Weekly Learning

We hope everyone has had a lovely Easter and enjoyed the lovely weather that we had. We would like to welcome you all back and we would also like to welcome some new children which have joined us. The older children have been very helpful in showing the new children the routine of the setting and playing with them. We have been very proud of their behaviour and kindness they have shown towards the new starters.

We are reading the story Supertato and the children have enjoyed telling the teachers what special powers they would have if they were a super hero. The children would like to be able to fly, be very strong, be invisible, walk through walls, have a force field, be batman and shoot webs from their hands. The children have enjoyed dressing up in the super hero outfits and making super hero masks to wear.

We will continue to focus on activities from Supertato next week.


This week we have been talking about Easter and how we celebrate this day. We have made Easter cards for the family with paint, sponges, felt tip pens, glue and wood shavings. The children have also enjoyed making Easter cakes. The children have mixed the melted chocolate and cereal together then carefully put this mixture into the cake cases. They finished their Easter cakes off with a baby chick on the top. In the creative area the children have been decorating Easter egg templates using pens, crayons, pencils and collage.

We have kept the hairdressers in the role play area as it has been so popular. We asked the children what they would like to have in this area and said they wanted to keep the hairdressers. The children have continued to create some amazing hairstyles for the teachers!!!

We are continuing to focus on mathematics by encouraging the children to count various objects around the setting. We are modelling careful one to one counting and showing the children how to point and touch each object as they count. We have also been looking at different shapes around the setting. When you are out and about or walking to Nursery you could ask the children what shapes they can see or find.

Last week we took the children in the mud kitchen to plant some sunflowers and a mixture of wild flowers. The children put their wet suits and wellies on and enjoyed digging in the soil and planting the seeds.  After discussing what a flower needs to grow the children enjoyed filling their watering cans and watering the seeds.  This week the children have noticed that the flowers have grown and have been watering them and looking after them. The children have enjoyed digging in the soil and we have found many worms that the children have liked looking at.

After Easter we will have a few new children starting Nursery which we have been talking to the children about and look forward to them arriving. Have a lovely Easter break!!!

Reading at Home
Please see link below for a list of 100 picture books to read to your child before they are 5.



This week we have been enjoying the lovely weather and getting all the children to go outside and play. We have been building some amazing obstacle courses and using the climbing frame and slide. We have been observing the children using their gross motor skills to run, climb, balance, jump, hop and throw a ball.


We have been reading the story, I Love You in the Spring which has led to some interesting discussions on all the changes that happen during this season. We have talked about flowers and what they need to grow and then the children then planted some seeds and watered them. We will keep an eye on the seeds and look after them during the next few weeks.


The children were given the opportunity to make a card and heart for Mother’s Day for their Mummies or for someone special. We discussed with the children that Mother’s Day was a special Day for Mummies, Grandmothers and Nannies. The children said they would give them extra cuddles on this special day. The children enjoyed making the cards and hearts using a variety of different materials for embellishment. We were pleased to see how hard the children worked to write in their cards.


Outside the children have been making potions and perfume. The tuff tray was filled with water, glitter, sequins and flower petals. The children used cups, funnels, bottles and spoons to create their potions. The children enjoyed filling the bottles and containers up and talking about who had more or less potion in their bottles whilst discussing the different sizes of each container.


The children have really enjoyed playing in the hairdresser role play area. The children have taken turns to be the customer having their hair done or being the hairdresser. The children have used laptops and pens to write the appointments down.  The children have used straighteners, variety of clips, brushes, and pretend make up to make their friends and the teachers look fab!!


The children are still enjoying making some amazing creations from junk modelling so any donations of boxes, yogurt pots, kitchen rolls and toilet rolls would be very much appreciated.


It was lovely to see so many of you at our “Mother’s Day” reading session. The children enjoyed it and we hope you enjoyed it too.  



The children have enjoyed playing with our new range of small world toys on the carpet area. The children have played with the houses, farms, play mat, people and cars. The children have played together using the people to talk to each other and make up different scenarios.


The children have been creating some fantastic objects out of junk modelling. Some have enjoyed making presents for someone special and some have made robots. The children have been using the scissors to cut the tape and boxes. Many different materials were used during this activity. We would very much appreciate any kind donations of junk modelling boxes, kitchen rolls, yogurt pots, etc.


We have been reading the story The Tiger Who Came to Tea. The children have been cutting out tiger masks and decorating them with either felt tip pens or using different materials to make a collage. After reading the story we asked the children what they would make if their teacher came for dinner. This prompted a discussion on favourite meals. The children then drew the meals on the plates. The children have made invitations for who they would like to have at their tea party; Mummies, Daddies, Nannies, Grandads, tigers, monkeys, lions, Peppa Pig, lots of frogs and a witch. What a party that would be! Some children wrote their invitations with some support from an adult. The children also made drawings of who they have invited in their tea party. We gave the children a china tea set and plastic cake to play with in the role play area to create their tea party. We talked to the children about playing with the tea set carefully as it would easily break.


