Music is very important to us at St Mary's, and we include it in  our celebrations as well as teaching Music as part of our  curriculum. 
Children begin St Mary's in reception, where singing is an integral part of their learning. There, children learn a wide range of songs, nursery rhymes and action songs as well as joining in fun musical activities with instruments.
In key stage 1, children use percussion instruments and their voices to compose their own musical soundscapes. In key stage 2, as well as continuing to compose and perform with instruments, children also begin to learn some musical notation, and by the end of year 6, children can read notes from the treble clef and some simple rhythms. From Year 3 onwards all children learn to play the ukelele and  African drums.
At St Mary's, we also offer a range of instrumental tuition. These lessons take place every week after school and are taught by our visiting teachers. (see our page on Music lessons). Children have the opportunity to perorm in front of the school in special music assemblies during the year.
Music and singing are an important part of our Collective Worship. Children listen to music and watch performers at the start and as the leaver.  They stand to sing and often use actions and movements.
All classes take part in musical performances and productions each year and we also join other schools in performance. Recently children in Year 3 have performed at Praise Prom at the Albert Hall; Year 4 took part in   Aylesbury Energize a the Waterside Theatre; and Year 2 joined other schools in a Come and Sing morning.