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This week we have been enjoying talking about baby animals hatching out of eggs. Our story this week was, How to look after your Dinosaur. This had led to many different activities based around eggs, babies, pets and hatching. The children have talked about their pets and how they look after them. The role play area was a pet shop and then we turned it into a vets. The children have coloured in some pictures of dinosaurs and decorated some eggs. They then talked about what animal may be inside. The children used tweezers to pick up some small eggs and place them in a pot and then counted to see how many they were able to collect. We have watched a short video of different animals hatching out of eggs. The children got very excited when they found some giant footprints in Nursery that led to a large egg. The children talked about what they thought could have made the footprints and we discussed what animal could be in the egg. The egg has begun to crack and hatch and the children have been looking after it.


Under our guidelines we will be continuing to wash the children’s hands when they come into Nursery and just before they leave to come home.


The children and the teachers had such fun on World Book Day dressing up as our favourite storybook characters. It was lovely to see so many children taking part. The morning children had some year 4 children come over to Nursery to read a story to them and the afternoon children went over to Year 3 to have the children read stories to them. A fun day was had by all!!!


This week we have been reading the traditional tale of Cinderella. The children have enjoyed re-telling the story and joining in the activities based on the story. The children have played in the role play area, dressed up in the princess and knight costumes and played in the castle tent.  We have talked about Cinderella going to the ball and inviting children to our own parties, this led to the children creating their own party invitations and talking about who they would invite and what type of party they wanted. The children have made crowns to wear to the ball /party and did their hair and make-up.


The children enjoyed building with the large waffle blocks. The children built castles and houses and worked together to build the biggest castle. The children also built cars, trains, rockets and helmets to wear in their rockets.


The children have been planting some seeds and talking about what a plant needs to grow. We have planted some peas and tomatoes. We have taken some photos and will continue to take photos to watch how much they have grown. To celebrate St. Mary’s 20th Anniversary we will be planting more plants, watching them grow and then when they have got bigger we will plant them around the school.


This week we have been reading the story Toby and the Tricky Things. We have been talking about things we find tricky to do like zipping up our coat, putting on our shoes, putting on our coat, riding a bike, putting our socks on and pouring a drink. The teachers have been showing the children how to do their zips on their coats and many of our children can now do up their own zips.  In the story Toby finds it tricky to pour milk on his cereal so the children have been pouring their own drinks at snack time.


In the story we have looked at size ordering. The children had to put the family of mice in order of biggest to smallest. We did an activity with 4 children and asked the rest of the class if they could put them in order from the smallest to the biggest. We introduced some new vocabulary for big and small; large, massive, huge, gigantic, enormous, tiny, little, mini and minute. We did a large group activity outside getting the children to put themselves in the correct order from the biggest to the smallest.


The children have enjoyed doing lots of drawing this week. We have used different materials to draw on to encourage the children. We have put tin foil on the table with pens and under the table as well. They enjoyed the challenge of drawing underneath the table. We have rolled out large pieces of paper and wall paper on the floor and the children have had fun drawing on a bigger scale. The children also laid down and drew round each other.


The children have made some fantastic creations from the junk modelling. We would appreciate any box donations, small, big or massive ones would be great. Thank you.


This week we have been reading the story Copy Cat. The children have enjoyed listening to the story and joining in with the activities in the story. We have learned that if we do something often that we get better at it and this is called, practise! We played games together to show the children how much fun it is to do things together. We also encouraged the children to copy the teacher doing different actions.


In the role play area we have had dressing up clothes of princesses, pirates and knights. The children enjoyed imaginative play with the tent pretending it was a castle. The children dressed as pirates, playing with the treasure and then moving into the creative area to draw treasure maps. The teachers helped the children draw the maps; we talked about starting our treasure hunt at Nursery and following the road until we came to a river, we also meet a dinosaur, a lion, a giant, a dragon, a giant spider, we climbed some mountains, sailed across the sea on a boat and then found the treasure and dug it up.


The children made Valentine’s cards for their family using different materials to decorate their hearts. We encouraged the children to write their own name in the cards.

Outside the children have enjoyed playing with the basketball net. The children took turns to have a go at throwing the ball into net. After the children had had a few goes at throwing the ball into net, the teacher moved the basketball net further away. The children found this tricky at first but we encouraged them to practise, practise, practise and reminded them that the more often we do something the better we are at it.


Have a lovely half term.


This week we have been reading the story The 3 little Pigs. The children have enjoyed listening to the story and then retelling the story using wooden figures and wooden spoons. The children have been learning our special words from the story. We hope you have been enjoying the home work that is sent home at the end of the week letting you know all the special words the children have learnt at Nursery that week and the pictures to retell the story at home.


