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Good morning year 3! Have a great day :) 

Maths - Watch the teaching video on number line to 1000 then have a go at the worksheet. Think carefully about your place value - thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. You could use some items around the house like beads or coins (like we use dienes in school) to help you. There is a place value chart attached that you could print out or draw on a scrap piece of paper to help you with your working out. 

English - Writing the problem paragraph. Go through the powerpoint to recap our success criteria. Remember, you want your reader to read on... they won't want to put your folktale story down even for a second! Read your opening paragraph aloud and check if you have used the correct punctuation and if the sentences make sense. Take a look at my example of a problem paragraph on the powerpoint slides then have a go at writing your own. You can keep the story similar but change some parts.