We have created a small soft play area outside. We have used large sponge mats, large soft play animals and large foam blocks. The children have used the timer to take turns on the mats and taken their shoes on and off.


We would very much appreciate any kind donations of boy’s trousers as we are running out of spare ones. Thank you.


This week we have been reading the story, Commotion in the Ocean. We have had play dough out with animal cutters and we have been talking about what animals live in the sea. We cut out some sea animal shapes from sponges and used paint to make an underwater scene. We have a variety of sea creatures in our water tray.  We continued with the water theme and made some boats with sails and the children checked to see if their boat would float. We introduced many different objects from around the classroom and asked the children if they thought the objects would float or sink. The children enjoyed finding their own object to see if it would float or sink. The children have enjoyed singing the songs, The big ship sails and A sailor went to sea sea sea in large group time.


We have also read the story Zog. The story features princesses and knights so in our role play area we have had princess and knights dressing up clothes and put the castle tent up for the children to play in. The children wanted to make some crowns to go with their dressing up clothes. The children used scissors to cut the paper into a crown and then used glue, glitter, sequins, and wool to make their crowns look beautiful and shiny and fit for a Queen!


We have had the large plastic building blocks on the carpet area and have shown the children our new design sheets. The design sheets are for the children to draw a picture of what they would like to build and then try and build what they have drawn. The children drew some fantastic designs of towers, castles, walls, boast and cars. They then worked as a team to build their design.


Some photos have been put on from last week of World Book Day from when Year 3 came over to Nursery to read to the children. The children enjoyed having Year 3 read to them and it was lovely to see all the children listening to the stories. The Nursery children then showed some of Year 3 round the classroom and wanted them to play.


This week we have been reading the story Shoo!!! This is a story about a cat who is not very kind to her friends. They no longer want to play with her and she becomes lonely. We talked about how the cat and her friends were feeling and how the cat was being unkind. The children realised how important it is to be kind and friendly to our friends. The children have drawn expressions on face templates and discussed these with their teacher. They then looked in a mirror and made a range of different faces reflecting the expression or feeling the adults have said.  The children had photos taken on the IPad so we could show other children and ask them how they think they are feeling in the photo.


We have had some new resources which the children have enjoyed playing with. They have been building with our new magnetic shapes and creating some fantastic buildings, cars, castles and a sofa. The children have enjoyed riding on the new bikes. The children listened while we spoke to them about using the bikes safely and always wearing a helmet. The children have showed great confidence riding the bikes around the track and avoiding obstacles that got in the way.


The children enjoyed playing the instruments outside on the wooden stage area. The children took turns to pick a song to sing and the children played the instruments as we sang. Some children danced on the stage like a show while the teachers and other children watched. We have a few stars in the making!!!!


Our role play area this week is a school. We have an easel and chalk, writing books and pens, an abacus to count and the school uniform for dressing up. Some children have enjoyed being the teacher and encouraging the children to count and draw. Some children have sat with a book and told the children a story and showed them the pictures.


The children have enjoyed the small world castles and people in the tuff tray. The children have enjoyed using the knights and princesses to make up different stories and scenarios. So we will develop on this and continue this next week and introduce some different activities.  


On World Book Day we had visits from the older children in the school. They came to read to the children in Nursery. It was lovely to see how much the children enjoyed hearing the stories read to them.

What to Expect When
Please see the What to Expect When document below, A guide to your child’s learning
and development in the early years foundation stage.
We will continue with the same story, Supertato and rhymes from last week.

Our focus story for the first week of the summer term will be, Supertato.


Our Nursery Rhymes will be:


One Tomato, Two Tomato


One Potato, Two Potato





Our focus story for next week is, Rabbits Don't Lay Eggs! by Paula Metcalf and Cally Johnson-Isaacs.

We will be focusing on mathematics over the next few weeks. We will be taking the children out and working with them 1:1. We will focus on:

  • encouraging the children to count confidently 1:1
  • selecting a small number of objects from a group e.g. please give me one, please give me two etc.
  • comparing quantities
  • more or less
  • reciting numbers in order to 10
  • recognising numerals 1-5

 Please see the websites below for ideas to support your child with Maths at home.


Maths Toolkit


Nrich Maths



Our focus story next week is, The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr.
Our nursery rhymes are:
I am a Little Tea Pot
Our focus story for next week will be Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae and Zog by Julia Donaldson.
It is British Science Week next week and we have sent home some activities that you may like to try at home. Please see the attached resource. 
Our Nursery Rhymes are:
Our story for next week is. Shoo! by Michael Rosen & Jonathan Langley.
Our Nursery Rhymes are:

Mary had a little lamb


Our story for next week is, Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.
Our stories for next week are, Eeny Meeny Miney Mouse  and A Squash and a Squeeze.
Our Nursery Rhymes are:
Next week we will be learning all about Chinese New Year.
Our focus story this week is, The Cat in the Hat.
Our Nursery Rhymes are: