Weekly Learning

This week we have been reading the story, Little Red Riding Hood and this has led to the children making pictures of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf in the woods. We have continued to spend a lot of time outside, enjoying the weather.


We have been doing some physical activities this week. The children have been climbing the climbing frame and jumping off onto a shape mat. We have had out 2 large foam mats for the children to show different ways to move. The children have been doing roly polys, rolling, jumping and hopping. We played music and the children showed us many different movements.


We would like to wish the older children that are leaving us and moving up to Reception the best of luck in their new adventures. We hope that everyone has an amazing summer and we look forward to seeing you all in September.


This week we have continued the school in our role play area. The children have enjoyed dressing up in the school uniform and some have enjoyed pretending to be the teacher. The children have read to each other in the very own book corner and counting with many different objects. The children have been writing and drawing in the exercise books.


We have had the dark den tent out for the children with the torches. The children have taken turns to go into the tent and use the torches to pretend that they are in space. We have talked about space and some of the different planets. In the tuff tray we have the space figures and vehicles and we have tried to create the moon using a variety of objects and asking the children what they think the moon is like. The children said dark, bright, bumpy, shiny, rocky and tastes like cheese!!


We have been looking a sizes and encouraging the children to stick some pictures of different sized animals onto paper, putting them in the correct order from smallest to biggest. We have continued to focus on shapes and looking at different shapes around the setting.


The children have had fun on our Forest School site. The children have walked through the trees and played in the willow tunnel and dome. We had fun playing the “1,2,3 where are you game?” The children were split into 4 groups with a teacher. One group went looking and the other groups went to hide. The group looking would shout, “1,2,3 where are you?” and the groups hiding would shout, “1,2,3 we’re over here”. The children had to listen carefully to where they could hear the shouting coming from and then go and find them.



This week we have been reading the story, Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. The children have been dressing up in the role play area as Goldilocks, the bears and a variety of different animals. We have talked about sizes of the bowls, the chairs, the bears, using different words to describe them e.g. small, mini, tiny, minute, weeny, middle, medium, bigger, big, enormous, huge, massive and gigantic. When playing with your children at home try to use many different descriptive words for objects to build their vocabulary. The children have made story maps, retelling the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears and drawing it in order. In the tuff tray we have oats with different sized bowls and spoons. We put Numicon in the oats for the children to find and recognize and use to add and subtract. The children used scales to talk about weight and which is heavier or lighter. On the table we had the counting bears out which the children enjoyed counting and putting the bears in a sequence.


The children have been outside using pegs to hang pictures onto an airier and then sorting socks into pairs and pegging them on the airier. Using the pegs is a good way to strengthen your children’s fine motor skills to help them to hold a pencil for drawing and writing.


The children have enjoyed being outside in the lovely weather playing in the mud kitchen, making mud pies, mud buns and porridge. The children had fun going on a mini beast hut; where they looked under stones, in the trees, and in our bug hotel. The children used a tick sheet and ticked next to each mini beast they found.


Mrs Welland has been taking the older children out to do Phonics. The children have been very well behaved and seem very keen to go into the phonics group each day. After the phonics group Mrs Welland encourages each child to write the letters and form them in the correct way using the method they have been shown. During large group time we have introduced phonics to the whole class so all the children can enjoy it too.


Please can ALL children have sun hats in their bags every day as the weather is getting hot we have some spare hats but unfortunately we don’t have enough for everyone. Also, when the weather is very sunny could we ask that sun cream is put on before their session as we do not apply sun cream while  they are here.  Thank you.


This week the story we have been reading is Daniel and the Hungry Lions. We have been reading this story in the lead up to our church visit. On our visit to the church the children were told the story again and there were a few activities related to the story. The children made a lion mask and acted out the story with many being a lion. The children were read another story called The Men who liked to say No and they participated in more activities, making a fire and then building a statue from large boxes and knocking it down. The children behaved fantastically well while in the church. We were also very proud of how well the children walked to the church.


