Conversion Update

7th November 2019

ODBST Conversion


Some parents have been asking about the longer-than-usual conversion to become an academy and I just wanted to take this opportunity to update you on St Mary's conversion to an academy with ODBST (Oxford Diocesan Bucks Schools Trust).


Due to some lengthy legal work required with the land lease, which stems back from when St Marys was originally in the town centre, there has been a longer than expected delay in converting.  This is wholly a legal matter which should have been sorted out when the school moved nearly 20 years ago but is now being tackled by governors and trustees, so that we can move forward.


St Mary's will be joining ODBST in the near future, once the legal issues have been resolved. We have been and are currently receiving full support from ODBST, as if we are already in the trust family.  


An update will be provide once more details to the actual conversion date are available.


Yours sincerely

 Steve Green

Chair of Governors