Weekly Learning

This week the children have enjoyed the shop in the role play area. The children have been talking to each other about all the lovely food they have brought. The children have taken turns to be the customer and the cashier talking about how much the items cost and using number recognition to price up the items. Our shop is selling fruit and vegetables and cakes. This has led to us talking about healthy foods and not so healthy foods and discussing the importance of eating healthy.


We have made an autumn display in the classroom, using items we have found round the school. We have talked about autumn and what happens during this lovely season; the leaves falling, clocks changing and nights getting darker. If the children would like to bring in anything they have found while out and about to put on our display we can then show them in large group and talk about them.


The autumn theme continues through the Nursery which has led to different things being made. We have made leaf wreaths, leaf printing, hand printed acorns and hand printed hedgehogs.


We would like to continue with the autumn theme next week and would like to make some autumn sensory jars. The jars will be filled with a variety of items such as; leaves, conkers, pine cones, sticks and glitter. If possible, could send your child in with a clean jar next week? They can then make their own autumn sensory jar. Thank you.


On our carpet area we have had out different sized hoops and animals in different colours. The children have been thinking of a variety of different ways that they could sort these objects. This has led to discussions on the sizes of the hoops using the language small, bigger, big, medium, middle, tiny, enormous, huge. We have also counted the animals making sure we touched each one as we counted (1:1 counting).


The children are still bringing in their WOW leaves, its lovely to share these moments in large group and to praise the children for all the fantastic things they have achieved. Please keep them coming in.


On Friday last week we had Grandparents Day, where the children’s grandparents joined us in Nursery. The grandparents came in to read to the children and join in with our play. The children enjoyed showing their grandparents around their classroom and then they sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to them. So a big Thank You to the grandparents for joining us.


The children listened well to the story of The Gingerbread Man and were particularly enthusiastic when joining in with the repetitive phrases. They enjoyed singing the Gingerbread Man song and playing the games that went along with that on the Interactive Whiteboard. 
We had so many gingerbread man activities for the children to participate in. They particularly liked decorating their own gingerbread men which are on display in the Nursery. Please come and have a look. We had our first experience cooking this term and learned such a lot. We know how important it is to have clean hands and follow the recipe. We watched Mrs Hawkins use the oven gloves to open the hot oven. We are now seeing the children replicate these skills in the home corner. We were pleased to hear how delicious they were from the children.
Some of the children have brought in their WOW leaves from home which has been great to hear about. The children were very proud to share their WOW moments with their peers and then place them on the tree outside Nursery. Please keep sending these in. 

This week we have read the story, Owl Babies which the children have listened really well  to. They can now finish off the sentences and retell the story themselves using the puppets we have made. This then led on to making owl baby paintings using sponge stampers. If your child has made one, their picture is now displayed on the window at nursery. Please take a look.

We have spent time talking to the children about the seasons and what happens to the environment at this time of the year. We have begun making Autumn trees using cotton buds bunched together for the colourful leaves which look very effective. This activity has extended further discussions about colours, naming other seasons and talking about what key events happen.

In our investigation area we have been searching for minibeasts using magnifying glasses prompting lots of conversation and fun by then going outside and looking for these using our minibeast hunt tick sheet.

This week we have started making Christmas cards as a fundraiser for the PTA, further details will follow in due course.


After reading the story Monkey Puzzle the children were inspired to create a collage of one of the characters. They decided to make a parrot using a range of colourful materials which led to lots of discussion on textures and colour.

The new kitchen has continued to be a popular area. The children have learned the importance of using an oven glove when getting food out of the oven and using the utensils safely. This play then led to the children to the playdough where they made cakes to bake.

The children have been exploring how to make different colours by mixing two together at the painting easel. It is great to see their delight when they have made a new colour. We then encourage the children to tell us how they have made their new colour which develops their speaking skills.

The windy weather has been a great talking point this week and has led us to making kites. We have explored different materials and found the most suitable one to make our own kites. What fun we had flying them!



Welcome to all of our Nursery children old and new. We are extremely pleased at how well all the children have settled into school and are learning their new routines. The children have learned the snack routine and how to self-register in the mornings.

The children have enjoyed the story, The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse this week. They have used a variety of different implements to paint the different animals in the story. They have also used puppets to help retell the story. Through the story they have learned many new facts about animals.

The children have identified and named different shaped playdough cutters. We have incorporated mathematical language based on size such as, big and small when the children were participating in this activity.  The marble run has been a big hit with all the children and they have been able to discuss the effects of the different heights of the run they have made.


Parents as readers in school (PARIS)

Every Friday at the start of the session parents are welcome to come into Nursery to read with your child. Books will be set out for you to share. 

Another busy has flown by in Nursery. The children's artwork was on display for our Open Afternoon on Monday. We were so impressed with how well they had represented their special treasures. 
We have been busy making collages this week of ice lollies and cold drinks. It was interesting to hear all about the children's favourite treats that they like to have on a hot day. With the weather continuing to be so warm the children have enjoyed water play with the guttering and frames and have been trying to revive some of the plants in the mud kitchen. 
We have had our Nursery Graduation today. The children have worked so hard throughout the year and we are all so pleased with their progress and development. They certainly are ready to move up to Reception. We loved their rendition of our Graduation song. 
We would like to say thank you to all the parents of the Nursery for the support and encouragement you have given your children throughout the year. I am sure you are ready to enjoy your summer break. 



We have had another busy week at Nursery. The children are so familiar with the story, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt that they have been reading it to their friends. It is lovely to see them sitting on the teacher’s chair reading to a group of attentive peers on the carpet. They have been busy making masks to accompany the story and have retold it as they played with the different textures in the builder’s tray.


The school in the role play area has been a bit hit. We have seen fantastic phonics lessons being taught which I am sure would be graded outstanding by Ofsted! The children are wearing the “big school” uniforms and practicing their writing in exercise books. They are certainly ready to move up and continue their learning.


It has been another hot week. The children have been busy watering the plants and exploring what happens when they put water down the different areas of the water wall. We have harvested our potatoes and have managed to grow a few this year. They have been washed and are now ready to eat. The children have also been busy washing our toys which they have done with gusto.


We explored the Forest School area today. We were very excited to sit in the new base camp that Jay put in for the school last week. We saw where the fire pit where we will be able to make a camp fire one day and the new hut to store our tools. The children are so confident navigating through the wooded paths. 

The children have been incredibly busy again this week. They have used all sizes and shapes of containers to make sandcastles in the lovely weather that continues. They have used the world map, atlas and other sources to help them make flags for their castles. This has lead to great discussions about summer holidays that the children have had or will be taking. We are all envious! It has been lovely to hear the children share their travelling experiences and learn more about the world through the use of the reference materials.
Moving on from the sandcastles the children were inspired to continue story mapping through the story of the week, The Train Ride. The children are putting their phonic knowledge into practice and writing labels for the pictures they draw to retell their journeys. They used their phonic and mark making skills once again to write their own postcards after receiving one from myself as I have been on Forest School training. They have so enjoyed their phonic sessions that they are recreating these sessions in their play and making their own mini schools. We will build on this next week and change the home role play into a school. This will give them the chance to act out moving onto the "big school".  
Many children made structures this week with the large building blocks. They incorporated positional language in this play using small world characters and talking about where they were on their buildings. 
Finally, the children have used a range of new techniques to create seascapes. Come in and have a look at their work.


I’m sure you have heard the news that the dinosaur has hatched. Some of the children believe it looks like an ‘allosaurus’, so the children made a home for him at the bottom of the garden; thinking about the fact that he would need shelter, food and water. They fed the T-Rex post box with maths equipment, rolling the dice and finding the matching numicon and numeral. We dug for bones in the sand tray, comparing the length of them. The story had some really great language to support their maths knowledge and the children thoroughly enjoyed joining in with actions for Dinosaur Roar.


The hot weather has bought about some fantastic socialising, as the children sat paddling their toes in the shallow water of the tuff spot. We sat singing songs and sharing our experiences of holidays with trips to the beach and the seaside. Water play featured heavily again, this time they were enjoying transporting the water down the guttering to a large bucket and then when it was full, they refilled the tray. It is so interesting to watch their fascinations as they play. 


We have had duplo and small wooden construction outside too, which meant that the children have created constructions that follow their play. For example one child found a bean, drew a long beanstalk with chalk on the ground and then constructed a castle at the top of her beanstalk with the wooden blocks. 


There has been lots of ‘teacher play’ again this week. It is so nice to see the children replicating their phonics teaching as it shows they are retaining the information that they are given but also, and more importantly, that they enjoy it!


I must say a farewell to you all this week, as I have finished my Teacher Training and I am preparing to start my role as a Newly Qualified Teacher at my new school. I was so fortunate that St Mary's have supported me through this year and I feel that I owe them a great deal for the amazing start to my career as a teacher. Getting to know your wonderful children has been an amazing privilege. I have promised to keep in touch, so I look forward to hearing how all of the children are progressing, especially as they move into Reception. Good luck to you all, I will miss you very much from Mrs Howell.


We have got wet and wild in Nursery this week. So sorry about all the extra washing you’ve had, but it has been fun. The children have been tipping, pouring, washing, squirting, sploshing and splashing everywhere. Guttering and water is always a hit. We have had a great amount of sharing with the bubble wands and the ‘watery paint sprayers’. They have had water with the tea set, which meant that we were served tea and coffee very frequently! The children quickly learned that they were over filling the cups and managed the rate at which they poured.  


The children have written messages in a bottle and designed treasure maps, which has led into them constructing a pirate ship role play scenario. The most common comment that was used whilst bubble painting was ‘wow!’


The overriding feature of the week has been the discovery of a dinosaur egg in our garden. We had to contact the Natural History Museum in order to find out how to care for it. The children helped to think of some questions that they would like to ask, then wrote postcards with their questions to the museum. They cannot wait for the dinosaur to hatch.