The children have enjoyed using different building materials to build houses. They have used wooden blocks, duplo, lego, mega blocks, magnetic blocks, junk modelling, clay, straw, sticks and large foam blocks. We have talked about how we have built our house and what our house needs. We have asked questions such as; is it strong, is it tall or short, how many doors and windows and could we blow it down? We have encouraged the children to tell us about their own homes too.


The children have been getting very messy but having great fun playing with the clay. They have talked about how the clay feels, using lots of descriptive words like slimy, wet, hard, sticky, soft, warm, cold, squashy, squishy, marsh mellow and smooth. We discussed what will happen to the clay when it dries. The children have made some houses from the clay and then moved on to make a range of other objects. They made fruit bowls with bananas, apples, pears and grapes and some made sweets and a Terry’s chocolate orange!


On the creative table we have had a vase of daffodils and the children have used either paints, pencils or felt tip pens to draw the daffodils. We have discussed with the children what the flower needs to grow and how the flowers starts off being a seed and how we plant the seed in soil, water it and watch it grow. We have talked about being an Artist when we draw or paint a picture. I think we have some fantastic young Artists in Nursery.


We are very short of spare socks in Nursery so if you have any spare socks that you no longer need we would be very grateful of any donations. Thank you.


This week we have been reading Don’t wake up Tiger. This has led to a variety of activities linked to the story. The children have enjoyed a floating and sinking activity, predicting whether an object will float or sink and then discussing the outcome. The story talks about floating so the children have been blowing bubbles outside, doing some balloon painting and bubble painting. In the story it is Tiger’s birthday so the children have enjoyed playing in the role play area pretending to have birthday parties and singing happy birthday to each other. The children had the opportunity to decorate their own biscuit for a party. They have also enjoyed playing the sleeping bunny game which is linked to our story. The children have been really focused during our Neli Story that we have each week and are very proud of all the questions the children answer and also the children are asking us questions too. 


Our focus children have done some cooking this week. The children made pizza rolls and talked about the ingredients that they used and how the pizza rolls changed after baking. All of the children will have the chance to do cooking during the term.


We would like to thank all the parents and grandparents that came to our Math stay and play. We hope it gave you ideas to try at home to encourage your child to look at numbers and shapes in a fun and educational way.


This week in Nursery we have been reading the story Pip and Posy, The Bedtime Frog. The children have enjoyed listening to the story and joining in our activities linked to the story. The children have learnt some special words; pack, forget, giggle and excited which are all appear in our Pip and Posy story. You can ask your child if they can tell you about these new words. 


The children have enjoyed playing in the role play hospital looking after each other and making appointments on the laptops and answering the phones. They h have also had lots of fun cutting cooked spaghetti in the tuff tray. This is a great activity to strengthen fine motor skills that you could try at home. 



This week we have been reading the story, Neon Leon. The story is about a chameleon that is neon orange. This book is week one of our NELI-Nursery Trial (Nuffield Early language Intervention). NELI is designed to improve listening, narrative and vocabulary. The children have enjoyed the story and have enjoyed talking about the characters and retelling the story. We have had matching activities,  played hiding under a blanket and talking about feelings. The children have been introduced to Neli the Elephant who is looking for the Best Listener.


The children have enjoyed being outside in the mud kitchen getting very muddy and also using powder paint sprinkled in the puddles and using brooms to mix the colours together. Could we please ask that ALL children have spare clothes in their bags and spare socks as we will continue to go into the mud kitchen in all weathers?


Next week our story is Pip and Posy The Bedtime Frog. The story is about our favourite toys so if the children would like to bring their favourite toys into Nursery on Friday to have a Teddy Bears Picnic. Please could ALL the toys be clearly named.


Starting School in September 2020


From 4 November you will be able to apply for a primary school place if your child is due to start school in September 2020. Please visit the website below for further information.

Our story for next week is Lionel and the Lion's Share.
Our focus story for next week is Cinderella. 
Our focus story for next week is, Copy Cat
Our focus story for next week is; Don't Wake Up Tiger. 

Next week our story is Pip and Posy The Bedtime Frog. The story is about our favourite toys so if the children would like to bring their favourite toys into Nursery on Friday to have a Teddy Bears Picnic. Please could ALL the toys be clearly named.

NELI-N Language Intervention Programme

The Nursery children will be participating in a language enrichment programme for the next 20 weeks. This focuses on improving the language skills of all children in Nursery through a weekly story. We will list the story for the week on the blog and you will be sent home a parent participation leaflet via parentmail so that you can support your child at home. If you have any questions about the programme, please speak to Ms Tennies or Mrs Welland.
Our focus story for next week is, The Three Little Pigs.
Our focus story for next week is; Neon Leon by Jane Clarke and Britta Techentrup