wearing their Christmas jumpers to Nursery and getting in to the Christmas spirit. The children are getting so excited for Christmas that we have continued some Christmas activities. The children have been decorating stockings, colouring in Christmas pictures and making Christmas trees from cups.

On the carpet we have made some transient art. Using masking tape we made the outline of a Christmas tree. We provided the children with some bottle tops and asked the children to place them in an arrangement to decorate the tree. The children then looked around the Nursery for different shaped objects to decorate the tree.

We encouraged the children to join in with our threading activity. We used macaroni and pipe cleaners. We modelled to the children how to thread the macaroni on the pipe cleaners. We will be continuing the threading next week to focus on the children’s fine motor skills.

If your child is missing any items of clothing like gloves, hats and water bottles all the items we had left in Nursery have been put in lost property in the main school.


This week we have been reading the story Guess How Much I Love You in the Autumn and Guess How Much I Love You in the Winter. We have talked about the different seasons. We have talked about the snow, the leaves falling from the trees, rain, sun, wind, rainbows, how the rain has made our garden very muddy, Santa and fog.  The children have swept up some leaves that had blown down and we put them in the tuff tray and added Numicon. The children hunted for the Numicon and placed them in the correct order from smallest amount to largest amount. We encouraged the children to count the Numicon 1:1 and name the colours.


The children have enjoyed playing with the light box and different colour transparent shapes. The children made the shapes into different animals and objects.


In the tuff tray we have salt, glitter and paint brushes. The children have enjoyed mark making in the salt. Some children drew different objects and some children wrote their names and numbers.


We have been looking at Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night picture and getting the children to paint their own Starry Night picture. The pictures look amazing and are displayed in the Nursery window. I believe we may have some future Artists in Nursery!!


The children’s water bottles will be placed outside the Nursery door at pick up time. So please would you collect your child’s water bottle from the box.  We have done this because so many children’s water bottles were not named.


Cardboard Tubes

We would appreciate any donation of cardboard tubes. Thank you.


This week we have been reading the story Whatever Next!! The story is about a bear that builds a rocket from a card board box and flies to the moon. The children have used the large card board boxes and pretended to fly to the moon with a colander on their head. The children have enjoyed making rockets in the creative area from junk modelling and designing our own planets.


We have continued to look at our 5 Frame. The children have been shown the number 2 and we have looked at 2 on the 5 frame and looking a different ways to represent the number of the week.


We took all the children out on the large KS2 playground and had a run around with hoops. Some children used chalks to draw and write the number 2.


The children have been practicing our Christmas songs for a Christmas performance.  We are preparing for Christmas and have been making some Christmas decorations out of salt dough and decorating them. We have talked about Christmas and sharing this special time with our families.

Starting School in September 2020


From 4 November you will be able to apply for a primary school place if your child is due to start school in September 2020. Please visit the website below for further information.

Our focus story for next week is; Don't Wake Up Tiger. 

Next week our story is Pip and Posy The Bedtime Frog. The story is about our favourite toys so if the children would like to bring their favourite toys into Nursery on Friday to have a Teddy Bears Picnic. Please could ALL the toys be clearly named.

NELI-N Language Intervention Programme

The Nursery children will be participating in a language enrichment programme for the next 20 weeks. This focuses on improving the language skills of all children in Nursery through a weekly story. We will list the story for the week on the blog and you will be sent home a parent participation leaflet via parentmail so that you can support your child at home. If you have any questions about the programme, please speak to Ms Tennies or Mrs Welland.
Our focus story for next week is; Neon Leon by Jane Clarke and Britta Techentrup