We have provided snipping activities, to develop their fine motor skills, such as snipping the grass. Whilst reading the story this week we have cut out the bath and all of the characters, sticking them on to a picture as they present in the story. This has enabled the children to tell the story themselves and some have used their phonics to label them. 


The children were using the microphones to sing songs from Frozen and The Greatest Showman, so we constructed a stage and props to enhance this interest. We thoroughly enjoyed being entertained with comedians, singers and dancers. The children made tickets to sell and posters to advertise their show. We had such a great time, taking turns and applauding our friends; our very own St Mary's got talent!

Our focus story for next week is Goldilocks and The Three Bears. Our Nursery Rhymes are:
Our story for next week is, Guess How Much I Love You by, Sam McBratney.
Our nursery rhymes are:

Our story for next week is The Gingerbread Man and our Nursery Rhymes are:


One, two buckle my shoe




Dingle, dangle scarecrow




Our story for next week is Owl Babies by Martin Waddell and Patrick Benson


Our Nursery rhymes are:


1,2,3,4,5 Once I caught a fish alive




I'm a little teapot



In our final week of the year we will read the story, Starting School by Janet and Alan Alberg. This is a lovely story which is based what happens when you start school in a Reception Class. We will take the children who are moving up into Reception into their new classes throughout the week so that they can see how the register is done. We will also walk over to the Hall to meet the dinner ladies and learn about how lunch time works.


Our rhymes for the week will be:


Yellow Bird


The Shape Song



We will be talking about different 2D shapes and participating in a range of activities such as, shape hunts and collage activities. Please feel free to share any shape activities you do at home with us on Tapestry.



On Friday 20th July we will be holding our Graduation Ceremony. The younger children will be collected earlier to allow this to be held. If you have any questions please speak to a member of the Nursery Team.

Building upon the children's love of our woodland walk, we will read the story, We're Going on a Bear Hunt, a familiar and favourite story. 
We will sing:
We will continue to use and encourage positional language. Perhaps you could make your own bear hunt at home and use language such as, go through the tunnel, down the slide or over the bench. 
This week we will read the story The Train Ride by June Crebbin as the children have been interested in journeys, vehicles and holidays. It has a repeated refrain and the opportunity to discuss journeys and holidays. 
We will be talking about positional language all of this week and encouraging the children to hide their "mini mes" and use words such as, behind, under, next to, beside etc to describe where they are hidden. This could easily be mirrored at home using a favourite toy or playing hide and seek. 
Our song for the week will be, The Wheels on the bus
Tuesday 3rd July 
Move Up Morning
For the children who will be moving up to Reception, they will have their move up session on Tuesday. They can attend their Nursery session as normal. Please come to the Nursery Class door to collect your child. They can then return after their visit. Please ensure you sign your child out for their visit. Thank you and enjoy your session in Reception. 
The dinosaur egg that the children have found in the garden has inspired this week's story: Dinosaur Roar.
The songs that we will be singing are: 
Eid Mubarak! Wishing all those celebrating today a very happy Eid. We look forward to seeing your photos on Tapestry. Enjoy!! 
The children's fascination with water has been notable this week, so we thought we would have a big focus on all things wet. Please make sure that your children have got a spare change of clothes, as we anticipate a lot of splashing! The story we will be looking at is: Big Red Bath which incorporates both animals and water in a really similar fashion to the 'All change' book that we recently used. We have also added an element of dinosaurs, as there are some children that continue to show us that they are interested in them. 
Nursery Rhymes/Songs: 
I had a little turtle, 
His name was Tiny Tim, 
I put him in the bath tub, 
To see if he could swim.
He drank up all the water,
He ate up all the soap,
And now he's ill in bed, 
With a bubble in his throat. 
Bubble, bubble, bubble, POP!
Week 11/06/18:
This week we will be reading the story of 'Whatever Next'. It is a well known story about a bear that uses his imagination to turn a cardboard box into a rocket and takes a trip to the moon, where he has a picnic. They so enjoyed the picnic after sports day, that we thought this needed to feature in our plan for the week. We have noticed that some of the children have an interest in space, which will fit nicely with the story. We also felt that they have really enjoyed being creative with their role play scenarios, with the creates this week. Just as the bear uses his imagination, we hope the children will get creative with the cardboard boxes we plan to provide next week. 
... please take a look at this link to see how/why role playing with cardboard boxes is so beneficial. 
The songs/ rhymes we plan to sing next week are: 
5 Little men in a flying saucer
Hey diddle diddle
Teddy bear's picnic
Week Commencing : 04/06/18
This week we will be reading a story called 'All change' by David Melling. It incorporates two aspects that the children are showing interests in; animals and transport. It has a really fun and lively narrative that encourages active participation. We can not wait to share it with them. 
Our nursery rhymes are: 
(The above are links to the Nursery Rhymes on the BBC website)



Next week our focus story is The Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson. Our nursery rhymes are:


Down in the Jungle


Hickory Dickory Dock


If you have not done so already can you please ensure that all of your child's belongings are labelled. Thank you.