In our role play area we have large wooden blocks, foam bricks, boxes and design sheets. The teachers explained to the children how they could draw and design something to build. The children drew their designs and then built what they had drawn. The children have built many different things like a car, space ship, bus and a volcano.


Please continue to bring in the children’s WOW leaves it’s lovely to read them out to all the children during large group time. The children have been doing some amazing things.


Please could we ask that ALL children’s clothing, hats, coats, bags and water bottles be clearly named. Thank you.

Father's Reading Day Photos

This week we have been reading the story, All Change. The story talks about different vehicles we can travel in. This has led to discussions about going on holiday and what vehicles we travel in to get to our destination. The children talked about going on a plane, a train, a car, a bike, a boat and a horse. The children have enjoyed playing in the plane we have made from large cardboard boxes. The children have made a passport so they can fly in the plane. They have drawn a self- portrait and wrote their name and age in their passport. We have flown to America, Cyprus, Ibiza, Chessington, Legoland, and Zoomania. The children have participated in an activity where we had an empty case and we asked the children what they would pack in their case to go on holiday. The children named the items they wanted to pack and then drew them in the case. The children wanted to pack in their case; toys, clothes, sun hat, flip flops, sun glasses, pyjamas, ice cream, milk, swimming costumes and Mrs Hawkins!!! We have had some shells and some buckets and spades in the sand that the children have had a great time making sandcastles and knocking them down. The children have enjoyed looking at our larger shells on the display table and holding them up to their ear to hear the sea.

We have still been going outside this week in the rainy weather. The children have put their wetsuits and wellie boots on and have had fun getting very wet and muddy in the garden.

We have introduced some letter sounds to the children.  We have been supporting the children to find the letters in their name and sounding them out. This will help the children that will be moving up to Reception in September.

We have been busy making special ties for Father’s Day. The children have designed some fantastic ties and have said they are going to give their Daddies and Grandads big cuddles on Father’s Day. Hope everyone has a lovely Father’s Day.


This week we have been practicing our races for our sports day on Friday. The children have been working very hard and cheering their team mates on. We have tried to remind the children that we are all winners and it’s fun to be taking part with all our friends. We hope you will enjoy watching on Friday and seeing all the children’s hard work and cheering them all on.  As we have been practicing our races we have been reading the story, The Hare and the Tortoise. This has led to activities involving racing. On the carpet area we used masking tape to make a race track, the children picked a toy and then threw the dice, counted the dots, and then moved their toy the number of dots on the dice. The children took turns to throw the dice and move their toy to the finishing line.  In the creative area the children have used a pen to follow a path between 2 pictures. The children had to carefully draw a line between the 2 pictures, staying in the middle of the path.

The children enjoyed playing in the soil looking for the insects with the magnifying glasses and ticking them off their bug hut sheet. The children used giant tweezers to pick each insect up.

We discussed with the children about eating healthy food. The activity was “I should eat a little of, I should eat these sometimes and I should eat a lot of these” the children were shown different foods from fruit and veg to cake and chocolate and asked which was healthy and which was not healthy.

Can we remind ALL parents not to allow their children to use their scooters on the school grounds, this includes the path leading down to Nursery. We have had a few incidents involving children knocking children over coming down the slope too fast and not being able to stop. Scooters are not allowed to be used on school grounds and also the trim trail is NOT to be used before or after school. Thank you.  Could we please ask AGAIN that children have spare clothes in their bags. We are doing more water play outside and sometimes this leads to getting a little wet and the children need changing and we are running out of spare clothes. Thank you.


This week we have been reading the story Titch. The story looks at different sizes and growing plants from seeds. A few weeks ago the children planted some sunflower seeds and have been looking after them by watering them. This week we have talked more about the growing cycle of a seed and what plants need to survive. We have watched the sunflowers grow and as they have got too big for the pot we have replanted them in the flower bed. As we have been looking at how a seed grows, the children have been doing the life cycle puzzles of trees, ducks, frogs and butterflies.


The children have enjoyed being outside in the lovely weather. The children have enjoyed the water wall and water painting, using paint brushes and rollers to paint on the ground. The children have been on a bug hut. First we did a bug hut in the classroom with the plastic animals to see if the children could find the correct animal and then tick it off their bug hut sheet. We went outside with our bug hut sheets to see if we could find any real insects, turning over stepping stones and looking in our bug hotel.


We have been on the field practicing our races for our sports day. The children have listened well and have been cheering their team mates on. Could we please remind parents to pack their child’s sunhat everyday now the weather is getting nice and to put sun cream on before their session.  Also could we please ask again that your child has spare clothes, socks, pants and shoes in their bag as we will be going outside more and there will be water play and muddy play, even though we provide aprons and wetsuits sometimes the children can still get wet and we are running out of spare clothes. Thank you.


Our role play area is a vets. The children have been looking after the animals and putting bandages on, we have modelled answering the phone and making appointments for the sick animals and using a pen to write down their appointment.  We have asked the children the question “when I grow up I want to be…………….! The children have told us they want to be a teacher, a zoo keeper, an artist, a vet, a chef, a farmer, a fireman, fly helicopters to rescue people, a ballerina and a superhero.

Have a lovely half term.


This week we have been reading the story The Shark in the Dark. The children have enjoyed playing in the tuff tray with water, sea creatures and gems. We have talked about the sea and what creatures live in there. The children have played the fishing game talking about the colour fish they need to catch to match their rod. On the carpet we have had the physical activity out of the stepping stones for the children to balance on and making sure they don’t fall in the sea!! The sea theme has continued to our creative area and the children have been colouring in pictures of sea animals.

As the weather has been so nice outside most of the children have been out to enjoy the sunshine. They have been busy taking care of all the plants they have planted and have been excited to watch their growth. 

Spare Clothes

Can you please ensure that your child comes into school each day with spare clothes in their bag. This should include: socks or tights, pants, trousers, t-shirt and plimsols. Thank you

Reading at Home
Please see link below for a list of 100 picture books to read to your child before they are 5.
What to Expect When
Please see the What to Expect When document below, A guide to your child’s learning
and development in the early years foundation stage.
Next week we are focusing on a few physical activities involving different ways of moving.
The older children in Nursery have begun to participate in Read, Write, Inc (RWI) phonics lessons with Mrs Welland. Please practise saying the sounds taught with your child at home. The video below demonstrates the correct pronunciation of each letter sound.
Our focus story after half term will be, The Tortoise and the Hare.
Our Nursery Rhymes are:
Our focus story for next week will be, The Bear Who Wouldn't Share. 
Our nursery rhyme will be:
We will continue with the same story, Supertato and rhymes from last week.

Our focus story for the first week of the summer term will be, Supertato.


Our Nursery Rhymes will be:


One Tomato, Two Tomato


One Potato, Two Potato





Our focus story for next week is, Rabbits Don't Lay Eggs! by Paula Metcalf and Cally Johnson-Isaacs.

We will be focusing on mathematics over the next few weeks. We will be taking the children out and working with them 1:1. We will focus on:

  • encouraging the children to count confidently 1:1
  • selecting a small number of objects from a group e.g. please give me one, please give me two etc.
  • comparing quantities
  • more or less
  • reciting numbers in order to 10
  • recognising numerals 1-5

 Please see the websites below for ideas to support your child with Maths at home.


Maths Toolkit


Nrich Maths



Our focus story next week is, The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr.
Our nursery rhymes are:
I am a Little Tea Pot
Our focus story for next week will be Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae and Zog by Julia Donaldson.
It is British Science Week next week and we have sent home some activities that you may like to try at home. Please see the attached resource. 
Our Nursery Rhymes are:
Our story for next week is. Shoo! by Michael Rosen & Jonathan Langley.
Our Nursery Rhymes are:

Mary had a little lamb


Our story for next week is, Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.
Our stories for next week are, Eeny Meeny Miney Mouse  and A Squash and a Squeeze.
Our Nursery Rhymes are:
Next week we will be learning all about Chinese New Year.
Our focus story this week is, The Cat in the Hat.
Our Nursery Rhymes are: